Elena de Rossi Filibeck - Two Tibetan Guide Books to Ti Se and La Phyi

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  • Two Tibetan Guide Books to Ti se and La phyi


    Elena De Rossi Filibeck


    E. De Rossi Filibeck: Two Tibetan Guide Books to Ti se and La phyi

    p. 7 for: gtam gyi phyed pa nun du rnam read: gtam gyi rab tu phyed pa nun nu rnam

    p. 8 for: Aufscheider read

    p. 116 for: read:

    Aufschaiter gtam gyi rab tu phyed pa nun du rnam gtam gyi rab tu phyed pa nun nu rnam


  • CIP-Titelaufnahme der Deutschen Bibliothek

    bsTan-'dzin-chos-kyi-blo-gros : Gaits ri eben po ti sedan mcho rna dros pa beas kyi slion byuit gi lo rgyus mdor bsdus su brjod pa'i rab byed rei dkar me Ion u.: bsTan-'dzin-cbos-kyi-blo-gros

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    Ti se (Text) Ti se (Summary) Notes General Index (Ti se) Tibetan Index (Ti se) La phyi (Text) La phyi (Summary) Notes

    Table of Contents

    General Index (La phyi) Tibetan Index (La phyi) Bibliography and Abbreviations


    11 67 89 99


    115 151 169 181 183 195


    The aim of the present research is the editing of two Tibetan texts belonging to the literary genre of the ~~bMad. They are the guides to the holy places of Ti se, the Kailasa mountain, and La phyi, the mountain hermitage of Milaraspa not far from the Gauri-sankar, in Nepalese territory. The author of the two texts is the 34th 'Bri gun ~0 rab bsTan 'jin ~hos kyi blo gros. He compiled the guide to the Ti se in 1896 under the title : Garis i ~hen 122 ti g dafl vmhO !!@ 9.!::~ 12! $.2 ill .!!2!:! byun 9i 12 .!:9~ mdor ~ .!:! br1 og 12a 1 i .!:!2 ~9 g1 dkar me Lori (63 pages recto-verso>. In 1901 he wrote the guide of l;"phyi ~er the title : gan lam .9.!:!:!2 12! 1 i 9!:!!. ~h~!J iier !?~D

    ~ .!:9~1 godavari ~m ~.!:21 1! 12hri 9~5. !sri .!:! ba~i .020 ~uri 9i ,!:QUl las rim ~i 91!!!! 5Jll QQ~ 12! nun du .!:!JSID ggj. (50 pages recto-verso). The name of the author and his status are the only elements known about him, besides what he himself relates about his journey to the Kailasa (Ti se text, 48v>, because his name is not even mentioned between the 33rd and the 35th 9dan rab in the List of the 'Bri gun

    ~!:! rab in the ~ho. ~!:!f! k!:!!:! 9sal m~ Lon by dPal chul Khrims, New Dehli 1971, p.240. In the author's time the three holy places of Ti se, La phyi and rCa ri were still venerated by the 'Bri gun pas, who had been following the practice of meditating in the hermitages in the mountains since Phag mo gru pa C111D-1170) had recommanded it to his disciple Yig rten mgon po (1143-1217), the founder of the 'bri gun pa sect. Prof. Petech had put forward the hypothesis that the 34th 99!!:! rab had written a third guide, to rCa ri, but unfortuna-tely his search has not been successfull. The Ti se text is widely known to scholars: it is quoted by MACDo-NALD (Ti se text note 24) and by KARMAY CTi se text note 23>; besides it is one of the sources of the two essays by Prof. PETECH (Ti se text note 41) who utilized it for the story of th~ 'Bri gun pas in Western Tibet and Ladakh, and for the data concerning the history of Gu ge and Pu ran. The Ti se text is divided into two parts concerning the Kailasa and the Manasarowar. Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 are the most important ones. Chapter 5 deals with the historical aspect of the 'Bri gun pa

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    settlement at the Ti se, where a great number of hermits, whose leader was Ghu ya sgan pa, arrived in 1215. The 'Bri gun pas continued to send hermits to the Kailasa till 1911, with varying frequency to the events. Chapter 6 deals with the real gO@~ E~2Q The main places are the same illustrated by Western and Indian travellers in their reports; the minor places are difficult to identify on the maps and are a topographical rather than a geogra-phical problem. It is worth noting that the author often explains the origin of the place names he mentions and provides elements of Tibetan toponymy; if the name has changed, he gives-the toponym used in his time. The La phyi text has the same characteristic; in this text, moreover, the author always connects the places he describes with the events of Milarapa's life, such as they are related in~! and GB (rNam thar and mGur 'bum). Whereas the historical and geographical mate-rial on the Kailasa and Manasarowar is remarkable, the La phyi area is far less known to Western travellers; therefore the material on it is not rich. The only exception is an article by the late Mr. AUFSCHNEIDER, wich deals with the places connected with Milaraspa. It is based on his journeys through the La phyi area, on the informatin he gathered in loco, and on the pilgrim's guide books. My ~otes refer back to his article very often. Unfortunately as it was published posthumously, there are no references. Therefore it is impossible to know wether he conSulted the guide of the 34th gdan rab; so the copy preserved in Rome seems to be the only existing one. Another common characteristc of the two texts is the author lists the names of the ascetics, who lived in the caves of the Ti se nad La phyi. The two texts are also interesting from a mythological point of view because they mention many mountain gods. At the end of this short preface I would like to express my feeling of gratitude for Prof. PETECH, who has continually given me his precious help and advice. I would also like to thank Mrs. L. Boul-nois and Mrs. C. Jest of the Centre d'etudes himalayennes C.S.R.S. for giving me the opportunity to consult the map NH 45-14 dans la serie L 500 edition 2-AMS. The expression of my thanks is due to late dge b~es Ati of I.S.M.E.O. who helped me to identify some words not easily legible because of the quality of the paper. Last but not least, I express my sincere thanks to my friend

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    Stefania Nuccorini, Institute of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Political Sience Rome for revising the English version of the manuscript.

    Elena De Rossi Filibeck


    1r gaiis ri ~hen po ti se daii mcho ~hen rna dros pa b~as kyi siion byuii gi Lo rgyus mdor bsdus su brYod pa'i rab byed eL dkar me Loii ~es bya b~ugs so //

    1v // om bde legs su gyur ~ig I rab brYid rin ~hen dbaii siion lhun po Ya cho na dra bas g.yogs ba b~in I rab mjes mchan dpe gar dgu'i nams mdaiis skaL mghog kun dga'i bdud rei dan./ rab rmoiis dreg Ldan bdud kyi snin gi du kha'i mun pa bgiL byed pa I rab Yigs khrag 'thuii nam mkha'i nor bu dpal Ldan dpyid kyi rgyaL par 'dud I chogs gnis rab rjogs padma'i gser La I b~u gnis mjad pa sbran rci'i dog pa 'bum // spreL mkhas thub dbaii I spraii rei 'i brtuL ~ugs 'jin II snin gi ~hu skyes ze'u 'brur rtag b~ugs gsoL // mkhyen pa'i ye es gtin mtha' mi mnon ~in II brce ba'i rLabs phred yoL l

    2r I ba med stan pa I Lun rtogs nor bu'i groii khyer dvags brgyud kyi II bstan 'jin kLu dbaii ghogs rnams phyag gi gnas II thugs bskyed khyuii siion skyes kyis rab drans nas 11 rnam man 'gro ba'i bsod nams ar ri'i spor // ~abs sen nin byed g~on nu rtag 'god pa'i II Y;g rten gsum mgon skyob rYe La 'dud II Luii bstan rgyaii grags rnam rgyaL khan bzaii du II mkhyen pa'i spyan stoii rna rXid rab bgra ba II ghu ya sgaii ~abs ni rna gun pa sags II rdo rYe 'jin pa rim byon draii bas bsiiags II o rgyan gnas gyi gco mo'i sprul pa'i gar II ghos phyug 'bri yi lYons su ghos kyi sgrol II ti ser rgyan grags bum

    2v 'jin dkar mo ~es II bstan sruii da kis sgrub skyoii byar mjod II e rna thams ~ad mkhyen ~abs thub dbaii des II dri med mdo daii rygud g~un rgya mcho las II 'jam glin ner 'cho rna dros rgya mcho dan II ti se'i gaiis es lan brgyar bsiiags par mjad II de rYes rgyal yum sgrol ma'i luii bstan b~in II sans rgyas gsaii ba dha rma pha La daii II a ti ~a sags rgyal ba mkhas pas kyaii // bsiiags par mjad na ran res lha'i smos II gan 'di'i lo rgyus Lan g~ig phos pas kyan II bskal man bsags pa'i sgrub pa iies 'byun sags I don yod 'gyur phyir dad Ldan skye bo rnams II rna yens rna ba'i dbaii po bLag tenon II de La 'dir rna 'dris kun La brce' ba'i bdag ~ag gi stan pa thugs rYe ghen po dan ldan pa de fiid kyi bka' drin med pa rnams su I yon tan gyi ghe ba du ma'i sgo nas legs bar bsiiags ~iii lun bstan b~in I khams gsum ghos kyi rgyal po rgyal ba 'bri guii pa ghen po yab sras daii I dpaL ldan 'brug pa bka' brgyud kyis bdag gir mjad pa'i gnas

  • 12

    gsum gyi gco bo II dpal 'khor lo sdom pa'i pho bran yul iii Mu rca bi'i ya gyal hi ma la ya es sam I gaiis ri ~hen po ti se 'am I ti se sen ge gdon dkar mo sku'i gnas es grags pa 'di 'i

    3r I lo rgyus rgyas par '~had pa la bdun te I dan po phyi smod sa gi ri da~ b~as pa ~hags chul I gnis pa nan b~ud brten pa Lha'i dkyil 'khor du sans rgyas kyis byin gyis brlabs chul I gsum pa gnas 'di iiid mdo sde nas gsuns pa'i ti ser iios bzun chul I bi pa miiam med dvags po bka' brgyud pa'i sgrub gnas su gyur chul I Lna pa ~hos rYe ~ri gun pa ~hen pos bdag gir mjad nas rgyan grags dgon pa btab chul I drug pa gnas la no mchar gyi ~he ba Yi ltar gnas chul I bdun pa phyag da~ bskor ba byas pa'i phan yon b~ad pa rnams so II de las dan po phyi snod sa gi ri b~as ~hags chul ni Yi skad du I 'phags pa sdud pa las I mkha' .la rlun brten de La ~hu yi phun po brten I de las ~hen 'di brten de la 'gro ba brten I es gsuns pa ltar de yan Yig rten gyi khams siion ma de iiid bskal pa'i me ~hu rlun gis Yig nas bar gyi bskal pa iii ~u tha!ll pa'i rin la ston pa g~ig tu gyur la I de nas Yig rten gyi khams 'di iiid ~hags pa yin te I de'i thog ma rgyu sems ~an spyi mthun gyi Las La brten nas I yid rnam par dans pa es bya ba nam mkha' dkar po'i 'od dan

    3v Ldan pa ~he ~hun gi chad ni ston gsum gyi ston ~hen po'i Y i g rten gyi khams g~ig gi snod brten nus pa ig chags so II de'i sten du rlun gi dkyi l 'khor ~hags te I de yan rnam par srub byed kyi rlun ~es bya ba rlun spo La phyur ba ~ig lans I de kun tu khyab byed kyi rlun gis phyogs kun tu gdal bas nam mkha' la na bun ltar 'khrigs I de reub 'gyur gyi rlun yam ~es bya ba'i ran sgra dan b~as pas nam mkha' La sprin bin.gtor I de dag rnam par sdud byed kyi rlun gis bsdus pas rgya ~he ~in dpan mthugs par byas I de smin byed me'i rlun dmar ser las me

    m~hed nas bsregs pas rlun gi dkyil 'khor Yam ~in khod snom par ~hags I de ~yed byed rlun gi rlun ~es bya kha dog sna chogs pa 'ur gyis la~s pa las dag de so sor gtor I de srub byed kyi rlun gis srub pas legs par ~hags so I rlun de'i kha dog ni nor bu in dra ni la'i rnam pa La dbhyibs ni rdo rYe rgya gram mu 'khyud zlum pos bskor ba lta bu I chad ni rnams su dpag chad sa ya drug 'bum dan rgyar ni graiis med pa yod La I byed las sra ~in mgregs pa des ~hu La sogs pa brten. pa1i bya ba byed do I de'i sten du ~hu'i dkyi l 'khor ~hags te I de yan rlun gi dkyi l 'khor

    4r I gyi sten gi nam mkha' La sprin gser gyi siiin po ~an 'dus pa

  • 13

    las I ~har gyi rgyun ~in rta'i srog Min cam bab ~in 'kyi l ba las ; ba gsal dag gi ghu es bya ba dbyibs zlum po zla ba rgyas pa l ta bur ~hags te I ~hu'i dkyi l 'khor de'i chad ni rnams su dpag chad 'bum phrag dan fii khri rgyar ni grans med pa yod I de'i sten du gser gyi sa g~i chags te I de yan ~hu'i 'og rlun gi dkyil 'khor las srub byed gyi rlun ~es bya ba byun ste I ~hu'i dkyi l 'khor srub pa'i sbris rna las gser gyi sa gi mcho La dar ~hags pa ltar grub te dbyibs gru bi kha dog ser po gser lhur gyur to I de'i rnams su ni dpag chad 'bum phrag b~u gfiis dan fii khri rgyar ni grans med do I de'i sten du ri mcho gl in rnams ~hags te I de yan gser gyis g~i'i sten du nam mkha' La khams sna ~hogs pa ~an gyi spri n 'kh rig ~in I de las ~hu'i rgyun yun rin du babs pa las smin par byed pa'i rLun gi s ghu dar'\ sa'i dkyil 'khor s rub pas khams rab 'byed sdud kyi rLun Las ri rab lhun po bye ba phrag brgya grub I khams ibrin 'byed sdud kyi rlun Las gser gyi ri bdun bye ba phrag brgya grub I khams tha rna 'byed sdud kyi rLun Las phyi rol gyi

    4v khor yug l~ags ri dan gl in b~i gl in phran bye ba ph rag brgya grub pa'i chuL rnams mdo sde nas gsur'ls pas I de L tar khams thams gL in bi gl in phran grub skabs I Lho 'jam bu gL in gi L te ba ~hu bo bi 'dus kyi mgo bo ri po ~hen po ti se 'di yan grub pa yin par Mes bar bya'o II II gfiis pa nan brten pa Lha'i dkyi l 'khor du sans rgyas kyis byin gyis brLabs pa'i chul La gnis te I Lens sku'i sans rgyas kyis brlabs ba'i chuL dan I spruL sku'i sans rgyas khyis byin gyis brlab chuL Lo I dan po ni bdag ~ag gi ston pa b~om ldan 'das ~a kya thub pas I dan por skye bo ran rgyud pa'i chul bstan nas de b~in gMegs pa ~a kya thub pa ghen po La sogs pa'i spyan snar byan ghub mghog tu thugs bskyed I bar du bskal pa grans med pa gsum du bsod nams dan ye es kyi chogs rlabs po ghe bsags I mthar es bya'i sgrib pa phra. mo thams gad rdo rYe Lta bu'i tin ne 'jin syis bgom nas 'og min stug po bkod pa'i ~in du nes pa Lna Ldan gyi ston pa rnam par snan mjad ges bya bar sans rgyas Min I de La gsan snags rdo rYe theg pa'i lugs su yan lag bdun Ldan gyi ston pa rdo rYe 'ghan

    5r I ghen po es kyan grags in lens spyod rj ogs pa'i skur bstan nas byan sems b~u pa rnams La 'od gsal Lhan ~ig skyes pa'i ghos ston gin bugs so II II de'i rYes su bskaL pa 'di fiid kyi b~ud kyi sems ~an rnams kyan chans pa'i Yig rten nas myaL ba mnar med kyi bar rim par ~hags pa'i rYes su rjogs Ldan

  • 14

    gyi dus dan I gnis Ldan gyi dus dan I gsum Ldan gyi dus rnams rim gyis rjogs ~in rcod Ldan gyi dus su babs pa na Lha dban phyug ~hen po'i sprul pa drag po Y i gs byed ~hen po Mes bya ba dan I de'i ~hun ma dus mchan rna gnis 'jam bu gL in gi yuL dbus rna ga dhar gnas b~as nas 'dug go I de'i che nam mkha' nas Lha bMi dan dri za bMi 'jam bu'i gl in du 'bab nas I Lha thod pa'i dum bus rgya gar ~ar phyogs bhan La'i Lho rna La pa'i ~hu klun gi gnas pu Li ra rna La ya Mes bya ba bMun I Lha ken rus ~hen pos rgya gar dan kha ~he'i bar rdo rYe gdan gyi nub byan rdo La me 'bar ba'i gnas ja Lan dha ra Mes bya ba bzun I lha ken rus ~an gyis rgya gar gyi nub byan rgyaL po indra bo dhi byun ba; yuL o rgyan Mes bya ba bzun I Lha mche ba rnam g~igs kyis rgya gar lho phyogs

    Sv kyi ri dbus mtho La mtha' dmaL ba 'bran rgyas 'dra Min mtha' nags chaL stug pos bskor ba a rbu ta es bya ba bun I dri bza' ~han dgras baL po'i yul dan fie ba La phyi gans ra 'am go dha va ri ~es bya ba b~un I dri za oo dpag med kyis rgya gar Lho phyogs mtha'i rgya mcho'i 'gram gyi yuL ra me ~wa ra ~es bya ba bzun I dri bza' rdo rYe; 'od kyis rgya gar ~ar phyogs va ren dra'i yuL gyi gnas de vi ko !a ~es bya ba bzun I dri za rdo rYe; skus rgya gar nub phyogs rgya mcho'i gl in phran ma La va ~es bya ba bzun ba ste de brgyad kyi min La mkha' spyod kyi gnas brgyud ~es grags so I yan gnod sbyin b~i dan srin po b~is sa sten nas 'jam bu'i gL in du yons te I de yan gnod sbyin myu gu ~an gyis ~hu bo Lo hi ta dkyil na 'bab pa'i sa rgya gar ~ar phyogs kyi sgrub gnas ka ma ru pa ~es bya ba bzun I gnod sbyin rdo rYe raL pa ~an gyis rgya gar Lho phyogs rgyal po ~in rta b~u pa'i yuL gyi gnas o te ~es bya ba bzun I gnod sbyin dpaL ~hen pos rgya gar nub phyogs sta gzig gi yul ~hu bo gan ga dan gan ti dan sa ru pa gsum gyi 'dus mdo hri ~a ku ne ~es bya ba bzuns I gnod sbyin rdo rYe hum mjad kyis rgya gar yul dbus ko sa La'i gnan yod kyi sgrub gnas ko sa La ~es

    6r I bya ba bzuns I srin po rab tu bzari pos rgya gar Lho phyogs rgya mcho'i 'gram gyi yuL ka Lin ka ~es bya ba bzuns I srin po rdo rYe bzan gis rgya gar nub phyogs o rgyan nas cuii zad Mar du phyi n pa'i gnas Lam pa ka Mes by a ba bzuns I sri n po Y i gs byed ~hen pos rgya gar Lho phyogs slob dpon ~hos grags 'khruns pa'i yuL ka n~i La ~es bya ba bzuns I srin po mig mi bzan gis byan phyogs kha ba ~an JlYi bye brag hi rna La ya 'am min g~an gans ri ~hen po ti se zes grags pa 'di bzun ba b~as de brgyud kyi min Las spyod gyi gnas brgyad ~es grags so II yan klu bMi

  • 15

    dan' Lha min bis sa 'og nas 'jam bu gl in du yons te I de yan klu stobs po ghes byan phyogs kha ba gan gyi bye brag gu ge'i yuL gyi gnas pre ta pu ri es bya ba bzuns I klu rin ghen rdo rYes l i yuL lgan ra smug po dan ne ba'i gnas gra ha de va es bya ba bzuns I kLu rta mgrin gyis rgya gar lho nub kyi yul so sau ra ~!ra es bya ba bzuns I klu nam mkha'i snin pos rgya gar ar phyogs kyi rgya mcho'i gl in phran su va ba rna di pa es bya ba bzuns I Lha min khrag 'thun gis rgya g~r byan phyogs na ga ra'i yi ge 'byuri ba'i yuL na ga ra es bya ba bzuns I lha min padma gar dban gis

    6v rgya gar lho phyogs ghu bo sin dhu 'bab pa'i yul sin dhu es bya ba bzuns I lha min rnam snan mjad kyis kha ghe ja lan dha ra'i byan phyogs kyi gnas rna ru es bya ba bzuns I lha min rdo rYe sems kyis kha ghe'i byan mtha' nun dhi'i yuL gyi gnas ku Lu ta es bya ba bzun ba ste I de brgyad kyi min las 'og gi gnas brgyad ~es grags so II gan yan mi 'am gi bi dan phra man rna bis gtum drag La sogs pa'i dur khrod brgyad rnams bdag tu bzuns nas bsdad do II de nas de rnams kyis srid pa gsum La dban byed par 'dod nas I de thams gad kyis ran ran gi gnas su drag po Yigs byed spyan drans nas mghod par breams pa La I Yigs byed de dag tu igror rna khom nas sku chab tu rdo'i Lin ga ni Mu rca bir spruL nas byin pas de dag gis kyan rten de rnams La mi sogs bsad pa'i Ma khrag gis mghod pa dan I ran yan e sdan ~as ghe bas ran srog ~hags sna chogs pa'i srog ggod I 'dod ghags ~as ghe bas ran gi ghun ma La dus bi La snom pa rin Yug I gti mug Mas ghe bas dan yan ghos min gyi spyod pa La gnas Min sems gan gan dpag tu med ba yan log pa'i Lam kho na La 'god gin in tu ma run par gyur ste de Lta bus dus yun rin po'i bar du gnas so II de nas dus nam ig 'og

    7r min gyi in du bugs pa'i ston pa rdo rYe 'ghan ghen pos gdug pa gan de rnams 'duL ba'i dus La bab par mkhyen nas I thugs dmigs med snii't rYe ghen po Las ma g.yos bin du sku rab tu khros pa'i khro bo ~hen po al bi phyag b~u gnis pa phyag dan po giiis kyis rdor dri L I giiis pa gnis kyis gLai't Lpags brgyans te 'jin pa I Lhag rna g.yas bis da ma ru I dgra sta I gri gug I mdud rce gsum pa g.yon bis kh; !va ma I thod khrag I rdor ags I chans pa'i mgo b~as 'j in pa'i khro bo ~hen po Y;gs su run ba'i bskur bens nas ri rab kyi rcer byon pa'i che mi bskyod pas gaL yas khan gdan dan bgas pa phuL I rin 'byun gis dreg pa 'duL mj ad gyi sems dpa' iii Mu rca bi dan sems ma X; u rca bi r sprul nas phuL I snan mthas bde ghen

  • 16

    'khor lo'i mkha' 'gro b~i dan sgo mchams rna brgyad de lha mo b~u gfiis sprul nas phul I don grub kyis go ~ha 'i dpa' bo dan dpa' mo drug sprul nas phul I rnam snail gis phud khams skye

    m~hed byin gyis rlobs pa'i lha b~u bdun sprul nas phul I slar yan rgyal ba rigs b~is m~hod lha rig rna b~u drug sprul nas

    . v phul bas 'khor lo sdom lha drug bcu rca

    7v gfiis pa'i dkyil 'khor du gyur to II de nas dpal he ru kas dyges pa'i gad mo b~u gfii s dan gar gyi stans stabs drag pos Yigs byed dan dus mchan fiis ~abs 'og tu mnam pas Yigs byed sa 'og tu sans rgyas s.o II de b~i n du sems dpa' kun tu bzan po dan sems rna rdo rYe pho fia mo gfiis kyis khro bo dan khro mo'i skur b~ens nas lha thod pa'i dum bu dan ~hun ma rab gtum rna gfiis btul I sems dpa' Yam dpal d~n sems rna bskul byed mas lha ke rus ~hen po dan ~hun rna gtum mig ma gfiis btul I sems dpa' spyan ras gzigs daii sems rna rin ~hen sgrol mas lha ke rus

    ~an dan ~hun rna 'od ldan rna gfiis btul I sems dpa' sa'i ~an sfiin po dan sems rna rdo rYe fii rna mos lha m~he ba rnam gcigs dan ~hun rna sna ~hen rna gfiis btul I sems dpa' phyag na rdo rYe dan sems rna ro lan mas dri za ~han dgra dan ~hun rna dpa' ba'i blo gros rna gfiis btul I sems dpa' byams pa dan sems rna rdo rYe g~on nu mas dri za 'od dpag med dan ~hun ma mi'u thun ma gfiis btul I sems dpa' nam mkha'i sfiin po dan sems rna gam po rjis dri za rdo rYe; 'od dan ~hun ma lan ka'i dban phyug rna gfiis btul I sems dpa' nam mkha' mjod dan sems

    Br rna sans rgyas byan ghub mas dri za rdo rYe sku dan ~hun rna ~in grib rna gfiis btul ba ste mkha' spyod thugs kyi 'khor lo'i lha brgyad do II sems dpa' sgrib pa rnam sel dan sems rna ye ~es sgrol mas gnod sbyin myu gu ~an dan ~hun mas srun ma btul I sems dpa' spos kyi glan po dan sems rna rdo rYe Yigs byed mas gnod sbyin rdo rYe ral pa ~an dan ghun rna Yigs byed rna gfiis btul I sems dpa' blo gros mi zad pa dan sems ma rin ~hen mas gnod sbyin dpal ~hen po dan ~hun rna rlun ~ugs rna gfiis btul I sems dpal ye ~es tog dan sems rna rgyan ldan mas gnc;xl sbyin rdo rYe hum mjad dan ~hun rna ~han 'thun rna gfiis btul I sems dpa' spobs pa rcegs dan sems ma sgrol mas srin po rab tu bzan po dan ghun rna silo sans lha mo btul I sems dpa' mya nan kun Yoms dan sems rna gos dkar mos grin po rdo rYe bzan po daii ~huii rna ~in tu bzan mo btul I sems dpa' nan son kun 'dren dan sems rna sans rgyas spy an mas spri n po Y i gs byed med po dan ghun ma gliis brtul I sems dpa' dra ba ~an gyi 'od dan sems ma rna gis sprin po mig rna bzan dan ~hun rna kha

  • 17

    gdon rna btul ba ste sa spyod gsun 'khor gyi lha brgyad do II 8v serns dpa' zla ba'i 'od dari sems rna rgyal mchan reo rnos klu

    stobs po ghe dan ghun rna 'khor lo'i Mugs gan rna btul I serns dpa' rin po ~he'i 'od dan sems dpa' rin po ~he'i 'od dan serns so sor 'bran mas klu rin ghen rdo rYe dari ghuri rna du rna skyes rna btul I sems dpa' iii 'an siii n po dan serns rna rma by a ghen mos klu rta mgrin dan ghuri rna ~hari 'cheri rna btul I sems dpa' rdo rYe 'ori mghog dari sems .rna ri khrod mas klu nam mkha'i siiiii po dan ghun rna 'khor lo'i go ~ha rna btul I sems dpa' nor bzan briian dan sems lu gu brgyud mas lha min khrag 'thur dan ~~huri rna in tu dpa' mo btul I sems dpa' mthu ~hen thob dari sems ma phyi ldog mas lha min pun gar dbari dati ghuri ma stobs

    ~hen ma btul I sems dpa' bLo gros rgya mcho dan sems ma lha mo g~ug tor mas lha min rnam snari mjad dari ~huri ma 'khor Lo bsgyur ma btul I sems dpa' bzari skyon dan sems rdo rYe Yigs mas lha min rdo rYe sems dan ~hun rna been 'grus ~hen mo btuL ba ste sa 'og spyod pa sku'i 'khor lo'i lha brgyad do yul iier bi dan I g~an yan khro bo khams gsum rnam rgyal I gMin rYe

    g~ed I rta mgrin I bdud rei dkhyil ba I dbyug snon gan I mi g.yog g~an gyis mi thub pa I rnam par rgyal ba ste brgyad dan I khro mo gau ri I cau ri I bra mo ha I dpe

    9r I ta li I pu ka se I can da ni I gha sma ri I dom bhi ni I ste brgyad kyis sgo ba b~i'i yab rnams gdon lhan gyi chul du sbas I mchams ma b~i'i yab rnams phyed gzugs kyi chul du sbas ~in ma mo'i skur bstan nas dur khrod brgyad na gnas pa'i mi 'am

    ~; bi dari I phra man rna bi btul te 'dul chul yari I dban byed pa dari I loris spyod pa dan I thi m pa'i chul gsum gyis btul te I de yari lus la dbaii byed pa ni I 'dul byed kyi dpa' bo dpa' mo rnarns kyan dreg pa ~an de dag dan ~ha Lugs 'dra ba dan min 'dra bar bsgyur nas de rnams ~abs kyis mnan I dreg pa

    ~an de dag gi srog snin ka ra ka ra la sogs pa rnams om dan hum hum phat kyi bar du b~ug nas gsari snags su byin gyis brlabs I sems la dban byed pa ni dreg pa gan de dag gi sems ni 'od gsal ~hos kyi sku rnams par mi rtog pa'i dari du rgyal par byas so II lens spyod pa ni I dreg pa ~an de rnams kyi ~huii rna rnams 'phrogs te dga' ba b~i'i tin ne 'jin gyi nan nas loris spyod I rus pa'i rgyan drug dan stag ~am la sogs pa'i rgyan rnams 'phrog te sku la mnab I Ma dan ~haii la sogs pa'i loris spyod rnams 'phrog te ~hags 'khor du byi n gyi s brlabs I ro gdan La sogs pa 'phrog te gdan du gtin I kha tvam dan

    9v gad te'u gri thod la sogs pa 'phrog te phyag "mchan mjad I ja

  • 18

    Lan dha ra dan I o rgyan dan I hi rna La ya sogs gnas ni Mu rca b~i po 'phrogs nas 'khor Lo sdom pa'i pho bran du mjad gnas de dag tu Lha dban phyug gi rten rdo'i Lin ga re yod pa thams

    ~ad La 'khor Lo sdom pa Lha drug b~u rca gnis kyi ye Mes kyi sku re re rtag tu b~ugs nas bde m~hog gi dkyil 'khor du byin gyis brlabs par 'khor Lo sdom pa'i rca bMad kyi rgyud rnams nas gsuris so II II gnis pa sprul sku'i saris rgyas kyis gnas 'di byin gyis brlabs pa'i chul ni I de yan 'og min stug po bkod pa'i ~in na b~ugs pa'i Lens spyod rjogs sku sans rgyas rnam par snan mjad kyis mi Yed Yig rten gyi khams gyi 'jam bu'i gl in bye ba phrag brgya ru m~hog gi sprul pa'i sku sans rgyas Ma kya.thub pa bye ba phrag brgyar sprul nas mjad pa b~u giiis kyi sgo nas sems ~an gyi don mjad do I de Ltar 'jam bu'i 9L in 'di nid du byon pa'i sans rgyas Ma kya thub pa yuL rna ga dha 'od ma'i chal du b~ugs te theg pa gsum gyi ~hos kyi 'khor Lo bskor ba'i skabs I sku gzugs b~ag pa'i phan yon rgyas par bka' seal pa na I de'i che Lha'i dban po rgya byin gyis Lha'i rin po ~he'i rigs dan I klu'i rgyal po dga' pes klu'i rin po ~he du rna I mi'i rgyal ba gzo sbyans gzugs ~an snin

    10r I pes gser dnul dan Li dkar dmar sogs b~om Ldan 'das kyi spyan snar spuns nas 'di skad du I b~om Ldan 'das rna 'ens pa'i dus kyi 'gro ba b~om Ldan 'das kyi bstan pa La dad pa rnams bsod nams kyi choes gsog pa'i rten ston pa iiid kyi gzugs sku'i snan briiam gsum bzens par spro na gnan bar mjad du gsol II ~es gsol ba btab pas lston pas kyan ~an mi gsun pa'i chul gyis rYes su gnan nas I sku'i smin mchams kyi 'od zer gyis gzo bo'i rgyal po Las sna chogs pa es bya ba bskul bas I des kyan thub pa'i dgons pa thugs su ~hud nas I Lha'i rin po ~he rnams b~u btul Lugs su blug pa Las 'das pa thub pa bdud 'dul pa'i bkod pa khru b~u giiis pa ~ig b~ens pa Lha yul du gdan drans I klu'i rin po ~he rnams Las da L ta thub pa ~hos kyi 'khor Lo bskor ba'i bkod pa mtho b~u gnis pa ~ig b~ens pa sa 'og kLu rnams kyi m~hod gnas su gdan drans I mi 'i rin po ghe Las rna 'ens thub pa glan ghen nor skyon 'duL ba'i bkod pa sor b~u gnis pa ~ig b~ens pa thub pa iiid kyis byin gyis brLabs nas ro ~ig rgya gar ga dhar bugs nas Lha kLu mi gyi don mjad do II de'i dus rgya gar rdo rYe gdan nas byan nas byan du ri nag po dgu 'das pa'i pha roL I snon srin

    10v po Lan ka mgrin b~u byun ba'i yul Lan ka pu raii gi sa'i ~ha srin yuL dug mcho nag po'i pho bran du dpal ye Mes kyi mgon po ben ghen L~am dral ~es bya ba b~ugs pa La I nam ~ig mgon po'i

  • 19

    bsam dan rgyal po gzugs ~an si'iin po'i thugs dam gyi rten rgya gar rna ga dhar b~ugs pa'i ston pa'i sku rin po ~he 'di fiid lied kyi m~hod gnas su spyan 'dren par bya'o siiam du bsam nas rali gi gnas lali ka'i gnas nas I rgya gar rna ga dha ru gom pa gsum gyis bgrod par byas te I sku rin po ~he rju 'phrul gyis yul dug mcho nag po'i nali du spyan dralis nas m~had par byed do II yali mgon po'i bsam par I nali rten ston pa'i sku rin po ~he 'di l ta bu b~ugs pa la gnas khyad par ~an ~ig dgos par 'dug pas ti se'i galis ri 'di klu yul du gdan 'dren par bya'o siiam du bsam nas I rYu 'phrul gyis ti se'i ked pa la thag pa rgyab nas rgyab tu 'khur bar . reams pa la I de ma thag rgya gar 1phags pa'i yul nas ston pa b~om ldan 'das ~a kya thub pa 'khor dgra b~om pa llia brgya dali b~as pa dad pa'i rgyal po b~in nam mkha' la 'phur nas skad ~ig gis phebs te I ti se'i nub phyogs dkyi l 'khor steli ~es pa'i phrag sten du 'khor dgra b~om llia brgya dali b~as pa babs nas ~abs rYes re b~ag pas .bod

    11r I bsod nams chul ba'i dban gis sa ~uli zad ~om par grags /de la sogs pa ti se'i phyogs b~i la ~abs rYes re b~ags pas mgon po ben gi s kyali gdan 'dren rna nus par las pas I da l ta 'di ~abs rYes de b~i la ti se mi 'gyur ba'i gzer b~i ~es grags so II de nas b~om ldan kyis ti se'i mdun gyi brag gi sten du b~ugs nas klu ma dros pa la ~hos gsulis pas brag de la da l ta 'an sans rgyas rgyas kyi bugs khri es grags I lan ka ru ran gi ri rcer b~ugs nas byan ~hub sems dpa' blo gros ~hen pos ~us nas lali ka ra g~egs pa'i mdo gsulis ba sogs gnas dan sa g~i thams ~ad byin gyis rlob par mjad I de'i dus su b~om ldan 'das kyis thub pa glan 'dul gyi sku rin po ~he 'di iiid klu'i rgyal po rna dros pa dan mgon po ben ~hen l~am dral thun mons la gnan ste bka' seal pa I iia'i sku 'di iiid rna 'olis pa'i dus su ~ar phyogs su dge slon ra tna ~ri ~es bya ba'i byan ~hub sems dpa' 'khor 'bum dan b~as pa ~ig 'byun I de'i slob ma'i gco bo dge slon dra jha a ka ra bya ba 'khor lna brgya dan b~as pa ~ig phyogs 'di r 'byun gi s de la gtod ~; g dan 'gro ba'i don du 'gyur ro II ~es bka' seal par slion

    11v gyi lo rgyus kyi yi ge khud ma dag las byuli no II II gsum pa gnas 'di iiid ti ser nos bzun chul ni I mdo sde phal po ~he .dan I dran pa fie bar b~ag pa'i mdo sogs nas ti se'i ri bo rdo rYe rce llia pa'i dbyibs ~an gnam phans dpag chad llia brgya yod pa sogs ~he ba brYod man du gsuns pa dan I 'phags pa dga' ba'i b~es giian gyi rtogs brYod las I gnas brtan ~hen po yan lag 'byuli ni 'khor dgra b~om pa ston dan sum brgya dan lhan ~ig tu

  • 20

    gans ri ti se na b~ugs so II ~es gsuns la I de l ta bu'i gans ri de rgya gar gyi phyogs gdan yod snam na I ~hes ml\on pamjod las I 'di nas byan du ri nag po I dgu 'das de ni gans ri o I ~es sogs gsuns pa'i don mjod 'grel las I 'jam bu'i glin 'di'i byan phyogs 'jam bu'i glin 'di nid na ri nag po dgu 'das pa'i pha rol na gans ri yod do II gans ri de'i pha rol ri spos dad ldan gyi chur rol na mcho rna dros pa ~es bya gan las ~hu bo ~hen po b~i'o gan ga dan I sin dhu dan I si ta daii I pa k~u 'bab pa yod do II de'i ~in du yan dpag chad lna b~u yod la I

    m~hur yan dpag chad liia b~u yod de yan lag brgya dan ldan pa'i ~hus gan 1\o II ned ni rju 1phrul dan mi ldan pa'i mis bgrod par dka'o II II de nid kyi drun na gan la 'bras bu mnar po dag yod

    12r I ba'i ~in 'jam bu ~es bya ba ml\on par grub ste I de'i dban gis 'di 'jam bu'i gl iii ~es bya bar grags so II ~es dan I slob dpon padma'i dgons 'dus lun bstan bka' rgya rna las gans ti se

    ~el gyi m~hod rten 'dra ba'i ~ar phyogs su ~ans kyi bra phu lun yod par gsuns pa dan II gaiis ~an mkhas pa'i gcug nor slob dpon ~hen po rig pa'i ral gri'i ~al nas I mnon pa las 'di nas byan du ri nag po II dgu 'das de ni gans ri o II ~es pa ni ti se'o 'di nid la '~had dgos pa dan I mcho rna dros pa yan rna pham nid La '~had dgos pa yin te I gnan yod daii ti se ni lho byan thad mnam du de'i phyin pa'i mis chad mas grub pa dan I gan ga yan rna pham las 'bab par der phyin pa'i mi'i chad mas grub pa'i phyi r rju 'phruL dan mi ldan pa'i mi gans ~an du bgrod dka' ba mjod 'greL du gsuns pa yan bgrod dka' bar ston gyi bgrod mi nus par ston pa ni rna yin te bgrod mi nus na 'jam bu'i gL iii na med par thaL ba'i pnyi r dan I gL in ph ran pas kyaii der bgrod na 'jam bu gl in pa nid kyis der bgrod mi nus pa1i rgyu mchan ~i yin I 'di ltar gnod sbyin gtum po dan I g~oii roii mo dan I ~hu ~hen po La sogs pas ~hod pa yin draii na de 'dra

    12v bas bgrod par mi nus pa'i yul ni 'jam bu gl iii gi rgya mcho'i mthar thug pa na ye .med do I I gaii yaii phal po ~he dan gdag pa sogs nas b~ad pa'i mchan nid daii mi ldan no ~es sa pan gyis gsun ba yan I bya rgod phun po'i ri dan I bsil ba chaL daii I yaii pa ~an dan I gnan yod La sogs pa'i gron khyer ~hen po rnams la yan mchuiis pa yin te I de dag kyan snon mdo nas b~ad pa b~in da lta med pa'i phyir I g~ig ni sgro btags pa snan nag mkhan gyi lugs dan I g~ig ni dnos po'i raii b~in brYod pa'o ~es zer ba ni mi 'thad do II ~es gsuns pa ni yaii dag pa'i gtam yin La I g~an yaii bod kyi rgyaL po khri lde 'ag chom gyi dus rgya

  • 21

    gar nub phyogs va ra na sir sku 'khruns pa'i slob dpon ghen po sans rgyas gsan ba M~s bya ba des 'phags pa spyan ras gzigs bugs pa'i gnas lho phyogs ri po ta lar byon pa'i che I rYe bgun 'phags rna sgrol ma'i ~al nas I rigs kyi bu khyod ri pa bean gyi garis ti ser sgoms igs dari 'dod pa'i don 'grub par 'gyur ro II ges lun bstan pa l tar bod kyi ri po ti ser byon nas sgrub pa mjad pas yo ga rdo rYe dbyiris. kyi lha rnams al gzigs ~in dnos grub brnes yi dam 'phags pa Yam dpal la mi dan mi lab pa ltar gyur to es grags pa dan I de

