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Milo Group6a Psm Milo

by deepshikhameena





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PowerPoint Presentation Ajay Pratap Deepshikha Meena Krishna Mohan Swati Agrahari Group 6A Industry Global Footprint of Milo Market in India Phases of Milo in India Reasons for failure Recommendations Key Learning Agenda INDUSTRY Health food drink Growing by 13% with revenue of 45.7 billion (2014) Two segments – White health drink and Brown health drink White health drink market - 67%, Brown health drink market - 33% Major player in White drink - Horlicks in Brown drink – Bournvita, Boost Australia Market share – 51.4% Use sport as communication medium Huge marketing campaigns Target audience: Children and Youth Got 4.5 health star rating Malaysia Market share – 77% Organized many sports events Diverse products in diverse forms Global Footprint of Milo Nestle – Global footprint Milo : Internationally renowned Nestle brand Market in India Brand Company %market share Horlicks GSK 63.5 Boost GSK 16.0 Bournvita Mondelez India Foods 14.6 Maltova GSK 3.6 Viva GSK 0.8 PHASES OF MILO IN INDIA Phases Time 1996, Milo Launch/ Gained 3% Market share 2001, Market Share 13 % 2009, Market share dropped to 0.8%/ Closed operations Reasons for failure Poor distribution channels Lack of catchy tagline Improper pricing & Increased competition Over sweetness Test with new products Recommendations for Re launch Key Learning (1/2) Value Map Existing Product New Product Market Penetration Product Development Market Development Diversification Existing Market New Market Key Learning (2/2) Ansoff Matrix Thank you
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