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1-Beriberi is caused by the deficiency of vitamin-B1 â¢Beriberi is caused by the deficiency of vitamin-B1. â¢3D sympotms i.e dementia,dermatitis ,diarrhoes are thought…


1-Beriberi is caused by the deficiency of vitamin-B1 â¢Beriberi is caused by the deficiency of vitamin-B1. â¢3D sympotms i.e dementia,dermatitis ,diarrhoes are thought to be the characteriationof pehgra or niacin deficiency. â¢All the physical and anatomic changes in menopause are relevent tothe funtional weekening of ovary. especially the decrease of estrogen. â¢the categories of health risk behaviors Bad life style , disease behavior pattern , Adverse behavior to trat disease , illegal behavior. â¢Head circumference is related with growth brain and skull. â¢The trends of motor development include : cephalo caudal , proximodistal. â¢Child physical growth is usually asseased in following three aspects development level , growth velocity , proportion of body â¢Longer term(High levels) exposure to benzone can result in hematological problems in humans, and can affect the tissue that is responsible for productingbloods cell.-the bone marrow some of the problems that can develp include excessive immune system defciencies and Aplastic anemia â¢Occupational Hazards contain physical, chemical , biological psychological â¢Long term Benzne exposure mainly leads to hematological system damage. â¢Defination of health is a state of complete physical , social & mental well being and not mercly the absence if diesease. â¢Teching delay means thatâs the first teeth of baby does not crupt until >13m â¢The three energy-yielding nutrients are carbohydrate , protein , fat ⢠Rickets can be seen among children who are deficient in vit-D people who do not get enough vit-A may have a hard time seeing at night,which we call night blindness. â¢Three main different kinds of pneumoconiosis contain SILICOSIS , ASBESTOSIS ,COAL WORKERS PNEUMOCONIONâS â¢Abnormality f anterior fontanel include small size or early closre LETE CLOSURE ,BULGING FONTANAL , SUNKEN FONTANAL â¢Chest circumflence is related with the development of THORAX and LUNGS â¢Child motor development include two aspects GROSS MOTOR and FINE MOTOR â¢The crucial period for taste development is 4-6 CM â¢Fatty acid can be classified by degree of ansaturation as SATURATED , MONOUNSATURATED , POLY CYNUSATURATED â¢Energy provided by charbohydrate should account for 55-65 of total energy. â¢Scatury can be seen amoung people who are deficiencet vitamin-c. ⢠today, the most pressing health problems in development countries are CHRONIC such as hearts dieseas, cancer, diabetes. â¢Body cannot produce or synthesize vitamin except vit-D â¢Only two fatty acid are essential to human. They are LINOLEIC ACID and VALIN ACID â¢Macronutrients involved carbohydrate , protein , fat â¢The major site for drug biotransformation is LIVER â¢Carbonhydrate in a reasonable diet should provide more than 4Kcal/gm calories â¢there are two kind of iron in food they are hemeiron and nonhemeiron â¢longer term exposure to benzene can result in hematological symptoms in humans. â¢main oneurnocomoses include SILICOSIS , ASBESTOSIS ,COAL WORKERS PNEUMOCONIONâS â¢silicosis X-ray shows multiple small round opacities. â¢the biological value of protein in diet mainly depends on the content of Amino acid â¢the components of a typical water purification systems: STORAGE,FILTRATION,DISINFECTION â¢two major sources of vitamin A include performed vit-A and pro vit-A â¢the main task of occupational health is IDENTIFICATION and ASSESSMENT.of the risk from health hazards in the workplace. â¢In healthy, nonsmoking women, use of oral contraceptives does not increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. â¢Use of oral contraceptives is associated with important noncontraceptive benefits, including prevention of ovarian and endometrial carcinoma. â¢Use of progestin-only contraceptives, including Depo-Provera, âminipills,â and implants is appropriate in lactating and other women in whom contraceptive doses of estrogen should be avoided. â¢The copper T IUD is as effective as sterilization and does not cause infertility. â¢The copper T IUD prevents pregnancy through a spermicidal action which prevents fertilization; the risk of ectopic pregnancy is lower than in women using no contraception. ⢠Fat_ has the highest energy density of the 3 energy-yielding nutrients. ⢠If more energy is ingested than is needed to fuel body activities the extra energy is stored as Fat and Obesity occurs.