    13r rYes rgya gar ~ar phyogs kyi pa~ ~i ~a dha rma pa la bal yul du phebs pa'i skabs rgya chad kyi snun byun ba la I yid rna gyi lha sa bod kyi gans ri mthon sar son ~ig ges lun bstari

    b~in ti ser byon pas snun las grol bas bod kyi gans ri 'di ti ser nos bzun nas ghe brYod mjad par grags pa dan I de rYes Yo bo rYe dpal ldan a ti ~a mna' ris kyi rgyal po lha bcun byan ghub 'od kyis gu ger gdan drans pa'i skabs I ti se'i mdun bar kha'i than du phebs skabs I Yo bo'i al nas I ti se'i gans nas gnas brtan. rnams gdugs chod kyi ga~~e brdun byun I ran re yan gun gi dro gyis ~ig ~es gsuris pa sogs rgya gar gyi phan grub rnams kyis kyan ti se ni bod kyi 'di la nos 'jin par mjad I de la brten nas rYe bcun mar pas mi la la I gans ri ti se sans rgyas kyis lun bstan pa'i ri bo gans gan yin pas de la sgoms ~ig I ges gsuns pa dan I rYe bcun gyis kyan I gans dkar ti se skad pa de dgra bgom lna brgya bMugs pa'i gnas I ri bo gans gan bya ba yin I rna pham g.yu mcho skad pa de I rna dros mcho me bya ba yin I Mes dan l'bri gun spyan sna ~es rab 'byun gnas dan I grub thob sen ge ye ~es kyis 'od

    13v gsal gyi nan du gans ri ti se 'di bde mghog drug bgu gni s pa'i pho bran sgo dan bgas par gzigs pa dan I dpal mnam med ri bo dga' ldan pa'i bstan pa'i sgron me pan ghen thams gad mkhyen pa blo bzaii ghos kyi rgyal mchan gyi.s kyan gans ri 'di 'khor lo sdm pa'i pho bran du g~i gs pa sogs rgya bod kyi mkhas grub chad ldan thams gad kyis gans ri ti se ni bod kyi 'di iiid kho na yin es mgrin ggig dbyans ggig gis gsun ba la I rYe bcun sa skya pan di ta'i ~al nas I gans gan de ni ti se min I rna dros

    v rgya mcho rna pham min I zes khyod bka' brgyud pas ri bo gans gan du nos bzun pa'i gans ri 'di 'i gans ghen rna yin te I de'i mchan nid mdo nas b~ad pa rnams 'di la med pa'i phyi r ro I Mes dan I 'di ti se yan rna yin te mdo nas gsuiis ba'i ti se de la dpag chad lna brgya yod par gsuiis pa sogs kyi mchannid rnams bod kyi 'di la med pa'i phyi r ro es dan I mcho rna pham kyan

  • 22

    ma dros pa ma yin te mdo nas gsuns pa'i rna dros pa La dpag chad Lna bgu sogs kyi mchan i'iid bad pa rnams 'di La med pa'i phyi r ro I es dan. I khyod bka' brgyud pas 'dod pa'i gans mcho'i sdod Lugs mjod 'grel sogs mdo Lun nas bad pa dan

    14r 'gal ba'i phyi r ro I es dan I sa skya pa'i rYes 'drans kyi mchan i'iid pa ggig na re I mcho rna pham nas 'bab pa'i gan ga'i min gan de ghos gan I ghu bo b~i'i zlas phye ba'i gan ga dnos ma yin te I khyod dan 'bab pa'i ghu mcho ggigs nas 'bab pa'i ghu bo gan gsum ma dmigs pa'i phyir I dus kyi dban gis g~an du 'gyur nas ghu bo g~an gsum ma pham Las mi 'bab na gan ga yan dus 'di r de Las mi 'bab par thal ba dan I snon gyi dus su ghu bo g~an gsum 'bab tu run ba'i MuL cam yan mi snan bas gnod do I ~es nan gyis 'gog par mjad do II de'i Lan du bka' brgyud kyi bla rna rnams na re I ned kyi bstah pa'i Min rta ghen po dpal mi'iam med b~ad pa rdo rYes I gans dkar ti se skad pa de II snon bgom Ldan 'das kyis Lun bstan pa'i II ri bo gans ~an bya ba yin II ma pham g.yu mcho skad pa de II rna dros mcho mo bya ba yin II ~es gsuns pa'f don ni bod kyi ri ti se ~es ~ed kyi sgrub gnas su gyur pa 'di ni phal pas min btags pa cam ~ig ma yin te I 'di snon ston pa sans rgyas kyis Lun bstan pa'i gans ri ghen po ti se ~es pa de yin no ~es ti ser khas blans pa yin gyis 'dul ba Lun gos

    14v kyi g~i 'cho byed gon nu gsos kyi gl in g~i Las 'byun bo gans gan kyan 'di yin es khas blans pa ma yin te I rYe bcun mi Las sans rgyas bka' yi tog bzun Las I ri rgyal bgran ba'i rnams grans Las II gans gan ti se gi'iis ka gsuns II de La b~ugs pa'i 'phags pa ni I dgra bgom gi'iis kyan so sor yod II ges ti sedan gans gan so sor khas blans pa'i phyi r khyed rnams si'ion med si'iom gyi gtam ma srma ~ig I ti se dan ma dros pa'i mchan i'iid mdo nas b~ad pa de dag khyod sa skya pan di tas rna gzigs pa cam La rgyu mchan du byas nas I khyod kyis 'di ti se dan mo dros pa min es dgag pa cam gyis khegs par mi 'gyur te I ghos mnon pa Las dnos ggig yid ni tha dad phyir I es dper na Y;g rten gyi dnos po ghu ggig pu La yan gan zag rnams sgrib pa dag dan rna dag gi mthon snan rnams gsum 'byun ste ghu 'di Lha rnams kyis gzigs pa'i che bdud rci'i ghu klun ~es ro sbran rei Ltar mnar ~in nus pa 'an na ba gso nus pa I 'ghi ba slon nus pa I chags pa sbyor nus pa sogs kyi nus pa dan Ldan pa ig yod mi rnams kyis bl tas pa'i che ni skom pa sel ba dan dri ma bkru ba'i bya ba byed pa'i ghu cam du mthon I yi dvags rnams kyis bltas pa'i che drin ba dan bsregs

  • 23

    15r pa'i bya ba byed pa'i me rna mur dan snag khrag b~ad g~i sogs su mthon bar gsuns La I de b~in du gans ri ti se 'di la yan I sgrib pa dag pa'i byan sems sa b~u pa rnams kyi gzigs snan La rin po ~he Las grub pa dan I chu en dpag chad Lna brgya yod pa dan I nan Lha'i gaL yas khan sogs mdo nas bMad pa b~in da Lta mrion sum du yod I skaL ba 'briri rnams kyi snan nor ri bo Lhun brYid ~in Lha sku ran byon La sogs par mthon ba dan I Ya chon gyis g.yogs pa La sogs pa yod I skaL dman rnams kyi snan nor sa rdo phaL pa cam Las mi mthon pa ni Mes bya'i ~hos nid yin pa I des na ran gi ma mthon ba cam ;g rgyu mchan du byas nas gan La yon tan med ~es 'gog pa ni I 'geg pa po ran gi nan ~ha gsaL por ston pa'i rgyu kho na ma gtogs dgos pa phyin cam yan ma mthon La I yan khyed rnams kyis mcho rna pham nas gan ga rna gtogs kha 'bab kyi ~hu bo gan gsum babs pa'i MuL cam yari mi snan zer ba ni Min tu bad gad khyi gnas te I de'i rgyu mchan ~ar gyi kha babs ~hu bo gan ga ni thog mar mcho nid nas Mar phyogs sprag gi Lun pa ig tu babs pa'i min ~hu mig

    15v mthon ba ran groL es grags Min I des sLar mcho nid kyi gun bMags nas nub phyogs gu ge'i yuL gyi stod rduL ~hu es pa'i ri gLan po ~he'i kha 'dra ba nas nub tu 'bab pa La I gLan ~hen kha 'bab rgya gar ~hu bo gan ga es kun La grags pa dan I Lho'i kha babs ~hu bo sin dhu ni mcho nid kyi byan nas Lho ru babs te Lan ka pu ran gi pu ri rma bya 'am khyu m~hog gi kha 'dra ba nas thon te baL yuL gyi bye bag 'ga' ;g dan I rgya gar nub phyogs kyi gun bMags nas sin dhu'i yuL du 'bab pa La

    ~hu bo sin dhu 'am rma bya kha babs es grags pa dan_ I nub kyi kha babs ~hu bo pa ksu- ni mcho nid kyi nub nas Mar du 'bab te gcan bye rna g.yun drun gi ri rta'i kha 'dra ba nas thon te I bod gcan dbus dan khon po b~as kyi gun bMags nas I rgya gar ar phyogs ka rna ru pa'i yuL du 'bab pa La rta m~hog kha babs ~hu bo Lo hi ta es sam I yar ~hab gcan po 'am I ~hu bo pa kMu es grags pa dan I byan gi kha babs ~hu bo si ta ni mcho nid kyi Lho nas byan du babs te ti se'i rgyab kyi ri sen ge'i kha 'dra ba nas thon te La dvags I bhaL ti b~as nas byan hor gyi yuL brgyud de byan phyogs kyi rgya mchor 'bab pa La ~hu bo si ta am sen ge kha 'bab kyi gcan po es Y;g rten

    16r kun La mnon sum gyi chad mas grub pa 'di L ta bu yod bin du snon babs pa'i MuL cam yan mi snan es khyod dge sLon gis snon ham gyi gtam smra run nam I spyi r kha bab es pa'i don yan mcho'i Mar Lho nub byan gi ri srog ~hags bi ; kha 'dra ba nas

  • 24

    'bab par gsuris pa yin gyi s mcho rari gi kha nas 'bab par ma gsuiis la I mcho ran gi kha nas 'bab na glan po dan rta sogs srog ~hags kyi mchan ma b~ad pa la dgos pa ~; yan mi snan in mdor na khyod rnams su dan yan mi mchuns pa'i mkhyen pa'i spyan ldan du rlom nas sgo du ma nas 'gog par mjad kyan I da lta kha ba ~an pa cam rna zad I ~ar rgya nag po nas lho mon rgya gar chun gyi nan pa saiis rgyas par gtogs so ~og phal ghe ba ig nas gaiis ri ti se m~al du 'gro es nag tu 'an ~ub bur smra I yid la 'an nar mar bgans te bla lam du ma nas dka' ba dpag med spyad de padma'i mcho la nan pa bin zad med 'du ba 'di l ta bu yin pas I des na khyod nam mkha'i ni rna spar mos kheb tu re ba'i byis ghun rnams ran nid nal ba lhur len brtul ugs de thon ig es pa la sogs pa'i lan 'debs par mjad la I mdor na 'di skor la sa skya pan ghen rYes

    16v 'brans dan bgas pas dgag pa mjad pa'i lan 'debs kyi bstan bgos kun mkhyen va dmar bi pas mjad pa'i sprin yig mkhas pa'i rna rgyan I 'bri gun abs drun ~hos kyi grags pas mjad pa'i rgol nan Yom pa'i legs b~ad lun rigs smra ba'i mgul rgyan I dpal 'brug pa riag dbari saris rgyas rdo rYes mj ad pa'i gnas gsum gsal byed legs b~ad nor bu'i me lon rnams su gsal bar yod pas l dpal ldan sa skya pa'i bka' drin las log rtogs the chom gyi bgo skal thob pa rnams legs b~ad de dag tu ltos dan log rtogs lhag med du dag par 'gyur ro II II bi pa milam med dvags po bka' brgyud kyi sgrub gnas su Yi ltar gyur chul ni I de yan bka' brgyud pa es pa'i bstan pa'i ghu 'go ni rgyal ba rdo rYe ~han g; slob rna rgya gar grub ghen ti u i dan na ro nas byuri ba yin te I Yi skad du rYe pa dma dkar pos I 'og min ba'i ston pa'i g~es phrug la I rgya gar ba mghog gzigs rnams gnis zer I mchan brYod na ti ll i dan na ro lo I pan grub kyi dbus na khyad du thon I rYe mghog gzigs gnis kyi~ byin rlabs pa I lho brag gi mar pa lo ca yin I pha khon gi rYes 'brug grub pa'i khyus I mkha' spyod kyi in

    17r I khams dogs por btan I es gsuiis pa l tar bod ghos skyon ba'i rgyal po khri ral pa gan gyi sku rin la I rgya gar ~ar phyogs bhan ga la'i za hor es bya ba sprul pa'i slob dpon ghen po ti lli pa ~es rab bzari po es bya ba byuri I des nub phyogs o rgyan du byon nas yum rdo rYe phag mo las gdams pa mnos nas grub pa thob pa'i .chul bstan nas I 'og min du phebs te ston pa rdo rYe .ghan ~hen po dnos las gsan snags rdo rYe theg pa'i rgyud sde rab 'byams rnams gsan bas brda' cam gyi thugs su ghud kyan ma dag pa'i skye bo rnams yid ghes pa'i slad du mi'i

  • 25

    bla rna rna tan ki I da gi pa I ka rna ri pa I indra bo dhi ~hun ba ste b~i Las bka; babs iiams kyi brgyud pa rnam pa b~i'i gdams pa gsan pa I de nas b~un bka' brgyud ba ~es pa'i mchan kyi siian grags 'brug ~hen ston gi nar skad L ta bu 'di byun ba yin no II II de'i slob ma kha ~he'i rgyal rigs su 'khruns pa'i slob dpon na ro pas blo Las 'das pa'i dka' ba Mhen po bgu giiis kyi sgo nas rYe ti lo pa miies par mjad pas mkhyen pa giiis kyi ye Mes skad ~ig gis thugs su ~hud pa la brten nas rgya gar 'phags yul ba rnams kyis kyan rYe mghog

    17v gzigs rnam gnis ~es rjogs pa'i sans rgyas dan mchuns pa cam du byed I na ro pa la mkhas grub kyi slob rna 'bum phrag Lhag pa yod kyan bod yul 'dul pa'i rgyal chab tu mna gsol ba ni mar pa Lho brag pa yin te I rYe na ro'i ~al nas I bla mas lun bstan bdag gi bu I snod ldan mar pa blo gros kyis I kha ba gan LYons byan phyogs nasI rgyal chab Yin phyir sleb pa Legs I ~es gsuns pa yin la I rYe mar pa la slob rna man du yod kyan m~hog tu gyur pa rYe bcun mi la ras pa yin te I mi las mar pa lo man du brten rYes gdams pa rnams rYogs nas ran yul du phebs kar mar pa'i ~al nas I sgrub pa ma nus na mi che rin po Las nan gsog gho ba las med pas mi med pa'i gnas g.ya' 'khrod dan gans khrod rnams su sgrub pa'i rgyal mchan chugs

    ~ig I ~es dan I gans ti se sans rgyas kyis lun bstan pa'i ri bo gans ~han yin pas de la sgoms ~ig I ~es gsuns pa ltar rYe mi las kyan grub pa thob zin nas I bla ma'i bka' b~in ti ser phebs pa thog mar pu ran nas ti ser byon pa na I la thog tu ti se dan ma pham gyi g~i bdag 'khor dan b~as pa rna bsu ba byas I phyag dan m~hod pa phul nas gans ti se dan mcho

    18r I ma pham rYe bcun mi la slob brgyud dan b~as pa'i sgrub gnas su phul I g~an yan rYe bcun gyi ~hos rgyud 'j in pa'i gan zag rnams skyon bar khas blans nas ran gnas su son I de nas rYe bcun dpon slob mcho ma pham gyi 'gram du phebs pa na I na ro bon ~hun ~es bya ba'i 'bon po Y;g rten gyi Lha 'dre mthu bo ~he grub nas thun mon gi rju 'phrul thob pa ~ig kyan gans mcho'i gnas kyi bdag po byed phyir rYe bcun La rju 'phrul 'gran phyir sleb pa dan mYal ba La I bon po na re khyod su yin gan du 'gro zer I rYe bcun gyis na mi La ras pa bya ba yin II ti se'i gans La sgom du 'gro ba yin gsuns pas I bon ~hun na re I 'o na gans ti se dan mcho rna pham 'di yan kyod ran dan 'dra ste rgyans nas. grags pa ~he yan de cam ya mchan ~he rgyu med I ya me han ~he run ned bon po dban ba'i ri yin pas 'di r sdod na na'i Lugs kyi bon byed dgos zer bas I rYe bcun gyis I ri 'di

  • 26

    saris rgyas kyi bstan in spyi la thub pas lui\ bstan pa'i ri yin I sgos i\a mi la ras pa la mar pas lui\ bstan pa'i gnas yin pas I khyed ran bon po rnams snar bsad pa rgyal du ~hug I da 'di r sdod na ried kyi lugs gyi ~hos byed na run I mi byed na gan du

    18v son ig gsuris pas I kho na re I 'o na khyod dan ria gnis rju 'phrul 'gran iri su rgyal bde gnas 'di dban ba yin zer nas I bon pes rna pham gyi 'gram phan chun du rkan ba bag nas I skabs dkar ti se sgra ~he yan I ri mgo kha bas g.yogs pa g~ig I rna pham g.yu mcho sgra ~he yari II ~hu nid ~hu yis bMags pa gig I mi la ras pa sgra ~he yan II mi rgan g~er nal byed pa

    g~ig I de la ya m~han ~he rgyu med I ~es glu blans des rYe bcun gyis sku ~her rna son rna pham ~huri du rna son bar steri nas bkab te bugs nas mgur gsuns pa I min yens su grags pa'i mi la rias I lho brag mar pa'i bka' sgrub phyi r II ti se gans la sgom du yens II rari gan don gnis sgrub pa'i che II khyod lta log ~an gyi bon po la II bka' m~hid gtam lan glu yis mYal II garis dkar ti se sgra ~he ba II ri mgo kha bas g.yogs pa de II saris rgyas bstan pa dkar ba yin II rna pham g.yu mcho sgra ~he ba II Xhu nid lhu yis b~ags pa de II Xhos rnams zad par skyol ba yin II ria mi la ras pa sgra ~he ba II mi .rgan g~er nal byed bade II gzuns 'jin sbub nas then pa yin II snari sems gnis la dbari bsgyur bas II sna chogs rju 'phrul ston pa la II ig rten

    19r I lha la rag rna lus II 'jam gl in ri rgyal ti se 'di II sphyi r saris rgyas bstan 'jin thams gad dban II sgos mi la brgyud par bgas pa dban II khyod l ta log gan gyi bon po rnams II dam ghos byed na kun la phan II mi byed rju 'phrul ria ghe bas II yul phyogs sa ~ha g~an du son II slar yan rju 'phrul 'di la ltos II ges gsuris nas I slar yan rna pham phyag sor gyi rce la blans nas ~hu la gnas pa'i srog ghags rnams la gnod pa med pa mjad pas kha rio mchar du gyur ~iri rju 'phrul rYe bcun rgyal I I de nas kyari bon pes da dun rju 'phrul 'gran no zer nas kho ti se la skor du sori I rYe bcun gyis ~has skor labyon pas I ti se'i byari Mar sgrol rna la'i rgyab kyi pha bori ~hen po ig gi khar mYal ba la I bon po na re I khyod rnams skor ba byed pa legs I da lan na'i lugs su 'gro zer rYe bcun gyi phyag nas 'then du byuri ba la I rYe bcun gyi al nas I ria lam log pa la ugs nas skor log la mi 'gro ~hos mi byed I de bas khyod rari i\a'i phyi bin ~hos dari bskor ba la Meg gsuris I bon po'i lag pa nas bzun ste phar 'then chur then mjad pa'i bar la pha bori

  • 27

    gi sten na gms ka'i abs 19v rYes byun ste I de'i che rYe bcun nus pa che bas bon po chos

    skor du 'khrid nas I ti se'i Mar phyogs mka' 'gro gsari Lam gyi ston du phebs pa'i che bon po na re I srion chad khyod nus pa ~he ~he 'dra bar byuri ste I da dun gyad real 'gran zer nas pha bon ~hen po ig gi khar pha bori g.yag ro cam ig skyal byun ba La I rYe bcun gyis kyari bon po'i gyad rdo'i khar rdo ~hud du 'ga' ig gi sten du bon po'i gyad rdo fiis 'gyur cam ig bskyal bas rYe bcun rgyal I der bon po na re I da Lan yari khyod rgyal te Lan re Lan gnis rgyal bas go mi ~hod i da duri yari real 'gran zer ba La I rYe bcun na re I ni zla dari rgyu skar 'od 'gran ruri gl iri b;; mun pa ni zlas sel I khyod dan na real 'gran run khyod kyis ria mi do bas ti se ria ye dban yin I 'o na kyari khyod 'phral iiams dga' ba cam dari II ned rari ~hos ba'i sgrub brgyud khyi ~he ba kun gyis ma thori phyir rju 'phrul 'gran Las ~hog gsuns I rYe bcun ti se'i nub phyogs Lha Lun gi brag sked padma phug tu bugs I bon po ~hu chur kha'i ri Ldeb sman ~hu nad sel gyi 'gram gyi phug par bsdad pa La I rYe bcun gyi abs nub ri nas bon po'i phug pa'i brag gi rios La brgyan te abs rYes bag nas khyod kyis kyari 'di bin Mig gsuris pas I bon pos kyan

    20r I nub phyogs su rkari pa brkyari bas ~hu kha Las rna sleb pa La II nam 'mkha' Las mi ma yin rnams kyis bad gad theg pa ~ig b)-uri iri rYe bcun rgyal I de nas bon po bon skor dan II rYe bcun ~hos skor du byon pas ti se'i Lho phyogs rjori Luri du mYaL iri ~har pa ig babs pa La I rYe bcun al nas I ~har pa byuri ran re gfiis ~har yib bzo dgros pas I khyod 'gram slon ba dag 'am I thog 'bub pa dga' gsuris pas I bon po na re I rias 'gram sLori zer nas rdo rnams rju 'phruL gyis bags pa La I rYe bcun gyis ~hags pa'i Lta staris mjad pas rdo rnams sked pa nas ~hags I mi thog pa'i Lha staris mjad pas ma theg par mig rig rig por Lus in rYe bcun rgyal I de nas rYe bcun gyis thugs dam bslad pas khos kyari rdos 'gram slad I de nas rYe bcun gyis skad g;g gis thog phub giri dmas 'dug gsun 'og nas dbus btegs pas rdo La dbu'i rYes dari I yari mthos 'dug gsuris steri nas abs kyi s brjis pas abs rYes byuri in rYe bcun rgyal I de nas bon ~huri na re I ria rari re gni s ches b~o. Lria La garis ti se'i rce mor srion La sleb pa des ti se dbari bar byed ciri thag g~od do zer I

    2ov pas I rYe bcun gyis kyari al gyi beris so II b~o lria'i tho rans bon ~hun ban 'khrol in rna La on nas ti se 'jegs so I I rYe bcun ni gzims nas bugs pas II bu slob rnams kyis rYe

  • 28

    bcun Lags na ro bon ~hun ni sna mo ran rna La ~on nas 'phur te I ti se'i sked pa na yar son II rYe bcun da dun yan b~ugs nas bon po La gnas skyel ba Lags sam ~us pas I rYe bcun gyis blta stans ~ig mjad nasI da Ltos dan gsuns I bltas pas kho gyen La 'gro rna nus par bskor ba La son 'dug I de nas ni rna '~har du ne ba dari II rYe bcun ~hen po na bza' ras 'ga'i gogs rgyari mjad nas 'phur byon pas I skad X;g La ti se'i reer phebs pa dan II ni rna ~ar ba dus mnam du byuris no.// de'i ehe rYe beun gyis bLa rna rnams dan 'khor Lo sdoni pa'i Lha ehogs rnams khra Lam mer b~ugs pa'i ~al mnon sum du gzigs I bon ~hun yan ti se'i mgul na yar sleb byun pas rYe beun zi L rna zod pa na mkha' nas Lhuns te 'og gi rna ti se'i Lho phyogs na I mar La sbab tu ~or bas ria rgyal dan dreg pa nams te dam nas bzun pa'i nan nas da khyod rYu 'phruL dan nus pa ~he bar son bas ti se khyod khyis thob zin I na yan gnas 'di mthon sa ~ig tu sdod

    21 r I sa dgos zor byun bas I rYe beun gyi ~al nas I ti se'i ree mo'i rdo rYe rab yan ye ~es kyi Lha dpal 'khor Lo sdom pa'i b~ugs gnas yin pas khyod kyis bgrod pa'i skabs med run I da Lan nas ned ran ~hos pa'i ~he ba bstan phyir rgyal ba gori rna rnams La gnan ba ~us nas skabs phye ba yin I nam mka' nas lhuri ba dan rna rbab tu ~or bde khyod La ria rgyal ~hen po 'dug pas I de b~ag phyi r rias byas ba yi ri ~es mgur gsuns pa I 'jam glin ri rgyal ti se 'dir I bod kyi rnal 'byor ras pa nas I bon po ~hos kyis pham byas te I thub bstan sgrub brgyud nin mor byas/ I rju 'phrul gyaa kyi real las byun I real des ~hos Log ~har b~ad nas // gans dkar ti se na dban phyir/ gnas 'dir dam ~hos pa dar I de rgyal ba gon ma'i bka' drin yin // gsol Lo m~hod rio ye ~es lha // ~es gsuns pas kho na re I khyod kyi rju 'phrul dan nus pa La yid ~hes I rio mehar lhe I ria yari gnas 'di mthon sa ~ig tu bsdad sa yod pa g~ig kh~od ~es zer bas I rYe beun gyis 'o na khyod ran pha ri sdod eig gsuris I phyag ya g~ig gis gans ehag spar gari ~ar phyogs kyi ri Ltag Le'i reer 'pharis pas I ri de'i

    21v ree mor gans ~un zad ~ig ~hags so II de rYes rYe beun ~hen po La phyi r b~ugs pa'i skabs I ti se'i Lho phyogs kyi phug pa ~ig tu gu ru bree ~hen ~es bya ba'i grub thob pa'i rnal !byor pa .~;g yod pa des rna ~hen po ~ig brduris nas I stod kyi ree lhen rnal 'byor pa II grub thob ras lhen mYaL 'dod pas II gnas

    m~hog 'di ru spyan 'dren gyi I mkhyen pa'i thugs mda' 'byon du gsol II ~es gsol ba btab pas I san nin sna bar rYe 'beun nam mkha' La 'phur nas ni rna ~ar lhod La ti ser phebs nas gu

  • 29

    ru brce ~hen dan m~al I de'i dus r~e bcun gyi phyag gis phug pa brus nas yi ge a bkod pa La a phug ~es grags I gu ru brce ~hen gyis chogs kyi 'khor Lo b~ams nas ti se'i no mchar gyi bkod pa dan ~he br~od gsun bar us pa'i der gnas bstod gsuns pa ni II spyir '~ig rten khams kyi ~hags '~ig dan II sgos gans ~an bod kyi Lo rgyus rnams II Legs par gsun pa'i .mkhyen pa ~an I I sgra bsgyur mar pa'i ~abs La 'dud I I pha bla rna de yi ~al sna nas I I sans rgyas bka' yi tog gzuns Las I I ri rgyal bgran ba'i rnam grans las II gans ~an ti se gnis ka gsuns II de la

    b~ugs pa'i 'phags pa ni I I dgra b~om 22r I gnis kyan so sor yod II de phyir gans ri'i rgyal po m~hog I

    dkar gsal mar gyi lha b~os 'dra II ~hu bo bi 'dus mgo bo yin II spos nad ldan pa'i ri bo ~ar /rna pham g.yu mcho 'khyil pa dan II gad pa gser gyi bya skyib lho II ri yi rgyaL po rce brgyad nub I I mthi n span gser gyi span yan byan I I sman gyi rgyaL po nag sni l dan I I dgra Lha'i rg~aL po stag i'ii ron I I rgyaL bu nor bean khrus kyi mcho I I gzan yan ri ph ran span g~ons kyis I I phyogs dan mchams rnams bskor ba'i dbus I I ti se rgyal po gdan b~ugs la II ri phran blon pos bskor ba 'dra I I ~ i g rten byi s pa'i snan no la I I phyi ru de 'dra'i rnam pa yod l I Lam la slob pa'i gan zag la I I ti se gans kyi rgyaL po de I I bde m~hog 'khor Lo'i gaL yas khan I I phyi nan lus kye dkyiL 'khor bin // phyi yi ri rgyaL thabs m~hog La II ti ~hun ~es rab rna yis ni II Legs par khyud pa'i chuL du gnas II ro rkyan dbu gsum mchon byed du II Lha dar rjon gsum rca gsum gyi I ~hags chul dag tu gnas pa yin // lha mo mkhrig pa'i rig rna ni II b~u drug m~hod 'bul chul du gnas II kha gdon La sogs sgo rna bi II sgo b~i srun ba'i Lha mo yin II rnal

    22v 'byor snags pa'i rigs rnams La II snan ba'i chul ni de l tar yod I I mchan i'iid theg pa'i r~es 'brans pa'i I I gan zag rnams kyi snan no ru II gans kyi rgyal pa gal yas khan II phun sum chogs pa'i nan i'iid na II 'phags pa'i gnas brtan yan Lag 'byun II spos phor rna yab 'jin ~in bugs II dgra b~om ston dan sum brgyas bskor I I byan sems nan ran dpag med bugs II de dag rnams La m~hod pa ni II rgyun ~had med par 'bul bar gyis II thub ba dgra b~om Lna brgya dan I I b~as pa'i abs r~es gsal. bar yod II ti se gans kyi byan phyogs na II rigs gsum mgon po'i bugs gnas ni II byin rlabs gan gyi .ri ~sum yod II bde

    rn~hog rdo sku ran byon dan II rdo rnams rdo rJe padma dan II ye ~es mgon po phyag ba ba'i II ran byon gtor mar b~as pa yod II de Ltar gans kyi rgyal po La // bugs pa'i bla med lha

  • 30

    chogs dan II 'phags pa'i gnas brtan 'khor b~as dan II bstan srUii mgon po 'khor bgas La II sgyu ma'i nan du phyag 'chal lo II ~es gsuns nas rYe bcun La phyi r 'phur nas phebs so II de ltar bod gans ~an gyi mig ggig pu dpa1 bo mi'i sen ge dban phyug mi La ras pa ~es bya ba des II lta log na ro bon ghun rju 'phrul gyis char b~ad nas gans dkar ti se dan I mcho

    23r I ~hen ma dros pa'i bdag po mjad gin II rYes Yug rnams La yan gnas 'dir sgoms ~ig par rYes su gdams pas de nas bzun gnas kyi bdag po bka' brgyud pas mj ad pa 'di byun ba yin no II de'i rYes su rYe sgam po pas II 'gro mgon phag mo gru pa La I eva ri I La phyi I gans ri gsum du dam ~had cam sgrub brgyud kyis 'jin phyir ri pa gton dgos chul gsuns kyan rten 'brel ~un rna 'grigs II 'o na kyan rYe phag grus nid kyi slob rna 'bri gun Y;g rten mgon po dan grubthob glin ras pa gfiis La gnas gsum du ri pa gton dgos chul dan I snon rgyal ba fiid kyis lun bstan pa'i II ri hi rna La ~es yolis su grags II dpal 'khor lo sdom pa b~ugs pa'i gnas II dus. da l ta Y;g m~hod pa'i gnas II gnas ti se galis su bsgom pa dga' II ti se gans su 'byon pa skyid II ~es sogs gsulis pas slob ma gfiis kyis kyan ri pa gton bar dam bgas nas glin ras kyi nid kyi slob ma rYe 'brug pa rgya ras pa ye ~es rdo rYe La bka' seal pas II rgya ras kyis bla ma'i bka' b~in ti ser byon nas rna dmigs kyi gnas su phebs pa na I 'od gsal gyi nan du ti se'i gans dan rna pham gyi bkod pa gsal

    23v bar gzigs nas gnas stod kyi mgur gsuns I ti se'i sgrub gnas phal ~he ba ~abs kyis b~ag ~in bka' brgyud kyi bstan pa dar ba'i rten 'brel sgrig par mjad do II de'i rYes su de fiid kyi slob rna rgyal ba rgod chan pa mgon po rdo rYes ~hu'i b~ud len La brten nas sgrub yun rin du mjad skor lam legs par gtan La phcb nas skor ba'i srol btod pa sogs rYes Yug gi 'gro ba La bka 'drin gyis khyab par mjad I de nas de nid kyi slob ma grub thob o rgyan pa rin ~hen dpal nas bzuns I sar gnas kyi skyes ~hen du mas sgrub pa'i rgyal me han bcugs nas I da l ta'i bar du rtogs pa'i mlia bdag dpal ldan 'brug pa bka' brgyud kyi sgrub brgyud rin po ~he zam ma ghad par byon pa 'di b~in no II II lna pa mnam med 'bri gun pas bdag gi r mj ad ~in ri .pa brj ans chul ni I de yan bskal pa bzan po'i sans rgyas ston gi b~i ba bdag gag gi ston pa ~a kya thub pa mya nan las 'das nas lo grans nis ston bgo brgyad das pa na mdo snags ghu bo gsum 'dres kyi bstan pa'i bdag po dpal 'bri gun pa skyob pa Y;g rten gsum gyi mgon po rin ~hen dpal ~es bya ba byun ste I de

  • 31

    ni snon bskal pa dpag tu med pa'i gon rol du byan ~hub m~hog tu

    24r thugs bskyed I de nas bskal ~hen grans med gsum gyi bar du bsod nams dan ye es gyi chogs rlabs po ghe bsags nas I de b~in g~egs pa klu rigs sgron rna ~es bya bar sans rgyas zin kyan I rna dag sni gs rna Lna bdo'i 'gro ba mgon med rnams kyi don du ston pa a kya thub pa'i spyan snar dge bsnen Li ca bi dri ~a med pa grags pa ~es bya bar sku skye ba b~es nas ston pa nid kyi sgra sen ge'i na ro L ta ba 'phags pa ~am dpal La sogs pa1i byan sems dan Pian thos thams gad zi l gyi s gnon par mjad I slar rgya gar lho phyogs be nha 'i yul du slob dpon ghen po 'phags pa klu sgrub es bya bar gyur nas Lo grans drug brgya'i bar du bstan pa'i bya ba rlabs po ~he mjad I de nas bod yul kha ba ~an gyi L~ons 'di r 'bri gun skyob pa es bya ba'i sprul pa'i skur byon pa yin te I de yan gnam L~ags rdo r~e'i m~hu ~es bya ba'i po ti dkar po'i rnam par yum gyi lhums su ~ugs nas I mdo khams Ldan stod kyi gron khyer cu du ~es bya ba ru ~hu mo phag gi Lo sku bltamsg I bltams rna thag rdo'i sten du b~ag pas rdo La sku rYes byun ~in 'khruns sar ~hu mig brdol ba sogs no mchar ba'i Ltas du rna ni bstan I dgun Lo dgu La Mes

    24v bya'i rnam grans du rna thugs su ~hud nas gan La ~hos ston pa'i slob dpon mjad kyan rten dge bsnen du bugs I Pier Lna pa bod yul dbus nam Mod kun tu bzan po'i nags khrod du byon nas I 'gro ba'i mgon po dpal phag mo gru brca ba'i bla mar bsten nas mdo snags theg pa'i zab rgyas kyi ~hos thams ~ad gsan cin thugs nams su bstar pas rYe phag grus kyan ned kyi brgyud pa 'di dge bsFien sa b~u pa 'dis 'j in es Lun bstan I e ~hun mon mo phug tu Lo bdun sgrub pa rce g~ig tu mjad pas sgrib gnis kyi ~hin ba mtha' dag rdo rYe Lta bu'i tin ne 1jin gyis b~om nas Mes bya Y; L ta Y i sPied gyi don rnams Lag mthil du skyu ru ra bag pa L tar thugs su ~hud nas rjogs pa'i sans rgyas dan dgons pa mFiam pa Fiid du gyur ~in I dbu La gcug tor 'bur du dod pa sogs mchan bzan so gFiis rYes mthun du byon I de Ltar grub pa'i go 'phan brnes zin kyan II bstan pa'i rca ba ni so sor thar pa dge slon gi sdom pa yin par dgons nas I dgun Lo sum cu rca Lna pa La mkhan po ~an sum thog pa Las stan thog

    g~ig tu chig gsum rim nod kyis bsnen par rjogs pa'i sdom pa b~es te bslan pa gsum La mig 'bras b~in nan tan g~es sbras su mjad I dgun Lo so bdun pa La byan g~o stod dpal

    25r I gyi 'bri gun gi gdan sa btab pas 'phrin las Min tu rgyas te

  • 32

    dus g~ig la dge 'dun gyi chogs pa khri chd b~o brgyad du 'dus pa rnams smin grol du mjad I bya rgod la sgom 'debs pa dan nam mkha'i fii ma brtod la gnon pa scigs 'dod dgur bsgyur pa'i rju 'phrul mtha' yas pa ni bstan I dus g~ig la sku lus kyi sprul pa du ma bstan nas sans rgyas kyi ~in khams du mar g~egs nas ~hos gsan pa dan I 'gro ba rigs drug gi gnas su phebs nas sems ~an gyi don mjad pa dan I sku'i bkod pa b~u sems gyis 'jam glin gi rgyal po ~hen po b~u gsum dus g~ig La btul ba sogs so skye'i bLo yul las yons su 'das pa'i rnam par no mchar

    ~an gyi gtam brgya rca brgyad mna' ba La brten nas sans rgyas gfii s pa 'bri gun pa Y i g rten gsum gyi mgon po ~es mchan sfian pa'i ba dan dkar po srid pa'i rce mor 'phyo ba de fiid dgun lo sum ~u rca dgu b~es pa'i che I 'khor dge 'dun stori cho b~u gsum du 'dus Min rgya bod skye 'gro kun gyis spyi bor bkur ba sogs sku bsod zan zin gi 'du Lon dan I rnam g.yen gi spros pa la thugs gtiri nas sun ba'i chul bstan nas gdan sa 'bri guri thel gyi Mar phyogs chva 'ug ~es bya ba'i lun

    25v ston ig tu gsari thabs kyis phebs nas I sbas pa'i sgrub phug tin 'jin phug ~es bya ba ~ig tu thugs dam la b~ugs pa'i nub

    g~ig I sans rgyas kyi bstan pa'i rgyun la dgons nas gan snan dban sdud kyi tin ne 'jin yud cam pa ~ig la mfiam par b~ags I de ma thag ti se /La phyi I rcva ri gsum gyi gnas bdag ~iri skyon gis sna drans pa'i bod khams kyi lha klu g~i bdag thams

    ~ad ~har sprin pa tib pa b~in 'dus nas I de rnams so so'i gnas su rYe fiid spyan 'dren du byun ba la I sku lus kyi spruL pa du ma bkye nas de rnams so sdi gnas su phebs nas ~hos gsuns Min dam la b~ag I sa g~i rnams ~abs kyis b~ags ~iri byin gyis brlabs I gtan du b~ugs par ~us pa la I r~e'i ~al nas kho bo ni dge 'dun gyi chogs rgya ~hen po skyod ba sogs bstan pa'i bya ba rlabs po ~he byed dgos pas 'gror mi khom gsun ba La I 'o na

    m~hod gnas su ri khrod pa gtin par gsol pa btab pa b~in ~aL gyis b~es I de'i dus theL gyi dge 'dun rnams kyis rYe nid 'chol du phyi n pas cha 'ug dpal gyi ri khrod du b~ugs pa dan mYal I dge 'dun re res rdo re re bskyal nas brcigs pa'i ~hos khri'i sten du b~ugs nas ~hos gsuris I der dge 'dun rnams kyis gdan sar phebs

    26r I par ~us pas I rYe; ~al nas I na la rYe phag mo gru pas ri khrod du sgrub pa gyis ig ~es pa'i ~al ta yod pas I ria mi 'gro II khyod ran rnams son ~ig gsuris I nan gyis gMegs par ~us pas I 'o na ran re pha spad sgrub pa ma byas na bla ma'i bka' dan 'gal ba yin pas I yan na khyed ran rnams sdod ned ri la

  • 33

    'gro I yan na ned sdod khyed rnams ri la son gsuns pas I der dge 'dun rnams kyis ri khrod du 'gro ba khas blans so II de yan ri pa gtos ~he ba lan gsum btan ba la I dan por dge b~es nad phu ba ~hen pos gcos pa g; khrod thon ~in sems no 'phrod pa'i dbu ~he brgyad b~u skor re re eva ri I la phyi lgans ri gsum du br] ans te bka' seal pa I bu khyod rnams me han ma'i rnam g. yen la ma ~hags par ri khyod du sgrub pa rem la gyi s ~ig fiams rtogs khyad par ~an re ma skyes par 'di r log par ma byed gig II the chom dan mi bde ba byun na bla mar gsol ba thob ~ig I sdug bsnal dan ma 'joms pa thams ~ad sdug sran gyis lam du khyer ~ig I ~hos thams ~ad rgyu rkyen 'brel las byuri bas rgyu 'bras kyi rten 'brel la gzo ba ~ig I es sogs gsuns nas btan bas I de dag las phal ~her gyis grub pa thob ~in 'ga'

    26v ;g Ya lus g~egs so II bar pa la dge b~es gnos ~hen po dan I gar pa byan rdor la sogs pa ti ser dgu brgya I la phyir dgu brgya I rcva rir dgu brgya b~as brjans pa yin te II rnam thar phyag rgy~ me tog ma las I ria nin dus kyi den san na II bu ~abs tog ~an gyi rnal 'byor pa I fiis ston bdun brgya ri la son II do g~ig dus kyi den san na I khri phrag b~u gsum chogs su chogs ~es gsuns ~in de dag las kyan grub pa thob pa ~in tu man bar byuri no II de nas ri pa tha ma brjans pa'i lo byun rgyus ni II de yan rYe Y;g rten mgon po nid kyi slob ma gfios mgar

    ~hes gsum dan I spyan sna grags pa 'byun gnas dan II spo spo bkra ~is sen ge sogs slob ma grub pa thob pa rnams kyis kyan ran ran gis chogs ++ bskyans par yon bdag dan slob ma skad du I bdag gi bla ma ~hos rYe chogs pa rna bskyans par yon bdag dan slob rna t~arns ~ad la 'di skad du bdag gi bla rna ~hos rYe rin po ghe ni II rjogs pa'i sans rgyas dnos dan kyad par spu cam med ~in 'brel pha phra rno cam thogs kyan 'khor ba mtha' cam du 'gyur nes pa yin pas I bu khyod rnams kyan na'i bla ma'i spyan snar 'bri gun du son ~ig I ci 'khor ba'i 'bul ba 'an de ru phul ~ig I ~es gsuns pas ~hos rYe rin po ~he fiid kyi slob ma kho na khri phrag las 'gens pa'i sten yan slob tharns

    ~ad kyan padrna'i. 27r rncho la nan pa b~in de ru 'dus pas ~in tu chogs pa rgya ~he

    ba'i rnthar thug tu gyur te I dge 'dun khri cho bgo brgyad du loris pa byun bas I slar yan ri pa rjon par dgons nas rYe fiid kyi bka' b~in thos bsam la go don ghags pa rnarns la rnkhan po rin po ghe gur pa chul khrirns rdo rYes so thar gyi sdom pa la bkod I ~hos sgo ba gnubs ~hen yon tan grags kyis dban gi ~hos sgo phye I slob dpon ston pa g~on nu es rab kyis rna rgyud

  • 34

    gcor gyur gyi rgyud bMad bka' dan gar thig dbyans sogs phyag len rnams legs par bslabs khrid gner ba dbon ~es rab 'byuri gnas kyis rim gyi pa'i lugs l tar nes don phyag rgya ~hen po'i khrid bka' khyab gdal du btab I no sprod dan gu ~hos sum ~hos la sogs pa thun mon ma yin pa1i zab ghos rnams ghos rYe rin po ~he nid nas seal I de lta bu'i sgo nas rYe nid dgun lo don gsum pa Mes pa'i che gMi khrod thob pa'i gsar bu phal ghe pa ri la gtori ba gnari ste I de yari bla ma rdo rYe 'jin pa pan v v v v chen ghu ya sgan pa zes sam mchan dnos chos r1e phun chogs rgya mcho Mes grags pa gcari po don du sku la 'khruris Min bla ma mkhas grub du ma la bsten nas mdo snags rig pa'i gnas kun la mkhyen

    27v brgyas pa'i steri ~hos rYe rin po ~he nid kyi bka' drin las rtogs pa'i yon tan phul du phyin pa briies pa de iiid kyis gcos I g~an yari grub thob ri pa nag po dan I ri pa srion po sogs sgo ma ~hen lria khri lria ston lna brgya iii Mu rca lna ti se I rdo rYe 'jin pa g.yag ru dpal grags kyis gco byas Min I gMan yan sgom ba gsal ba dbari phyug sogs sgom ~hen lna khri lna ston lria brgya iier lria la phyi I rdo rjin mgon po ~hes gco byas Min I gMan yan skyo kho gans pa la sogs pa'i sgom ~hen lna khri lna ston lna brgya iier lna rcva ri b~as iii ma g~ig la rjoris grian ste I de yari ~hos rYe riid 'bri guri thari gi ~hos khri la bMugs na~ ri pa rnams la byin rlabs dan I s9rub pa'i Mal ta dbug dbyuri gzens stod sogs lhug par real Min sis brYod kyi me tog 'thor nas gnas so sor rjon bar mjad do II de ltar rdor 'j in ghu ya sgan pa sogs ti ser gtan ba'i sgom ~hen lria khri lna stori lna brgya iier lna po rnams kyan rim gyis ti se gans kyi ri bo la phebs nas Mel 'dra I nan ri I dar lun I lha luri I rce brgyad sle mi I mum I gu 9e I sogs ri su la sna chogs rnams su sgrub khan brcegs nas bzugs I de yari bla rna rdo rYe 'jin pa riid kyis thog mar ghu ya sgari gi brag gseb tu bMugs pas mchan yan ~hos rYe

    28r I ghu ya pa sgan pa Mes grags pa byun I rdor 1j in ~hen po 'di dan I gu ge ~hos rgyal khri bkra Mis lde bean I man yul rgyal po tha ~hen dnos grub mgon I pu ran rgyal po bla ~hen stag che khri bar dan I gnam mgon sde yab sras rnams dan m~hod yon du 'brel Min mna' ris skor gsum du 1phrin las Min tu rgyas I ri pa mams kyari bla ma'i bka' dan du len ~in ri dvags rmas ma'i brtul ~ugs k~is Yig rten blos tari 1ba 1 ig la brten nas sgrub ~hugs bzuris pas iiams rtogs kyi yon tan briies pa ni nam mkha'i skar chogs cam ma zad ri pa nag po dan I Mig po iii ma

  • 35

    sen ge sogs che g~ig La Ya lus mkha' spyod 'grub pa 'an ~hes man po byun bas min skarn po cam ma yin par snin po don brgyud kyi bstan pa ~in tu dar ro I I ~es grags so II rdo rYe 'jin pa de nid skabs. ~ig ti se ~el 'dra'i rgyab brag ri sgom ~va 'dra ba'i 'og gi brag phug tu bugs pa'i dus ~ig gi che nin ~ig ti se in skyon gis rgya gar gyi da ki bdun du sprul nas mdun du yens te phyag byas nas I gser ~a ba'i mgo cam ~ig 'bul du byun pa la I rdo rYe 'jin pas I bya ba btan pa'i rnal 'byor La II rin ~hen gser gyi dgos pa med I gsuns

    28v nas ma b~es pas I de'i dus skyob pa Yig rten gsum gyi mgon po sen ge dkar rrio La ~hibs ~ig mnon sum du mdun gyi nam mkhar byon nas 'di skad gsuns I bu the chom spans ~ig rnal 'byor pa I lha dam chig ldan pa'i in skyori gis I yon 'bul ba'i rten 'brel dan du lens II gnas rgyal bas lun bstan ti se'i mgul II phu ~ar du bstan pa'i lun ~hen gyi II ri glan ~hen bres nas 'gyid 'dra dari I mda' luri rgyud phyag rgya bsnol ba 'dra II rgyab dar dkar yol ba bkram pa lta II gnam snon po 'khor lo rei ba brgyad La II sa dog mo padma 'dab brgyad dbyibs II brag ~hu 'thar bkra ~is rtags brgyad bkra II rja span 'dres rgyal srid rin bdun II ri dbyibs legs gdugs dkar phub 'dra'i mdun I sprul nag po thur rgyug ze ba'i sten I brag dkar po gur ~hen phub 'dra'i rcer I ~hos thams ~ad ston nid mchon pa'i brdar II a dkar po dri ma med pas brgyan I ~am c.Ja gi sprin ltar 'du gnas su I dgon rgyan du grags par 'debs par gyis I spyir bod khams yens La phan pa dan II dgos sgrub brgyud gyi bstan la dge bar 'gyur II ~es lun bstan nas mi snan bar gyur pas II rdo rYe 'jin pas kyan bla mas Y; ltar lun bstan bin I lha bean gyis phul ba'i gser La brten nas I ti

    29r I se'i nub dar lun ~he ba'i nan gi ri gdon dug sprul thur du rgyug ba 'dra ba'i ze ba'i steri I skye med a dkar rari byon snin por chud pa'i gcug lag khan brcigs Mu, min yan bla mas lun bstan rgyan grags dgon pa ~es grags pa byun skad I rdo rYe 'jin pa 'dis ti ser lo ni ~u rca lna ri pa bskyans nas bstan pa'i rca ba chugs mjad do II de'i rYes su rgyaL ba gnos Lha nan pa phebs ~in b~ugs yul lha nan dan rju 'phrul tu mjad I klu'i rgyal po ma dros pas ag bdun gyi riri kLu yul du gdan drans nas ~hos us I 'khor drug brgya yod pa rnams phal ~her rjon Lun sman an bla'i pho bran du bugs pa'i ~ul La da l ta 'ari 'bri guri mchams khari es grags I de'i rYes su 'bri guri spyan sna ~es rab 'byun gnas sam 'bri gun gl iri pa es grags pa de nid 'khor rab byun lna brgya dan b~as pha byon in b~ugs

  • 36

    yul bya skyibs dan I dar lun gi phu'i sgrub phug sogs su b~ugs pas rtogs pa'i yon tan dpag tu med pa brnes rYe 'dis pu ran rgyal po Yo bo a tig sman la bde m~hog gi dban. mo ~he dan rdo rYe theg pa'i bskyan rjogs kyi sgom btab pa'i yon du pu ran kho ~har lha khaii daii I dam pa rjoii I lag phreii thod dkar

    29v ri bo rce brgyad I l i dur b~as rgyaii grags mgon pa ro ma I 'um lo ~iii phug I ri bo rce brgyad I l i dur b~as rgyaii grags pa'i lha 'baiis su phul ba dan I yan spyan siia pu raii kho ~har du b~ugs skabs stobs kyi 'khor lo bsgyur ba mon ya rce 'jum laii gi rgyal po mna' bdag grags pa lde bya ba ~abs phyi mon khri cho b~i dan b~as pa mcho ma pham du yum gyi dur 'debs su. byon daii mYal I lo ca'i sgo nas lo rgyus daii ~hos kyi gsuii gleii ~ib du mjad pas rgyal po thugs dad pa skyes nas I gser sran brgya las grub pa'i dbaii bum sogs m~hod ~has thams kyaii rin thaii bral ba'i rin po Mhe 'ba' ig las bMos iri I rriul chon kyari rin ~hen sna liia'i phye ma 'ba' ~ig daii I than ma nda la gyi skabs su 'thor rgyu'i me tog rnams kyaii gser diiul kho na las brduiis nas sta gon daii 'brel pa'i bde m~hog drug b~u rca giiis kyi dbaii mo ~he ~us ~iii I sgom btab pas bde m~hog gi rgyud nas bad pa'i bskyed rjogs kyi rtags pa phyin ~i ma log pa thugs La 'khruiis pas rYe spyan siia rca ba'i bla ma'i m~hog tu bzun nas rgyal po nid kyi mu tig gi gdugs dari I mu tig gi phyag lham sogs kyis gcos pa'i nor rjas kyi 'bul ba dpag tu med pa daii I sle mi daii mum sogs nas dgon sde ri khrod ~hos g~is dan

    b~as pa 30r I phul ~iii I sgom ~hen rnams la sgrub rgyag daii na bza' bzaii

    po phul du phyin ea 'bul ba sogs bsti stoiis ~abs tog 'gran zla daii bral ba mjad ciii I La stod thaii ~huii yan gyi dvags po bka' brgyud par gtogs pa'i sgom ~hen thams ~ad kyi rca ba'i sbyin bdag mjad pa'i dam b~a' yaii phul I slar rYe spyan siia gser gyi mdo li La btags nas ya rce'i rgyal khab tu spyan draris nas spyin bor m~hod pa sogs mdor na I sle mi til ~hen dan kun 'jom dgon giiis sogs lho mon du bstan pa dar thams ~ad rgyal po 'di yon m~hod kyi bka' drin La brten pa yin no I de na grub pa ~hu gi'ier ma klu yul nas gdan dran chul ni I de ltar ~hos kyi rgyal po spyan sria 'bri gun gl iii pa ~es rab 'byuii gnas de nid mcho

    ~hen ma dros pa'i nub I ~hu bo ~hen po gaii ga'i 'gram I rYe bcun 'phags ma sgrol ma'i b~ugs gnas gser ri rce brgyad ~es pa'i bsti gnas su b~ugs nas I rgya gar I kha ~he I gar log I her sogs mi rigs skad rigs mi gMig pa du ma La I Mhos kyi 'khor lo skor b~in b~ugs pa'i skabs ~ig gi che I klu'i rgyal

  • 37

    po ma dros pas gdan drans nas ma pham kyi mcho 'gram du phebs I klu rgyal byan ~hub sems dpa' sogs lha

    30v klu rnams la zab pa dan rgya ~he ba'i ~hos man du gsuns pas I de'i che kLu rgyal byan ~hub sems dpa' dan dpal mgon ben gi s snon ston pa rgyas sans kyi bka' rYes su dran nas I rgya gar rgyal po gzugs ~an sfiin po'i thugs dam gyi rten thub pa gLan 'dul ma'i sku rin po ghe da lta rgyan grags kyi rten gcor b~ugs pa 'di dan kLu'i rin po ghe'i rigs du ma khuL I der spyan sna'i dgons pa La I da sku rin po ~he 'di iiid kyi b~ugs sa 'bri gun du bya 'am I gan du bya siiam du dgons pa'i che I sku fiid kyi aL nas I na'i 'gro don gans dkar ti ser yod pas der sdod ~es gsun byon pa b~in ti ser gdan1drans I rten 'di La thub pa ~hu giier ma ~es 'bod ~in da lta rgyan grags dgon gyi rten gyi gco bor bugs pa 'di yin ~in I 'di ni Lha sa'i Yo bo a kya mu ne dan sku rgyu 'byun khuns rab gnas gan gi ~ha nas kyan khyad par spu cam med ~in phyag m~hod skor ba Lan g~ig cam gyis kyan bskaL pa man por bsags pa'i sdig sgrib 'dag nus in chogs gfiis rjogs pa sogs yid bin gyi nor bu dgos 'dod kun 'byun bas kyan ~hes Lhag pa yin pas de Ltar du es par bya'o I ~es snon gyi Lo rgyus dkar ~hag tu gsuns so II de'i rYes su grub thob ~hen po sen ge ye es byon I rYe 'dis ti se eL

    31 r I 'dra'i brag La Lo gsum sgrub pa mj ad ~in bugs skabs I rgyal ba rgod chan pa ~hen po dan m~aL bas I sen ye na re I ran re dvags po bka' brgyud pa La grub rtags re nes par dgos pas I khyed kyis grub rtags ig ston dan gsun rgod chan pa na re I na La grub rtags ma m~his pas I fiid la grub rtags yod na ston par u gsuns I der sen ge ye es kyis I mdun gyi nam mkha' bLa ma'i dkyi L 'khor gyi dbus su rgyaL ba rdo rYe 'ghari La I ti LL i I na ro I mar pa lmi La I sgam po pa I phag mo grub pa I Yig rten mgon po rnams kyis bskor ba I de yan dbus kyi gco bo La 'kho_r gyi bLa ma bdun pes skor ba mjad pa ig spruL nas bstan pas I der rgyaL ba rgod chan pas kyan mdun gyi nam mkha' La rdo rYe phag mo Lha b~u gsum pa'i dkyi L 'khor gyi dbus kyi gco mo La mtha'i Lha mo bgu giii s kyi s bskor ba mjad pa ~; g spruL nas bstan byun bas giiis ka iiams 'bar in bro khrab pa sogs rju 'phruL gyi roL rce da ~i yan mjad I rYe sen ye 'dis pu ran gi rgyaL po stag cha dan I a tig yab sras bLa an bLon gsum dan b~as pa La byan ~hub sems bskyed kyi sdom pa gnan ba'i yon du brag La bsam gtan gLin dan I pu ran rgod khu pa

    31v dgon brten m~hod ~ha dan b~as pa dan I ti se'i ri pa rnams kyi 'cho thebs su ron yan dkar yuL es bya ba phuL I skyob pa rin

  • 38

    po ~he'i gser 'bum khams gsum rnam rgyal es pa beri pa'i sbyin bdag mjad par grags Min I rYe 'dis l'tags ye ye ~es rjon du lo gsum b~ugs nas byin gyis rlob par mjad do ll de'i rYes su rclo rYe 'jin pa iii ma gun pa byon ~in II rYe 'di La gu ge rgyal po khri bkra Mis dban phyug dan I dpal mgon lde yab sras kyis 'thos ~us Min I pu ran dkar sdum gyi phu g.yu phugl bar phad phugl mda' 'thos phug b~as dan tha lan stod smad rnams rgyan grags kyi ~hos g~is su phul bar grags I de'i rYes su rdo rYe 'jin pa kun dga' rgyal mchan pa byon II rYe 'di gu ge rgyal po khri grags pa lde dan I lha l~am bsam grub rgyal mo yab yum gyis pu ran rgyal di mkhar du gdan drans nas 'thos ~us pa'i yon du pu ran than yab stod smad La sogs pa phul lo II de'i rYes su rdo rYe 'jin pa dar ma rgyal mchan pa byon II 'di dus kyan ri pa ston du loris par byun ~in I mna ris stod kyi ri sul thams ~ad (tbri 'brug gi sgom ~hen gyis khyab pa dan I rgyan grags kyi dgon lag tu I iian ri I rju 'phrul phug I ri bo rce brgyad Isle mi til 'then I sle mi kun 'jom

    32r I mum ri khrod I do bo ~es rdo rYe rYod I klu ~hu mig brgya rca I l'tags le ye Mes rjon I gro Mod rkyan phun I sprag li dur I pu r.an rgod khuri I pu rari kho ~har lha khan I pu rari ad khran dpe'u I pu ran brag ska rag I khu nu bsam gtan 'thos glin rnams rgyan grags pas 'jin pa yin skad I rdor 'jin 'di'i dus 'bri gun gi gdan rab lna pa ~hos rY.e g~uri rin po ~he bugs pa'i dus yin ~in I de nas bzun gdan rab b'tu g'tig pa 'jam gl in 'thos kyi rgyal po'i slob ma rdor 'jin chul khrims mgon po'i bar lun rtogs kyi yon tan phun sum chogs pa mna' ba'i rdo rYe 'jin pa mu ti.g car La brgyus pa b~in byon ~in I ri pa yan iiuii mtha' lna brgya las ma Lhun ba byun ba'i sbyin bdag ni mna' ris skor gsum khu nu b'tas kyi rgyal blon rnams dan lhag par yaii ya rce 'jum lan gi 'thos kyi rgyal po rim phebs rnams gyis mjad nas rten beris pa dari I dge 'dun ri khr.od pa rnams La 'che rten gya nom pa sbyor ba dan I mtha' dmag gi Yigs pa srun ba sogs mjad I rdo rYe 'jin pa chul khrims mgon pos I ti se'i sku sked kyi brag 'og tu spy an sna fier gfii s pa'i gser gdun bens pas I de phyin de dan miiam du 'bri gun gdan rab

    32v rim byon gyi gser gdun re b~eiis pa'i srol da lta bar byun no I I de Ltar 'di yan La ti ser ri pa Min tu dar ba La gdan rab b~u bi pa rYe don grub rgyal po nas_gdan rab b~u drug pa rgyal dban kun dga' rin 'then gyi bar Lo bdun 'tu; rin La 'bri gun gi gdan sar yaii bka' brgyud kyi 'thos dan sgrub chugs 'j in pa nag phra ba cam byun bas de skabs ti se La yan ri pa man po

  • 39

    rna byun bar mnon I 'di yan pu ran kho ~har lha khan 'bri gun pas 'jin srol yod kyan I 'di dus pu ran gi rgyal po dan glon po smon than gi rgyal po bde legs rgya mcho gnis g.yul 'khrugs byas pas I glo po rgyal nas lo man cam pu ran gi bdag po glo pos mjad pas I glo po ~hos rgyal a mgon bzan pos kho ~har lha khan dor pa rdo rYe '~han 'phul.pas de phyin dpal ldan sa skya bas bzun pa yin no ~es grags so II de b~in du nan pori rjon.l gad pa gser gyi bya skyib I rju 'phrul phug La sogs pa rnams kyan 'bri gun pa'i ri pa nag phra ba'i skabs 'brug pa'i sgom ~hen bga' ~ig La g.yar bas mthar g.yar nan bdag bzun du son nas dpal ldan 'brug pas 'j in pa 'di byun ~es snon gyi yig ~har gsal lo II de ltar 'bri gun pa'i bstan pa ~un zad nag phra ba rnams gso ba'i ~hed du mnam med skyob pa rin po ghe

    33r I bsam b~in du byon pa rgyal dban kun dga' rin ~hen ~es pa'i sans rgyas gnis pa des 'bri gun pa'i bstan pa legs par gsol nas I ti ser yan ri pa sum brgya cam ~had med du gton bar mjad pa'i bla mar yan I pan ~hen dana ~1 la'i sprul pa rdo rYe 'jin pa Yam dpal ye 'fes I rdor 'j:in mgon po ye ~es I rdor 'jin kun dga' bkra ~is I rdo rYe 'jin pa kun dga' bzan po rnams rim par phebs pa La gu ge rgyal po bsod nams lhun grub dan gu ge ~hos rgyal blo bzan rab brtan I gu ge rgyal po bkra

    ~is mgon I pu ran sde pa kun bsam rnams kyis 'cho rten sogs ~abs tog sgrub ~in snon gyi legs lam gyi srol bzun I de'i rYes su rgyal dban ratna'i dus rdo rYe 'jin pa na ro 'i rnam 'phrul ldan rna kun dga' grags pa byon ~in I sbyin bdag gu ge rgyal po Yig r~en dban phyug dan I pu ran sde pa bsod nams rab brtan sogs kyis rca ba'i bla mar bzun nas snar 'bri gun pa'i ~hos gis dan sa ~ha ~or ba thams ~ad legs par phul rdor 'jin 'dis rgyan grags dgon La gsar 'debs lta bu'i ~ig gsos phul du byun ba dan I pu ran ba' i gro rgyun sna phyi man po 'bri gun du rjon ba mjad I rYe nid

    33v sku che'i smad La La dvags rgyal po bkra ~is rnam rgyal dan che dban rnam rgyal sku m~hed kyis gdan drans nas man yul ru phebs rgyal po'i bla rna mjad ~in sgan snon dgon pa 'debs pa mjad do I de rYes gdan rab b~o rgyad pa rYe rin ~hen rnam rgyal sku m~hed kyi skabs I rdo rYe 'jin pa kun dga' rgya mcho I rdo rYe 'jin pa bsod nams dpal 'byor I rdor 1jin rnam rgyal 'phrin las I rdor 'jin kun dga' dpal rdor 'jin ~er b~u pa rnams byon ~in sbyin bdag mar yul rgyal po Yam dbyans rnam rgyal yab sras kyis mjad I de rYes gdan rab ner g~ig pa rYe ~hos rgyal phun chogs kyi skabs I rdor 'jin rin ghen dpal bzan

  • 40

    I rdor 'jin gram rgyal bstan 'jin I rdor 'jin riag dban rnam rgyal rnams kyi sbyin bdag gu ge rgyal po bkra ~is mgon dan khri grags pa bkra ~is sogs kyis mjad ~in I 'di yan gans ri mcho gsum gyi bdag po gu ge ~hos rgyaL gyis mjad pa la I 1di nas bzun La dvags kyi 'og tu ~or II de rYes rYe ~hos kyi grags pa dan II 'phrin las bzaii po'i sku che'i stod la I rdor 'jin

    ~hos rgyal dpal 'byo"r I rdor Yin phun chogs bstan pal rdor 'jin nag dban bzaii po II rdor 'jin rin ~hen sen ge I rdor 'jin ka rma b~ad sgrub rnams byon ~in sbyin bdag la dvags rgyal

    34r I po seri ge rnam rgyal yab sras kyis mjad I 'di yan La 'bri gun nas ri pa rjon pa'i srol m~had ~in rdor 'jin rnams ni pyi 'dul khri ms kyi b~a' ba dam ~in kun spyod gcan ba dan I nan rim giHs kyi rnal 'byor La ggig tu gol bas grub rtags kyi mchan mnon sum du ston pa ~hes man ~in I rna mtha' na rtogs ldan skyes bu nes don zab mo me'i gnad La thos bsam sgom gsum dan nams myon rtogs pa'i yon tan phul phyin du mna' ba kho na rna gtogs I skye bo phal ra raii go pa ni gton srol med I 'di phyin La sems ~an bsod nams dman pas rgyu dan dus bde min gyi rkyen byas nas mna' ris skor gsum nas gra rgyun 'dra yon ~in de dag gis gnas dgon so sor ~hos rgyun rna ~had cam 'jin pa las gdan sa nas ri pa rjon pa'i rgyun ni ~had do II de yan rdor 'jin b~ad sgrub kyi skabs sag po'i rgyal ba dga' ldan che dban gis mna' ris skor gsun: ~hab 'og tu blug pa'i dus garis ri'i rdor 'j in gyi s gus 'dud lhur blaris pas beer bsun spans nas gzigs bskyans ~he bar mjad nas rgyari grags dgon gyi le lag tu I pu ran rgod khun I ~ad khran spe'u I Yo mo ~has khri I pha gru dpya' I sle mi'i dgon rna lag II gu ge spu dgon

    34v ri bo rce brgyad I gro ~od rkyan ran dgon pa b~as Yag gnas I ~hos g~ig su spu ran za lan stod smad rgya ~iri I gror I darn pa rjon b~as kyi dpal yod 'bab rnams sbyor Yag dan I garis ri nas nub dgra b~om lna brgya'i ~abs rYes chun I ~ar ~abs rYes brag rdog nas pha bon gas po chun I skor Lam yan dan ~hun dar ~hen phu mda' chan rna sbyor Yag gi bka' gtan rgyal dbari lria pa ~hen po dan mi rYe sans rgyas rgya mcho I rgyal po dga' ldan che dban b~as nas rim par seal I de rYes rdor 'jin se lun bu ghuri pa I rdor 'jin dkon m~hog lhos grags I rdor 'jin dkon

    m~hog grags pa rnams byon I phyi rna 'di grub thcb ~hen po snan sems 'des nas rdol phyag ~abs kyi rYes mnon sum du Yog nus

    ~in I 'di'i dus mna ris La dvags pa'i dge slon g~en 'grub be bya ba dan I g~un mkha' spyad bya ba gnis ti ser sgrub pa yun riri mjad pa'i mthar glen mrion sum Ya lus su gegs I gguii

  • 41

    kyan sku spur byis pa Lo brgyad pa'i chad cam du gyur pa sags 'di yan La 'bri gun pa'i sgom ~hen Ya Lus su g~egs pa man po byun ba'i gtam snan I de'i rYes su rdo rYe 'jin pa no no dkon

    m~hog brgyud 'jin nas bzuii I da Lta'i rdor 'jin ~hos grags sku skye dkon m~hog phan bde 'i iii

    35r I ma'i bar rdor 'jin dari 'bri guri pa'i grub mtha' 'jin pa'i dge 'dun gyi sde rgyun rna ~had pa i'iid do II de L tar ti se'i ri pa rnams kyi thun men min pa'i sbyin bdag gi gco bo ni men ya rce 'jum Lan gi ~hos rgyal rim phebs rnams yin te I de yan daii po stobs kyi 'khor Lo bsgyur ba'i miia' bdag ~hos kyi rgyaL po grags pa Lde I de'i sras ~hos rgyaL a so Lde I de'i sras rgyaL po a na rmaL I de'i sras rgyaL po san ga rmaL I rgyaL po j i dar rmaL I de'i sras rgyaL po a j i rmaL I de'i sras rgyaL po ka Lan rmaL I de'i sras rgyaL po bar tab rmaL I de rYes pu C'e rmaL I de'i sras rgyaL po bra ti rmaL sags nas kun mkhyen Lna pa dari rYe 'phrin Las bzari po'i sku dus kyi rgyaL po bi kra rna ~a dan de'i sras na ra sin ha ~es pa'i bar Lo Liia brgya'i rin gi rgyaL rab rim byon thams ~ad thub pa'i bstan pa spyi bor m~had pa'i naii pa sans rgyas pa'i Lugs 'jin 'ba' ~ig dan I 'di La 'an jum L i ra ja I nar Lan ra ja I kha Las ra ja I rdo ram ra ja I phu ye ra ja te rgyaL ba spun Lna Las rgyaL phran Lnar gyes pa de thams ~ad I spyir rgyaL bstan I sgos 'bri gun bka' brgyud kyi bstan pa'i sbyi n bdag 'gran z La dari bra L ba yin ~iii I dkon m~hog gsum pa'i bsad

    35v nams kyi miia than kyan 'gran zLa med pa ~a stag byun ba te I Y i skad du rYe 'phrin Las bzan pes 'jum Lan rgyaL per gnan pa'i ~hab ~og Las I khyod siion dnos ~ag 'bri gun pa ~hen po'i I bstan La sri ~u mjad pa de'i mthu yi s II brgyud nas brgyud mar bsod nams dpun pa'i stabs II dar drag ~is pa'i sgo 'phar brgya phrag phye II ~es gsuns pa Ltar ro II rgyaL po na ra sin ha ~es ~hos rgyaL gyi tha mar gyur pa 'dis kyan rgya gar rdo rYe gdan dan I ~hos 'khor Lha sa sags su phebs I kun mkhyen pa lna pa ~hen po La 'an gus btud 'dug I de'i rYes su rgyal po ka ra nYa daii I bhi ~nu ra ja ~es pa La sags pa byuii ba de dag gis I mo dbu rna dan I rna ha de va I khyab Yug sags lhar bstan nas mu stegs byed kyi ~hos lugs bzuiis i chab 'bans rnams La 'an mnar spyod ~her byas I dkon m~hog gsum La dad ~s byed pa las phyi rol du gyur bas I bsad nams kyan dgun gyi . ~hu bran b~in skad ~ig res zad mria' than Ye ~huri du sari I de nas lo bdun ~u cam gyi mthar rab byun b~u gsum pa'i l~ags bya lor I bal yul cha ba cha ~ad kyi rgyal po gor ~a ra ja na ba dur ~es

  • 42

    bya ba'i dmag gis 'jum Lan rgyal sa b~om ~in mna than thams ~ad 'phrog nas 'bans su b~ug pas de phyin La rgyal po'i bya

    36r I ba byed pa'i dban than ni med mod I rgyal brgyud cam ni da Lta 'an snan no II de Ltar ti se rgyan grags dgon du bla ma rdo rYe 'jin pa r.im phebs dan I sbyin bdag sa skyon rnams nas b~ens pa'i rten gsum r i sfied ~; 9 byun mdo kyan mtha' dmag sna phyi du mas b~om nas da Lta thub pa rin po ~he glan 'dul ~hu gner ma cam ma gtogs grags ~he ba ran med La I .yod pa ~am ni 'di Lta ste I rten gyi gco bo rgya gar ma ga dha'i rgyal po gzo sbyans gzugs ~an sni n po'i thugs dam gyi rten thub dban glan 'dul ~hu gner ma b~ugs khri rgyab yol pad gdan 'od skor dan b~as pa La ston pa b~om Ldan 'das nid kyi phyag sor b~u gnis pa ro bo Ma kya mu ni dan dbyer med pa mna' ri skor gsum gyi rgyan g~ig ma b~ugs pa yin La I g~an yan thub dban rgya Li gron khyer rna sor dgu pa ~ig gis gcos Li dkar dmar dan I gser zans Las grub pa'i ston pa sans rgyas kyi sku byin ~an ni Mu rca bdun I jhi khyim Las grub pa'i rdo rre '~han gi sku sor b~u pa sogs L i dan gser zans Las grub pa'i rdo rYe 'ghan gi sku b~i I Li dan

    36v gser zans Las grub pa'i rYe bcun Yam dbyans kyi sku b i I gser zans dan l i rag Las grub pa'i spyan ras gzigs phyag b~i pa'i sku bdun I L i dmar Las grub pa'i spyan ras gzigs at b~u

    g~ig pa dan I 'gro ba drug sgrol gyi sku gnis II thugs rYe ~hen po kha sa pan rgya Li mda' chad sogs Li rag gi khas pa ni sku Lna I L i dan gser zans Las grub pa'i phyag na rdo rYe'i sku gsum I ra gan dan Li ser gyi rgyal ba byams pa'i sku gnis I Li dan gser zans kyi sans rgyas rnam par snan mjad kyi sku gfiis I sans rgyas mi bskyod pa'i sku ggig I gser zans dan L i rag Las grub pa'i rYe bcun sgrol ma'i sku b~o lna I L i dan gser zans kyi phag mo mkha' spyod ma'i sku gi'iis I gMin rre gdon drug gi sku rgya Litho gser gyi gnod pa skyob dus pa gg;g I jhi khyim Las pa'i rta mgrin gyi sku g~ig I ra gan gyi slob dpon padma'i sku gg; g I rre bcun mi La'i sku L i rna g~ig 'bri gun skyob pa'i sku intho gan sor Lna pa rYe nid kyi che rna rYes rna phyag nas brgya rca son ba gig gcos L i dan gser sku zans kyi skyob pa'i sku bdun I rgyal ba kun dga' rin ~hen gyi sku ggig sogs Li rag Las grub pa'i

    37r sku brnan sna chogs ner ggig I ra gan gyi mgod rten gsum I can dan Las grub pa'i du-s gsum sans rgyas I spyan ras gzigs ~al

    b~u g~fg pa'i sku can dan dmar po Las grub pa'i slob dpon padma gco 'khor I Srri

  • 43

    rma pa bdud 'dul rdo rYe I khro bo bdud rei 1khyi L ba spyan ras gzigs sems iiid nal gso II g~un sa nas bod bstan srid bde thabs su b~ens pa'i gnas b~u I rta mgrin dreg pa zil gnon I go

    r~a'i dmag bzlog su b~ens pa'i Lron dmar gyi rta mgrin yan gsan gi sku sogs dan I lo ~hen bai res rgya gar nas gdan drans pa Min rta La'i 'dab ma La LYa na'i yi ges bris pa'i 'phags pa brgyad ston pa I yan ta La'i 'dab mar va rtu la'i yi ges bris pa'i gso dpyad yan Lag brgyad pa'i rgyu dpe sogs gsun rab glegs bam brgyar iie ba b~as dan I rdor 'jin bstan 'jin ghos grags kyi s bzans pa'i mgon po phyag b i pa dan I ti se L ha bean gyi sku I rgyan grags da ki ~hos kyi sgrol ma'i sku brnan bgas b~ugs I 'du khan du / rten gee rgyal ba rdo rYe '~han I skyob pa Yig rten

    37v mgon po I dpal phag mo gru pa I rdor 'jin ghu ya sgan pa I rre 'phrin Las bzan bgas so so'i sku mi chad I bod bstan srid bde thabs su bens pa'i rigs gsum mgon po'i sku I zo ra sen gi dmag bzlog o rgyan Lha srin brgyad kyi sku I ~ig gl in gter ghos Las byun ba'i rgyal ghen b~i'i sku I thugs rten La dvags rgyal sras kun dga' ghos rgyal gyi nan rten gser zaris kyi gdun rten bkra Mis 'od 'bar I 'bri guri abs druri bstan 'jin 'gro 'dul gyi gdun b~ugs pa'i gser zans kyi byan rten mghod rten I abs drun padma'i rgyal mchan gyi gdun bugs pa.dan I ghos kyi rgyal mchan gyi gdun b~ugs pa'i sman Y;m gyi mghod rten giiis ~abs drun ghos iiid nor bu dan I abs drun thugs rYe; iii ma'i gdun bu9s pa'i Min 9; m~hod rten 9nis 'bri gun bka' brgyud gser phren gi Ldeb bris I gra chan 'du khan da yan che dpag med kyi snan briian rdul bral mas gees pa'i sans rgyas byan sems kyi sku du ma bugs yin no II ar byun rgyan grags ~a ki'i Lo rgyus brYod pa La thun mon dan I thun men min pa giiis Las I dan po ni I snon ti ser bugs pa 1i dpal 'khor Lo sdom pa'i thugs ka nas 'od zer 'phros pa ma pham kyi rdo rYe phag mo La phog pas I

    38r de Las mkha' 'gro ma dkar mo dar dan rin po ghes brgyan pa I phyag g.yas Mel phren dan g.yon dun dkar bsnams pa 'khor mkha' 'gro ma bdun 'bum dan b~as pa I ti se'i nub rgyan grags ~es pa'i gnas su phebs pa La I ye ~es dbyins kyi mkha' 'gro rigs Lnas dban bskur bas mchan yan rgyan grags mkha' gro bu rna 'j in dkar mo'o es mus kyi da ki rna bstan 'j in ~hos sgron gyi rtogs brYod du b~ad pa de iiid dkar ghags snon rna rnams su chad mar mjad pa bin 'dir yan smos La de fiid kyari rio bo 'bri gun a phyi yin par ~es par bya'o II II thun mon ma yin pa ni I nub

  • 44

    phyogs o rgyan gyi gnas su b~ugs pa'i yum rdo rYe rnaL 'byor mas yuL fii ~u rca b~i rnams su ma rgyud mka' 'gro'i gco mo bye ba 'bum du spruL pa Las I spruL pa g~igs g~o stod ti sgro'i 'dab byan 'bri gun du yab snags ~han Yo bo dpaL dan yum brin bza' dar 'byam ma'i sras su mi mo'i rnam par bstan pa ~hos kyi sgroL ma ~es bya bas mdo khams su byon nas skyu ra'i snags

    '~han chuL khrims rgya mcho'i Yo mo mjad pas rigs sras b~i 'khruns I rgya gar gyi dur khrod nas skad ~ig

    38v La bam ro bLans te chogs kyi 'khor Lo mj ad pa sags mi Las 'das pa'i ~ho 'phruL du ma bstan nas I mthar ~aL mas kho mo'i mi brgyud 'di Las sfiin po don brgyud kyi bstan pa g~an Las ~hes 'phags pa ~ig 'byun bas I de'i srun ma kho mo ran gis bgyid pas I dog La ghe na na La sbron gig ges ran gi sgrub thabs mjad pa bu La gdams nas Ya Lus su g~egs I de phyin brgyud pa 'jin pa rnams kyis a phyi ~es mchan nas smos pa cam gyis dgra kha phun du gton nus pa byun I dus phyis 'bri gun skyob pa rin po ~he 'khor dge 'dun gyi chogs La ~hos gsun ~in b~ugs pa'i che nam mkha' nas da ma ru'i sgra sfian po ~ig byun ba La gzigs pas I a phyi ~has kyi sgroL ma gco 'khor Lna mnon sum du byon byun ba'i ~aL nas I ran re'i rigs dan ~has brgyud gfiis ka'i srun ma kho mo ran gis bgyid do ~es ~aL gyis b~es pa b~in rYe skyob pas gnas gsum du 'gro ba'i ri pas mchon dge 'dun rnams kyan a phyi fiid ran La gtad gfier mjad pas 'bri gun a ~es rLun L tar grags pa dan I khyad par ti se'i ri pa rnams kyis kyan srun ma 'di fiid kyi phyi nan gsan gsum gyi rten b~ans pas de phyin rgyan grags da ki

    39r I ~es byun ba yin par ~es par bya'o II drug pa gnas ran gi no mchar gyi ~he ba brYod pa ni I de yans gans ri'i rgyaL po ti se 'di La gan zag gi rgyud chad mtho dman dar bstan pa'i mthon snan rnams b~i 'byun ste. I dan po skaL ba dman pa Lam ~ugs pa rnams kyi' snan par I gans ri mtho brY id nam mkhar bsfieg pa rgyaL po gdan La b~ugs ba Lta bu La I ~ar du sans rgyas kyi Lun bstan pa'i ri bo spos dad Ldan I Lhor Lha mo dbyans ~an ma'i pho bran s man nag sfii L gyi gans ri I nub tu 'phags rna sgroL ma'i b~ugs gnas ri bo rce brgyad I byan du lha bean gyi pho bran za 'og gur ~hen sags ri phran rnams bLon po 'dud pa'i chuL Lta bkod pas khyad par du 'phags pa cam ~ig yod I gnis pa Lam 'chol ba phyi roL mu stegs byed rnams kyi Lugs La I phyi gans ri ~eL gyi mghod rten Lta bu La I nan Lha ghen ma ha de va dan Lha mo u ma yab yub b~ugs pa'i pho bran bkod pas khyad par du 'phags pa cam ~ig yod I gsum pa Lam ~ugs theg dman nan

  • 45

    ran gi rigs gan rnams kyi lugs la I phyi snan chul gans kyi ri bo la I nan gnas chul 'phags pa'i gnas brtan

    39v ghen po yan lag 'byun 'khor dgra bgom lna brgya dan bgas pa tin ne 'jin gyi rnam rol la gnas pa yod I b~i pa skal mghog gsan snags rdo rYe theg pa'i grub briies skyes bu rnams kyi gzi gs dar ni I phyi ti se'i ri bo thabs. bde mghog gi rnam pa la I ti ghun gi gans ~es rab phag mas 'khyud pa'i chul gan I ri ph ran thams gad lha mo rig ma b~u drug gi s m~hod pa 'bul pa'i chul dar lun lha lun rjon lun gsum rca dbu rkyan ro gsum gyi rnam pa gan la I nan g~al med khan bkod pa phun sum chogs pa'i dbus su 'khor lo sdom pa drug b~u rca gi'iis kyi ye ~es kyi dkyi l 'khor mrion sum rna sgrib gsal la rjogs par bugs pa'i chul I dban phyug mi la ras pas gsuns pa ltar ~es par bya'o II II gan yan s kor lam sags no rnchar gyi bkod pa Y i l tar yod chul smos na I thog mar ti se'i nub phyogs rgyan grags dgon gyi ~ar da lta gra chan gi rgyab kyi ri de 'u'i sten gi rnkhar gog 'di ni rdor 'j in ghu ya sgan pa'i gz i ms khan pa grags I de'i ~ar phyogs me lon sten es pa ru 'bri gun gi grub thob ri pa nag po'i sgrub khan dan sgrub ~hu yod I de'i ~ar gyi brag la ghu ya sgan es grags te der

    40r I rdor 'j in ghu ya sgan pa'i sgrub khan dan sgrub ~hu'i ma l ta bu yod I de'i g.yas kyi ri 'di srion stan pa saris rgyas kyis klu'i rgyal po ma dros pa la ~has gsuns pa'i sa yin pas na da lta sans rgyas kyi bugs khri es grags I de'i 'og g.ya gans mcharns su spyan sna 'bri gun gl in pa'i sgrub phug dan I 'bri gun pa'i ri pa man po'i sgrub phug dan spyan sna'i sgrub ~hu yod I de'i 'og tu 'bri gun skyob pas lun bstan pa'i ri gdugs lta bu yod I de'i nub phyogs su lta dar sgan es pa yod ~in I de'i rgyab kyi lun par se luii es rdor 'jin grub thob bu ghun pa'i gzirns khan mgon khan dan b~as pa yod I se lun gi rgyab kyi brag ri la ~el 'dra es grags te I de'i skor lam gyi ltag la rta mgrin gyi ran byon dan brag ri rnams rgyal srid sna bdun gyi dbyibs su yod I ~el 'dra'i mdun gyi brag 'og tu grub thob sen ge ye ~es sags 'bri gun pa'i sgom ghen rnarns kyi sgrub khan rnaii du yod I ~el 'dra'i rce la dbaii phyug gi pho bran du grags pa'i brag ri dan I de'i zur pu dban phyug gi bka' sdod spre'u ha lu rna tYu es pa'i brag 'bur yod I de'i 'og gi pha bon sbal pa 'dra ba'i

    40v khan nas gnas sgo 'byed pa'i lde mig bton pa'i ~ul dan bya rog gi ran byon zer I Met 'dra'i naii bskor du grags pa ti se'i sku sked kyi rdo rYe'i ra ba'i nan du 'bri gun gdan rab kyi gser

  • 46

    gdun rnams bugs pa yin te I de yan dan po rgya gar grub ~hen ti ll i pa'i rnam 'phrul 'bri gun pa Yam glin ~hos kyi rgyal po'i gser gdun I giiis pa grub ~hen ba ri va pa'i rnam 'phrul bMes giien don grub rgyal po'i gser gdun I gsum pa ~a va ri'i sprul pa 'bri gun pa ~hos rgyal rin ~hen dpal bzan gi gser gdun I bi pa phyag na rdo rYe'i sprul pa 'bri gun pa rin ~hen ghos kyi rgyal mchan gyi gser gdun I lna pa k~u sgrub kyi sprul pa 'bri gun pa kun dga' rin ~hen gyi gser gdun I drug pa sa ra ha'i spru l pa 'bri gun pa ghen phun chogs kyi gser gdun I bdun pa ti ll i pa'i sprul pa 'bri gun pa rin ghen rnam rgyal gyi gser gdun I brgyad pa rYe dam pa rgya gar gyi rnam 'phrul pan ghen dpal gyi rgya mcho'i gser gdun I dgu pa za hor rgyal po "gcug lag 'jin gyi rnam 'phrul 'bri gun pa ~hos rgyal phun cho~s kyi gser gdun I bgu pa Ra ro pa'i ~rul pa 'bri gun pa bkra sis phun chogs kyi gser gdun I bgu gcigs pa phags pa spyan

    41r I ras gzigs kyi sprul pa rYe dkon m~hog ra tna'i gser gdun I bgu giiis pa sa ra ha'i sprul pa 'bri gun pa ghos kyi g~ags pa'i gser gdun I b~u gsum pa spyan ras gzigs kyi rnam 'phrul 'bri gun pa 'phrin las bzan po'i gser gdun i b~u bi pa sa ra ha'i rnam 'phrul 'bri gun pa don grub ghos rgyal gyi gser gdun I bgo lna pa sa ra ha'i sprul pa 'bri gun pa ghos kyi iii ma'i gser gdun I b~u drug pa sa ra ha'i sprul pa rYe gho iiid nor bu'i gser gdun I b~u bdun pa spyan ras gzigs kyi sprul pa 'bri gun pa thugs rYe; iii ma'i gser gdun rnams byin rlabs kyi g; 'od 'bar ba b~ugs so II gon du smos pa b~in 'di'i gras rYe bstan 'jin 'gro 'dul dan I padma'i rgyal mchan I ~hos kyi rgyal mchan gsum gyi gser gdun rgyan grags 'du khan du yod do II gser gdun rnams kyi mdun nos su gnas brtan yan lag 'byun gi pho bran du grags pa'i brag ri dan I de'i g.yon gyi ri dar dkar gyi yol ba bkram ba l ta bu'i dog la ye Mes mgon po'i lha .chogs rnams b~ugs I de'i mar zur du bdud rei sman kyi mcho ka ea la ~es by a ba mkha' 'gro ma'i khrus kyi rj in bu byi n r labs can yod I ~el 'dra'i rgyab

    41v kyi lun pa ghun nu ig tu ya chad phyin pa na brag ri sgom ~wa dan 'dra ba'i 'og na nor 'j in ghu ya sgan pa la 'bri gun skyob pa rin po ~hes rgyan grags dgon pa thob ~ig ~es lun bstan pa'i lun bstan phug ges pa sogs 'bri gun pa'i ri pa rnams kyi sgrub phug man du yod I de nas dar lun gi mda' nas ghos skor du phyin pa'i thog mar lha lun gi mdar phyag 'chal sgan es pa yod de I de ni snon rgyal brgod chan pa ma pham kyi 'gram nas

  • 47

    gans skor la phebs skabs lha mda'i ~hu 'gram du phebs Min ghu cha'i skyem ~ig gsol dgons nas I thugs dam gyi nan nas sgyed rd6 bcal pas I rdo thams gad la lha sku dan yig 'bru sogs ran byon kho nar gyur nas sgyed rdo rna rned pas thugs no mchar du gyur nas phyag 'bul bar mjad pas I der da l ta phyag 'chal sgan du grags ~in I de'i Mar gyi ri Yam bha La ser po'i bran yin la de nas gun zad bgrod pa na gsar g~on ~es pa ru gnam skos gon rna mghod yon kyi sku dan dar s!llyon dan I de'i gon dkyi l 'khor sten du nub phyogs mi 'gyur pa'i gzer ston pa sans rgyas kyi ~abs rYes la dgra bgom lna brgya'i ~abs rYes kyis bskor ba yod I de'i yar zur cam gyi 'og gi ri ldeb gu snon na ro bon ghun bsdad pa'i phug pa dan I de'i nan du

    42r rYe bcun mi la'i ~abs rYes kyan yod I phug pa de'i zur du sman ~hu nad sel bya ba'i ~hu mig dan I de'i yar zur gyi sten gi brag mghod rten l ta bu yod pa ni gnas brtan bgu drug pa ran byon du grags I de nas gser gon gi nub phyogs su lha ghu brgal te phyi n pa na Yam bha la nag po'i pho bran ~es pa'i ri yod I de'i sten gi lun pa ~ig tu slob dpon padma 'byun gnas kyi sgrub phug gsan snags ghos kyi phug pa ~es pa sogs sgrub phug man tam dan I slob dpon gyi sgrub ~hu dan phyag rYes ~abs rYes sogs yod I de'i sten du rgyal ba gfios Lha nan pa'i ~al gzigs pa'i spyan ras gzigs gee 'khor gsum dan kha sar pa na1i ran byon yod I de'i g.yon gyi ri za 'og gur ghen phub 'dra" ni ti se lha bean gyi pho bran yin in I de'i mgul na snon rYe bcun mi Las na ro bon ghun la rju 'phrul ston pa'i phyi r pa ri 'i Ldebs su ~abs skyon skabs kyi b~ugs gnas ras ghen phug ~es pa yod I de'i fie skor gyi ri rons brag gseb rnams su dpal ldan 'brug pa bka' brgyud kyi sgrub khan dan sgrub phug man du yod I de dag 'og tu srion nan po grub.ghen ~es pa ~ig gis dgon pa btab pa la min nan po ri rjon

    42v ~es grags Min I gnas de1i rten gyi gco bo ran byun ghos sku rin po ~he'i lo rgyus ni I de yan snon nub phyogs gar a 'o ma'i mcho nas ran byun sprl.il pa'i sku 'di fiid I thugs rYe ~hen po'i sprul pa'i rnal 'byor ~ig gis gar ~a nas gdan drans nas I gu ge ~hos rgyal mna' bda~ rce Lde La phul I de nas gu ge'i dgon pa ~ig tu yun rin du bzugs pa1i mthar I dus nam ig ti se lha bean gyis rgya gar jva ki bdun du sprul nas I dgon pa de nid kyi sgo 'gag nas bsod snoms blans pa La I dge 'dun de rnams kyis slon mo rna sbyin ~in ~un zad brnan ghen Lta bu byas pas I de rna thag jo ki bdun po spyan ki bdun du 'gyur nas mi snan bar son I de nas ~ag bdun pa'i fiin sku 'di fiid lha bean

  • 48

    gyis gdan drans nas nan ri dgon pa gon du phebs pas gu ge ba rnams kyis gar phebs rna es nas yun rin du rcan b~ad kyan m~hod I de nas lo man cam 'das pa gu ge ~hos rgyal khri grags pa bkra ~is kyi skabs sku rin po ~he nan rir b~ugs pa ~es nas gu ge'i dmag iian ri phag ~hos sku rin po ~he gdan 'dren par breams. kyan sku ~in tu lYi bas rna theg par mgul la thag pa btags nas drud pas Yam nag gi pho bran man 'grud par rna nus I na ro pa'i ~hos

    43r dun dan I chogs khro gnis kyan khyer pa la lha bean gyi ~ho 'phrul la brten nas I ~hos dun dmag khrod nas nam mkhar 'phur nas dgon par phebs I chogs khro'i nan du Ya bskol ba khrag tu 'gyur bas kho pa rnam rtog bzos nas Ya pho nas phyir log I de nas ~ag ~as nas rgan po ~ig phyogs der phyin pas sku rin po

    ~he rdo khrod du bsgyur ba mthon I der sku 'dra iiid kyi ~al nas I khyod kyis kho bo dgon par skyol ~ig ~es gsun byon pa la I rgan po na re I khyed dmag mi de cam gyis rna theg na bdag gis ga la theg ~us pas I khyod kyis nes par theg par 'gyur pas skyol ~ig gsuns /' bden na msnam btegs pas Min bal gyi 'dab rna

    b~in yan bar byun bas dgon par gdan drans so II ~es byun I de yan kho bo nan ri r phyin skabs sku 'di'i lo rgyus kyi dkar

    ~hag nes pa ~an ~ig yod du re nas read b~ad run rgan rab kyi nag sgros ~i rigs smra ba cam las dkar ~hags dnos ston rgyu rna byun ~in bMad rna thag pa'i lo rgyus 'di gnas bMad snon rab pa

    hr~l po ~ig nas rned pa 'dir bris pa yin pas I des na lo rgyus dnos 'di rii d yin min brtags par bya'o II g an yan gcug lag khan der ston pas sans

    43v rgyas kyi sku I rgyal ba'i bka' 'gyur rin po ~he I ~abs drun rin po ~he nag dban rnam rgyal gyi sku la sogs pa sans rgyas byan sems kyi snan brnan man du b~ugs Min ti se lha bean drag po'i skur bstan pa'i mgon khan yod la I gnas 'j in ni dpal ldan lho 'brug nas 'j in pa yod do II de'i 'og tu rgyal ba byams pa'i pho bran ~es pa1i brag 'bur dan I de dan iie bar rYe bcun sgrol ma'i sprul pa'i ~abs rYes dan I de'i 'dab tu slob dpon padma'i sgrub gnas glan ~hen sbas phug ~es pa yod de I de ni than yig las I gans dkar ti ser rgyu skar iier brgyad btul II glan ~hen sbas phug gter kha ~ig kyan sbas I ~es pa de'o II der mcho rna pham nas brdol bar grags pa'i ~hu mig dan I de nas

    ~un zad bgrod pa'i ri ldeb tu padma phug ~es pa'i sgrub phug dari I rdo leb ~hos 'byuri 'dra ba'i sten nas bdud rci'i ~hu rgyun 'bab pa yod I de nas ya chad phyin pa .$ans kyi thad kyi ri bo mtho ba ni gcug tor rnams rgyal ma'i m~hod rten dan I de

  • 49

    dan iie ba'i ri phran bdun ni gL in ge sar rgyaL po La gL in gi pha spun-bdun gyis bskor pa'i rnam pa dan I de nas nan pori rjon nas Lha ~hu, brgaL nas ya chad phyin pa'i brag Ldeb nas gaiis rin po ~he'i byin rLabs kyi '~a' chon sna Lria 'i

    44r ~hu rgyun ~es 'bab pa yod I de dan iie ba'i ri rcer brag ri rno La gzins pa 'ga' ~ig yod pa ni dpaL mgon bde gi pho bran dan I mgon po'i gtor rna dan mgon g.yag mgon khyi rnams yin par grags I mgon po'i pho bran gi mar zur spre'u spos 'j in gyi thad kyi brag Ldeb tu rgyaL ba giios kyis 'phags pa thugs r~e ~hen pci thim par gzigs pa1i pha bon ~eL gyi sgrom bu Lta bu yod I mgon po'i pho bran nas gyen du ~un zad brgod pa'i thad dkyi L du rta mgrin mgron khan ~es grags ba kLu 'duL dpa' bo rta mgrin gyi ran byon dan I by an phyogs- mi 'gyur pa'i gzer ston pa sans rgyas kyi ~abs r~es po La nub rna ~es pa yod I de'i thod_ kyi

    .gans kyi Ldebs La ~eL gyi sgo mo sgo rna bis srun ba'i chuL du yod I de nas 'bri ra phug gi Lo rgyus ni I de yan snon rgyaL brgod chan pa gnas sgo 'byed du phebs skabs I 'bron Lun gi mar zur der byon pa'i che bLo bur du 'bron 'bri ~ig sku mdun du byun I 'di ~i yin dgons tiri ne 'jin gyi nan gzigs pas I 'bron 'bri de mka' 'gro sen gdon ma'i spruL par mkhyen ~in Luii pa de La 'bron Lun du grags I de na 'bri de ~ar phyogs su kha bLtas nas son ba'i rYes

    44v La byon pas I da Lta'i sgrub phug gi mar zur nas 'bri de gar son rna gzigs I de gar phyin snam pha bon gi sten ~as gzigs pas pha bon La abs r~es byun ba 'da Lta yod I de nas 'bri de phug pa ~ig gi rdo La thim pa'i ~uL du dbu ra'i r~es byun bas de nas bzun gnas de'i min La 'bri thi m 'bri ra phug tu grags I gnas der sgrub pa gyis ~ig pa'i brdar dgons nas phug pa'i mda' La bzo b~os mjad skabs I phug pa'i sten du phebs nas gnas de'i no mchar gyi bkod pa La gzigs pas der yaii rdo La ~abs r~es byuii I de nas phug pa der yun rin du sgrub pa mjad ~iii, mkha' 'gro sen gdon mas sa ~ag gi 'cho ba bLans te phuL I sa ~ag Len pa'i ~uL La da Lta gaiis 'khyams ~es grags I de nas r~e rgod chan pa'i thugs La da ni gnas 'od sa mtho ba dan I 'cho chan ba dkon in gran nar ~he bas 'byon par dltoiis te phug pa'i rdo La dbu btug nas na'i sgrub phug 'di r ri n chen rna Lus kyi s gco byas bya I byi 'u I 'bu grog ma chun 'gro ba sus mgo btud kyan nan son La rdog pas 'phuL kyan gton re es dbu siiun rna zad pas brag La dbu'i r~es byun I 'byon dus dbu sgom brag La thog pa'i dbu ~va'i r~es dan I phug pa'i mdun gyi rdo La ~abs r~es

    45r I byun ba b~as gsaL bar yod I de nas bzun gnas 'di na sgom

  • 50

    ~hen pa man nun ~i rig re rgyun rna ~had ~in I da lta 'an dpal ldan 'brug pa bka' brgyud kyi g~un 'jin sdin ~he don grub mthon smon gyi ~hos rgyun 'j in pa'i bla rna dan dge 'dun yod do II gnas 'di'i rten gyi gco bo rgyal brgod chan pa mgon po rdo rYe; snan brnan sogs sku gsun thugs rten ~hes man po dan dpal mgon phyag bi pa'i mgon khan la sags pa yod I 'bri ra phug gi rgyab ri 'di ni bskal bzan sans rgyas ston gi pho bran yin par gsuns I 'bri phug thad kyi gans kyi nos la gu ru phag la ~hibs ~in phag sna srin mos 'khrid pa'i chul dan I gans khyams su ~hu mig dnul 'bum es klu rgyal gcug sna rin ~hen gyi pho bran dan I gans kyi sku rgyab tu rigs gsum mgon po'i pho braii gi ri gsum rnams yod II 'bri phug nas yar ~un zad phyi n pa na snon rgyal ba rgod chan pas lha phu'i gi bdag la gtan rag gi chul du ~hu khar gtor rna Mig gtan ba la mgon po'i sprul pa bya rog ig gi gter theb khyer ba'i rYes la phyin pas dur khrod kyi 'og cam s leb pa ni bya rog de pha bon ~ig la thi m pa'i sar bya

    45v rYes byun ba la phyis bya rog mgron khan ~es grags pa yod I de'i gon cam gyi rj a bseb tu bsi l ba chal ~es by a ba'i dur khrod dan I de'i gon gi sten ka Mig tu 'bri gun gi grub thob rgyal ba gnos lha nan pa'i abs rYes ~in tu gsal ba dan I a dkar po'i raii byon kyan yod I de nas ~un zad phyin pa na snon rYe bcun mi la ras pa dan I na ro bon ~hun gnis gyad kyi real 'dren pa'i gyad rdo gsum brcegs yod I de'i ~ar phyogs su sgrol rna la ~es pa yod de I de'i lo rgyus ni snon rgyal brgod chan pa skor lam 'chol du byon skabs skor lam rna mkhyen pa'i chul 'dra mos mkha' 'gro gsan lam du 'byon par dgons rna thag I nid kyi mdun du spyan ki snon po ni ~u rca g~ig rog gir byun ba la I ~i yin snam tin lie 'jin gyi nan nas gzigs pas sgrol rna ner g~ig gi sprul pas lam bstan par mkhyen nas de rnams kyi rYes la byon pa na I la 'gor phebs pa'i che g~i g la g~i g thi m nas mthar g~ig po yan pha bon la thim pas I de nas bzuii la'i min la sgrol rna la ~es grags Min I pha bon gi 'khris su spyan ki'i rYes dan ldeb la spyan ras gzigs kyi ran byon yod zer I sgrol la'i sten 'dir snon rgyal ba gnos

    46r I lha nan pa'i ~abs ++de da lta rju 'phrul phug tu yod I sgrol laii g.yon phyogs su byaii ~ub ~h~n po'i m~hod rten dan I mgon po'i pho bran dan I gnod sbyin gan bzan po'i pho bran du grags pa'i ri la ~as yod II sgrol la'i rgyab kyi lam gor mkha' 'gro ma'i khrus kyi rjin bur 'bod pa'i mcho ~han dbyar dgun gan yan ~al kheb mi phye ba ~ig yod II de nas ~un zad thur du babs pa na rYe 'brug pa bka' brgyud 'phrin las ~in rta'i ~abs

  • 51

    r~es yod par gsuns I de'i gans kyi brag gi Ldeb La mkha' 'gro sen ge'i gdon pa ~an dan I phyag na rdo r~e dan I rta mgrin rnams kyi sku'i rnam pa yod ~in I da Lta Las kyi rta re zer ba yan rta mgrin gyi rta mgor grags I mkha' 'gro khrus mcho nas thur du ~un zad phyin ba me Lon sten ~es pa ru Lha mtho ~ig gi ream r~e bcun mi Las na ro bon ~hun ~hos bskor du 'khrid pa'i che phar 'then chur 'then mjad dus kyi ~abs r~es gsum b~i cam dan de nas kyan ~un zad thur du phyi n pa'i g.yas kyi ~hu ron

    ~ig tu rdo Leb ~hen po ~ig gi khar r~e bcun dan bon po'i ~abs r~es brgyad dgu cam yod I de dag gi g.yon gyi brag ri mchon ~ha giiis

    46v pa L ta bu 'di ni Lha mo 1phrog ma'i pho bran daril g.yas kyi brag ri gcan ris kyi dpaL mgon bdun ~\J'i pho bran du grags I La ~ol du brag rdog ~ig gi khar ~ar phyogs mi 'gyur ba'i gzer ston pa sans rgyas kyi ~abs r~es brag rdog rna ~es pa yod II de nas gun zad phyi n pa'i span gi LYons su sLob dpon padma'i abs rYes yod I de'i ar gyi ri r brug ghen gcan pa rgya ras kyis gzigs pa'i khro bo mi g.yo ba dan I mgon po'i sku'i ran byon dari I rgyaL ba gnos kyis gzigs pa'i rdo rYe phag mo ran byon yod II mkha' 'gro gsan Lam gyi mar zur gyi ri 'di bkra is che riri ma'i pho bran yin I de nas rjon ~hu'i ~ar phyogs kyi ~hu 'gram du 'gro mgon gcan pa rgya ras kyi ~abs

    r~e dan I de'i mar zur du sans rgyas sman bLa'i pho bran ~es ri bo gser gyi khan rcegs L ta bu sman sna chogs skye ba'i ri 'guL du 'bri 'brug gi sgom ~hen du ma'i sgrub khan mtha' yas pa yod II de'i ~ar phyogs kyi ri giiis ni rgyaL po rnam thos sras kyi pho bran dari I bkra ~is sgo mari gi mghod rten du grags I sman bLa'i pho bran gi g. yon nos su ye ~es khyun gi pho bran I dpaL gsan pa 'dus pa'i pho bran I jam ser nag gi pho bran I bde gegs m~hod rten brgyad kyi

    47r I gzugs briian I brag gi Log La rdo rYe phag mo'i ran byon b~as b~ugs I sman bLa'i pho bran gi thad kyi chur ri 'i ri 'di ni ti se in skyon gi pho bran yin ~in I ri 'di'i ldeb tu snon grub thob gu ru brce ghen gyis rYe bcun mi La spyan drans pa'i skabs mi La'i phyag mjub kyis a brkos pa'i phug pa a phug ges grags pa dan I de'i mar zur du rju 'phrul phug ~es pa yod pas I de'i Lo rgyus ni I de yan snon na ro bon ghun gis bon skor dan I r~e bcun ~hos skor du byon pas ti se'i Lho phyog~ rjon Lun du m~al ~in ghar po ~ig babs pa la I r~e bcun gyi ~al nas I ghar pa sgyur rari re gni s ghar yi b bzo dgos pas I khyod 'gram. s Lori ba dga' rna I 'thog 'bub pa dga' gsur'is pas I bon

  • 52

    ~hun na re I nas 'gram slon zer rdo rnams rju 'phrul gyis bags pa la I rYe bcun gyis I ~hag pa'i lta stans mjad pas rdo rnams sked pa nas ~hags I mi theg pa'i lta stans mjad pas mi theg par mig rig per lus I der rYe bcun gyis thugs dam bslad pas I khos kyaii rdo'i 'gram bslaii I de nas rYe bcun gyis skad ~ig gis rdo leb ~hen po

    47v g~i g gi s thob phub te dmas 'dug gsuns 'og nas dbus btegs pas rdo la dbu'i rYes daii I mthos 'dug gsuns steii nas ~abs kyis brjis pa'i abs rYes byuri ba rnams yod ~iri I gnas 'di r rYe bcun iiid kyis sku mchal gyis sbag pa'i 'dra sku rYe gcaii smyon pa'i phyag nas rna daii I giios lha naii pa I rYe ras ~hun pa I grub thob gcaii smyon b~as pa daii I ~abs drun rin po ~he mthu

    ~hen iiag dban rnam rgyal gyi 'dra sku la sogs pa'i sku gsuii thugs rten mali du b~ugs in I siion gnas 'di r bla gra Liia b~u tham pa yod par grags kyaii da Lta ni dkon giier cam Las med.mod I 'o na kyaii gnas 'jin ni dpal Ldan Lho 'brug nas mjad pa .iiid do I rju 'phruL phug gi mar zur gyi thod kyi brag gseb tu Lho phyogs mi 'gyur ba'i gzer stan pa sans rgyas kyi abs rYes dkar mo ~es pa dan I de'i 'og tu bram ze skye bdun gyi sgrub

    ~hu ~es pa'i ~hu mig dan I rju 'phrul phug gi mar zur gyi lam khar grub thob dbus smyon pa'i ~abs rYes dan de nas ~uii zad phyi n pa na mkha' 'gro sde Liia'i ~abs rYes dan I bram ze skye bdun gnas pa'i rdo yod II de nas rju 'phrul phug dari rgyan grags kyi. bar gyi la'i Ldeb

    48r I la rdo rYe phag mo'i raii byon dan I la'i steii du khro bo sme brcegs pa'i ran byon yod I I dar ~hen dar ~hun gi bar du srin mo'i nu rna ~es pa'i bye ri dmar po giiis kyi bar du 'phags pa spyan ras gzigs kyis byin gyis b"rlab pa'i mje nad ~i byed rdo rYe'i phug pa ~es ba yod I I de nas brgaL te phyin pa na bLa mas Lun bstan rgyaii grags dgon pa ~es pa yod ~in de'i lo rgyus ni goii du brYod pa b~in yin la I gnas der spyan siia ~hos kyi rgyaL po ~bri guri gL iri pa'i abs rYes dari I kho bo 'bri ban ghos kyi bLo gros kyi rkan rYes ~ig kyaii yod do II de Ltar gori du br.Yod pa'i sgrub phug dan phyag rYes sogs kyi lies pa 'di dag kho bo gans ri ti se rii d du s kyori skabs gnas 1 j in rgan

    g~on du mar ~i ba 'dri byas nas iio sprod mthar skyoL nod pa yin kyari I 'ga ig no 'phrod pa rari rna byuri kyan gnas b~ad snon rna khuii ldan la yod phyir dkyus su bkod pa yin La I phaL

    ~her ni yig ~ha khun thub La brten par rna zad no sprod gnan ldan byuii ba b~as yid ~hes pa'i gnas su rigs par bya'o II de l tar lha 'di dan 'di 'i pho bran yin ges smos pa 'di rnams

  • 53

    kyan 1 48v phaL pa'i snan nor rna rnthon ba'i rgyu rnchan cam gyis sgro btag

    tu bzun nas log l ta by a. run ba ni rna yin te I 'di dag kyan snon byon Yo boa ti ~a I rYe mi La I 'gro mgon rgya ras I rgyal ba rgod chan pa I gnos sans rgyas ras ~hen sogs mar gnas kyi sems dpa' du ma'i gzigr.. snan kho na yin phyir I de ltar yin pa La yin pa'i nes ~es kyis dad gus snin nas bskyed par bya'o II ~es pa ste de dag ni ti se'i no mchar gyi ~he ba gan yan br:Yod pa'o II bdun pa phyag m~hod skor ba bgyis pa'i phan yon ni I Yi skad du I 'dul ba Lun las I gan ~ig dad ~in rnos pa'i sems kyi su // sans rgyas m~hod rten La ni gom 'dor na // 'jam bu'i ~hu bo gser gyi sran chad ni // ston phrag brgya yan de dan rnnam pa yin// es gan ;g dad pa'i sems kyis sans rgyas kyi rn~hod rten La skor ba bya ba'i bsam pas gom La g~i g 'don ba'i ph an yon by a ba 'jam bu'i ~hu po'i gser gran ston prag brgya sbyinpa bas kyan phan yon ~he bar gsuns La I de L tar sans rgyas kyi gdun bugs pa'i m~hod rten La yid dad gus bskyed pa cam gyi phan yon yan de Lta na I 'dir b~om Ldan 'das 'khor Lo sdom pa Lha drug b~u rca gnis kyi ye ~es kye sku dnos

    49r I su b~ugs pa'i phyi r gon du Y i L tar gsuns pa'i phan yon thob pa ni gdon mi za ba yin La /.gnan yan rYe gcan pa rgya ras gyis II pho bran ~hen po ti se La I skor ba Lan g~ig bskor gyur na II skye ba g~ig gi sgrib pa 'dag I de b~in rim pa b~u skor na II bskaL pa g~ig gi sgrib pa 'dag II skor ba brgya rca son pa na I rtags b~u yon tan brgyad rjogs nas II che g~hig sans rgyas thob par 'gyur // ~es dkar ghags snon ma rnams su drans 'dug pa ni skor chad dnos yin par sems La I den san nag sgros su ni skor chad bgu gsum yin zer La I de'i gtan chig ni sgroL ma La'i sten gi mcho ghun der snon gnas skor ba'i khams mo ~ig gis bu cha rgyab tu 'khur nas Lus sgur pos ~hu btuns pas bu cha ghu nan du Lhuns nas ~i pas I de phyin La mcho al ma bye ba yin skad dan I khams mos pu cha bsad pa'i b~ags par skor ba bsags pas skor ba bgu gsum son skabs sgrib pa dag pa'i rtags su rdo La phyag abs kyi rYes byun ~in Ya Lus mkha' spyod du g~egs pas I de phyin skor chad b~u gsum byed pa 'di byun ~es gnas 'j in rnams smra La I sgrib pa dag ma

    49v dag gi rtags La bskor chad byed pa ni ~in tu yar rigs pa yin no II ti se'i mdun gyi La snags ~es bya ba'i mcho ghen po mi Lpags kyi g.yan g~i'i rnam pa ~an 'di'i Y; skad du I srin yul Lan ka pu ran na I dug mcho nag po mi re re I ~es sogs gsuns

  • 54

    pa Ltar ye es mgon.po ben ~hen Lgam dral gyi pho bran yin par gsuns I de nas nub phyogs su dpag chad ggig brgod pa na yul ni

    ~u rca bi Las I sa 'og gi yul brgyad kyi y~ gyal I sku'i 'khor Lo'i rcib dan po pre ta pu ri ~es bya ba yod ~in .J de ni dpa' bo stabs po ghe dari I dpa' mo' khor Lo'i ~ugs ~an ma'i gnas bde m~hog gi pho bran yin pas I 'gan ghe ~hun ti se dan khyad med La I 'di 'i gnas kyi L te ba ni byan sems dkar po 'bab pa'i ghu ghen ran La nos 'j in pa. sags dkar ghags rgyas pa g~an du es par bya'o II gnis pa mcho rna pham gyi Lo rgyus La I dan po mcho 'di thog mar Yi Ltar byuri chul gyi ~he brYod I gnis pa de sans rgyas byan sems kyis byin gyis brlabs chul I gsum pa de La khrus dan phyag m~hod bgyis pa'i phan yon rnams Las I dari po ni I de yan snon bskal pa ~hags pa'i dus su mcho

    SOr I 'di i'iid med pa La I de'i rYes ~ig tu 'khor La bsgyur pa'i rgyal po smyug sbam ~es bya ba'i sa b~u'i byari ~hub sems dpa' ~ig byun ~iri I rgyal po de dus nam ~ig skyed mos chal du 'byon pa'i Lam khar I rga ba dari na ba I 'chi ba sags kyis bsrial gzigs pas thugs skyo nas I mdun na 'don bram ze dus spog ~es bya ba La bka' seal pa I bram ze I rga na 'ghi ba'i sdug bsnal 'di dag bdag ~ag skye bo kun gyi thun man gi ghos yin nam I 'on te 'di i'iid kho na'i yin II bram zes smras pa I Lha 'di ni bdag ~ag kun dan thun man du Lags I rgyal pas smras pa I 'di La phan pa'i thabs m~his sam bram zes smras pa I Lha 'di La ph an pa'i thabs m~hi s te gtan pa med pa'i sbyi n gton mj ad par rigs so II es gsol bas rgyal pos kyan sbyin gton gi khan pa brcigs. ~in 'jam bu'i glin gi mi thams ~ad bsdus nas I lo b~u gi'iis kyi bar du zas dari gos dari nor La sags pa ~i 'dod pa'i gtan pa med pa'i sbyin gton rgya ghen bo mjad pa'i che sa La don ~hen po brus nas der 'bras bgos pa'i khu ba rnams pho ba las I (o b~u gi'iis Lon pa na dori gan nas mcho ~hen por gyur ~iri I de yan dan po 'bras

    SOv khu dron mar blug kyan mthar iri tu bsil bar gyur pa La brten nas ~cho 'di'i min La rna dros pa es thog pa dan I 'bras khu'i mcho lud nas 'bab ~hu byun ba La 'bras khu'i ~hu 'am ~hu bo ga nga es byun pa'i chul 'dul ba lun gi nas gsuns La I 'di La rna pham pa es 'bod pa ni mcho 'di nid kyi ~hu yan lag brgyad ldan kho na yin in yon tan gyis ma pham pas na ma pham ~es 'bod par gsuns so II de ~he ~hun gi chad dan bkod paY; lta bu yod e na I de La yan gnas chul dan snan chul gnis las I dan po gnas chul ni I mnon pa mjod las lma dros pa yi ~hu en du I dpag chad lria b~u lria b~u ste II rios La rin ~hen pa gu

  • 55

    brcigs II de Las 'bab pa'i ~hu bo bi II ga nga dan ni si ndhu dan I si ta dan ni pa ksu'o II ~es sogs man du gsuns pa'i v don go bde bar br)od na I mcho rna dros pa de ni kun nas gru bi pa I rna ~hu dan zen du dpag chad Lna bgu Lna bgu pa I dbyi bs Legs ~in b L ta na sdug pa i nan du ghu yan Lag brgyad dan ldan pa ~es rug dog dan rgyun La dri na ba la sogs pa med pas gcan pa'i yan lag bsil drod snom ~in spyad pa dag gi khams bzan bar byed pas Yam pa'i yan Lag I srog ghags phra mo dan rag pa ghu gcog pa

    51 r I byed pa med pas dag pa'i yan lag II kha gti n med par rab tu bsi L bas dvans pa'i yan lag I cha ba'i reg pa dan gdun pa sel nus pas bsi L ba'i yan Lag I 'dam la sogs pa'i dri rna bral pas rnog pa med pa'i yan Lag/ 'thud ba'i che ~i rna la mgrin par 'jug pa de ba'i yan Lag I khon par son na pho ba sbos pa sogs ghu sna rna dan 'thab pa'i nad mi bskyed pas ha lho bal mi gnod pa'i yan Lag ste yon tan brgyad dan Ldan pa'i ghus gan ba I me tog sna chogs pas brgyan giri ghu bya sna chogs skad snan po srogs pa I mcho de'i 'gram g.yas roL na ~in 'jom bu hri ~a'i sdod po gnam phaii dan rgyar yan pa I 'bras biJ rja rna cam ro mnar ba dan ldan pa smin pa 'bras bu mchor Lhun ba las 'jam ~es bya ba'o sgra 'byun ba I ghu'i rkyen dan ~in thog 'jam pa Las 'jam bu ghu bo'i gser du 'gyur ste I de yan gser g~an Lan bgu drug b~u btuL byas pa'i ~un mar L ta bu'i bY id dan kha dog dan 'od yod pa I gans ri de'i 'dab na gser gyi brag bya skyib gim La dgra bgom Lna brgya'i phug pa yod pa I mcho 'gram na brag gi gzugs tha dad pa yod pa'i kha nas ghu bo 'bab pa ni I

    ~ar rta mghog gi kha nas 51v pa ksu dnuL gyi bye rna 'dren b~in ma dros pa La Lan bdun bskor

    nas ~hu bran lna brgya dan bgas te ~ar gyi rgya mchor 'bab I Lo khyu mghog gi khanas si ndhu rin po ghe sna chogs kyi bye rna 'dren b~in du lho phyogs su 'bab I nub glan ghen gyi kha nas ga .nga gser gyi bye rna 'dren b~in du nub phyogs su 'bab I byan sen ge'i kha nas si ta rdo rYe'i bye rna 'dren b~in du byan phyogs su 'bab pa sogs kyi yon tan du rna .mdo sde nas b~ad pa rnams da rta 'an yod I gnis pa snan chul la mghog dman gnis las // mghog grub pa thob pa'i skyes bu ye ~es kyi spyan ldan rnams kyi gzigs nor ni gon gsal mdo nas b~ad pa'i yon tan de thams gad da Lta 'an mnon sum du son I gnis pa skal ba dman pa dag kyi sgrib pa rna dag pa'i skye bo rnams kyi smad dor ni I mcho 'di'i min la rna phain pa ~es 'bod gin 'di'i ghu yan la brgyad dan ldan pa yin no II 'di la Min 'jam bu tri Ma yod par

  • 56

    gsuns pa ni byan sems sa b~u pa rnams kyis gzigs par 'gyur gyis skye bo phal pas mthon ba ni med de dper na snon spyan sna 'bri gun gl iri pas 'jam bu tri ~a'i ~iri gi yal ga La ~hos gos bkal kyari mi phal pa rnams kyis ~hos gos nam mkha' La b~ag pa cam

    52r I ;g mthori ba las ~iri ma mthori bar gsuris pa bin rio II mcho 'di La dpag chad lria b~u yod zer ba yan de dan 'dra mod I 'on kyan gnas skabs sa 'og tu 'khyi l nas yod pa La rios 'jin gyi ka en rkyan pa cam ni ma yin no II kha 'bab b~i las I Mar kyi kha 'bab ni I ~; skad du I ~ar phyogs glari ~hen kha nas gari ga 'bab I ~es gsuns pa ltar ga riga ni thog mar mcho nid nas ~ar phyogs sprag gi lun pa ru bab pa La brten nas ~ar gyi kha bab

    ~es brYod kyanl 'dis slar mcho nid kyi bzun b~ags I nub phyogs gu ge'i yul stod rdul ~hu es pa'i ri glan po ~he'i kha 'dra ba nas than te nub tu 'bab pa'i phyi r no bo ru nub kyi kha bab yin no II lho'i kha babs ~hu bo si ndhu ni mcho nid kyi byan nas lho ru babs te La nka pu ran gi phu ri rma bya 'am khyu m~hog gi kha 'dra ba nas than te bal yul dan I rgya gar gyi gzun b~ags nas 'bab pa dan I nub kyi kha babs ~hu bo pa ksu ni w.cho'i nub nas Mar du babs te gcan bye ma g.yu drun ga r~ rta'i kha 'dra ba nas than te bod gcari dbus kon po b~as kyi gsum b~ags nas 'bab pa yin La 'di thog mar nub nas ~ar du babs pa La brten nas nub kyi kha

    52v babs ~es br~od kyi no bo ni ~ar gyi, kha babs yin no II byan gi kha bab ~hu bo si ta ni mcho nid kyi lho nas byan du babs te ti se'i rgyab 'brori yul sen stan kyi ri sen ge'i kha 'dra ba nas than te I La dvags I bha lti hor sags kyi yul brgyud nas 'bab pa yin no II 'di La gser dan dnul dan bai du rya dan rdo rYe; bye ma yod gsuns pa ni chogs gnis mthar p.hyin pa'i byan sems sa b~u pa rnams kyi gzigs chul La yod kyis las sgrib ma dag pa'i skye bos mthon ba ni med de dper na rgyal ba rgod chan pas ma ph am gyi bye ma gser du gzi gs pa l ta bu1o II 'di labya sna chogs ba r~u ba ~es gsuns pa ni dad pa dan nur pa dan I khrun khun dad chu sky~r La sags pa stan phrag lhag pa da lta 'an yod do II kha 'bab rnams kyis ma dros pa La skor ba lan bdun byas nas 'bab par gsuns pa'i don ni mcho ma dros pa nas phyogs bir rgyan riri ig babs I de nas mcho de'i g.yas su phyogs par 'khyog re byuri ba de lta bur ~ar gyi phyogs La sags pa so so'i rgya mchor ma sleb kyi bar La lan 'dul bdun byun ba La snan nag gi sgo nas chig de ltar du br~od pa dan I ~hu bran lria brgyas bskor ~es pa 'an lun pa tha dad pa lria brgya'i ~hu

  • 57

    re der babs nas 'dres nas 1gro ba La 'dod do ~es rYe klon ~hen rab

    53r I byams pas gsuns pa ltar yin La I g~an yan mcho 'di nid snon rYe bcun mi las phyag sor gyis nam mkhar btegs pa La brten nas da l ta 'an mcho 'di 'i dkyi l mtho in mtha' dma' ba sogs no mchar ~he ba yod I mcho 'di La khrus sgo b~i yod pa'i ~ar gyi khrus sgo se ba lun pad rna kha bye ba l ta bu'i 'dab tu 1 jam bu'i gser gyi ran b~in bye rna sna lna I lho sgor ri bo spos dad ldan dan 'brel pa'i spes sna lna I nub tu sdig sgrib dag byed kyi dan 'brel ba'i bul sna lna I byan sgor dad ldan La mos gus spel ba'i rten lha sku yig 'bru sogs dad 'brel ba'i rde'u sna lna b~as yod do II II gni s pa mcho 'di sans rgyas dan byan sems kyis byin gyis brlab chul ni I 'phags pa sdud pa las I dper na rna dros mcho La klu bdag med gyur na I 'jam bu glin du ~hu klun 'bab yar ga La 'gyur I ~hu klun med name tog 'bras bu 'byun mi 'gyur I rgyas cho La yan ri ~hen gzugs man med par 'gyur ges dan /'jam bu'i glin du ghu klun Y; sfied ggig 'bab gin I me tog 'bras ldan sman dan nags chal skyed byed pa rna dros gnas ba'i klu dban klu bdag brten

    53v gnas te I de ni klu yi bdag po de yi mthu dpal yin I ~es gsuns pa ltar mcho 'di nid kyi nan du bskal pa bzan po'i sans rgyas ~ig klu'i rgyal po byan ~hub sems dpa'i chul bzun nas klu'i 'gro ba rnams La ~hos ston pa dan 'jam bu'i gl in du ~hu klun dan me tog dan 'bras bu dan sman dan nags chal La sogs pa kun skyod pa'i byed pa mjad pa yin La I g~an yan ston pa b~om ldan 'das ~a kya thub pa 'khor dgra b~om lna brgya dan b~as pa rju 'phrul gyis byon nas I klu'i rgyal po dga' bo dan ne dga' bos sprul pa'i pad snon ~hen po me tog lna brgya dan g~ig yod pa'i dbus kyi me tog La ston pa dan 'og gi me tog Lna brgya po La Ma ri'i bu La sogs pa'i dgra b~om lna brgya po b~ugs nas las kyi rgyab Lun bstan pa'i mdo gsuns Min byin brlab chul 'dul ba lun sman gyi las gsuns La I snags kyi lugs ltar na rYe bcun rdo rYe rnal 'byor mas gsan snags rgyud ~de b~i'i pho bran du byin gyis brLabs pas I grub pa thob pa'i skyes bu rnams kyi gzigs snan du I mcho 'di'i nan du Min 'jam bu tri Ma rca ba klu yul du zug ~in I yal 'dab bar snan du khyab pa I rce mo lha yul du sleb pa'i sten gi yal 'dab La bka'

    54r I brgyud bla rna I bar gyi yal 'dab La yi dam rdo rYe phag mo'i lha chogs I rca ba padma'i ldin khan du klu rgyal byan ~hub sems dpas klu rnams La ~hos ston nas b~ugs pa'i chul dkar ~hag rnin pa ru gsuns so II de ltar klu rgyal byan ~hub sems

  • 58

    dpa' 'di r'iid kyis ston pa a kya'i rgyal po rYes 'bran dan b~as pa La gus pa sgrub chul gyi lo rgyus mtha' yas kyan I 'bri gun pa l ta bu La mchon na yan I thog mar -'bri gun pa'i bstan pa'i bdag po skyob pa Yig rten mgon po 'khor dge 'dun chogs pa khri cho b~o brgyad skyon ba'i che I klu'i rgyal po 'dis 'bri gun du 'bru b~ud lo thog dar ba'i diios grub phul pas 'bri gun du nas kyi gter brdol nas ~in tu mod pas skyid ~od Pa kun gyis kyan 'bri gun nas 'bru sgrub pa byan ~in I de skad du 'an rnam thar r-ma bya sen ge ma las I chogs rgya mcho l ta bu skyon ba La I klu ma dros. rgyaL pos sbyin bdag byas I ~es so II de'i rYes su 'bri gun gi grub thob rgyal po gnos lha nan pa ma pham mcho 'gram du phebs nas sku khrus gnan skabs I grub thob nid abs rdo rYe skyil krun gis mcho'i kha La mi byed par mcho dkyil bar phebs pas klu'i rgyal pos gdan drans

    54v nas ag bdun gyi bar klu La ~hos gsuns pa'i chul gnos kyi rnam thar du gsal ba dan I de rYes spyan sna 'bri gun glin pari bo rce brgyad du bugs skabs klu'i rgyal pos gdan drans nas ma pham kyi mcho 'gram du phebs nas ~hos gsuns pas I klus ston pa sans rgyas kyi bka' rYes su dran nas rgyal po gzugs ~an smn po'i thugs dam gyi thub pa ~hu gner ma phul ba dan I de'i rYes su 'bri gun gi grub thob sen ge ye ~es pu ran rgyal pos gdan drans nas pu ran du phebs pa'i lam ~er lan phug tu phebs skabs g.yos ~hen po ig byun ba La I de ma thag dpon slob rnams kyi gzigs snan du klu'i rgyal po ma dros pa dug sprul ~in tu rin ba ig tu sprul nas lun pa phar ka chur ka phred La b~ad nas lam er skyin yan La mi g~egs pa'i u ba phul in I byan ~hub sems bskyed kyi sdoms us pa'i chul sen ge ye ~es gyi rnam thar du gsal ba dan I de'i rYes su 'bri gun gi grub thob gans ri rdor 'jin Ldan ma kun dga' grags pa ma pham kyi mcho gram du phebs nas mcho bdag dam La bag nas mcho'i nan nas rde'u phyag par gan bLans pa'i nan du rdo nag po'i ldebs La rdo dkar gyi yig drug ran byon bzo bo mkhas pas

    55r I bskrun pa Lta bu phyag tu byed pa de kLu'i rgyaL po rna dros pas phuL bar grags ~in da lta dvags sgan snon gyi nan rten gras su bugs pa sogs brgyud pa 'di 'i bla ma gon rna rnams La klu 'dis gus pa bsgrubs pa'i gtam rgyud no mchar pa man du snan La rgyal ba gon rna de dag gi thugs rYe La brten nas bdag kyan ~in rta lor ma pham gyi ~ar sgo se ba Lun du thog mar 'byor skabs mcho La kLu sman dan kLu gtor sogs phuL skabs ~a~ gyi nam mkha' La Ya kha dog Lna Ldan gyi gur khyim yid du 'on ba dan I mcho dkyil du Ya ka ba L tar zug pa dan I Lho spos

  • 59

    ri lna ldan gyi mdun du bsdad skabs ~og pa mcho la Ya chon gyi dra bas g.yogs pa mi kun gyi s mthon ba dan I khrus sgo'i mcho 'gram du bsdad pa'i dus ~ig mdun gyi nam mkha'i sprin bseb tu ston pa bgom ldan 'das mnon gsum du b~ugs ba'i mthon snan ~ig kyan byun ~in I sna gon lo brgyad gu cam gyi bar du rna pham ~al kha dma' mor son nas rna pham dan la bsnags kyi bar gyi ghu rgyuri yan ghad 'dug pa la I ned yi zer bsdad pa'i nub mo mcho rjas dan klu sman phuL ba'i rkyen 'dra mos glo bur du mcho ~al

    SSv mtho ru son nas 'di nub mcho giiis po'i bar gyi iie Liia babs pas mis brgal pa'i che byin ~ugs cam nub pa byuii I de nas ~ag lna drug nas pus mo nub pa cam dan I de nas rim gyis rYe ~her rgyas nas rta yan bskyal gyis ggod dgos pa byuii son pa sogs kyaii klu'i rgyal po dgyes pa'i mchan mar rlom mo II II gsum pa mcho 'di la khrus dan phyag skor ba gyis pa'i phan yon ni I ghos rgyal sroii bean sgam po'i gsun las I rna pham mcho la klu rgyal byati ghub sems II ghu bo yon tan gan yaii de na yod II ges dati I slob dpon ghen po pad rna 'byuti gnas kyi s I rna pharn g.yu mcho rta Lam iiin ggig 'khor II + na ko ai mcho ni 'di dati 'dra II yid g~uti dad pas skor ba su bskor ba II sans rgyas

    g~an nas bcal du med de thob II 'di bskor mchams med ltia byas byati bar 'gyur I g.yu mchor bkhrus 'thuti bde ghen mkha' spyod bgrod II ges ghu bo yon tan gan ~es pa ni II spyi r mcho 'di iiid kyi ghu yan Lag brgyad dad ldari par rna zad I 'di iiid 'thu~

    ~in khrus byas pa cam gyi sdig sgrib dag girl nan son gi sgo khegs pa'i phyi r yon tan gan ~es 'bod g; ti I mcho 'di ni sans rgyas byati serns kyis byin gyis brlabs pa'i mcho

    56r I kyad par gan yin par rgyal ba sras dati bgas gsuns la I de l tar yin pa la yin pa'i ties ~es kyi s skor ba bgyi s na mchams med ltia byed pa'i sdig po ghe yin kyati ~i rna thag nan son gi skyo sgo kheg pa dati I dad pas btutis ~in khrus byas na mkha' spyod kyi ~in du skye bar slob dpon rin po ghe'i gsuti gi luti gon du drans pa b~in no II ar byun mcho dan brel ba'i dgon pa rnams kyi lo rgyus mdo cam smra na I de yan mcho ghen rna dros rgya rncho'i ~ar du mriam med 'bri gun bka' brgyud kyi sgrub gnas se ba lun I ar lhor dpaL ldan sa skya pa'i lugs 'jin miies mgo dgon pa I lhor dpal mi'iams rned ri bo dga' ldan pa'i ~hos sde khrus sgo dgon pa I lho nub tu rgyal ba rgod chan pa'i sgrub gnas mgo chugs dgon pa I nub tu slob dpon padma'i sgrub gnas byi 'u dgon pa I nub byati du sans rgyas kyi s lun bstan pa'i gad pa gser gyi bya skyib l byan du dpal ldan

  • 60

    'brug pa'i Lugs 'jin gLan sna dgon pa I byan ~ar du dpaL miiam med ri bo dga' Ldan pa'i ~hos sde bon ri dgon pa dan brgyad yod pa Las

    56v dan po se ba Lun ~es pa ni I de yan snon 'bri gun pa'i gans ri rdor 'j in dgon m~hog brgyud 'j in ~es pa I sems ~has iiid kyi don rtogs pa'i rtogs Ldan rnaL 'byor gyi dban phyug ~ig yod pa de La I ran gi bLa rna 'bri gun ~abs drun dkon m~hog 'phrin Las bzan pos I khyod kyis meho rna pham gyi ~ar gyi khrus sgo 'jam bu ~hu bo'i gser 'bab ba'i Lun pa I phu padma kha bye ba lta bu I mdo ri rigs gsum mgon po'i rnam pa I g.yas ri bkra is rtags brgyad I g.yon ri rin ~hen sna bdun I gnam 'khor lo rei ba brgyad I sa padma 'dab brgyad sags sa dpyad phun sum ehogs ~in I ma 'ons pa'i dus su bde bar g~egs pa'i rten 'byon pa'i Ltas su dus bzan rnams su Lha dan lha mos sku khrus gsol ba'i gnas gnas ig 'dug pa der ri khrod thobs ig gsun pa l tar I 'choL du byon pas thog mar sa dmigs 'ehoL nas thog ~hen phyogs kyi ri ~ig tu dgon ma La btin kyan I rYes su mkha' gro'i Lun bstan b~in da Lta'i se ba Lun nam phaL skad se ra Lun ~es grags pa'i ri khrod 'di kun mkhyen 'phrin Las bzan po ~; bar

    g~egs nas Lo b~u 'das pa I sa 57r I po spre'u Lor btab pa yin La I sbyin bdag ni thog ~hen hor

    s tod kyi dpon po yin gi r er ke ehog thu ~es by a ba by an gdol ba a zan gyi rgyaL phran des I sog po'i rgyal po dga' ldan ehe dban gi dpun ~hen La dvags 'gro skabs dmag mi drug ~u tham pa grogs su btan ba'i sdig sbyons su ri khrod 'di 'debs pa'i sbyi n bdag byas pa yin La I gnas 'di r b~ugs pa'i rten gyi gco bo spyan ras gzigs dries 'phrin Las bzan po'i snan briian 'di ni rYe de iiid kyi ipur thaL dan gdud 'dag kho na Las bla rna brgyud 'jin iiid kyis b~ens in I nan g~ugs su stan pa ~a kya thub pa'i 'pheL gdun ~he ~hun b~i I a rgyan rin pa ~he'i byan sems ri L bu dan bdud rei ehes sman gter byon khag Lria I La

    ~hen bai ro'i phyag dpe I bram ze skye bdun gyi sku ~a II 'brom rgyaL ba'i 'byun gnas kyi dbu La I miiam med dvags pa'i b~ugs gdan I r.Ye ~hos rgyaL phun ehogs gyi sku a I dbu raL I ehe ~hu ril bu I rigs 'jin ~hos kyi grags pa'i dbu skra I ~an mehaL I na bza' I kun mkhyen bha dra'i ~abs iiid kyi rin ~el

    57v rdog b~u dan I dbu skyes bub rYe don grub ~has rgyaL gyi d~u skra I na bza' i ri meho La sags ri s med mkhas grub du ma'i rten dan I ~has sku'i rin sreL sags gzuns kyi ehags ~ i siied ~ig b~ugs par ma zad grub pa thob pa'i gan ~ag gis Lhag gnas mehan Ldan bgyis pa'i mthus I ye ~es dnos b~ugs ~aL mdaris kyi

  • 61

    rnam 'gyur sogs las legs fies dan don 'grub mi 'grub sogs luri bstan mrion sum du ston nus pa kho na'o II de dari mfiam du beris pa'i thugs rYe ~he~ po dari I slob dpon rin po ~he'i sku I rdor 'jin dkon m~hog brgyud 'jin fiid kyi dbu thod la byon pa'i rari byon dan I de'i rin srel du rna b~ugs pa'i m~hod rten I rdor 'j in brcon 'grus kyis b~eris pa'i thub dban I rYe mi la I dpal phag mo gru pa I rYe Y;g rten mgon Po bgas kyi sman sku I rdor 'jin 'phrin las dban phyug gis bens pa'i slob dpon rin po ~he'i sku I rgya nag phyag 'chal bla rna Yam dbyaris bzari po'i gdun 'bum I ~es phyin stan phrag brgya pa'i glegs bam I mgon khan du mgon po phyag b~i pa dan I a phyi ~hos sgron kyi sku saris rgyas kyi 'phel gduri bugs pa I rdor

    58r I 'jin 'phrin las dban phyug gi phyag bzo a phyi ~hib ~on gyi sku I che riri ma'i ~al brfian 'brum b~es rna la sogs rten byin

    ~an du rna bugs pa yin no II Mar lho mfies mgo dgon pa ~es pa ni I snon Yo bo rYe dpal ldan a ti ~a rna pham gyi mcho skor du phebs skabs 'di r thugs mfies pa'i chul bstan nas ~ag 'ga' bugs ~iii I thugs dam sba ca cha man du btab nas cha khan b~ens I de nas dus phyis nor ~hen kun dga' lhun grub ~es pas gnas 'di r 0 rgyan rin po ~he'i ~al gzigs byun pa'i sar dgon pa btab ~in I rten gyi gco bo man yul byams sprin gyi gcug lag khan nas spyan drans pa'i sgrol rna gsuri byon sogs rten man du b~ugs Min gnas 'jin dpal ldan sa skya pa'i riri lugs 'jin pa yod do II Lho khrus sgo dgon pa ~es pa ni I snon 'brug pa'i gaiis ri rdor 'jin sgyi ba es pa ig gis skya ser re gnis on pa'i khan ~huri ~ig b~os pa la I de rYes ra lo ca ba'i brgyud 'jin gyi bla rna ~ig gcan stod phyogs nas 'byor in I des mgron khan ka bi rna ~ig b~ens pa'i

    58v mthar lha khan lta bu ~ig byun ba I dus phyis rgyal dbaii bskal bzaii rgya mcho'i sku dus spu ran b~ad 'phel gl iii gi dge sloii rab 'byams chul khri ms es pa dan I 'brug pa'i garis gans ri rdor 'jin gfiis khrus sgo'i sa ~har cod pa byun ba La pho Lha tha'i Y i bsod nams stabs rgyal gyi bkas b~ad nas gaiis ri rju 'phrul phug 'brug pa dan I khrus sgo bMad gl in par gnan nas Lha 'bans mi ser kyan sbyor Yag mjad chun dpal mfian med ri bo dga' ldan pa'i ~hos sde 'di chugs ~iii dge 'dun bslab pa gsum gyi rgyan ldan b~o brgyad re star ~hags su byun in I gnas 'di r 'du khan ka ba b~u gfii s pa'i nan du rten gco rgyal ba rdo rYe 'chan gi gser sku mda' ~had dan thub dbari gi gser sku I khams gsum ~hos kyi rgyal po Mar con kha pa blo b~an grags pa yab sras kyi sku sags rten gsum mari du bugs so II Lho nub mgo

  • 62

    chugs dgon pa es pa ni II snon Yo bo rYe dpal ldan a ti Ma mcho skor du phebs skabs mcho 'gram gyi mgron khan phug tu ag bdun bugs Min byin gyis brlabs I 'di rYes rgyal ba rgod chan pa'i gans mcho'i gnas sgo 'byed du 'byon skabs I da l ta 'du khan

    59r I gi sbug gi sgrub phug tu zla ba gsum sgrub pa mjad nas gans mchor 'brug pa'i bstan pa dar ba'i mgo chugs pa yin pas mgo chug phug ~es min thog gsuns pas min dnos de ltar yin kyan I da lta go zul zer ba skad zur ~hags pa yin I de rYes ~hos pa 'ga' rim ~an du byun m.od kyan dgon pa chu l ldan ni med pa La I dus phyis rgyal dban chul khrims rgya mcho'i sku dus su grub dban abs dkar rdo rYe '~han gi slob rna I pu ran bMad 'phel gl in gi dge slon sbyin pa nor bu nas I incho bdag klu'i rgyat po'i lun bstan bin dgon pa 'di btab yin La I gnas 'di r lho Mel dkar mcho sgo ba'i nan rten Yo bo rgya gar l i rna mda' chad dan I rgyal ba'i bka' 'gyur rin po ~he II can dan las grub pa'i Yo bo b~u g~ig al I grub dbali chogs drug ran grol dan I sbyin pa nor bu yab sras kyi snali brnan dan dnul gdun La sogs pa'i rten gsum mali du bugs Min bstab gsum nur smrig 'chan ba'i dge 'dun bi sde yan bugs so II nub kyi khrus sgo byi'u dgon pa es pa ni brag ri ~i tta'i dbyibs ~an gyi sten du dgon

    59v pa ~hags pa zans mdog dpal ri'i bkod pa ste I 'di ni snon slob dpon rin po ~he tho nub srin po 'dul du gMegs pa'i ar La brag phug 'dir ag bdun bugs nas brag La abs rYes bag pa dan I can dan las grub pa'i slob dpon ~hen po'i sku da l ta bugs pa 'di yan gu ru nid kyi phyag gzo yin par grags Min I gnas 'jin dpal ldan 'brug pa sdin ~he don grub mthon smon gyi ~hos brgyud 'j in pa'i sgrub sde yan yod do II nub byan bya skyib dgon pa es pa ni I snon ston pa sans rgyas kyis lun bstan pa'i gan pa gser gyi bya skyibs es pa ru nos 'jin pa ste I 'di r slion ston pa byon pa'i dus dgra bgom lna brgya'i bugs gnas kyi phug pa brag La ran byun du grub pa yod ~in I dus phyi s 'bri gun spy an sna es rab 'byun gnas 'khor gcan ma'i sgom ~hen lna brgya dan b~as pas yun rin du bugs Min 'bri gun pas bdag tu bzuns I de rYes grub thob gcan smyon pa phebs nas sgrub sde bcugs pas in tu dar bar gyur kyan I phyis mtha' dmag gdug pa ~an g.yos pa'i grib

    60r kyis phug pa phal ~her mcho nan du lhuns nas grub sde stons ~es zer I da l ta ni phug pa b~i cam dan gnas 'j in dpal ldan tho 'brug pas btab pa'i lha khan du o rgyan rin po ~he'i sku mcho gzigs rna dan I rdo rYe sems dpa'i sku rgya gar li rna rgya

  • 63

    gar dbus L i'i ston pa thub pa'i dbari po'i sku La sogs pa b~ugs so II byan gi khrus sgo gLan sna dgon pa ~es pa ni I ri bo gLan po ghe'i sna ~ags L ta bu'i Ldebs su dgon pa ghags pas min de Ltar du grags ;,; I de yan srion bar 'brug gi rin Lugs 'jin pa'i grub thob sne mo ba bsam gtan phun chogs ~es pas I ti ser Lo mari cam sgrub pa mjad rYes dgon pa 'di btab I de r~es de nid kyi spruL sku kun dga' bLo gros sni n po by a bas dgon 'di 'i khan pa'i bkod pa rnams 'bri gun yari ri sgar La dpe bLaris nas b~ens par grags te I 'di r rten gee ~o bo a kya mu ne'i sku brfian gyi thugs kar 'gro mgon gcari pa rgya ras kyi ~un thig Las ran byun du phebs pa'i rdo r~e phag mo'i sku b~ugs pa dari I bdud 'duL mghod rten

    60v es phyin ston phrag brgya pa'i gLegs bam I mgon po phyag b~i pa'i mgon khari rgyaL ba'i bka' 1gyur rin po ghe b~ugs pa'i Lha khan I kun mkhyen padma dkar po'i gsun 'bum b~ugs pa'i gzi ms ghun sogs dan gnas 'jin brug Lugs kyi dge 'dun kyari yod do II byari Mar bon ri dgon pa ~es pa ni I snon rYe bcun mi Las na ro bon ~huri rju 'phruL gyis char b~ad pa'i skabs I bon ~huri na re I da khyod rju 'phruL dari nus pa ~he bar gyur pas ti se khyod kyis thob zin I ria yan gnas 'di mthori sa ~ig tu stod sa yod pa g;g khyod ~es zer bas I rYe bcun gyis 'o na khyed ran 'dir sdod ~ig ~es garis phyag par gan Mar phyogs su gtor bas Mar gyi ri stag Le'i rcer kha ba ~uri zad ~ig ghag pa'i Lo rgyus rYe bcun gyi rnam thar du gsaL ba de nid ri 'di yin pas min de Ltar du grags ~in I dgon pa ni rgyaL ba gnis pa Yam mgon ~hos kyi rgyaL po con kha pa ~hen pes byari phyogs gans ri'i khrod kyi rgyaL bstan yens rjogs kyi bdag po mjad nas riri ~ig sori ba na I gdan sa ~hen po ser theg ghen gL in nas byon pa'i mkhas grub bLo bzari nor bu

    61r I ~es bya bas garis ri ti se'i mguL du sgrub pa mjad pas mkhyen rtogs mthar phyin nas bstan pa'i rca Lag tu gyur skabs ghos sde 'di nid hor gyis sbyin bdag byas nas chugs pa yin La I gnas 'di r ston pa thub pa'i dban po'i sku dan I rgyaL ba ~am dpaL sni n po'i snan brnan I rgyaL ba'i bka' 'gyur rin po ~he I seruL sku rim phebs kyi gdun 'bum sogs rten gsum gi rigs pa bzugs Min I gnas 'jin kyan gser sbyaris god pan '~han pa'i rin Lugs 'jin pa yod do II de dag gis garis mcho gnis kyi Lo rgyus rgyas par bMad zin to II 'dir smras pa I mkhyen pa'i ye Mes ni 'od 'bum bin gsaL II mjad pa'i 'phrin Las go 'byed rYes su 'gro II snan pa'i grags pa dbyar rna'i kheris 'phrog pa II de La dpaL Ldan 'bri gun pa es grags I mgon de'i rYes 'brans de

  • 64

    yi Lugs 'j in kyan I 'thad Ldan sna chogs grub mtha'i rim pa La II dag snan si'\in gi me Lon g.ya phyis pas I Lo rgyus gzugs bri'\an g; yan 'ghar 'dir Ltos // kye ma gans

    61v ri ghen po ti se es I rgyal bas Lan brgyar snags kyan den gi dus I 'di chul smra po rii mo'i skar ma zlar I + + gcigs su byar 'os si'\am II 'di L ta'i Lo rgyus Lan ggi g . thos pas kyan II 'gro man rgyud La thar pa'i sa bon dag II Yog phyi r 'di com bya bas rift g.yens kyan II bag med spyod pas 'da' dan ga La 'dra II 'di reams dge chogs bsil sbyin dban pos dad Ldan si'\in gi gdun sel nas I nes Legs thar pa'i sa mos chal ~hen Lan cho 'ghi med dga' chal La I kun tu 'gran pa'i Legs spyad bzan po dbyar mcho'i dpal Las rab 'gons Min // thams ~had mkhyen pa'i go 'phan dam pa myur ba i'\id du thob gyur gig I ges dpal 'khor Lo sdom pa'i pho bran gans ri ghen po ti sedan/ mcho ghen ma dros pa b~as kyi snon byun gi Lo rgyus mdor bsdus su brYod pa'i rab byed Mel dkar me Lon ~es bya ba 'di yan don du gi'\er ba du ma'i re ba don yod par bya ba dan I ris bral gyi dad Ldan du ma'i rgyud La bsod nams kyi chogs ~hen bskrun pa sogs dgos pa du ma sgrub phyi r dpal 'bri gun gi gdan rab

    62r I so bi Ma kya'i dge slon dkon mghog bstan 'jin ~hos kyi blo ' gros 'phrin Las rnam par rgyal pa'i sdes I mdo rgyud 'grel pa dan bgas pa spyi dan I bye brag bka' brgyud gon rna rnams kyi gsun Lhad med du mar gsal ba dan I rdor 'jin b~ad sgrub rab 'phel dan II nag dban bsod mghog sogs dam pa mas mjad pa'i dkar ghag snon ma rnams kyi Legs ~ha blans te Min tu go bde bar I rab byun bgo Lna'i nan mchan me pho spre'u Lo // hor zla gi'\is ba'i yar ches La I gans ri ghen po ti se'i nub byan I ~hu bo ~hen po sen ge kha bab dal gyis 'bab pa'i klun 'gram bkag gun rdo ra ~es bya ba'i sa'i ghar sgar ghen 'dod dgu'i dpal 'dkyi L du sbyar pa'o II sa rba ma nga Lam II gsol 'debs bsdus pa ni II na mo gu ru I dpyid kyi rgyal po bgom Ldan 'das he ru ka II drug bgu'i khor sogs tiL gyi gan du b~in II sras bgas rgyal ba'i pho bran hi ma La sa spyod grub pa'i gnas La .gsol ba 'debs // rgyal yum mkha' 1gro'i

    62v dban phyug va ra hi I mchogs rgya mcho'i chogs bgas bde ston gi II i'\am dga'i rol gar brcen pas 'og gnas // snags spyod pre ta pu rir gsol ba 'debs II rgyal ba'i Lun gis bsnag Miri byin brlabs pa // no mchar sprul snan Lha yi gal med khan // era rgyas dri ma 'khrud byed bdud rci'i rj in II ma dros gden can grori La gsol ba 'debs II rab 'byams rgyal kun 'gro La rYes brce'i gar II sku gsun thugs kyi rnam rol mghod snon gher //

  • 65

    Mugs drag dad pa'i yid kyis gsol 'debs na II m~hog thun dnos grub thob par byin gyis rlobs II grans med bskal bar bsags pa'i sgrib pa'i mun II phyag skor m~hod sogs 'bad reel dka' thub kyi II sgron me g~ig tu gtams pas skad ~ig la II b~om nas phan bde'i 'od stan rtag bar Mog II ~es gnas ~hen ti se I ma pham I pre pur gsum + + gyi gsol 'debs Min tu bsdus pa 'di yan skor mi ba 'ga' ;g gi nor 'bri gun pa Ma kya'i dge ston ~hos kyi blo gros kyis gans ri ~hen po ti se'i mgul du bris pa'o II II ma nga lam II

    63r II sva sti II ~od dkar ~hu snod 'bum du legs '~har pa'i II ~hos sbyin 'jad med par gM;; zla ba 'di II lhag bsam 'o mcho las byuri dge chogs kyis II mkhai khyab 'gro kun rjogs byari myur thob Mog I ~es gans ri ti se dan mcho ~hen ma dros pa'i gnas yig gi par 'di ni rab byun b~o lna'i nan chan ~hu stag lor ~hos sde ~hen po thub bstan yan ri sgar nas dge slon nes don rgya mcho dan II gner sku Mabs dkon mchog blo ldan II dkon

    m~hog rab 'byor b~as Mag chad nas rgyu sbyar te par du bsgrubs pa'o II II sa rba ma nga lam II


    1r Title of the book. 1v Introductory eulogy of the Ti se. 2r Praise to '~ig rten gsum gyi mgon po1 for sending to

    rGyan grags2 Ghu ya sgan pa, Ni-ma gun-pa and others. 2v That Omniscientent repeated hundreds of times the names

    of the Anavatapta and of the Ti se according to the Dri med mdo dan rgyud g~un rgya mcho. Besides that, the holyness of the place was attested by the praises tha! many masters such as Sans rgyas gsan ba3 and AtTMa attributed to it. The Ti se, the most important of the three holS places of 'Bri gun pa and of 'Brug pa bka' brgyud pa was also called Himalaya : it was one of the twenty-four places, the palace of 'Khor lo sdom pa and it is also called 'Gans ri ~hen po Ti se or Ti se the seat of Sen gdon dkar 1006.

    3r The story of Ti se, related herein,is in seven chapters. After a brief account of them Chapter 1 begins. It deals with the origins of the world and contains a short quota-tion from the 'Phags pa.sdud pa7

    3v A decription of the origins of the atmosphere follows: it was formed by several assembling winds. Then the air mass was smoothed by a fire originating in a red and yellow wind. The colour of the atmosphere was like sapphire and its shape circular. It was six million yojana high and immeasurably large8

    4r Over the wind circle the water circle begins. It was formed by the rain pouring from condensed golden clouds. It had a circular shape,it was 120.000 yojana high and immeasurably large. Above the water circle a golden square land formed, 132.000 yojana high and immeasurably wide. Above it there were mountains, lakes, and conti-nents. The description of the origin of the Meru, of the gold mountains and the iron.ones, follows.

    4v The Ti se, wich was in the middle of JambudvTpa, was formed at the same time as the continents. Chapter 2, divided into two parts, reports in the first part how Buddha blessed Ti se; on the first time he appeared as

  • 68

    Sambhogakaya and, on the second, as Nirmanakaya9 The v v v

    author now describes how rDo r)e 'chan chen po appeared in the 'enjoyment body' and thaught the Bodhisattva the doctrine.

    Sr At the beginning of the Kaliyuga, '~igs byed ghen po and his consort Dus mchan rna went to Magadha10 At the same time twenty-four spirits, divided ihto three groups, settled in the twenty-four holy places of the vajrakaya. A list of.the air sphere spi"rits and of the places they took possession of follows. There were four lha : Thad pa'i dum bu took possession of Puliramalaya, Ken-rus ghen po of Jalandhara, Ken rus gan of 0 rgyan, mChe ba rnam gcigs of Arbuta; four dri ~;

    Sv Chan dgra took possession of La phyi gans ra or Godavari near Nepal, 'Od dpag med of Rame~vara, rDo rYe; 'od of Deviko!a, rDo rYe; sku of Malava, a small island in the sea. A list of the earth spere demons and the of places they took possession of follows. They were four gnod sbvin : Myu gu ~an took possession of Kamarupa, rDo ;y; --L--v v v v ral pa can of 0 te, dPal chen po of Hrisakune, rDo r)e hum mjad of Kosala; four riD QQ:

    6r Rab tu ban po of Kalinka, rDo rYe ban of Lampaka, 'Jig byed ~hen po of Kanci, Mig mi bzan of gans ri Ti se or Himalaya. Then follows list of the ~s ~ phere demons an~ the places they took possession of; four klu: sTobs po che of

    v v ---Pretapuri, Rin chen rdo r]e of Grahadeva, rTa mgrin of Saurastra, Nam mkhai' snin po of Suvarnadvipa; four lha min: .Khrag 'thun of Nagara, Padma gar.dban of Sindhu, rNam snan mjad of Maru to the north of Jalandhara, rDo rYe sems of Kuluta.

    6v Besides the spirits mentioned before, four Mi 'am ~i and four Pra man ma11 took possession of the eight cemete-ries. Then they all invited Drag po '~igs byed to go to their places. Drag po r~fused but sent in his stead i~kuchab) twenty-four stone Linga, one for each place af the ~~jr~kaya. The spirits offered them bloody sacrifices.

    7r After a very Long time, rDo rYe 'ghan ghen po showed himself in his frightening appearance in order to defeat the spirits, knowing that the time had come. The description of his wrathful aspect follows. At the

  • 69

    same time the five Dhyani Buddhas sent the gods who became the sixty-two gods of the ma~ala of 'Khor lo sdom pa.

    7v Heruka assuming the position of a dancer, trempled upon '~igs byed and Dus mchan while twenty-four ~m~ g~ and twenty-four ~~ID~ ffi~, sent by Rin 'byun, subdued the twenty-four couples of spirits. A List of the ~ID~ dQa' and sems rna and the spirits subdued by them follows : Kun

    --- -- v tu bzan po with rDo r)e pho na mo, 'Jam dpal with bsKul byed rna, sPyan ras gzi gs with Ri n ~hen sgrol rna, Sa'i snin po with rDo rYe ni rna mo, Phyag na rdo rYe with Ro Lan rna, Byams pa with rDo rYe g~on nu rna, Nam mkha'i snin po with mGam po rji, Nam mkha' mjod with Sans rgyas byai\ ~hub rna subdued the four !b~ and four dri ~ mentioned above.

    8r sGrib pa rnam sel with Ye ~es sgrol rna, sPos kyi glan po with rDo rYe Yigs byed~ Blo gros mi zad pa with Rin ~hen rna, Ye ~es thog with rGya ldan rna, sPobs pa rcegs with sGrol ina, Mya nan kun Yoms with Gos dkar mo, lllan son kun 'dren with Sans rgyas spyan rna, Dra ba ~an gyi 'od with Sems rna mo subdued the four gnog sbyin and the four srin 122 mentioned above.

    8v Zla ba'i 'od with rGyal mchan rce mo, Rin po ~he'i 'od with So sor 'bran rna, Ni 'od sni n po with rMa by a ~hen mo, rDo rYe 'od m~hog with Ri khrod rna, Nor bzan with Lu gu brgyud rna, mThu ghen thob with Phyi rna Ldog rna, Blo gros rgya mcho with Lha mo gcug tor rna, bZai\ skyon with rDo rYe Yigs rna subdued the four klu and the four lh~ min mentioned above.

    9r Besides that, the eight !hro bo called Khams gsum rgyal, g~in rYe g~ed, rTa mgrin, bDud rei dkhyil ba, dByug sllon

    ~an, Mi g.yog, g~an gyis mi thub pa, rNam par rgyal ba12, with the eight khro m2 called Gau ri, Cau ri, Bra mo ha, dPe ta l i, Pu ka se, Can da ni, Gha sma d, Dom bhi ni

    . ~ . subdued the four ~i ~ID i and the four f!~ ID~Q ffi2, depriving them of their bodies and of their pleasures.

    9v That is why the gods of 'Khor lo sdom pa's mawala each settled in one of the twenty-four stone linga, the former dwelling of Lha dban phyug, after conquering the twenty-four holy places: Jalandhara,. '0 rgyan, Himalaya etc. In the second part of Chapter two, concerning.Nirma~akaya

  • 70

    blessing, the Author tells how Buddha spoke about the art of making statues, when he was in the 'Od rna grove in Magadha13

    10r Later, those who believed in the doctrine of b~om ldan 'das asked their master for permission to make his statue with gems offered by gods and klu and with gold and silver offered by men. The master said nothing but sum-moned Vi~vakarman with a beam of his own light. He made a statue of Buddha as he appeared in the past with lha's gems, one of the Buddha as he was at that time with the gems of the Klu, and another of Buddha as he would be in the future,--Thub pa glan Mhen skyon 'dul ba 14

    10v At that time, North of Bodhgaya, beyond Ri nag po dgu15, in Lan ka pu ran, the country of srin po lanka mgrin b~u Ben chen and his sisters16 dwelt in the Dug mcho nag po palace. He, desiring to have the statue of Buddha Thub pa glan 'dul for his personal worship, got it to his own country by a miracle, and wishing to find a worthy place for it, brought it to the klu land wich is the same as the Ti se mountain. Immediatly b~om ldan 'das ~a kya thub pa came flying from India with his retinue of 500 arhat and landed on a rock, West of Ti se, called dKyil 'khor sten.

    11r On this rock he taught klu Ma dros pa the doctrine; thereafter this rock was called Sans rgyas kyi b~ugs khri. While they were on the top of the Lan ka pu ran, Buddha, as requested by Bodhisattva.Blo gros ~hen po, recited the Lankavatara-Sutra. Then bCom ldan 'das presented the king of the klu Ma dros pa and Ben chen with the statue of Thub pa glan 'dul. Buddha, predicting the future of the statue, said that it would be bestowed upon the monk bodhisattva RatnarT and his disciple Prajna-akara in that place (i.e. Ti se) for the benefit of human beings.

    11v Chapter 3 tells how the Ti se came to be identified with the holy place prophesied in the Sutra and Tantra. In the Sutra ~~S1~~~~~~ and m~1~Q~~Shan~ there were quotations concerning the shape and measures of the. holy moutain (Ti se). A quotation from f:l~!!!s!i~ni!ri~ada!!~ regarding the Ti se, the dwelling of the mahasthavira Angaja, follows. In

  • 71

    8~bi2bs!IDs~oa the mountain beyond the nine black moun-tains was identified with the Himalayas and in mJoQ

    ~9!~1 too these two mountains were identified with each other. The same text asserts that the rivers Ganga, Sindhu, Sita, Paksu rose from Lake Ma dros pa17 and that it was very difficult to reach that mountain and the springs of the rivers.

    12r A quotation from dGons ~dus Lun bs!sb ~ka~ !9~ ms of Padma concerning Ti se follows. According to it, East of Ti se there was Za phu Lun in ~ans18 Another quotation from m~on ES concerns the identification of Ti se with the Himalaya. The difficulty of reaching it was pointed at again in a quotation from mJod ~9reL.

    12v Many masters of meditation went to Ti se to meditate, thinking that it was the prophesied holy place. Among them there was Sans rgyas gsan ba, born in Varanasi at the time of king Khri Lde Ag chom19

    13r The author relates At1as speech, concerning the Stha-vira of Ti se20, pronounced in front of Ti se on the occasion of his journey to Guge where he had been invited by Lha bcun Byan ~hub 1od21 The Indian masters of medi-tation recognized Ti se as a Tibetan mount and for that reason even Mjlaraspa, following Marpa's advice22 identi-fied Ti se with the mountain prophesied by Buddha and identified Lake Ma dros with Lake Ma pham.

    13v Indian and Tibetan masters Like sPyan sna ~es rab 'byun gnas, Sen ge ye es, Pan ~hen Blo bzan ~hos kyi rgyal mchan recognized Ti se in Tibet as a dwelling of bDe

    m~hog. On the other hand Sa skya Pandita thought that Ti se in Tibet was not the mountain prophesied in the Sutra, that Lake Ma dros ~as not Lake Ma pham and that the bKa' brgyud pa had erroneously explained the Sutra23

    14r In favour of Sa skya's thesis there was the argument that the river rising from Lake Ma pham was not the Ganga and that, as a consequence, even the other three rivers did not rise from that Lake. The author reports a firm answer by the bKha' brgyud pa bla mas who identified the Ti. se with Ri bo gans ~an, the dwelling of bDe m~hog, and Lake Ma dros with Lake Ma pham. Quotation of a prophecy of Buddha's, contaioed in ~Qul ba l~O 9Q, accordiOg to which Ri bo gans can is different from Gans rin po che.

  • 72

    14v A quotation from I2g bzunvfollows. It concerns the fact that there were two Gaiis chen Ti se and that one Arhat lived on each of the two mountains. A quotation from the ~h!2 !!J~!2!:! 122 rejecting Sa skya

    Pa!;l~lita's thesis. The author gives an explanation of the theory according to which the gods, the men and the yi dvags considered the water of rivers in three different ways.

    15r Even the Ti se could be considered in three different ways according to the spiritual level of those who looked at it; from this point of view the argument supporting Sa kya's theory could not be accepted. Neither could be accepted his assertion that, since the literary sources reported that the four rivers rose from lake Ma pham, in actual fact, except for Gal'lga, the other three rivers could not be seen rising from the lake, and that there-fore that lake could not be Ma pham. A description of the springs of the four rivers follows.

    15v Eastward of lake Ma pham the Ganga rose on a rock shaped like an elephant's mouth, called sTod rdul ~hu, in the Guge country. The river became known as the Ganga, the Indian river or Glan ~hen kha 'bab. The other rivers too took their names after the shape of their springs : South of the lake the Si ndhu or rMa by a kha 'bab (pea-cock's mouth); West, the PakMu or rTa m~hog kha 'bab or Lo hi ta or gCan po4 and North the Si ta or Sen ge kha 'bab (lion's mouth>2

    16r Here the Author stops dealing with the arguments rejec-ting the mistakes made by Sa skya Pa!;l~ita's followers, who maintained that the four rivers could not be seen rising from lake Ma pham. Then he lists the following texts which explain that "issue".

    16v They are : v sPri n ti9 !!JJs!H! !!:!2 !9t!!:! b~ Kun m khyen ~va dmar bzi;2S; rG.Q! 02!::! ~!!l~.l2ti legs ~ il:!f! rig !!l!:! !2D !!l9ill rgyan. ~ 'Bri gun ~hos kyi grags pa; gNas 9Y!!l g!1 ~!:! leg bsad !l!2!: . 2Jti !!!~. Lon by 'Brug pa flag dban sans rgyas rdo rYe. It was thanks to Sa skya Pa~

    ~ita, who raised the issue, that the authors mentioned above could.explain it. Chapter 4 reports how Ti se became the meditation place ~!)! 9!:!:!!22.. of the nNam med Dvags po bka' brgyud pa.

  • 73

    Here follows a quotation from Padma dkar po26 about the bKa' brgyud pa's spiritual lineage from Till ipa, Naropa and Marpa.

    17r The Author now sketches the story of the great master Tillipa born in Zahor, Bengal, who was told by rDo rYe

    '~han the secret doctrine of Vaj rayana and by bla ma Ma tali gi, ~a gi pa, Kar~ripa, Indrabodhi other oral pre-cepts; that is why his spiritual descent was called bKa' brgyud. The story of Naropa from Kashmir, Tillipa's dis-ciple, and of his obedience to his master, follows27

    17v The Author relates a prophecy of Naropa's concerning Marpa, his own spiritual son, and Milaraspa, Marpa's best disciple. According to the prophecy Milaraspa, following his master's advice, would go to Ti se, the retreat place prophesied by Buddha. As a result Ti se and Lake Ma pham would become the meditation places of Mi Laraspa's dis-ciples.

    18r-21v In these pages the Author gives a summary of the well-known story concerning the combat between Mi Laraspa's and Na ro Bon ~hun's magic powers28. The story of guru brCe ~hen and -Mi Laraspa, who traced c;~n A in the gurus's cave, is told here. That cave, .wich was situated South of Ti se, had been called A phyi. This story was drawn f~om guru brCe ~hen's eulogy on Ti se.

    22r-22v Milaraspa's songs praising Ti se and Ma pham are quoted here.

    23r Thanks to Milaraspa's victory over Naro, the bKa' brgyud pa went to Ti se and Ma pham and meditated. From that time on the masters gave their disciples the task of going to meditate at the three holy places rCa ri, La phyi and Ti se29; sGam po pa gave it to Phag mo gru pa30 who gave it to 'Bri gun '~ig rten gsum gyi mgon po and to GL in ras pa31.~ who in his turn, gave it to 'Brug pa rGyas ras pa ye ~es~2

    23v After him rGyal ba rGod chal'l ba gave to his disciple 0 rgyan that task33 From that time on the 'Brug pa bka' brgyud pa lived there. ChapterS, dealing with the story of the hermits sent by the 'Sri gun pa to the Ti se, begins with some biographi-cal data concerning '~ig rten gsum gyi mgon po34

    24r He was born on Mdo khams, in Cu du, a town of lDan stod,

  • 74

    600 years after Nagarjuna's birth in Vaidha in Southern India35 '~ig rten gsum gyi mgon po's birth was marked by wondrous events.

    24v Until he was twenty five, he studied and lived like a dge bsnen, then he went to dBus and to nam ~od kun tu bzan po forest and learnt the Mantrayana doctrine from his funda-mental teacher Phag mo gru pa.

    25r Phag mo gru pa's prophecy concerning his disciple gge Efien ~ b~u e~ follows. Afterward ~ig rten meditated for seven years in E ~hun mon mo cave; when he was thirty five he took the Orders from ~an sum thog pa36. When he was thirty seven he founded the abbatial see of 'Bri gun, gathering a community of one hundred eighty thousand monks; he worked innumerable miracles such as, for instance, appearing in several places at the same time, etc. When he was thirty nine he retired to the isolated Chva 'ug valley, East of 'Bri gun thel, as he was bothered by the great number of monks in the community.

    25v While he was meditating in the Tin 'jin cave, the deities of the Ti se, La phyi and rCa ri assembled there and invited him to go to the places they protected. He made several images of his body to appear in those places and converted those deities by teaching the doctrine. He refused to remain there on account of his being respon-sible for the great community of monks. The monks of Thel indeed looked for him and when they found him, they asked him to come back to 'Bri gun thel.

    26r '~ig rten gsum gyi mgon po reminded them that his own master Phag mo had given him the task of meditating in the mountain retreats and that they themselves should go to the retreats in his place, so that he could take care of the community. They agreed and he sent the hermits to the retreats in three batches. The first time three groups, each of eighty people, led by nad phu ba, left for La phyi, Gans ri, rCa ri. Before leaving they were exhorted to meditate.

    26v The second time gNos and Gar pa Byan rdor together with three groups, each of nine hundred people, went to rCa ri, La phyi and Ti se. The Author quotes the rn~m Shar Eb~s rsl~ m~ !hog m~ to the effect that from the pre-

  • 75

    vious to the present year the number of hermits would increase from 2700 to 130 DOD in a short time. The story of the events regarding the hermits' activity inTi se follows. gNos, Gar, ~hos37, these three, and sPyan sna Grags pa 'byun gnas, sPa spo bkra ~is sen ge38 and others exhorted the patrons and disciples to protect the commun-ity entrusted to them.

    27r The number of monks in the community rose to eighteen myrades so that other hermits were able to leave for La phyi, rCa ri, Ti se. Gur pa Chul khrims rdo rYe, gNubs ~hen po Yon tan grags, sTon pa g~on nu ~es rab 'byun gnas taught the doctrine to the hermits who were about about to Leave. When '~ig rten was seventy three, he decided to send many novices to the retreats.

    27v Ghu ya sgan pa alias d~os ~has rYe Phun chogs rgya mcho was sent to Ti se as the Leader of 55 525 hermits among whom there were Nag po and s~on po;~9 the dO ~iiD g.Yag ru dpal grags was sent to La phyi as the Leader of 55525 hermits and the rd2! ~iin mGon po ~he with the same number of hermits was sent to rCa ri. Thus Ghu ya sgan pa and his hermits settled on Ti se and built many hermitages in several hills and valleys Like

    ~el 'dra, Nan ri, Dar lun, Lha lun, rCe brgyad, sle mi, Mum, Guge40

    28r This activity 41 was patronized by Gu ge ~hos rgyal Khri bkra ~is lde bcan42, Man yul rgyal po Lha ~hen dnos grub mgon43, Pu rans rgyal po Bla ~hen sTag che khri 'bar and his son gNam mgon sde44 With their help the snin po don brgyud doctrine was spread. The deity of Ti se appeared to the rdor ~iin Ghu ya sgan pa while he was meditating in the rocky (rgyab-brag) her-mitage in ~el 'dr~ and offered him a clump of gold as Large as a deer's head. The ascetic .refused the gift. 28v Then '~ig rten gsum gyi mpon po appeared in the sky, riding a White Lion and invited him to accept the offer as the means for building the rGyan grags hermitage.

    29r The rd2 ~iin, acccordingly accepted the gift and built a temple in the large and frozen Dar Lun valley, West of Ti se; this was the origin of rGyan grags. He lived on Ti se as the Leader of the hermits, for 25 years. gNos Lha nan

  • 76

    pa, who lived in.Lha nan and rju 'phrul cave, was his successor. In the Author's time his seat in Ti se was called 'Bri guri mcharis khan. After gNos, 'Bri guri spyan sria ~es rab 'byuri gnas or 'Bri gun gliri pa45 arrived at Ti se followed by SOD monks and settled in the Bya skyibs and Dar lun caves. ~o bo A tig sman, the king of Pu raris, as a gift for the doctrine taught by 'Bri guri Glin pa gave him rGyan grags monastery with the possession of Pu rari Kho ~har46, Dam pa rjori, Lag phren thod dkar mGon pa ro rna, 'Urn lo ~iri phug, Ri bo rce brgyad, Li dur.

    29v ~lhen sPyan sria was living in Pu rari Kho ~har, ml'ila bdag Grags pa lde47, king of Mon Ya rce 1 Jum lan, went to ~1a pham, accompanied by 40.000 Mon, in order to pray for his dead mother. The king met sPyan sna and talked with him through an interpreter. The king offered sPyan sria valu-able gifts, asked him to confer upon him the mystical powers derived from the Tantra of bDe m~hog and appointed him as his own fundamental teacher. Besides the king gave him the sLe mi and Mum hermitages with the land belonging to them.

    30r He invited sPyan sria to Ya rce and promised to act as a donor to the Dvags po bKa' brgyud pa hermits who lived within the La stod Than ~huri-area48. The protection of the king of Ya rce substantially helped sLe mi til ~hen and Kun 'jom monasteries and, as a con-sequence, determined the spread of the bKa' brgyud pa doctrine in Lho mon49.

    30v The king of the Klu and Beri gave sPyan sna the statue of Thub pa glari 'dul50 In the Author's time it was the main !!~ in rGyari grags. That statue was made of the same kind of materials as the statue of ~o bo in Lhasa51 All this is reported in the old register-book.

    31 r Seri ge ye ~es was the successsor o.f sPyan sna52. He spent three years meditating in the ~el 'dra cave where. he met rGod chari pa. Seri ge ye ~es received bSam gtan gliri and Pu rari rGod khud monasteries by sTag cha, the king of Pu ran, and by his son A tig.

    31v They also gave Seri ge ye ~es the country of Rori yari dkar yul as the estate for the Ti se hermits.

  • 77

    After Sen ge ye es the rdor ~in Ni rna gun pa arrived in Ti se53. Khri bkra ~is db;~ phy~g, king of Guge, and his son dPal mgon Lde54 gave him dKar sdum gi phu g.yu phug55 in Pu ran, Bar pad phug and mDa' ~hos phug as the estate for rGyari grags monastery. After Ni ma gun pa the rd2 ~i!J Kun dga' rgyal mchan arrived inTi se. He too was invited to rGyal di of Pu rari by Khri grags pa Lde, king of Guge, and by the queen Lha L~am bSam grub; he was given upper and Lower Pu rari Thari yab56 After him the 92! ~i!J pa Dar rna rgyal mchan pa57 arrived there.

    32r At that time a Large number of 'Sri guri pa and 18rug pa hermits were Living in the m~a' ris stod valleys. A List of the monasteries run by rGyan grags follows: Nan ri, rJu 'phrul phug, Ri bo rce brgyad, sle mi TiL ~hen, sle mi Kun 'jom, Mum Ri khrod, Do po es rdo rYe rYod, Klu ~hu mig brgya rca, L~ags Ye Ye es rjon, Gro oo rGyan phuri, sPrag L i dur, Pu rari rGod Khun, Pu rari Kho ~har Lha khari,Pu ran ~ad khrari dpe'u, Pu rari Brag ska rag, Khu nu bSam gtan ~hos gliri. Dar ma rgyal mchan Lived at the time of the fifth 992D rs2 ~hos rYe g~uri rin po ~he58 Since then till the 92! ~in Chul khrims mgon po, a disciple ~f the 11th 992!2 2259, everything remained unchanged thanks to the prot-ection of the kings and ministers of mr:la 'ris skor gsum of Khu nu60 and especially of the king of Ya rce 1Jum Lan61 Chul khri ms mgon po built the shrine of sPy an sna Ner gnis pa, the fourth 992!2 rab62, under a rock on a side of Ti se. From then tiLL the Author's time the 'Bri gun pa used to build shrines for the 'Bri gun 99sn 22

    32v The declining of the 'Bri gun pa's doctrine and power, which had Lasted for seventy years, from the 14th to the 16th 992!2 r2263, affected the 'Sri gun pa of Ti se as well. The war between the king of Pu ran and bDe Legs rgya mcho, the king of Glen po sMon than (sic! for Blo bo), ended with the victory of the Latter, who ruled Pu ran for some years. A mgon bzan po, king of Glo bo gave the Sa skya pa the temple of Kho ~har64 Besides, as the result of the decline of the sect, the 'Bri gun pa of Ti se provisionally rented Nan po ri rjon, Gad pa gser of

  • 78

    Bya skyibs, rJu 'phrul phug to some 'Brug pa hermits, who eventuallly became the ownwers of the three monasteries.

    33r In order to restore the spiritual Life and rules of the 'Bri gun pa sect Kun dga' rin ghen sent again three hundred hermits to Ti se. The following rdor 'jin went there one after the other: Yam dpal ye Mes, mGon po ye

    ~es, Kun dga' bkra ~is, Kun dga' bzan po. The Guge kings bSod nam grub, Blo bzan rab brtanand bKra

    ~is mgon and Kun bsam, the governor of Pu raii, restored the custom of supporting the hermits. At the time of rGyal dban Ratna66, the rdor ~in LOan rna Kun dga' grags pa went to Ti se and became the fundamen-tal teacher of Yig rten db.an phyug, king og Gu .9e, and of bSod nams rab brtan, the g e2 of Pu ran66 As a reward they gave the rdg.r .J.iil the estate that the 'Bri gun pa had Lost. Then Kun dga' grags pa restored rGyaii grags and sent many disciples frpm Pu raii to 'Bri guii.

    33v bKra ~is rnam rgyal and his brother Che dban rnam rgyal invi1:ed him to go to La dvags67 where Kun dga' grags pa founded the sGan snon monastery. At the time of Rin ghen rnam rgyal, the 18th gg~ r2268, the following rdgr .J.iD went to Ti se: Kun dga' rgya mcho, "bSod nams dpal 'byor, rGyal 'phrin Las, Kun dga' dpal, Ser bgu pa. They were protected by Yam dbyans rnam rgyal, king of Mar yul 69 Even at the time of ~hos rgyal phun chogs, the 21st gdan

    ~2270, the rdor ~iD sent to Ti sev were protected by bKra sis mgon and Khri grags pa bkra sis, king of Gu ge. The r92r ~iD were: Rin ghen dpal bzan, Gram rgyal bstan 'jin jqag dban rnam rgyal. Later La dvags conquered Gu ge7f. The rdor ~iD protected, during the first part of the Life of l?'nos kyi grags pa and iphri n Las bzan po, by Sen ge rnam rgyal, king of La dvags72 were: ~hos rgyal dpal 'byor, Phun chogs brtan pa, jqag dban bzan po, Rin ghen sen ge, Karma b~ad sgrub.

    34r From that time on the 'Bri gun pa sent no more hermits. At the time of Karma bMad sgrub, the mongol rGyal ba dGa' Ldan che dban conquered mr:la' ris73 The r92r ~in of Ti se paid homage to him and as a consequence many other monasteries Like Pu raii, rGod khun, Mar khran spe'u, Yo mo ghos khri, Pha gru dpya', sLe mi monastery and Guge

  • 79

    sPu dbeli dgon Ri bo rce brgyad, Gro oo sKyan ran were given as estate to the rGyan grags monastery.

    34v Thanks to the protection of l~a pa ghen po,Sans rgyas rgya mcho and dGa' ldan che dban, three !9!2~2i!l started going to Ti se again. They were: Se lun Bu chun pa, dKon

    m~hog ~hos grags a~ dKon m~hog grags pa. Later on the mahasiddha sNan sems left his hand and foot prints on a rock. At the same time two brothers from m~a' ris La dvags, both monks, the elder called Grub be apd the youngef mKha' spyad, spent a long time on Ti se m~itating; because of their meditation the elder brother's body eventually vanished in a rainbow.

    35r Atter that, from the time of the !9!2! ~in 122 No no dKon mchog brgyu~ 'j in74 up to the !9!2! 2i!l 1hos grags sku skye dkon mchog phan bde who lived in the Author's time, the rdor 2 in and the monks pf the 'Bri gun pa went to Ti se without any other interruption. The Author now gives a list of the ~hos rgyal, king~ of Mon Ya rce 'Jum lan and their sons who protected the hermits of 'Bri gun pa. They were: ~hos kyi rgyal po Grags pa-lcle,' his son ~hos rgyal A so lde, his son rGyal po A na rmal, his son rGyal po San ga rmal, rGyal po Ji dar rfual, rGyal po A ji rmal, his son rGyal po Ka lan rmal, his son rGyal po Bar tab rmal and later on, Pu ne rmal and his son Bra ti rmal75. Then, from the fifth Dalai Lama's and r~e 'Phrin las bzaii po's time up to rgyal po Bikramaas and his son Nara-s i m ha's time for 500 years the 'Bri gun pa and their do~rine enjoyed the king's protection76 Also the follow-ing five Rajas protected the doctrine of 'Bri gun pa, i.e. those of Jum li, Nar lan, Kha las, rDo ram, Phu ye.

    3Sv r~e 'Phrin las bzaii po sent a letter to the king of 'Jum lari recalling the spiritual benefits deriving from the reverence that the previous kings had paid to the 'Bri gun pa doctrine. King Narasi~ha went to Bodhgaya and to Lhasa and paid homage to the fifth Dalailama. Afterwards some kings, like Ka ra nYa and Bhi snu raja, were Hindus and for that reason the devotion to Buddhism weakened77 In the !~ag2:e~2 year

  • 80

    monastery. In the Author's time, in that monastery, there were no Longer any important images, except that of Thub pa rin ghen Glaii idul ghu gfier,.although the protectors of the monastery had given it many important statues; this was the result of foreign inroads. A List of the objects kept in the temple follows.

    37r The List of the objects kept in the monastery goes on. AIJ!ong the different objects still there in the Author's time was a statue of rTa mgrin P.Urposely made as a pro-tection against the Gorkha troops79

    37v A list of the objects kept in the 'du khan and the grva chan 'du khan of the monastery follows. The story of the ~akini of rGyan grags here reported had two versions: a common one and an uncommon one.

    38r According to the first one, in the old times the rdo rYe Phag mo of Ma pham, struck by 'Khor La sdom pa with a beam of Light he emanated when he was on Ti se, arrived at a place West of Ti se, called rGyan grags, together with some gakinis. As is known from an ancient register-book, Phag mo, also cal Led rGyan grags mkha' 'gro bum 'j in, was an ancestor of the 'Bri gun pa < 'Bri gun A phyi). According to the uncommon version, one of the several emanations of Yum rdo rYe rnal 'byor ma of 0 rgyan was incarnated in a woman who was born in 'Bri gun g~o stod and was called rNam par bstan pa ~has kyi sgrol ma. Later she went to mDo khams, married Chul khrims rgyan mcho of sKyu ra80 and had four sons.

    38v After working exceptional miracles she prophesied that one of her own descendants would give the doctrine sNin po don brgyud greater eminence than any other and that he would be able to defeat a host of enemies by uttering her name A phyi. Later she appeared to 'Bri gun sKyob pa rin ghe

  • 81

    status of those who Looked at it. To those who have a Lower status Ti se appeared as a common mountain; to the heretics _it appeared outwardly as a crystal stupa and inwardly as Mahadeva's and Uma's dwelling; to the Hina-yana followers, it appeared outwardly as a snowy mountain and inwardly as the 500 arhats' dwelling.

    39v To the vaj rayana folLowers Ti se and Ti ghun81 apppeared outwardly in the shape of bDe mghog's and ~es rab phag mo's embracing bodies and inwardly as the mandala of v 'Khor lo sdom pa Lha drug bcu gnis. Also the three valleys,- Dar Lun, Lha Lun, rJon Lun, appeared to the vajrayana followers in the shape of rca, dbu, rgyan ro82 The circumambulation of Ti se began from the ruined castle..(. known as the J:9Q ~in Ghu ya sgan pa's her...,

    mitage~3 and continued Eastward~. Beyond the castle in Ne Lon sten there were the meditaion places (grub kha5, ~gr~b-~h~ of the hermit Nag po.

    40r Eastwards of them there were Ghu ya pa's meditation place; the mountain on the right was known as Sans rgyas kyi b~ugs khri in the Author's time. At the bottom of it there were meditation cave and spring of sPyan sna 'Bri gun Glin pa and many 'Bri gun pa hermits and West of it there was LTa dar sgan. Behind it there was Se Lun that was the hermitage of the dO ~iD mlfcasiddha Bu ~hun pa85 Farther on there was 1'el 'dra In front of it there were many meditation caves of the 'Bri gun pa ascetics like Sen ge ye ~es. Farther on there was a mountain called dBan phyug gi pho bran and a rock called dBan phyug gi bka' sdod.

    40v-41r In the inward circumambulation circuit of ~el 'dra there were the shrines of the 'Bri gun gg~Q ~E whose names were Listed by the Author87 The relics of the other g2~D rab were kept in the 'du khan of rGyan grags88 In front of the shrines in ~el 'dra there was a mountain cal Led gNas brtan yan Lag 'byun gi pho bran, on the Left sLope of ~1hi ch there was the residence of the Lha chogs of Ye ~es mgon po89 In a Little valley behind ~el 'dra there was the Luri bstan cave, so called because in that very place 'Bri gun skyob pa prophesied the settling of rGyan grags monastery

  • 82

    to Ghu ya sgan pa. Farther on there were many 'Bri gun pa's meditation caves, beyond which there was mDar phyag 'chal sgan of Lha Lun. A brief account of the origin of its name follows. East-wards of it there was the ~ambhala ser po'i pho bran; a Little below a cave of Na ro Bon ~hun was situated.

    42r Near that cave there were some rocks in the shape of a stupa. After crossing the Lha ~hu90 there was a mountain called Jambhala nag po'i pho bran. In a valley farther on there was Padma 'byun gnas's meditation cave called gSan snags ~hos kyi phug. On a mountain on its left there was the palace of the Ti se lha bean; on one side of this mountain there was Ras

    ~hen's -;;~91 On the mountains surrounding that place, there were many meditation caves of the 'Brug pa. Below those caves Nan po founded a monastery and called it Nan po ri rjon92

    42v-43r The story of Ran byun ~hos sku rin po ~he, which was the most important statue in that monastery follows: In ancient times it belonged to ~hos rgyal mt!Ja'bdag rCe Lde, the king of Guge. Afterwards one of the Ti se Lha bean brought the statue to the roof of Nan ri monastery. Many years after, at the time of ~hos rgyal Khri grags pa bKra ~is, king of Guge, his soldiers went to the monast-ery to take the statue back but they did not succeed. An old man managed to do so when the statue told him: "Take me into the temple." The Author himself went to Nan po ri rjon to consult a dk2! ~h~9 about the story of the statue but he found only a copy that was so damaged that he could not examine it.

    43v Here the Author gives a list of the other images and statues kept in the temple held by the 'Brug pa in his times. A Little below the Nan ri monastery there was a rock cal Led rGyal ba'i byams pa'i pho bran and nearby there were some hand and foot prints of sGrol ma and one of Padma's caves cal Led Glan ~hen sbas phug93 A quotation from the Than yig concerning this cave fol-Lows. Farther on there were a spring, a cave called Padma phug94, a stupa and seven hillocks similar to the seven relatives who surround King Ge-sar of Glin.

  • 44r




    Coming from Nan ri, after crossing the Lha ~hu river, there was another river called 'Ja !_;hon sna lna'i ~hu rgyun. Near that river there was Ben's palace. Going uphill from there for a while there was rTa mgri n mgron's chapel. The Author now relates the story of the 'Bri ra cave in 'Brori luri. This place was so c.alled because rGod chari suddenly saw a she-yak ('b!Qll ~!il arriving.at that place when he was there to open it. After meditating he recognized the she-yak as an emanation of mKha' 'gro sen ge rna's. Later the she-yak disappeared from the cave~ which from that time on was called 'Bri thi m 'bri ra 5. Over the cave there was a place called Gans 'khyams. In the 'Bri ra cave there were rGod chan's head and footprints. In the Author's time many 'Brug pa lived there. The most venerated statue in that place was that of rGod chan pa. The mountain behind 'Bri ra phug was called bsKal bzan rgyas ston gi pho bran. In Gans 'khyams there was the spring dr:Jul 'bum and, close to it, there were three mountains which were the dwelling of the three mystical families. Uphill from the 'Bri ra phug there was the Bya rog mgron khari 96 A brief account of the origin of it's name is given.

    45v Some little distance up there was a cemetery called bSil ba chat; and the hand and foot prints of gNos Lha nan pa, and a white self born letter A. Farther on there was a building made of giant stones brought there by Milaraspa and Narc. East of this place there was the sGrol rna pass97 The Author narrates the story of this placename, according to which in ancient times rGod chari saw 21 blue wolves, emanations of the 21 sGrol mas, appearing and disappear-ing there.

    46r On the right of the sGrol ma pass there were the stupa Byan ~hub ~hen po and some mountains known as the dwel-ling of mGon po and of gnog 2EliD Gan ba bzan po. Behind the sGrol rna pass there was a lake called mKha' 'gro ma'i khrus98 Going downhill for a while from there, there was the

  • 84

    'Brug pa 'Phrin Las in rta cave. A Little below the mKha"gro khrus Lake there was another Lake cal Led Me Lon sten and farther on, upon a rock, Mi Laraspa's and Narc's foot prints.

    46v The hill to the Left of Me Lon sten was the dwelling of Lha mo 'Phrog ma99, and that on the right, the dwelling of the seventy-two dpal mgon po of gCan ris100. In a place called Brag rdog mo there were the foot prints of the, Buddha and in a valley a Little farther on those of Padma. Farther on there was a hill which was bKra ~is che rin rna's dwelling and another one which was the abode of Sans rgyas sman bla101 On its slopes there were many meditation caves of 'Bri gun pa and 'Brug pa ascetics. Then follows a short List of some hills which were the dwelLing of some gods.

    47r Beyond those hilLs there was the A phug, so cal led be-cause of the mark impressed by Milaraspa upon the cave of the guru brCe ghen. Farther on there was the rJu 'phrul phug102 The Author now narrates the story of this place and its name which was well known because of the challenge between ~1ilaraspa and Naro.

    47v In that phug there were many statues, among which those of gNos Lha nan pa, Ras ghun pa, gCan smyon etc In the ancient times some bla !!!2 with their disciples, fifty people altogether, Lived in the chapel; in the Author's time only a dkon ~! was living in the chapel which belonged to the Lho 'Brug pa. Around rJu 'phrul phug there were still many hand and foot fa~ nts like, for instance, those of 9!!:!!:! 1!:!2!:! dBus smyon

    48r On a rock at the mountain pass 104 between rJu 'phrul and rGyan grags there were some self born images of rdo rYe Phag mo and khro bo sMe brCegs pa. There was also the cave of mJe nad i byed rdo rYe. Next to rGyan grags monastery there were the foot prints of sPyan sna ~hos kyi rgyal po 'Bri gun Glin pa, and of

    ~hos kyi blo gros. The Author went to Ti se and, after interrogating the in-habitants managed to identify the places mentioned above, whose existence was thus based not only on literary

  • 85

    sources. In that way he also succeeded in establishing that At1~a, Milaraspa, rGya ras, rGod chan pa had actually been to Ti se.

    48v-49v Chapter 7 deals with .the rewards comming from performing !2btillJ, !!!ghod, 2kor: 105 in Ti se. Then the Author narrates the story of lake Ma pham start-ing from its origins.

    SOr At first that Lake did not exist. King sfo!yug sbam, who was a Boddhisattva, sadd~ned by the vision of old people, of diseases affecting mankind and of death, followed the advice of one of his Brahman ministers and for 12 years fed all the people of Jambudvipa. Then he had the warm water used to cook the rice offered to the poor gathered in a great hole dug for that pur-pose; twelve years tater it became a lake and the warm water became cold.That is why the Lake is called Ma dros 106

    50v Ma pham, the other name of the Lake, is due, according to the 'Dul ba lun g~i, to the fact that the river rising from the Lake of boiled d ce ('br:l!2 ~hl!> was caL led boiLed rice river or Ganga. The water of this river had the eight properties, so its virtue was undefeatable. The description of the Ma ph am and the four rivers, as related in !!!~On Ql! !!!lQQ, follows.

    51r-52v In these pages the Author deals with the springs and the courses of the four rivers Ganga, Sindhu, Sita, Paksu, mentioned before107

    53r Here the author tells the story of the blessing of the Lake by the Buddha and Bodhisattvas and gives a quotat-ion from ,Thag. Ql! sd!:!J Qll concerning the Lord of the Klu who lived in Lake Ma dros and ruled over the Klu of the Lake.

    53v A Buddha of the Bhadrakalpa bsKal pa bzan pa'i Sans rgyas showed himself as the king of the Klu 108 and taught them the doctrine. The master b~om Ldan 'das Sa skya thub pa went there miraculously and blessed the place. Accord-ing to the Mantrayana that Lake was blessed by rDo rYe rNal byor ma as the palace of the gSan snags rgyud sde bi.

    54r Moreover the king of the Klu protected the 'Bri gun pa

  • 86

    from the time of '~ig rten mgon po, as the biography of rMa bya sen ge relates, and that is why gNos Lha nan pa went to the bank of the lake and was invited by the king of the Klu to talk abou't the doctrine.

    54v After gNos, other 'Bri guri pa went to the lake: among them there were Sen ge ye ~es, who had been invited by the king of Pu rari, and the QQ.!: ~iD lDan ma Kun dga' grags pa. The latter, when he arrived at the Ma pham, bound the lord of the lake by an oath and a stone, carved with the Six letters, emerged from the centre of the lake.

    55r In the Author's time this stone was kept among the nan rten of La dvags sGan snon109 When the Author in th; ---- v year sin rta

  • 87

    very place ~or ~hen Kun dga' Lhun grub 114 founded a monastery where the monks folLowed the Sa skya pa system. The main statues io the temple was brought there from the temple of Byams sprin in Man yul. The story of Khrus sgo dgon pa follows115. The first person who buiLt a Little house there, was a rdor 'jin of Ti se called sGyi pa. Then a bla rna from gCan stod, a folLower of Ra Lotsava 116, went there and built a rest house with four pillars which Later became a temple.

    58v Later, at the time of the seventh Dalai Lama117, a monk from Pu ran b~ad phel gl in and a 'Brug pa QQ ~iD quarrelled about the Land of Khrus sgo. Pho Lha nas118 settled the quarrel granting the monastery of rJu 'phrul to the 'Brug pa .r:gor ~in, and the temple of Khrus sgo to the monk from b"fad gl iri. The temple of Khrus sgo became a dGe lugs pa monastery. The description of the monastery contents follows.

    59r Mgo chugs119 monastery was situated in a place formerly blessed by At1~a and where rGod chan ~a opened Ti se and Ma pham. In the Author's time that place was cal Led Go zul. The monastery was founded by sByin pa nor bu, a monk from Pu ran b~ad 'phel glin, at the time of the tenth Dalai Lama120 A description of images and statues kept in the temple and the story of the Byi'u monastery follows121

    59v That monastery was situated where Padmasambhava once meditated and where he left his hand and foot prints. The Bya skyibs.monastery122 was situated in a place prophesied by Buddha and was the dwelling of 500 arhats. sPyan sna ~es rab 'byun gnas and gCari smyon lived there for a long time.

    60r In the Author's time many statues like that of 0 rgyan rin po ghe could be seen in the teJllPle founded by a 'Brug pa. The name of Glan sna dgon pa123 was due to the shape of the mountain where it was situated. It was founded by sNe mo ba bSam gtan phun chogs, a grub thQE disciple of the 'Brug pa, who meditated many years on Ti se. A des-cription of the monastery follows.

    60v The Bon ri monastery" was built on a mountain called Bon

  • 88

    ri 124. This name was mentioned even in Mi Laraspa's biography. The monastery was founded by Blo bzan nor bu who came from Sera monastery1 25.

    61r The Author here gives a List of the objects kept in the monastery, where the monks followed the dGe lugs pa sect.

    61v-63r Final colophon. The text was printed in 1902 at Van ri.


    1 See La phyi note 52 2 This monastery was founded by Ghu ya sgan pa in a valley im-

    mediatly West of the Kailasa. When TUCCI visited it in 1937 the monastery was still run by some 1Bri gun pa monks. The description of rGyari grags or Ghyantrag is found in TUCCI,

    ~!i pp.94-99. On Ghu ya sgan pa, see La phyi note 68. 3 He was Buddhaguhya, the master of Vimalamitra, ~ pp.170, 191.

    On his stay on Ti se, see STEIN 1961(a) p.1. 4 Ati~a DTpamkara (982-1054) the great Indian master. On his

    journey to Western Tibet, see TUCCI, ln92:Jibetica II, TUCCI 1949 p.257.

    5 The 1Brug pa sect like sri gun pa sect was a subsect of Phag mo gru pa bKa 1 brgyud. Its founder was Glin ras Padma rdo rYe (1128-1180); see G.SMITH in CHANDRA 1969 p.7, TUCCI 1949 p.90.

    6 Ti se is a venerated mountain and a pilgrimage place for Hindus, Buddhists and Bon po. It is situated in Western Tibet, i.n the area of the old kingdom ~an ~un, which was annexed to Tibet only in the 7th century. The language of ~an uri was in no way connected with Tibetan, so Ti se is the aboriginal name of the Kailasa. That name originated from the Kanavari lan-guage; TUCCI, Prei~ria ~!~~ in Opera Minora II p.469. The name of Ti se is also to be related with Te se known in Tibetan mythology as one of the ~~ bd~, TUCCI, IID!~ls in Opera Minora II p.392 note 3. According to the Hindus it is the abode of ~iva, according to the Buddhists it is the abode of bDe m~hog (~a~vara), and ac.cording to the Bon po the mountain is sacred to Ge khod; see KARMAY p.XXIX note 2. The custom of making pilgrimages to Ti se was established before the Tibetan conquest of ~an ~un; on this topic see STEIN, fjyili~O p.13, TUCCI, ~ ~indu iiD29~ iD th~ ~iiDS: 12t~ in Opera Minora II p.603.

    7 fol. 10v. There is a copy of this text in the Library of the I.S.M.E.O.

    8 A similar description of the origins of the atmosphere, the lands and the mountains is in La VALLEE POUSSIN p.317.

    9 Nirmanakaya, the body in which Buddha appears on the earth, Saffibh~gakaya the body of bliss.

  • 90

    10 This Legend , connected with the tantric cycle of ~a~vara, is entirely related and commented upon by TUCCI, lodo:Iie~!ics III part II p.42 et seq. where the Tibetan Literature on this subject is discussed. This Legend is also shortly related in the complete works of Klon rdol Bla rna, fasc. YA p.9-10, according to which b~om Ldan 'das ~a kya thub pa was embodied in 'Khor Lo sdom pa and sent the twenty-four couples of 9Qs~ ~Q and 9Qs~ mQ in the stead of the twenty-four spirits. See also the different version of the same Legend in TUCCI, Irs~el in Opera Minora II p.379.

    11 See NEBESKY pp.254-256. 12 Among these 16 divinities Khro bo bdud rei dkhyil ba, rTa

    mgrin, g~in rYe ged are mentioned in NEBESKY pp.23, 193, 320, 379.

    13 Many Indian works translated into Tjbetan state that some portraits of Buddha were made even during his Lifetime contra-dicting the tradition according to which Buddha's first repre-sentations were made several centuries after his death, DAGYAB, Ih~ art 2f Tig~! p.20.

    14 On the account concerning Buddha's three statues made by Vivakarman, representing him at different ages, see DAGYAB

    Ih~ S-r! of Iibe! p.22. 15 i.e. Himalaya, LA VALLEE POUSSIN III p.147. 16 He was originally one Mongol gods Later transformed into a S

    bdsg. The dGe Lugs pa gave him a well defined iconographic type together with his sister, TUCCI 1949 p.595; on Ben chen see also NEBESKY pp.88-93.

    17 i.e.Anavatapta, see LA VALLEE POUSSIN III p.147. 18 See FERRARI p.69. 19 Khri Lde gcug brtan or Khri Lde gcug brtan Mes ag choms (704-

    755). 20 On the Sthavira of Ti se, see OBERMILLER, p.122. 21 See TUCCI, Ingg:Tibeti2 II p.17. 22 See EVANS-WENTZ, p.164. 23 In regard to the geographical controversy between Kun dga'

    rgyal mchan (1182-1251) and the bKa' brgyud pa masters see also KARMAY p.XXIX note 2.

    24 According to a well-known cosmographic Buddhist theory, the four great rivers of Ja~budvipa rose from Lake Anavatapta, see

  • TUCCI lndo:Iie~!i2 II p.81; Lake Manasarowar (tib. Ma pham) is here as well as in other Tibetan texts, see WYLIE p.56, identified with Lake Anavatapta (tib. Ma dros). On the geo-graphical issue concerning the identification between the two Lakes and the springs of the four rivers see A. MACDONALD, JA 1962 p.547 note 18, where this topic is analyzed also on the basis of the Ti se text itself. In real geographical terms the four rivers correspond res-pectivly to Sutlej, Karnali, Bramaputra, Indus; see WYLIE pp.S6, 121, 122 note 61. On the actual geographical springs of the rivers see BURRARD 1933 pp.221 et.seq.; Hedin, Transhimala~a vol.II p.182.

    25 He was ~hos grags ye Mes (1453:1s24>;~ICHARDSON 1959 p.18. 26 See La phyi note 178. 27 On Tillipa (908-1069) and his pupil Naropa (1016-1100) see

    GUENTHER 1963. 28 See HOFFMANN 1950 pp.267-277. 29 See La phyi note 55. 30 See La phyi note 51, 52. 31 See note 5 above. 32 On rGya ras pa Ye Mes rdo rYe (1161-1211) see the preface by

    G.SMITH in CHANDRA 1968 p.5, CHANDRA 1969 p.32 and ~ p.659. 33 For the biographical data of rGod chan ba and 0 rgyan pa and

    the story of their journeys see TUCCI, Ir~~el~ in Opera Minora pp.369-418.

    34 Cf. La phyi text fols.15r-16v. 35 Perhaps the Author refers to a rebirth of the tantric Nagar-

    juna, who was a disciple of Saraha's; see TUCCI 1949 p.214. 36 He was ordained as a monk by Ci Lun pa, 'Jin 'dul of gNal, ~an

    su mthog pa, TUCCI 1949, p.68B. 37 They are respectivly gNos Lha nan pa (1164-1222), 'Gar Dam pa

    ~hos sdins (b.1180) and ~hos dpal ~hen ~hos ye; BA pp.601-603. 38 He was a disciple of 'Bri gun ~hos rYe's; ~ p.607. 39 See BA p.847. 40 ~el 'dra, rCe brgyad,sLe mi and Mum are not marked on the

    maps; on Nan ri, Dar Lun, Lha Lun and Guge see note 41, 82, 91 below.

    41 The religious activity of the 'Sri gun pa was protected and supported by the rulers of Western Tibet, i.e. m~a' ris skor gsum, including the three kingdoms of Guge,Pu ran and Man yul. Guge was a part of the old kingdom of ~an ~un and it was

  • 92

    Located in the upper Sutlej valley; Pu ran, an independent state in the 13th century after being incorporated into Guge kingdom, included the region East of Guge up to Lake Manasa-rowar; Man yul (i.e. Mar yul) corresponded to Ladakh. It is worth noting that these three kingdoms had at different times different extensions. The history of Western Tibet has been studied by TUCCI in J:ngo-Tibe!i2 and fB~, and by PETECH 1977, 1978, 1980. I am. going to refer often to PETECH 1978 in particular because it is partly based on the Ti se text.

    42 A kingdom of Guge independent of Ya che continued to exist without interruption from the 10th century to 1630. This king was a ruler of thatkingdom, PETECH 1978 p.317, PETECH 1980 p.188.

    43 See PETECH 1977 pp.20, 166. 44 See PETECH 1978 p.317. 45 ~es rab 1byun gnas (1187-1241) remained at the Kailasa from

    1219 to 1225; see PETECH 1978 p.317, and 8 6o4-607. 46 It is Khojarnath, a well known Sa skya pa temple, on the

    border between Tibet and Nepal, East of Taklakot; see TUCCI, Santi p.38 et.seq. fRN p.61.

    47 He was Kracalla of Dullu inscription; he reigned from 1207 till after 1233; PETECH 1980 p.192.

    48 See La phyi note 20. The consequence was the foundation of the ~a ris grva chan in Dvags po.

    49 See La phyi note 89. 50 This refers to the legend of the young prince Siddhartha, the

    future Buddha, taming a mad elephant rushed against him by his cousin Devadatta.

    51 According to BA p.528 there were three sacred images of Tibet: Lha sa 1~~o bo, sKyid ron gi ~o bo and Kho ~har ~o bo.

    52 Sen ge ye Mes, a disciple of ~;g rten gsum gyi mgon po was not the successor of sPyan sna ~es rab 'byun gnas, as he stayedat the Ti seat the same time as rGod chan ba, in 1213-1217, while sPyan sna stayed there from 1219 to 1226; PETECH 1978 note 20.

    53 PETECH 1978 p.318. 54 These two rulers were independent rulers of Guge; see note 41

    above. 55 Kardam of the maps, in the valley of the upper Karnali river;

    see TUCCI, 2D!i pp.52-54.

  • 93

    56 PETECH 1978, p.318. 57 PETECH 1978, p.318. 58 The fifth gg~ r~e

  • 94

    77 PETECH 1978 p.323. 78 This date for the invasion of Jumla is wrong; Gorkha annexed

    Jumla in 1789, ROSE p.40. On Rana Bahadur (1778-1799) see ROSE pp.75-80.

    79 For the war between Gorkha and Tibet in 1788-1791, see ROSE p.35 et seq.

    80 TUCCI 1949 p.630. 81 Tijing is a small peak, Located West of the Kailasa; see the

    map n.3 in PRANAVANANDA; in Tibetan mythology it is the abode of rDo rYe Phag mo.

    82 Dunlung, Chamolung, Hle lung are the three main valleys one comes across on the journey around the holy mountain; HEDIN, Iilll Hima1i!~ III p.193. In the text, they are assimiLated to the three principal arteries.

    83 The hermitage of Guyagang is Located South of the Kailasa according to the map n.3 in PRANAVANANDA.

    84 There are many descriptions by travellers corcerning the jour-ney around the Kailasa and Manasarowar. For a general history of these journeys see BURRARD 1933, HEDIN, 2~U~D Tibe! vol.III, MACGREGOR, SANDBERG. Desideri, Moorcrooft, Kawaguchi, Hedin and Tucci,to quote the most important historians and travellers, wrote substantial accounts of these places as they saw them. I am going to refer chiefly to HEDIN, Ii!D ~im2La~ III vols., PRANAVANANDA and TUCCI, 2Dti.

    85 BA p.318. 86 A~cording to the text, ~el 'dra is situated near Se Lun,

    Silung in the map n.3, PRANAVANANDA. 87 'Jam glin ~hos kyi rgyal po (XI 9Qilll 2e, b.1335, on the see

    1351, d.140Q) b~es gnen don grub rgyal po (XII ggill) rile, b.1357, on the see 1401, d.1415) 'Bri gun ~hos rgyal po Rin ~hen dpal bzan

  • 88

    89 90



    Pan ~hen dPal gyi rgya mcho 'Bri gun ~hos rgyal phun chogs

  • 96

    92 The description of this monastery is in TUCCI, anti p.100, where it is called ~hos sku or Chocu; it is the Nyandi gompa of HEDIN, !rsD Himslats II pp.190-191.

    93 La caverne ~lephant each~ in TOUSSAINT p.247. 94 Perna phuk of map n.3 in PRANAVANANDA. 95 It is Tinthipu or 'Tin 'bri phug of TUCCI, 2D!i p.102, and

    Diriphu of the maps; see HEDIN, Tr~ Himslsts II p.197. 96 Charok Donkang in PRANAVANANDA map n.3 97 It is Delma pass of HEDIN, !SD Himala~2 II p.197. 98 The little lake behind Delma pass is marked as Gouri Kund on

    map n.3 in PRANAVANANDA. 99 NEBESKY p.45. 100 WYLIE, pp.59, 123. 101 This mountain is marked as Tsering Chenga on map n.3 in PRANA-

    VANANDA. 102 It is Tsu tul pu of HEDIN, !SO Himals~2 II p.202; a descrip-

    tion of this famousplace is found also in TUCCI, Santi pp.11D-111.

    103 dBus smyon Kun dga' bzan po (b.1458>; see the preface by G.SMITH in CHANDRA 1969 p.3.

    104 The mountain passes between rJu 'Phrul and rGyan grags are marked as Shapjela and Ge vo la on map n.3 PRANAVANANDA.

    105 See note 6 above. 106 On the story of the name of Lake ~1anasarowar see TUCCI, anti,

    pp.58-60. 107 The Author gives two different positions of the springof the

    river Ganga, glan ~hen kha bab, according to the following scheme : fol.51v East rta m~hog fol.S2r East glan ghen

    South khyu mghog South khyu m~hog West glan ghen West rta mghog North sen ge North sen ge

    In the water of the rivers sand of silver, minium, gold and diamond is respectively found. On this argument see URAY 1979 pp.291.

    108 NEBESKY pp.29D-291. 109 sGan snon bKra is ghos rjon monastery is Located at Phyi dban

    North-West of Leh; PETECH 1977 p.29. 110 Seralung is located in a valley East of Lake Manasarowar; it

    is Seroloung gompa of HEDIN's map. When TUCCI visited it, the monastery was still run by some 'Bri gun pa monks; TUCCI,

  • ~D!i p.69. 111 Unidentified.


    112 It is Gniego monastery, situated in the Brag ~hu valley; it was held by the Sa skya pa; TUCCI, ~D!i pp.73-74. In HEDIN, I!~ Him~lat~ II p.132 it is called Yango.

    113 TUCCI, IngQ:Iie~!i~ I p.53. 114 The founder of ~or in the 15th century; TUCCI 1949 p.56. 115 A description of Trugo is in TUC~I, ~D!i pp.74-78; it was the

    most famous monastery around Lake Manasarowar. It is Tugo gompa of HEDIN, Tr~D Hi~lats II p.130.

    116 See BA pp.374-375. 117 Blo bzan bskal bzan rgya mcho


    Anandamalla N.61 Anavatapta N.17, 24 Bhisnu raja T.35v BikramaMa T.35r Bramaputra N.24 Bodhgaya T.10r Buddhaguya N.3 Bunti N.124 Charok Donkang N.96 Deviko!a T.Sv Diriphu N.95 Delma pass N.97 Gniego N.112 Godavari T.Sv Gorkha T.35v, N.78 Gossul N.119 Guyagang N.2 Indus N.24 Jalandhara T.Sr Kai las a N.6 Kalirika T.6r Kamarupa T.Sv Kanci T.6r Kardam N.SS Karnal i N.SS Khojarnath N.46, 64 Kosala T.Sv Kracalla N.47 Kuluta T.6r Kunawar N.60 Lampaka T.6r Langpona N.123 Magadha T.Sr, 9v Malava T.Sv Manasarowar N.84 Nus tang N.64 Nagar a T.6r Narasi'!lha T.35r, N.76

  • 100

    Nyandi gompa Pemapuk Puliramalaya Sutlej Taklakot Trugo Tsering Chenga Tsu tul pu Vimalamitra Vi~vakarman

    N.92 N.94 T.5r N.24 N.46 N.115 N.101 N.102 N.3 N.14

  • Tibetan Index {TI SE)

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    Ka lan rmal Karma b~ad sgrub Kun mkhyen ~va dmar b~i pa Kun dga' bkra' ~is Kun dga' grags pa Kun dga' rgyal mchan Kun dga' rgya mcho Kun dga' dpal Kun dga' rin ~hen Kun dga' bzan po Kun tu bzan po Kun 'jom Kun bsam Ken rus ~an Ken rus chen po Klu ~hu mig brgya rca Klon rdol bla ma dKar sdum dKon m~hog grags pa dKon m~hog brgyud 'jin dKon m~hog ~hos grags pa dKon m~hog Ratna dKyil 'khor sten bKa' brgyud pa bKra ~is mgon bKra ~is rnam rgyal bKra ~is che rin ma sKyu ra bsKal bzan rgyas ston gi pho bran

    Kha Khams gsum rnam rgyal Khu nu Khu nu bSam gtan ~hos glin Kho ~har

    T.35v T.35r T.33v, 34r T.16v T.33r T.33r-v T.31v, N.56 T.33v T.33v T .33r, N.63 T.33r T.7v T.30r T.33r T.Sr T.Sr T.32r N.10 T.31v T.34v T.56v T.34v N.88 T.10v T.13v, 14r T.33r-v T.33v, N.67 T.46v T.38r T.45r

    T.9r T.32r, N.60 T.31v T.32v

  • 102

    Khrag 'thun Khri bkra is dban phyug Khri grags pa bkra ~is Khri grags pa lde Khri lde Ag chom Khrus sgo Khrus bo bdud rei dkyil Khro bo sMe brcegs

    mKha' 'gro ma'i khrus mKha' 'gro sen ~e rna mKha' spyad 'Khor lo sdom pa

    Ga Gan ga

    Gan ba bzan po Gans khyams Gar pa Byan rdor Ga'u ri Gi khod Gu ge

    Gu ge sPu dben dgon Gur pa chul khrims rdor rYe Gu ru brCe ~hen Gos dkar mo Gram rgyal bstan 'jin Grub be Gro Moo rgyan phun Glan ~hen kha 'bab Glan sna Glan ~hen sbas phug GL in ras pa Glon po smon thari dGa' ldan che dbari

    T.6r T.31v T.33v T.31v T.12v, N.19 T.S6r, 58r N.12 T.48r

    T.46r T.44r T.34v T.2v, 7r, 9v, 38r,

    39v, N.6

    T.11v, 1Sr-v, SDr, 51r-v, 52v

    T.46 T.44v, 4Sr T.26v T.9r N.6 T.13r, 1Sv,

    27v, 31v, 42v, N.41 r.34r T.27r T.21v, 47r T.8r T~33v T.34v T.31v T.1Sv T.S6r, 6Dr T.43v T.23v T.32v T.34r-v, 57r, N.73

  • dGe Lugs pa mGam po rj i mGo chugs mGon po ye es 'Gar Dam pa ~has sdins rGa mo ~hu rGod chan pa

    rGya Ras pa ye es rGyan grags

    rGyal Ldan rna rGyal 'phrin las rGyal ba'i byams pa'i pho bran rGyal dban Ratna sGan snon sGrib pa rnam sel sGrol ma

    jqa jqag dban bzan po jqag dban rnam rgyal jqag dban sans rgyas rdo rYe jqad phu ba jqan son kun 'dren jqam ad kun tu bzan po jqor ~hen kun dga 'Lhun grub djqul 'bum (spring) djqos ~has rYe Phun chogs rgya mtho

    ~a' bdag grags pa Lde ~a' ris skor gsum sjqon po

    ~a bCom Ldan 'das

    l~ags ye ye es rjon

    T.58v T.7v T.56r, 59r T.33r N.37 N.13


    T.23v, 44r-v, 45r, 48r, N.33

    T.23r, N.32 T.2r, 3r, 29r, 30v,

    31v,36r, 37v, 38v, 41v, 48v, N.2

    T.8r T.33v T.43v T.33r T.33v, SSr, N.109 T.8r T.8r, 45r, 46r

    T.33v T.33v T.16v T.26r T.8r T.24v T.58r T.45r T.27v T.29v T.32r, 34r, 45r T.27v

    T.10r T.32r

  • 104

    ~ha ~has kyi rgyal mchan ~has kyi rgyal po Grags pa Lde

    ~has kyi grags pa ~has kyi blo gros

    ~has sku ~has khri grags pa bkra Mis ~has grags sku skye dkon m~hog phan bde

    ~has grags ye Mes ~has rgyal m~a' bdag rce Lde

    ~has rgyal dpal 1byor ~has rgyal phun chogs ~has nid nor bu

    ~has rYe g~un rin po ~he

    ~a ~ig rten dban phyug ~in gir Er ke chog thu

    ~o bo A tig sman ~o rna ~has khri

    '~am dpal '~am dpal ye ~es

    '~am dbyans rnam rgyal ~ i g rten gsum gyi mgon po

    '~ig byed ~hen po

    Na Nan po Nan ri Nan po ri r)on Ni rna gun pa Ni oo snin po gNos Lha nan pa

    JTtJes sgo

    N.11 T.35r T.33v T.48r N.92 T.42v T.35r N.25 T.42v T.33v T.33v N.88 T.32

    T.33r T.57r T.29r T.34r T.?v T.33r T.33v

    T.23r-v, 24r, 26r, 54r, N.34


    T.42r T.27v, 43v, T.32v, 42r T.2r, 31v T.8v T.26v, 29r, 45v,47v,

    54r-v T.56r, 58r

  • sNan grags sNe rna bSam gtan phun chags

    Ta Ti ~hun Ti se

    Ti se sen ge gdan dkar rna Tin 'jin rHLipa rTa m~hag kha 'bab rTa mgrin LTi> dar sgan sTag cha sTabs ~he sTabs rdul ~hu bsTan 'jin 'gra 'dul

    Tha Thub pa glan skyon 'dul ba Thad pa'i dum bu mThun ~hen thobs

    Da Dam pa rjoii Dar rna rgyal mchan Dar Luii

    ~a gi pa Dus mchan rna Do bo ~es rda rYe rjan Don grub rgyal po Dom bhi ni Dra ba ~an gyi 'od Drag po '~igs byed bDe m~hag bDe Legs rgya mcha bDud rei d~hyil ba

    N.64 T.60r



    T.1r, 1Dv, 12r, 13r-v, 14r, 16v, 31v, 33r, 34v, 38r, 45v, N.6

    T.2v T.25v T.16v, 17r, N.27 T.15v T.6r, 9r, N.12 T.4Dr T.31 r T.6r T.15v N.88

    T.1Dr-v, 11r, 3Dv, 36r-v T.Sr T.8r

    T.29r T.31v, 32r T.27v, 39v, N.82 T.17r T.Sr, 7v T.31v, 32r N.62 T.9r T.8r T.6v, 7v T.13v, 14r, N.6 T.32v, N.64 T.8v

  • 106

    mOa' ~hos phug mOar phyag 'chal sgari mOo khams rOo rYe '~hari ~hen po rOo r~e 'Jigs byed rOo r]e '~igs ma rOo v -. r]e .m ma mo rOo rYe Pho na mo rOo rYe Phag mo rOo rYe g~on ma nam mkha'i rOo rYe bzaii rOo rYe 'od m~hog rOo rYe'i 'od rOo rYe Ral pa ~an rOo v r]e sems rOo rYe hum mjad rOo ram LOan ma kun grags

    Na Na ro bon ~huii Na ro pa Nag po Nam mkha'i sn1n po Nam mkha' mjod Nar Lari Nor bzari gNam mgon sde

    sniri po

    gNas.brtan yan Lag 'byuri gi pho bran gNubs ~hen po yon tan grags rNam pa rgyal ba rNam snaii mjad rNal byor rna sNari sems

    Pa Pak~u Padma dkar po

    T.31v T.41v T.24r T.4v, 7r T.8r T.8v T.7v T.7v T.38r, 48r, N.81 T.?v T.6r T.8v T.Sv T.Sv T.6v T.Sv T.35r T.4v

    T.18v, 21r, 41v T.16v, 45r,46r, 47r T.27v, 39v T.6r T.7v T.35r T.8v T.28r T.40v T.27r T.9r T.6v T.S3v T.34v

    T.11v, 1Sv, 51r, 52v T.16v

  • Padma gar dban Padma'i rgyal mchan Padma phug Padma 'byun gnas Pan ~hen Blo bzan ~has kyi rgyal mchan Pu ka se Pu _Qe rmal Pu .ran Pu ran kha ~har Pu ran rgod khun Pu ran rgyal pa Bla ~hen stag che khri 'bar Pu ran brag ska rag Pu ran b~ad 'phel glin dPal ~hen pa dPal rngon lde sPyan sna Grags pa 'byun gnas sPyan sna ~has kyi rgyal pa sPyan sna Ner gnis pa sPyan sna 'Bri gun glin pa sPyan sna ~es rab 'byun gnas sPyan ras gzigs sPo spa bkra ~is sen ge sPobs pa rcegs sPos kyi glan pa sPrag li dur

    Ph a Phag rno gru pa Phu ye Phun chags brtan pa Pho lha nas Phyag na rda rYe Phyi rna ldag rna 'Phrin las bzan pa

    Ba Bar tab rrnal Bar pad (cave) Bu ~hun pa

    T.6r N.88 T.43v :r .42r T.13v T.9r T. 35r T.31v, 32v, 33r, T.19r-v, 32r T.32r-v, 34r T.28r T.32r T.58v, 59r T.Sv T.31v T.26v T.48r T.32r T.40r T.13v, 59v, N.52 T.7v T.26v T.Br T.Br T.32r

    T.23r, 24r, 26r T.35r T.33v T.58v, N.118, T.7v T.8v


    T.33v, 35r-v, 56v

    T.35r T.31v T.40r

  • 108

    Beii ~hen Bon ri Bya skyibs

    Bya rog mgron khaii Byams pa Byams sprin Bra ti rmal Bra mo ha Blo gros rgya mcho Blo bzaii bskal bzaii rgya mcho Blo bzaii nor bu Blo bzaii rab rten dBaii phyug gi bka' sdod dBaii phyug gi pho bran dBus smyon dByug snon ~an 'Bri guii pa

    'Bri guii Gliii pa 'Bri guii ~hos kyi grags pa 'Bri guii ~hos kyi ni rna 'Bri gun thel 'Bri guii pa Don grub ~hos rgyal 'Bri gun A phyi 'Bri thim 'Bri ra 'Brug pa 'Brug pas rGyas ras pa ye ~es 'Brug pas 'Phrin La Min rta 'Bro Lun sByin pa nor bu

    Ma Ma tan 9i Ma dros pa

    Ma pham Maii yul Marpa


    T.10v, 11r, 44r T.56r, 60v

    T.29r,32v,56r,59v, N.122 T.45r-v T.7v T.58r T.35r T.9v T.8v N.117 T.60v T.33r T.40r T.40r T.47v, N.103 T.9r T.2v, 34r, 40v, 46v N.2 T.29r, 48r T.16v, N.87 N.87 T.25r N.87 T.38r-v T.44r-45r T.44r-v T.2v, 32v, 42r, 43v, N.S T.23r T.46r T.44r T.59r

    T.17r T.11v, 13r, 50r,

    53r T.13r, 15r, 29v, 38r, 48r T.58r T.13r, 16v, 17v

  • Jlli g.yog Mi La ras pa

    Mi 'am ~; Mig mi bzaii Mum Me Lo steii

    r~on rMa bya ~hen mo rl4a bya Seii ge sMyug sbam

    Ca Can ~a ni Cau ri Ci Luii pa Cu du gCari po gCari smyon gCari ris rCe brgyad

    Cha Chva' ug ChuL khrims mgon po Chul khrims rgya mcho Che dbaii rnam rgyaL mChe ba rnam gcig

    Ja Jam bha La nag po'i pho.bran Ja La ndha ra Ji dar rmaL Jum L i mJed nad ~; byed rdo rYe 'Ja chon sna Liia'i ~hu rgyun 'Jam gLiii ~hos kyi rgyaL po 'Jin 'duL


    T.9r T .17v, 21v, 45v, 46r, 47r

    T.6v, 9r T.6r T.27v, 29v, 31v, N.40 T.39v, 46r T.29v T.8v T.54r T.50r

    T.9r T.9r N.36 T.24r T.15v T.47v T.46v T.27v, N.40

    T.2Sr T.32r N.120 T.33v T.Sr

    T.42r T.Sr, 9v T.35r T.35r T.48r T.43v N.59, S7 N.36

  • 110

    'Jurn Lan rJu 'phrul rJoii luii

    ~a ~an ~uii

    g~on nu ~es rab 'byun gnas

    Za Za phu luii Zan su rnthog pa Zla ba'i 'od bZan skyoii


    'od dpag rned

    Ya Ya rce 'jurn lan Ye ~es sgrol rna Ye Mes thog g.Yag ru dpal grags

    Ra Ra lo ca va Ran b~n ~hos sku riii po ~he Ratnasri Rana Bahadur Rab kun tu bzaii po Rarne~vara Ras chun pa Ras ~hen Ri khrod rna Rin ~hen sgrol rna Rin ~hen rdo rYe Rin ~hen rnarn rgyal

    T.35v T.32v, 47v, 48v, 58v T.39v

    N.6 T.27r

    T.12r T.24v, N.36 T.8v T.8v


    T.29v, 32r, N.61 T.8r T.8r T.27v

    T.58r T.42v T.11 r T.35v, N.78 T.6r T.Sv T.47v T.42r T.8v T.?r T.6r N.87

  • Rin ~hen phun chogs Rin ~hen dpal bzan v . Rin chen rnam rgyal Rin ~hen Sen ge Rin po ~he'i 'od Rin 'byun Ro lan ma

    La La dvags Lan ka pu ran Lag phren thod dkar Lampaka Lu gu brgyud ma Lun bstan cave Lo hi ta sLe mi

    sLe mi kun jom sLe mi til ~hen

    ~a ~ans

    ~arkhran spe'u ~el 'dra

    g~in rYe g~ed b~es gnen don grub rgyal po

    Sa Sa'i snin po Sa skya pa sa skya Pawita San ga rmal Sans. rgyas kyi bugs ~hri Sans rgyas rgya mcho Sans rgyas spyan ma Sans rgyas byan ~hub ma Sans rgyas sman bla

    N.65, 87 T.Br T.33v T.33v T.8v T.7v T.7v

    T.33v, N.71 T.10v, 11r T.29r T.6r T.8v T.41v T.15v T.27v, 29v, 31v,

    3.4v, N.40 T.31v T.30v

    T.12r T.34r


    T.27v, 28r, 31r, 40v T.8v, N.12 N.87

    T.7v T.32v T.14v, 16r,N.33 T.35r T.11r, 40r T.34v T.Br T.7v T.46v

  • 112

    Sans rgyas gsan ba Sarah a Si ta Sindhu Se ba Lun Se Lun Se Lun Bu ghun pa Se ra Sen ge kha 'bab Sen ge rnam rgyal Sen ge ye Mes

    Saurastra Suvar~~dvi'pa gSan ~nags ghos khyi phug bSil ba chal bSod nam grub bSod nams dpal 'byor

    Ha Himalaya Heruka Hor stod Hri a ku ne LHa ~hu LHa dban phyug LHa mo gcug tor ma LHa mo 'phrog rna LHa b~am bSam grub LHa bcun Byan ghub 'od LHa Lun

    LHa sa LHo mon

    A A mgon bzan po A tig A t1 a

    T.2v, 12v N.35 T. 11 v, 15v, 51 r, 52v T.51 r T.55r, 56v, N.110 T.40r T.34v T.60v, N.125 T.15v T.33v, N.72 T.13v, 31r-v, 40r,

    54v, N.52 T.6r T.6r T.42r T.45v T.33r T.33v

    T.?r, 9v, 12r T.7v T.57r T.5v T.42r, 43v T.9v T.8v T.46v T.31v T.13r T.27v, 39v, 41v,

    N.82 T.30v T.30r

    T.32v T.31 r T..2v, 13r, 48r,

  • 113

    59r, N.4 A na rmal T.35r A phyi T.47r A ji rmal T.35r A rbu ta T.Sr A so lde T.35r Indrabodhi T.17r E ~huii mon mo T.27r 0 rgyan pa T.9v, 23v, 60r,

    N.33 0 te T.Sv

  • LA PHY I

    1r gnas ~hen ner b~i'i ya gyaL go da va ri 'am I 'brog La phyi gans kyi ra ba'i snon byun gi chuL Las rim pa'i gtamgyi rab tu phyed pa nun du rnam gsaL ~es bya ba b~ugs so II

    1v bLa rna dan Lhag pa' i Lha dbyer rna m~hi s pa la phyag 'chaL lo II mi 'gyur bde ba m~hog gi ye ~es skur II rnam kun .m~hog ldan nid mja' na mos II mi phyed dam por 'khyud pa sgyu dra'i gar II Lha mghog dra ba sdom pa der btud nas II gan gis ner spyod ner b~i'i yuL gyi gco II sgyu ma'i gron mchuns go da va ri 'am ll La phyi gans ra'i byun chul phyogs cam ~ig I dran bas brYod 'di gus pa'i yid kyis non II de la 'dir la phyi gans kyi ra ba'i snon byun gi lo rgyus mdor bsdus su ~had pa la drug ste I bern po'i ri bo 'di nid thog mar ru dra dregs pa

    ~an gyis bdag tu bzun chul I de bde m~hog gi sprul nas mkha' spyod kyi in du bsgyur chul I de nid grub pa'i

    2r slob dpon dag gis gnas sgo phye chul I gnas sgo phye nas rgyaL ba 'bri gun pas sgrub gnas su bdag gir mjad chul I gnas ran gi khyad ~hos no mchar gyi bkod pa bye brag tu b~ad pa I de la phyag skor m~hod 'bul bgyis pa 1 i phan yon bMad pa rnams so II dan po ni I de yan snon Y;g rten gyi kh~ms 'di nid ~hags nas dus yun ~hes rin por 'das pa'i + ~ig na '~ig rten gyi bdag po Lha ghen po rna ha de va 'am dban phyug chen po drag po Y;gs byed ges bya ba gtum po rna run ba'i skur nas rgya gar gyi yuL rna ga dhar gnas bgas Min dban bsgyur to II de dan dus mchuns su nam mkha' nas lha bi dan dri za

    2v bi I sa sten nas gnod sbyin b; dan srin po bi I sa 'og nas klu b; dan Lha rna yin b; ste gtum po ma run pa ni Mu rca b~i po des 'jam bu glin gi yuL pu lLi ra rna la ya nasI ku lu ta'i bar yul ner b~i po de rnams so so'i 'dug gnas su btag tu bzuns nas gnas bgas La I khyad par de'i dus la phyi gans kyi ra ba 'di'i min La go da va ri es grags te I 'di ni bdud rigs khyi lha dri za lha dgra dan I ~e 1 i ghun rna dpa 1 bo'i blo gan rna ste khyo Mug gtum po gdug pa ~an ig gis bdag tu bzuns nas pho bran btab po I de nas gtum po ~; Mu rca bi po de dag ni e sdan Mugs ~ha ba'i srog ~hags du ma 1 i dbugs ni za I 'dod ~hags Mas ~he bas dus bin snom Yug La brcon I gti mug Mas ~he bas ran nid log pa 1i Lta ba bzuns nas gan dag kyan der 1god par byed I gtan gyi

    3r I skya bas kyan ma ha de va la bzuns nas de nid mghod par byed

  • 116

    pa las I dban phyug ~hen pos kyan kho ran gis ran gzugs dor nas rdo'i li nga ~; ~u rca b~i'i rnam par sprul nas gnas su gnas so II II sa b~ad g~is pa de bde m~hog gi sprul pas btul nas mkha' spyod khyi ~in du bsgyur chul ni I + lta bus lo grans brgya stan grans med pa ~ig 'das te bskal pa rjogs ldan g~is ldan gsum ldan rnams rjogs nas bskal pa rcod ldan gyi dus su babs pa de'i che I b~om ldan 'das rdo rYe 'chan ~hen pas rna run pa de dag 'dul ba'i dus la babs par mkhyen nas I thugs dmigs med snin rYe ~hen po las rna g.yos b~in du I sku rab tu khros pa'i khro po ~hen po ~alb~i phyag b~u g~is pa'i skur b~ens nas I gar gyi stan stabs

    3v dan b~as drag po Y;g byed khyo ~ug ~abs kyis brjis ~in btul nas bde ba la bkod pas Y;gs byed sa og tu mnon par sans rgyas so II de ltar he ru kas drag po Y;gs byed btul zin nas ri rab kyi khar b~ugs pa'i che sans rgyas mi bskyod pas g~al yas khan gdan dan b~as pa phul I rin 'byun gis sems dpa' ~er b~i dan sems rna ~r b~i phul I snan mthas lha mo b~u gnis phul I don grub kyis go ~ha'i lha rnams phul I rnam snan gis phun khams skye m~hed byin gyis rlob pa'i lha rnams phul nas bde m~hog drug ~u rca gnis kyi sprul pa'i dkyil 'khor grub po II de'i che sems dpa 1 sems rna ner b~i po de rnams kyis kyan khro bo yab yum gyi rnam par b~ens nas 'jam bu'i glin gi yul ~; ~u rca b~i~ gnas pa'i dregs pa ~an ni ~u rca b~i po btul I khro bo yab yum brgyad kyis sgo mchams rna brgyad du sprul nas dur khrod kyi rna mo brgyad btul I k'hyad par gon gsal sems dpa' ~er b~i'i

    4r I nan nas byan ~hub sems dpa' phyag na rdo rYe dan I sems rna rdo rYe ro lan rna g~is kyis khro bo yab yum gyi skur b~ens nas la phyi gans rar gnas pa'i dri za khyo ~ug g~is btul ba ste I 'dul chul ni gdug pa ~an de dag gi gnas phrogs nas g~al yas khan du bsgyur I mthu stobs phrogs nas ~in tu ~ams par byas I glan ko stag ~am sags rgyan phrogs nas sku la mnabs I gri thad kha tvam ga sags lag ~ha phrogs nas phyag mchan du mjad I srog snin.ka ra ka ra sags phrogs nas rca snags su byin gyis brlabs I ~a ~har la sags pa'i bza' btun phrogs nas chogs kyi 'khor lo mjad I de rnams kyi sems 'od gsal du thim nas sans rgyas par byas I khyad par rna ha de va'i sprul pa'i rten de la 'khor lo sdom pa lha drug ~u rca gnis kyi sprul pa'i dkyil 'khor mnon sum du b~ugs par byin gyis brlabs pa ste I de ltar gdul bya'i rnam pa rna spans par 'dul byed 'khor lo

  • 117

    4v sdom pa'i sprul pa'i dkyil 'khor grub pa yin La I de yan mgon po ni pu Lli ra rna La ya I spyi gcug ni ja La ndha ra I rna ba g.yas ni o di ya na I ltag pa ni o tan ta pu ri ~es sogs yul ner b~i po n;n rdo rYe; lus La bkod pa'i che ni La phyi 'di rna ba g.yon pa go da va ri ~es grags te I da Lta snan g.yon ~es brag La snan ran byon yod pa'i rgyu mchan yan de ltar b~as I mdor na bskal pa rcod Ldan gyi dus dpal he ru kas drag POJ Yigs byed btul ba de nas bzuns mkha' La spyod pa'i gnas brgyad kyi nan mchan go da va ri es 'khor Lo sdom pa'i in khams su grub pa yin La I drag po Yigs 'byed rna btul ba'i gon du ni sa rdo'i phun po ran chan pa 'am I mi rna yin gyi gnas tha mal pa yin par go dgos so II II sa b~ad gsum pa gnas de nid grub pa'i slob dpon dag gis gnas sgo phye chul ni I de Ltar dpal he ru kas gsan snags kyi dnos grub sgrub pa'i gnas su byin gyis brlabs pa de nas yun rin po'i bar du ni ~a za'i dpa' bo da ki rnams ~i

    Sr I dgar rgyu in rol pa cam las I mii 1gro bar gyur paso so skye po ni su yan med La sten pa mya nan Las 'das nas lo sum brgya sum ~u rca drug na rgya gar 'phags pa'i yul du grub pa'i slob dpon ~hen po dpal sa ra ha byon nas gsan snags rdo rYe theg pa'i ~in rta srol phye nas yul ner bi dan I gnas sum ~u rca gnis kun ~abs kyis b~ags pas I de nas bzun rgya gar gyi grub ~hen du rna ig byon par gdon mi za mod kyan I da Lta dus kyi bas 'di dan 'di byon gyi gtam nes pa ~an mi snan La 'on kyan 'phags spyan ras gzigs kyis bod kyi rgyal po sron bean sgam por sprul nas bod gans ~an gyi mgon mjad pa de cam nas

    ~a za'i mkha' 'gro rnams ~un zad Yam du son nas gnas 'di'i khor yug tu gtogs pa man yul dan I gna' nan sogs mi'i 'gro bas bzun du btub par gyur I de rYes slob dpon ~hen po padma 'byun gnas kyi ~abs kyis b~ags ~in ~a za'i mkha' 'gro rnams dam La

    Sv btags pas snar bas kyan Yam duson nas La phyi gnas mthil nid du dan mi'i gro ba ~i rigs rgyu nus pa cam du gyur I de rYes mkhas grub g.yu thog pa ~him po 'di rYe ba j ra yan byon pas da Lta g.yu thog pa'i sgrub phug tu nos 'jin pa ~i rigs kyan yod I mthar gnas sgo yons su rjogs pa ni rnal 'byor gyi dban phyug rYe bcun mi La ras pas phye bar mjad pa yin pas de'i Lo rgyus mdo bsdus su brYod na I de yan rYe bcun mi La ras pa de nid ni sgra bsgyur mar pa dgun Lo b~i b~u tham pa b~es pa rab byun dan po'i nan chan ~hu 'brug Lor man yul gun than du 'khruns I gon nu'i dus pha spun dgrar Lans pa La drag po mnon spyod kyi

  • 118

    las sbyor mjad nas dgra phyogs kyi mi mgo sum gu rca lna cam bsgral I ser ba phab nas lo thog kyan brlags par byas I de La 'gyod nas lho brag gro bo lun du mar pa lo ca'i spyan snar byon I sras mkhar dgu thog phal gher ran ~id kyis brcegs pa sags kyis mnes par mjad gin dpal na ro pa nas brgyud pa'i gdams pa rnams us

    6r I ~in khon du chud nas La stod du 'byon khar bla mas sgrub.pa byed pa'i sgrub gnas kyi gco bo rnams kyan lun bstan gin I khyad par La stod rgyal gyi srT 'di rgya gar gyi grub ghen rnams kyis byin gyis brlabs pa'i ri yin pas de La sgoms I gans ti se sans rgyas kyis lun bstan pa'i ri bo gans gan dan 'khor lo sdom pa'i pho bran yin pas de La sgoms I La phyi gans ra yut ni ~u rca b~i'i ya gyal go da va ri yin pas de La sgoms I man yul gyi ri bo dpal 'bar dan I bal yul gyi yul mo gans ra mdo phal po ~he nas lun bstan pa'i gnas yin de La sgoms I brin gyi ghu dbar Min skyon gi mkha' 'gro bugs ~in 'du ba'i gnas yin pas de La sgoms I gan yan mi med kyi gnas mthun rkhyen gan 'jom du sgoms La bsgrub pa'i rgyal mchan chugs ~ig ~es lun bstan I de nas

    r~e bcun gyis slar man yul gun than du byon pas ran yul gyi gnas chul gzigs pa La brten nas skye Mas des 'byun gis rgyud brlan te

    6v brag dkar rta sor lo b~u g~is kyi bar dka' thub kyi sgrub pa mjad pas nam mkha' La phur nus pa cam gyi yon tan brnes I de'i dus bla ma'i bka' bsgrub gin La phyi gans ra'i gnas sgo 'byed du 'byon par dgons te brin gyi spo ze La brgyud nas brag dmar mghon lun du phebs nas der sgrub pa mj ad pas I de' i che bgegs kyi rgyal po bi na ya ka es da lta La phyi Min skyon gis lgags kyi a ca ra mig phor khog cam pa bdun du sprul nas rYe bcun La glags I chol du byun ba La I na mi La ras pa 'drer mi Yigs II mi La ras pa 'drer Yigs na II gnas lugs rtogs pa don re ghun II khyod 1dir byon 1dre gdon bgegs kyi chogs II da lan yens pa no mchar ghe.ll mi rins glad La rgyun du bMugs II bka' mghid gsun glen M;b tu bgyid llrins run do nub gis kyan sdod II 'o skol sgo gsum real 'gran in II dkar nag ghos kyi ghe khyad blta II khyed par ~had ma chugs mi ldog yon II bar ghad rna chugs log gyur na II da lan yens ba kha re skyens II es gsuns nas thugs I

    7r dam gyi da rgyal bMens ste a ca ra rnams kyi mdun du thal gyis byon pas I a ca ra rnams Yigs skrag dan nas gsum gyis mig rig rig byed gin rins stabs su g~ig La ggig thim pa'i mthar g~ig

  • 119

    po yan rlun 'chub 'khyil ba ~ig tu byas nas mi snan bar son ~in gnas der ~un zad sgrub pa mjad I de ltar ~in skyon gis ~ho 'phrul dan pos glags rna sned par slar la phyi'i gnas mthil du 'byon par dgons nas 'brin spo ze La dan gna' nan mthon La brgyud nas La phyi'i gnas sgo gna' nan bkra ~is sgan du phebs I de'i gon cam du rear rna pa rnams khyis rYe bcun gyi snan pa thos nas Yal 'dod yod pa'i sten I skabs 'dir rYe bcun rear mar phyag phebs pa dan 'grig pas I phyug po rear rna pa'i bu gen rdor mo dan I ~hun rna legs se 'bum gnis I skyo ston ~a kya ~u ~a sogs kyis rYe bcun yin par es nas m~hog tu dga' I de dus La phyi 'di gna' nan rear rna ba'i 'brog sa yin La 'di mkha' spyod kyi ~in

    7v khams ~a za'i mkha' 'gro rgyu ba'i yul du son g~is der phyin pa'i mi rnams La mnon sum 'dre gdon gyi gnod pa man du byun bas yul gyi min La 'dre lun skyo mo es btags yod par ltar I rYe bcun La 'dre 'dul ~in gnas sgo 'byed du phebs ba'i gsol ba btab I der rYe bcun gyis kyan La phyi'i zul le'i gans La phyogs su byon pas I La rce nas mi rna yin gyis Mho 'phrul dag po byun I La'i gzug phebs 'phral drag po'i brug ldin ~in glog 'kyug pa dan I lun pa phan chun gyi ri nur nas phu Mhu 'khyil te rba rlabs drag po 'khrug pas mMho ~ig tu gyur pa La I rYe bcun gyis lta stans mjad phyag mkhar bsnun pas mcho ~abs nas bzags te med par son ba La dmu rjin du grags I de nas mar ~un zad byon pas mi rna yin rnams kyis ri phan chun bsnil ba'i bar La pha bon man po rba rlabs 'khrug Min byun ba'i che I mkha' 'gros Lun pa pha chun gyi bar du ri sprul thur du brgyugs pa 'dra ba ig gi lam phul bas rbab ~i ba'i Lam de La mkha'

    8r I 'gro sgan lam du grags I de nas mi rna yin stobs Mhun ba rnams ran ~i La son I Mhe ba rnams kyis glags mi rned run da dun glags 'chol ba La mkha' 'gro sgan lam rjogs mchams su rYe bcun gyis Log 'dren ziL gnon gyi lta stans ~ig mjad pas Mho 'phrul kun ~i nas b~ugs sa de rdo La ~abs rYes gMig byun I de nas ~un zad phyin pa'i sa sgan ~ig tu nam mkha' dvans nas byams pa'i tin ne 'jin bsgom ~in b~ugs pas sa den byams sgan du grags I de nas Mhu bzan du byon nas Mun zad b~ugs pa'i che slar yan La phyi ~in skyon chogs bdag bi na ya ka de nid baL po bha ro'i rnam pa La 1khor mi rna yin gyi dmag Mhu bzan lun pa'i gnam sa gan ba ons nas rYe bcun gyi thog tu ri sniL ba dan I mchon ~ha'i char drag po 'bebs pa sogs ~ho 'phrul du rna bstan du byun ba La I je bcun gyis I bla rna rYe yis gnan bkrol te II lam bskyed rjogs brtan par'bsgoms ba'i mthus II

  • 120

    nan rca gnas rten 'brel ~es pa'i 8v phyir I phyi 'khrul snan gi bgegs La na mi Yigs I ned bram ze

    ghen po'i brgyud pa La II dpal nam mkha' lta bu'i rnal 'byor man II yid gnug ma'i don La sbyans sbyans nas II 'khrul snan gi dran ea dbyins su yal II gnod bya dan gnod byed nas ma mthon II zes sogs gsuns nas dam La btags ~in skabs der mi ma yin de rnams kyis zla ba ggig gi 'cho ba phul ba sogs de phyin rYe bcun gyi yon bdag tu gyur I de nas ram sdins kyi brag skyibs ~ig tu bugs pa'i cheLa phyi'i mkha' 'gro ma man pos phyag 'chal I Jdod yon sna chogs kyi mghod pa phul I bskor ba byas pa rdo La mkha' 'gro'i abs rYes gnis byun I de nas mar byon lam du mi ma yin gyi gho 'phrul mo mchan ghen po du ma bstan pa rYe bcun gyis kyan gsan ba'i rdo rYe khro bor bens nas gdens thabs su byon pas mchan ma dgu 'das pa'i mchams su gnas kyi bgud bsdus pa'i rdo ig La gsan gnas brdar ~in lta stans mjad pas ~ho 'phrul kun ~i bar gyur I sa de La La dgu Lun

    9r I dgur grags I de nas mthil du phebs su ne ba'i che slar in skyon ghags bgag nid chogs bgas nid kyis bsu ba byas ~in mghod pa phul ghos khri ggig nas ghos us I mthar ghos khri'i mdun gyi pha phod ig La thim pas dan da lta lha mtho yod I de nas gnas kyi mthil phyi nam mkha' gru gsum nan pa gru gsum I bar ghu gru gsum ste ghos byun gsum brcegs kyi rnam pa gan rdo rYe rnal 'byor ma sogs dpa' bo mkha' 'gro sbrin btib pa b~in du dgyes dgur rol pa'i mdun bdud 1dul phug mo gher grags pa'i phug pa ig tu zla ggig cam tin ne 'jin du b~ugs I de nas gna' nan gi yon bdag rnams kyis sar byon nas I khyod kyi 'brog sa de 'dre lun skye mo ran du 'dug ste nas 'dre rnams btul nas sgrub gnas su son yod I de yan gdod kyi phyin te bsgom ba lan gsuns pas khon rnams mghog tu dga' ~in dad par gyur te phyis mi rnams kyis kyan phyag mghod skor ba byed pa'i srol byun bar grags I de nas lo du ma ig 'das nas

    9v rYe bcun gyis khyi ra ras pa btul zin rYes La phyi snan g.yon es bgom ldan 'das dpal 'khor lo sdom pa'i snan brag La ran byun du byon pa'i drun du phebs in bugs pa'i che ~in skyon gi mkha' 'gro che rin m~hed lnas rYe bcun La thugs dam rtogs pa g; 'dug blta in nuL du ons pa na rYe bcun sen Lden gi nags chal du rigs nan gyi bu mor lons spyod gin dnul dkar gyi me Lon gzigs pas mthar nam mkhar thim pa mthon I de'i phyi lo mghon lun du b~ugs pa'i che snar b~in nul du 'ons pa na rYe bcun sen ge La ghibs pa'i sku La thal ghen dan ra kha byugs

  • 121

    ~iri dbu La me tog gi phreri ba b~iris I ni rna dan zla ba gas su gyon phyag na gdugs dari rgyal mchan bsnams na~ byon pa'i mthar nam mkha' yal bar mthori bas glags rna. rned I de nas rYe bcun nid gdun Lo re g~ig pa ~hu 'brug dbyar zla ra ba'i nari du sman Luri ~hu dbar gyi Lte bar khyuri sgori phug tu b~ugs skabs nub g~ig bud med keri rus kyi gzugs ~an gyis ri rab I

    10r span du 'degs pa dan I bud med dmar po t~e spyan gi gdon pa ~an bu ga nas khrag rgyun 'jag pa ~ig gis rgya mcho hub kyis 'debs pa dan I bud med gtum mo g~in rYe; gzugs ~an rna ~ig gis ni zla ~ha Lan rdeb pa dan I bud med nag mo sol ba'i mdog ~an Yigs su ruri ba ~ig gis ni zla gza' skar than La 'bebs ~iri rgyobs gsod kyi gad rgyaris sgrogs pa dari I bud med mjes rna lha'i ~ha byad ~an gyis 'jum ~iri bslu brid byed pa ste lrias gees ba'i gdon ~hen po b~o brgyad kyi dmag gnam sa bar gsum gari ba 'ori nas glags bcal kyari glags rna rned par lha 'dre rnams slar mos ~in 'dun par gyur te I der khori rnams na re I khyod brtan pa thob pa'i rnal 'byor par 'dug pa La I ried kyis 'di ltar rio rna ~es te srion chad mtho 'cham ~iri bar chad byas. pa rnams ~in tu gnod ~iri 'gyod pas bzed pa ~hen po b~es 'chal I da phyin chad khyed ~i gsuris ba'i bka' nan ~iri 'baris su m~hi bas bka' '

    10v sgo ba'i las dari bya ba gari yin pa de dag thams ~ad ried ~ag lha 'dre rnams kyis bsgrub par bgyi'o ~es khas blaris nas rari gnas su sori I slar rYe bcun nid dguri lo re gnis pa ~hu mo spruL gyi lor lha sman rgyal mo bkra ~is che riri m~hed Lria bud med mjes rna lria'i rnam par 'oris nas ba man gyi ~o yin zer ba mu man gyi skyogs gari rYe bcun gyi phyag tu phuL I '~hi med kyi che I snari gsaL pra I rma g.yari zas I bari mjod nor I rkari b~i phyugs kyi dries grub ste Yig rten gyi dries grub rnam pa Lria yari phuL nas byari ~hub m~hog tu sems bskyed pa'i sdom pa ~us I slar yari bud med Lria po des spas dari me tog bza' b~a' btud ba'i rigs kyi spyan gzigs draris nas ries don gyi ~has ~ig gnan 'chal ~us pa'i nor rdo theg pa'i Lta ba'i skor gyi gnad dari rYe bcun sgrol ma'i rigs gtad l Lha mo kuru ku lli 1i rYes gnari sriags bla med kyi dam chig gi skor sogs gdams I sLar ~iri rta Lor brin pa'i phyugs rji rnams kyis dmar thab ~or ba'i rkyen gyis bkra ~is che riri mar snun drag

    11r I po thebs nas ~hu dbar nas rYe bcun nid spyan 'dren du byuri ba La I sa manta ca ri'i rju 'phruL 'od kyi Lam La glog 'gyu ba'i yuL cam gyis byon pas I garis mthon mthiri rgyaL mo'i g.yon mgul na dar dkar gyi gur La gser gyi yoL ba bres pa mu man gyi

  • 122

    chon thag I dun gi chugs ~iri I byi ru'i chon phur ~an ~ig gi nari du Yo mo bkra ~is che riri rna ~in tu bs~un pa'i chul gyis

    b~ugs pa des gsol ba btab nas I de nub nas rYe bcun gyis yi ge brgya pa'i sgo nas khrusdari I bla rna dkon m~hog La gsol 'debs I gcug tor rnam par rgyal ma'i sgo nas che bsriris ba mjad pas

    s~un las khad kyis groL nas bla rna rYe bcun la bka' drin gtari rag kyari phul I de rYes rYe bcun gyis bar no sku gsum rio sprod kyi gdams pa gnari nas byari ghub ~hen po'i lam la khrid de ~iri skyon gi mkha' 'gro'i gco mo che riri rna las kyi phyag rgyar b~es I de l tar gco mo dbari du 'dus pa la brten nas La phy' i gnas khons k)d I

    11v dpa' bo mkha' 'gro thams ~ad ~ugs kyis dbari du 'dus ~iri dam la btags I lha srin sde brgyad rna lus pa'i srog sniri b~es ~in mi'i 'gro ba la gnod 'che mi byed par bka' bsgos pas lha srin rnams kyis kyari bran b~in du nan nas I dus de nas bzuris deri sari gi bar rari ~ag mi'i 'gro ba su phyin kyan lha 'dres gnod pa mi 'byuri ba 'di bla rna rYe bcun mi la ras pa yab sras sogs grub thob gori rna rnams kyi bka' drin kho na yin no II de dag ni gnas sgo Yi ltar phye ba'i chul brYod pa'o II II b~i pa gnas sgo phye nas rgyal ba 'bri gun pas sgrub gnas su bdag gir mjad chul ni I de ltar rYe bcun ghen po mi la ras pa la grub thob pho mo ni ~u rca Lria ~es grags ~iri I de rnams kyi nan nas m~hog tu gyur pa ni m~ams med dvags po lha rYe yin la I de La yari grub pa thob pa'i bu slob ~in tu mari yari brgyud 'jin gyi bu b~i'i ya gyal 'phrin las nam mkha' dari mnam pa ni 'gro ba'i mgon po dpal phag mo gru pa rdo rYe rgyal po yin la I de La

    12r I yan slob rna grub thob brgyad brgya la gdugs thogs lria brgya ~es grags pa'i gco bo brgyud pa 'jin pa'i slob rna byan sems sa b~u pa ~es luri bstan pa ni 'bri guri ~hos rYe skyob pa 1 y;g rten gsum gyi mgon po ~es grags so II de yan bod yul gyi dbus ~hos 'khori dpal gyi lha sa nas ~ar phyogs su dpag chad b~i bgrod pa na dbur stod g~o ~es bya ba'i lun pa dge pa b~u'i dpal phun sum chogs pas brgyan ba ~ig yod La I yul de ni snon

    ~hos rgyal srori bean sgam po'i blon po 'bri se ru gun ston gyis bzuri ba'i yul yin pas na 'bri guri ~es 'bod pa dan I dus phyis 'gro ba'i mgon po dpal phag mo gru pas khori rari gi slob ma mi ~ag sgom riri La yul de ni 'di ~id do ~es dgon pa 'debs pa'i khuri phyuri ~in luri bstan pa'i ~hed du 'bri ru sprul par mjad La I rgyu mchan de'i phyir 'bri khuri ~es yi ger bris kyan 'gal ba med paste I de lta bu'i yul de nid du rgya gar gyi

  • 123

    slob dpon ghen po 'phags pa klu sgrub de nid mi'i srid pa ghos rYe skyu

    12v ra rin po ghe ~es sam 'bri gun skyob pa ~es grags pa de nid byan nas rYe de nid 'bri gun theL ~es pa'i dgan pa btab ~in sniri po don brgyud kyi bstan pa'i bdag par gyur nas dpal 'khor to sdom pa'i sku'i gnas gans ri ti se I gsun gi gnas La phyi ghu dbar thugs kyi gnas rca ri rca gon ste gans ri'i khrod kyi sgrub gnas 'gran zla med pa de gsum bdag gir mjad pas gnas gsum gyi bdag po rgyal ba 'bri gun pa ~es grags pa yin no I de'i chul ~uri zad brYod pa la gnis te I 'bri gun pa'i bstan pa'i bdag po Y; ltar byon pa dan I des gnas gsum bdag gir mjad

    ~in ri pa btan ba'i chul brYod pa 'o dan po ni de Ltar rYe skyu ra bdag nid cXen po de nid rab byun gnis pa'i nan chan

    ~hu me phag gi lor mdo khams Ldan stod kyi gran khyer gcon ru ~es bya bar yab 'brug rgyal skyu ra I yum bcun ma gni s kyi sras su sku bltams I bltams ma thag pha bon gi sten du b~ag pas rdo La ~abs rYes kyan byun I byis pa ghun nu'i chul bstan nas reed mo mjad pa'i sa thams ~ad du yan rdo La phyag ~abs kyi rYes ~in tu man po b~ag I dgun lo gsum pa'i dus

    13r I rYe bcun sgrol rna I Lna pa'i dus sans rgyas rna ~hags padma gan I brgyad pa'i dus rdo rYe Yigs byed sags yi dam du ma'i

    ~al gzigs I slob dpon mkhan po dar rna dan 'khor ba rlun khyer sags Las mdo snags kyi ghos ~; rigs gsan pa'i chul mjad I dgun Lo dgu pa'i dus g~an la khrid 'debs pa'i slob dpon mjad pa'i slob ma rgyud grol pa 'an man du byun I dben stabs brYod nas ghar 'bebs pa dan I klu dban du bsdu ba g~on nu nas grub rtags man du.bstan I dgu toner gnis pa nas bzun rcib rlun mo gher sgrub pa mjad pas rdo rYe rnal 'byor mas ~al gzigs I ye es kyi mkha' 'gro mas chogs 'khor La gdan drans I dgun lo ner Lna pa La dam gan rdor Legs kyi s ~abs rtogs by as nas khams nas dbus su phebs I dam od mtha rca ri nags khrod du 'gro ba'i mgon po dpal phag me gru pa dan mYat nas mdo snags kyi ghos thams gad gsan I rnos gus mthar thug pa 'khruns ~in rca ba'i bla rna mjad I rYe phag grus na'i

    13v brgyud pa 'jin pa'i slob rna byan sems sa bgu pa yin ~es tun bstan gin bstan pa'i bdag par dban bskur I phag gru g~egs rYes e gh~n rnon mo phug tu to bdun sgrub pa mjad pas I yi dam gyi lha chogs thams gad rni dan rni b~in du gzigs I mi ~igs pa'i thig le gyen du 'gran pas dbu l.a gcug tor byon I Y; LtaJi sned kyi don thams gad lag mthil du skyu ru ra b~ag pa .bzin gzigs ~in rjogs pa'i sans rgyas dan dbyer rned par gyur to II

  • 124

    'di yan rten dge bsnen rnaL 'byor pa'i ~ha Lugs yin kyan 'di nas bzun bstan pa'i rca ba ni so so thar pa'i chuL khri ms kho na yin par dgons nas bsnen par rjogs pa'i sdom pa bes I bLa ma'i gdan sa Lo gsum bskyans I r~e nid dgun Lo so bdun pa sa mo phag gi Lor 'bri byan ~hub kyi gL in du phyag phebs I gnas po bar Lha sogs g; bdag kun gyis ~hos us ~in dgon pa phuL ba La brten nas 'bri gun theL gyi dgon pa btab I 'dam du ni rna stod La gnan pa dan I

    14r nam mkha'i bya rgod dan ~a ba La sgom btab I byan du byon pa'i che sgre'u rgyan tu gnan ~hen than Lha srid pa'i Lha 'khor sum brgya drug ~u dan b~as pas bsu pa byas I gso sbyon bag pa'i che Lha chans pa dnos su 'ons nas gso sbyon mjad pa'i u pa phuL I rgya gar rdo r~e gdan du du ru ka'i dmag byun ba spruL pas bzLog I ye ~es kyi spyan rnam par dag pas nub bde ba ~an gyi in khams gzigs I rna ba'i mnon ~es kyis ~ar phyogs m~on dga'i in du mgon po mi 'khrugs pas ~hos gsun pa gsan ,/ kLu rgyaL ma dros pa dug sprul ~hen po'i gzugs kyis 'ons nas mnon sum du ~hos nan I dus g~ig La sku lus b~u gsum sprul nas I kha

    ~he I hor I mi nag sogs I 'jam glin gi rgyal po ~hen po b~u gsum btul I rten phyag dan I bla g.yel dan I gzims ~hun gsum La dus g~ug tu sku Lus kyi spruL pa mi 'dra ba gsum byas nas ~hos gsuns I dus gsuns I dus g~ig tu chogs pa dge

    14v 'dun khri cho b~o brgyad du Loris pa byun in I bod yul La ltos pa'i chogs grans ~he ba'i mthar thug pa de l ta bu La nor rgyun ma dan I gan 'phrul dban byed kyi Lha dge skyon me tog gis 'bru'i dnos grub phul ba'i bar ba ~hun liu ig nas nas zad med byun ba dan I rgya gar va ra na si'i rgyal po ghau ca de va dan I rgya gar pan ~hen bi ~u ta ca nda sogs rgyal po dan pa ndi ta du mas 'bri gun du dnos su byoi\ nas abs La gtugs I ka

    ~~a pa dus gsum mkhyen pa dan grub thob nag re se bo sogs grub pa thob pa'i gan zag min pos kyan bla mar bskur I sku ~he ba'i s~an bas rgya dkar nag sogs 'jam bu gLiri mtha1 dag khyab I .dguri lo sum ~u rca Lria nas bdun ~u don Lria'i bar ~hos kyi 1khor lo bskor bas rgyal ba1i bstan pa rgyas par mjad ~in I 'khor slob ma grub pa thOb pa an ~hes man po sogs no mchar ~an gy; gtam brgya phrag g; grans tas brgat ba ig rYe de nid kyi rnam thar gyi yi ge dbon ~es rab 'byun gnas sogs kyis

    15r I mjad pa rnams su gsaL ba'i rtogs par- 'dod na de las ~es par bya'o II gnis pa rYe des gnas gsum dbag gir mjad ~iri ri pa btar'i ba'i chuL ni I de Ltar ~hos rYe 'bri gun pa dgui'l lo so bdun pa sa mo phag gi Lor go stod 'bri gun theL kyi dgon pa

  • 125

    btab pas to der dge 'dun brgya Lhag cam byun I de nas rim gyis Ye 'pheL Ye 'pheL du son nas dgun Lo so dgu b~es pa'i che dge 'dun stoii cho b~u gsum du Lons so I de'i che nes don du sgrub gans khyad par ~an gyi sgo 'byed ~in bstan pa rgyas pa'i ~hed du dan I dan don du dge 'dun gyi chogs grans man pa La thugs srun pa'i chuL mjad nas dgon pa'i ~ar phyogs cha 'ug ~es bya ba'i Lun ston du byoL thabs kyis phebs ~in I gsun mgur Las I na La gra ~ig yod pa bern por sori II 'di phyi 'i dgos pa bsam mkhan med II khor Lari Lon man po bskyans pas phur II bdag rnaL 'byor pa ri khrod kyi

    15v I dgon pa 'grim I na La spyod lam ~ig yod pa che 'di r ~or II mi ~hos kyi mdun ma bsgrub bsgrub nas II dad ldan gyi slob ma bsLu bslu 'dra II bdag rnal 'byor pa ri khrod kyi dgon pa 'grim II ~es sogs gsuns ~in rdo rYe glo dkar ~es pa dan I tin 'jin phug ~espa sogs kyi gnas sgo phye nas sgrub phug de ~id du tin iie 'j in la b~ugs pa'i dus I nub g~ig gi che ston pa ~a kya thub pa'i bstan pa'i rgyun La dgoris nas g~an snan dban bsdud kyi rten 'breL dan tin ne 'jin yud cam ~ig mjad pas I de ma thag ti se Lha bean I La phyi ~in skyon I rca ri ~in skyon gsum gco gyur gyi bod yu L garis ri 'i khrod kyi gnas bdag g~i bdag du ma ~ig 'dus nas rYe ~id kyi ~abs la phyag byas nas so so'i m~hod gnas su g~es par gsoL to II der rYe nid kyis sku lus kyi sprul pa graris med pa ~ig bskyed nas so so'i gnas su rju 'phrul gyis yud cam re phebs ~in gnas de rnams thams

    ~ad ~abs kyis b~ags 16r I nas g~i bdag rnams La ~hos gsuns ~in dam La b~ag I de'i ~he

    mi ma yin de rnams kyis so so'i m~hod gnas su gtan du b~ugs par ~us pas I rYe'i ~al nas II kho bo'i rnam smi n gyi Lus 'dis bla ma'i bka' bsgrub phyi r sgrub pa byed pa dan I dge 'dun gyi chogs .skyon dgos pas na gtan du sdod mi khom ~es gsuns pa La I 'o na m~hod gnas ~ig gton bar ~us pas I der gnas ~hen ri brag de rnams su sgom ~hen ri khrod pa gton par ~al gyis b~es so I de'i che .sLob ma rnams kyi s 'chol du phyi n pas cha 'ug tu

    b~ugs par ~es nas gdan 'dren du phyin pas I rYe rin po ~he'i laL na& I kho bo sgrub pa byed 'dod pas phyir mi 'gro yi I khyed ran rnams son ~ig gsuiis / nan gyis ~us pas 'o na na La 'gro ba'i mgon po phag mo gru pas ri khrod du sgrub pa ran gyi s i g bya ba'i bka' yod pas I yan na kho bo ri La 'gro I khyed rnams 'dir sdod I yan na khyed rnams ri La son I kho bo sdod I

    16v ~es 'dam ka btan pas I der slob ma rnams kyis ri La 'gro ba

  • 126

    khas blans so I de ltar b~i khrid thob pa'i slob rna rnams ri La lan gsum du bkye ba las I da~ po ti ser brgyad ~u La phyir brgyad ~u I rca rir brgyad ~u b~as ri pa nis brgy~ dan b~i b~u tham pa bkye pas dpal ~ad phu pa dan I dge bMes gOes sogs grub pa ~hes man po byun I de nas kyan 'bri gun thel nid du chogs grans Ye 'phel du son ste dge b~es gnos ~hen pos dge 'dun La bur ston dan I ~hos rYer brgya mchan b~u bdun gyi 'bul ba byas pa'i skabs dbon ~es rab 'byun gis rcis pas chogs pa llia khri lna ston lria brgya ni Mu rca byuri I de nas lo 'ga' i'ig son nas ri pa bar pa bkye dus ti se La dgu brgya I La phyir dgu brgya rca ri dgu brgya b~as nis ston bdun brgya ri La gton bar pa gnan pa 'di 'i gras nas kyan grub pa thob pa man du byun I phyi to de bas kyan ~hogs grans Ye 'phet du son ste

    17r I Y; skad du I rnam thar phyag rgya me thog rna las I khri khrag b~u gsum chogs su chogs II ~es gsuns pa l tar phyi lo chogs pa khri cho b~u gsum 'dus I de nas lo 'ga' ~ig son ba na snar bas khyan 'phel te y; skad du 'dus chom gsal byed las I khri cho b~o brgyad chogs pa la I 'bri gun bla g.yel than na bsgrags II ~es gsuns pa ltar chogs pa khri cho b~o brgyad du

    lo~s pas I slar yan. ri pa tha rna 'gyed par dgons nas I de yan snon gnos kyi bur ston gyi skabs chogs grans de nid rna bsgribs pa'i rten 'brel khyad par ~an du dgons nas I 1di'i skabs kyan pan ~hen gu ya sgan pas gcos pa'i sgom ~hen lna khri lna ston

    ln~ brgya ner lna ti se La brjans I de b~in du dge bMes g.yag ru dpal grags kyis gcos pas lria khri lna ston lna brgya ner lna La phyi I rdor 'jin mgo po ~hes gcos pa'i lna khri lna sto~ lna brgya ner rca riz b~as rjons

    17v par mj ad de I La phyi r btan ba'i ri pa rnams bla ma'i bka' b~in lam dbus gcan gi g~un brgyud gcan La stod kyi phyogs su 'byor ~in rgyal gyi ~ril ron ~ar,_ brin stod smad I La phyi gon 'og I gna' nan I man yul gyi stod smad bar gsum I cum ku than gi phyogs sogs ri sul rnams su sgrub khan brcegs nas b~~gs ~in I bLa rna rdor 'jin pa nid kyis gco bor La phyi gans kyi ra ba dan I Le Lde stod smad rnams su ri khrod dan sgom khan man du brcegs ~in yuL phyogs de rnams kyi skye bo kun gyi m~hod gnas mjad nas bsod nams kyi chogs speL ba dan I sgom ~hen rnarns La zab khrid sna chogs pa dan gegs sel bogs 'don gyi ~hos kyis ~har phab nas rgyud smin groL du mjad .pas dvags po bka' brgyud pa'i bstan pa nam Lans pa'i sten du ii; rna ~ar ba b~in gyur pa yin La I de Ltar rYe Y;g rten mgon.po dgun Lo don b~i pa rab byun nan mchan ~in mo phag gi Lor ri pa tha rna 'di rnams La

  • 127

    phyi gans 18r I rar 'byor pa de nas da l ta rab byun b~o Lna'i naii gi L~ags

    mo glan gi Lo bar Lo drug brgya dan brgyad ~u gya drug gi r1n La 1bri gun pa'i grub mtha' 'jin pa'i ri dari rdor 'jin gyi phren ba rgyun rna ~had par byon par yin no II II Lna pa gnas ran gi no mchar gyi bkod pa bye brag tu bMad pa ni I de yari spyir gau diva ri'i gnas kharis su 'du bani I byan dpa' mo dpal than nas Lho bal po'i sa .mchams chun I nub cum kun than nas Mar din ri chun gyi sa yul rnams yin La I de rnams kyi Lte ba ni La phyi nid dan I de'i gnas kyi mthil du gyur pa ni ~has 'byun than rgyab ri dan b~as 'di kho na yin par dban phyug ~; La'i rnam thar gyis Mes nus pas de Las g~an du mi bzun no II de Ltar na La phyi gnas mthil ni sten nam mkha' gru gsum I 'og sa gru gsum I bar ~hu gru gsum b~as te ~has 'byun sum brcegs kyi rnam pa La I bdud 'dul phug mo ~he dan I 'dab 'byar gyi rgyab ri 'di

    1sv ii;d phyi bern pa brag r;; rnam pa mtho brYid nam mkhar bs~egs pa La I nari ye ~es ran snan Las grub pa'i gal yas khan gi dbus su b~om ldan 'das dpal 1khor Lo sdom pa lha drug ~u rca

    g~is kyi sprul pa'i dkyi l 'khor mnon sum du b~ugs pa dan I de bin du gnas 'di'i Mar ri dkar pa 'bum ye La 'phag m~hog thugs rYe ~hen po'i Lha chogs I lho ri nag pa 'bum ye La gsan bdag phyag na rda rYe; lha chogs I nub ri ser po 'bum ye La mkhyen rab Yam dpal dbyans kyi lha chogs rnams b~ugs par gsuns I de La brten nas sgra sgyur mar pas mi La La bu khyod sgrub par byed pa La yul ~; Mu rca b~i'i rab g.yon pa 'brag La phyi gans kyi ra ba es rigs gsum mgon po'i pho bran der son La sgrub pa gyis gsuns pa yin no II da ni gnas ph ran rnams kyi nos 'j in rags pa re g.yas skor gyis brYod na I dan po din ri'i lho phyogs brin spa ze La ~es bya ba

    19r I ni snon rYe bcun ~hen po dag pa mkha' spyad du g~egs skabs ras ~hun pas La ro dol gyi dgon pa nas tho ran rlun bzun nas byon pas ~; rna ~ar ba dan lhan ~ig spa ze la'i rcer phebs nas nam mkha'i Lha rnams dan 'gro glen mjad gsuns pa'i La de nid yin no II de nas thur du dpag chad g~ig cam bgrod par brin ra lun gi rna zur bra kha lun ~es bya ba'i phur slob dpon ~hen po padma 'byun gnas kyi sgrub phug dan sgrub ~hu I brag ri m~hod rten gyi rnam pa dan slob dpon gi:o 'khor gsum sags ran byon man pa yod I 'di ; ~ar dan lho brgyud rnams su Yo bar bzan La sags pa Yo mo che rin ma'i min po bdun gyi pho bran-du grags pa'i gans ri'i phren ba char du dan ra ba yod I de nas phyi r

  • 128

    rgyan grags gsum cam 'phags pa'i lam khar m~hod rten dkar ~hun ~es 'bod pa ran byun rdo'i ~hos khri rYe bcun ~hen po'i snan brnan dan b~as pa yod de I 'di snon rYe bcun yan la med kyan rYe bcun la Yo mo che rin mas

    19v phul bar gsuns te IY; skad du mjad nag ma las I bod kyi mi la ras pa la II sprul pa'i lha mo che rin mas II ran byun rdo ba'i ~hos khri 'di II sgyu ma cam du ph~l ba lags II ~es gsuns

    ~in ras ~hun pa'i rnam thar du rYe bcun sku g~egs nas ras ~hun pa dbus nas rju 'phrul gyis byon skabs ~hu.dbar gyi lam kha na pha bon m~hod rten rgyi ~abs 'dra' ba g~ig yod pa der bcun phebs 'dug gsuris pa 'an 'di kho na yin no II de nas ~un zad bgrod pa na ~hu dbar ~es bya ba'i gnas diios yod de I de yaii Y; skad du rnam thar las I lYons byan phyogs kha ba ~an gyi ri rgyud I mi skad rigs mi g~ig bal bod gnis kyis mchams I dpal yul la g.yan ghags pa diri rna brin I zori 'dod dgu 'byun ba rin po ~he'i chon 'dus I klu'i rgyal po dud sgra gnas pa'i pho bran I nor lons spyod ran b~in gyis 'phrel ba'i sa g~i brag rin po ~he sen ge 'gyin pa 'dra ba'i ar phyogs I Yo mo lha sman bkra Mis che rin rna'i g.yon zur I gans lha gnan Mel gyis bskor

    20r I ba'i dbus I 'brog rma g.yan 'bab pa'i sman lun I ghu bo lo ta han gyi klun 'gram I gnas byin gyis brlabs pa sman lun ~hu dbar gyi dben pa na I ~es dan yan de nid las I yul la ya mchan

    ~he ba diri ma brin gyi Mar phyogs I kha bkra man gyi mtha' I sma Mod khum bu'i nub phyogs sprin sna 'jins mthin nag 'khrigs pa'i 'og I gza' khyab Yug nag po rgyu ba'i sran sgo I gans khyuri mgo bkra is sprin dkar ldin pa'i g.yon rngul I 'brag sman lun g.yu'i span po nos bzan la I yul sa sman gyi do ra pho lori ris su btab pa I bkra is 'o rna'i ~hu bo dan I bdud rei dnos grub kyi ~hu bo rnarn g~is dal gyis 'bab pa'i kluri riogs I ran byuri byin gyis brlabs pa'i dben gnas I ~hu dbar dpal gyi pho bran na I es gsuris pas I yul diri rna brin zori 'dod rgu 'byuri pa ~es pa ni spro bde'i chon 'dus I k Lu dud sgra gnas pa'i pho bran ni 'bri l~e phug dan 'dab 'byar gyi brag ris bskor ba I bkra Mis 'o ma'i ~hu bo ni

    20v sman lun gi ~hu I bdud rei dnos grub kyi ~hu ni brin stod kyi g~un ghu I ghu de gnis kyi bar du sgrub phug yod pas na I ~hu dbar dpaL gyi pho bran na ~es gsun pa yin I de chig Lhag ma rnams ni go sLa 'o II el phug gi gnas bstod las I la phyi ~hu dbar mkha' spyod sprul pa'i ~in II ~in skyori mkha' 'gro'i do ra sman gyi LYons I LYons dan than Min g~i lam brgyud du 'brel

  • 129

    I g~an gzan gtum po gdon lna'i real gyis snems I spu sdug ri skyes mtho ris gar gyis rol I sna chogs mkha' 'gros mgrin pa'i rja rna 'khrol II span ~on ri sul nor phyugs sgra yis gtams II sa gsum dpa' bo mkha' 'gro mi srid bzuns II bal bod rgya yi rjas rnams mdun dan II dran sron bsti gnas bag phebs bsam gtan 1phel I bal bod mig bsgyur che riri rna ~hed lnas skyori II phu na rdo rYe zla ba bsil pa'i ri II mda' na rdo rYe ~; rna chan pa'i me II bar na u ba de lhan skyes 'bab ~hu'i rgyun II smugs pa gyen ldog 'gros g~is rdo rYe; sa II rgyun 'bab ran sgra g~om med na da'i dbyaris II de

    21 r I 'dra'i rio mchar sprul pa'i pho bran na I rYe bcun sgrub gnas La sked dkar dan II o rna ~hun dben pa rjon dan rkan mthil rjon I spo mtho 'bri l~e phug dan bsi l ba chal I sman lun dom phug lha sman rgyal mo'i ri II bon po ri dari snan g.yon la phyi gans II brag dmar po mtho m~hon luri ~i marjon II reg pa dug ~hen brin gyi brag mkhar dan II g~an yan gra pa mkha' 'gro rol pa'i gl in I phyogs mchams kun nas zlum por bskor ba'i dbus II grub pa'i bsti gnas bag phebs dari spro bas II srid ~; bde skyid yid kyis bris pa b~in II bkra ~is no mchar sgan du tog mthon pa'i II bya skyib po bzan ~hu yi klun 'gram na II ~hos kyi 'byun gnas ~el phug ~hu in rjon II ~es sogs dbu'i garis ri zla ba ham yig I mda'i chad pa ni rna a thun II drod kyis ~hu klun 'bab pa 'bar 'jag I ~hu bo thur du 'bab pa dan I smugs pa gyen du 'gro ba dga' b~i lugs 'byun dan lugs ldog I ~hu'i sgra

    g~om med na da'i sgra sogs 21v phyi'i sgrub gnas la nan rnal 'byor pa'i thabs es kyi ~ams

    len chan bar bstan pa dan I g~an yan rYe mar pa'i ~al nas I ni rna chan lho nub kyi sa'i ~har brin bya ba'i lun pa de na 'brog sma ~od sman lun ~hu dbar ~es bya ba'i dben gnas M;g yod La I de yan rig pa dari gis dvaris pa'i rtags su ra ~hu g.yas nas 'bab pa dan I '~hi med phyag rgya ~hen po yun mi riri bar thob pa'i rtags su sman ~hu g.yon nas 'bab pa dan I yum b~om ldan 'das ma'i pho brari yin pa'i rtags su 'og na ~hos 'byuri zur brcegs yod pa dan I sa'i brtan phur La rdo pha bori khyun gi sgon l ta bu yod pa I lun pa'i dbus steri na brag dmar po spre'u ; gdon .Pa 'dra ba la byi kha ta'i chad yod pa I lun pa'i mda' na rei sin nags chal sna chogs yod pa de rnams kyi Min lo re re'i s teri na dpa' bo dari mkha' 'gro bye ba rnmas kyi s rdo rYe; glu dan b~as gar stabs sna chogs bsgyur ba I don la dpal he ru ka~i pho bran der son La sgrub pa gyis dan m~hog thun mon gi

  • 130

    22r I dnos grub thob pa yin I ~es ~i byed ri pas ream pa'i rnam thar las 'byun ba'i don go bde bar brYod na I gnas kyi Lte bar ~hu dbar sprul sku'i pho bran nam rYe bcun mi la'i gzi ms phug khyun sgon phug ~es pa yod de I sgrub phug 'dir rYe bcun ~hen po La che rin. ma'i ~ho 'phrul rim pa gsum byun ba dam La btags nas dnos grub bsnes pa'i sa yin pas m~hog tu byin rlabs ~he ba'o I sgrub phug de'i khris kyi than ~in gi snon po 'di gnis ni snon rYe bcun ~hen pos ~abs skor gnan phyir rju 'phrul gyis bcugs ~in I 'khor lo sdom pa'i ye ~es kyi sku bstim pas na da lta 'an pho ~in mo ~in 'khor lo sdom pa yab yum sku I ~es dan I mjod nag rna las I yan nin g~ig rYe bcun snar med pa'i pho ~in mo ~in gnis La bskor ba mjad ~in b~ugs 'dug pas ras pa rnams sriar med pa'i ~in 'di gan las byun siiam the chom du gyur nas ~us pa La bla rna rYe bcun gyi ~al nas I 'khor lo bde m~hog yab

    22v yum ni II thabs ~es zun Yug ~he ~in 'di II kho bo mi La ras pa La II bskor ba'i rten du gnan ba lags II ~es gsuris pas 'di byin rlabs ~he ba'o II rgyab ri klu'i rgyal po dud sgra'i- rna ba g.ya~ pa'i Lde bas su 'bri l~e phug b~a na yod de I 'di ni brag phug gi nan du brag 'bur mo 'bri'i Lee 'dra ba yod pas de skad du btags ~in I gnas 'di r snon d' e bcun ~hen por Yo mo bkra ~is che rin mas ran byun rdo'i ~hos khri phul ba La yun rin du b~ugs nas slob rna man po smin grol du mjad I mthar brin sdiris mar b~ugs skabs dge b~es rcag phu bas phrag dog gis dug phul nas siiun chul bstan pa'i, skabs kho bo na chul 'di r ston pa yin I 'chi chul ston du ~hu dbar gyi 'bri l~e phug tu snogs gsuns pa ltar gnas 'di r sku my a nan las 'das ~in pur sbyan sar rdo'i khri yan yod I g.yon ri 'di ni rca bar bon po ri dan rce mo gans mthon mthin rgyal mo ~es gans ri zur gsum nam mkhar bsnegs pa 'di ni Yo mo che rin ma'i pho bran yin no II ~hu phar

    23r I kha'i brag ri 'di ni brag sen ge 'gyi n pa es grags ~in I brag dmar po gdori spreu'i gdon pa 'dra' ba la bya kha ta nag po'i chan b~as pa es pa 'an 'di kho na yin te ri 'di ; rca bar rYe bcun ~hen po'i gzim phug rcig pa rkan mthil rjon dan I ri'i sked brag gseb tu khu byug dben pa rjon yod ~in I de'i yar zur du rgyal ba ko brag pa'i sgrub phug ko brag phug tu grags pa yod I de dag gi sten nas nub phyogs su ~un zad 'jegs pa'i sten kha ~ig tu soon rYe bcun yab sras kyi b~ugs gnas 'o rna ~hun dpal gyi nags 'dabs es pa'i yod de I 'di snon rYe bcun ghen po'i rYes su I gnos rgyal ba Lha nan pa b~ugs ~in I

  • 131

    de rYes grub thob ko brag pa yan bugs I de nas lo man ig 'bri gdan gyi sgoms ~hen ~; rigs pas bzun no II phyis rin spuns rgyal po don yod rdo rYes grub thob smyon par phul bas des sgrub grva btab nas I de'i slob brgyud kyis

    23v yun rin du bzun no 11 o rna ~hun sten g; brag gseb tu snon rYe bcun ghen pos Yo mo bkra ~is che rin ma'i snun g~i ~hos su 'byon skabs kyi b~ugs gnas su grags pa sked dkar sten rna ~es pa sogs yod I ~hu dbar gyi ~hu 'gram ~ig tu brag sten du rYe bcun ~hen po gzims pa'i sku rYes ~in tu gsal ba yod I ~hu dbar nas sman luii gi phur dpag chad cam bgrod pa'i than dkyil ~ig tu snon rYe bcun ghen pos dom du sprul nas b~ugs pa'i dom phug dan I de daii ner bar sga ru phug ges pa daii I ras ghuii phug I dvags po phug I g.yu thog phug ges pa sogs yod par grags I dom phug nas rgyan grags gsum cam brgod pa'i nub kyi rja gseb tu lha mo tad dkar mgro bzaii ma'i bla mcho mar gad kyi khu ba 'kyi l ba lta LYan la 'cher ba ~in tu bka' gnan pa dan I de nas rgyaii grags gnis cam 'das pa'i rja khrod du mthiii gi ~al bzan ma'i bla mcho mthin ~un gyi khu bar

    24r lta bu kha dog sno skyar snaii ba mda' rgyan b~i cam gyi kha ~en ~an I de dan ner bar mi g.yo blo bzaii ma'i bla mcho kha dog phal gher nag giii zur ser ba daii I de nas rgyaii grags cam gyi sar gco mo bkra Mis che rin ma'i bla mcho kha dog 'o rna ltar dkar in rgya ghes ~he ba bgas yod la I god pan mgrin bzaii ma'i bla mcho ni nub phyogs gans khrod mis bgrod par dka' ba ~ig tu yod bar grags so II dom phug nas ~ar phyogs su gyen du 'jegs pa na ~in skyon gi bla mcho kha dog nag gin rgya ~he la dkyus Min du rin pa yod ~in mcho 'di zil ~he

    ~in ku sgra cam byas kyaii de ma thag rmugs pas mcho daii sa g~i sgrib gin kha ~har 'bebs pa dan I rbab sgri l pa sogs ghes gnan pa yod do II da ni ~hu dbar gyi gcug lag khan dan b~as pa bens chul ni I de yan snon rYe bcun ~hen po gegs nas 'bri gun pa'i ri pa rna 'byor gyi bar La bka' brgyud pa'i sgrub pa po rna nes pa du rna ~ig b~ugs pa las gnas 'jin nes rigs ma byun ba la I 'bri gun skyob pa'i

    24v dus I rYe phag gru'i gdan sa thel I kun bzan nags khrod rii skyob pa'i slob rna spyan sna grags 'byun sku m~hed kyis bzuns I 'bri gun gi gdan sa ni skyob pa nid kyi dbon bsod nams grags pa sogs kyi s bzuns pa'i 'bri gdan gni s ~hos Y i g rten gni s ka'i than nas lar rgya g~ig par son g~is lho pa ~hos rg~al gyis la phyi gans ra 'bri par phul skabs la phyi dan I chu dbar gnis kyan gdan sa gnis ka'i ri thebs kyis spyi ru 'jin

  • 132

    ~in mnams por b~ugs pa de Lta bu Lo grans drug ~u 'am bdun ~u skor ~ig son bas La phyi dan ~hu dbar gnis kar rdor 'jin gyi gzim khan sogs dan spyiL bu ~i rigs pa yod ~es grags I nam

    ~ig dgun La phyir b~ugs pas ri pa rnams Las sa theL ba'i ri pa rnams ras ~hen rgyud dan I 'bri gun gi ri pa rnams kyis char Leb rgyud bzuns I ~hu mig g~ig Las med stabs I ~hu'i kha thug tu phan chun yur ba drans nas ~hu gner re bsko ~in I der nin mo ~hu ~he ~hun snoms par tha dad

    25r du rjons I mchan mo ron du gton bar byed pa La dus Lan g~ig ~hu ~he ~hun gis rkyen byas ri thebs gnis 'khrugs pas I bdud kyi byin gyis brLabs pa'i mi nan g~ig gi byed paLa brten phan chun du mi bsad res sogs kham ~hu ~hen por son nas I Lho pa ~hos rgyaL gyi khrims sar gtug pas khri dpon pas bar rnchams byas nas La phyi gnas rna Lag gna' nan gi yon bdag b~as phyogs g~ig dan I ~hu dbar gnas rna Lag brin I khum bu'i yon bdag b~as pa phyogs,g~ig byas te I gdan sa theL pa ma dgon yin pas'darn ka btan ba'i theL mas ~hu dbar 'dam nas bzuiis I 'bri gun pas La phyi bzuns pas de phyin rcod pa med par de b~in du gnas so II da Ltar gdan sa theL gyi rdor 'jin kun dga' ni ma dari I

    g~on nu rin ~hen I sans rgyas rgyaL rnchan La sogs pas ~hu dbar du dgon pa btab ~in sgrub sde bskyans so I chuL de 'dra ba'i Lo man ~ig 'das nas gdan sa theL gyi gdan rab b~u

    zsv drug pa spyan sna nag 9; dban phyug gMegs nas rLans kyi sku no nag phra skabs ~va dmar b~i pa ~hos kyi grags pa theL gyi spyan snar mna' gsoL nas lo ner brgyad dan sLar rLans gi gdun rigs spyan siia grags 'byuri gsum pa'i rin ma gtogs I yari ~va dmar Lna pa dari I drug pas kyan theL gyi spyan sna mjad pas I de skabs Mhu dbar yan ugs kyi kam chan ~va dmar ba'i dgon Lag tu son I de rYes ~va dmar drug pa gar dbari ~hos kyi dban phyug dan I ka rrna pa b~u pa ~hos dbyiiis rdo rYe gnis ~hu dbar du

    ~hibs bskyod gnari ~in I de dus ~hu dbar gyi dgon pa 'di ~va drnar bas ka rma pa La buL bas ka rma ~hos dbyins de nid kyis

    m~hod khari ~hen rno sten Mod dan rngon khan b~as gsar du b~ens nas kar Lugs kyi ~hos rgyun bcugs pas theL Lugs kar Lugs su bsgyur I de nas Lo man ~ig son bar sog po gu Mri'i drnag gis gcari stod rgyaL po b~orn nas gnam skos dga' ldan pho braii pas bod kharns La dban bsgyur ~in gon sa kun rnkhyen Lna pa ~hen po daii I sde

    26r I srid mi rYe sans rgyas rgya mcho ~hu dbar sgrub sde kar lugs pa sLar dge Lugs su bsgyur nas dga' Ldan 'gro phan gL in ~es mchan gsoL ba nas bzuris I da L ta'i bar ri bo dga' ldan pa'i

  • 133

    ~hos rgyun 'jin pa'i srol ma nams pa 'di yin no II de ltar sgrub sde 'di ; rten gyi gco bo ni I bla ma lha khan du I rYe bcun ban pa rdo rYe mya nan las 'das pa'i pur thal dan I al bugs kyi Mad mchal Yim pa dan bsres nas. rYe bcun ras ~hun pas bens pa'i sku brnan mthoii ba don ldan es byin rlabs Min tu ~he ba dan I te lo na ro mar pa ka rma pa sku phren sogs kyi snan brnan I khro li'i gcan smyon gyi mi chad ma gsun byon I j he Mi m las grub pa'i thub dban gi sku me thub dan ~hu thub

    ~es grags pa ~in tu 'gan ~he ba gni s dan bka' bstan sogs bugs I rten sgam du I rYe bcun ~hen po'i pur 'bri l~e phug tu u ba'i pur rdo las ran byon du phebs pa yin zer ba'i yi ge drug pa'i raii byon I ras ~hun pa'i dpe ~ha rYe bcun ~hen pos mer bsregs skabs

    26v ras ~hun pa bla ma la dad pa log pa'i sdig sbyons su I mkha' 'gro ma rnams kyis bens pa brag dmar m~hon luii dan khyi ra skor gsum gyi bkod pa rdo las grub pa dan I ras Mhun pa'i phyag bzor grags pa'i . bso las grub pa'i rYe bcun gyi sku I ka rma pa ~hos dbyiiis rdo rYe; phyag rYes 'ga' ig sogs nan rten ~i rigs daii I gcan khan du thub dban I ne sras brgyad I sgo sruns ma rnams kyi s~u thog chad gnis pa I 'du khan du rYe yab sras dan yon 'jin pa ndi ta sogs kyi snaii brnan I ca nda na las grub pa'i bde m~ho~; I gser zans dan khro l i sogs las grub pa'i rdo rYe '~han I thub dban I byams pa I mar mi dvags gsum I ka rma pa I grub thob dbus smyon gsun byon rna sogs sku brnan I kar dus kyi bka' 'gyur bris rna thor bu I bka' 'gyur par rna ~ha chad sogs rten gsum ~; rigs pa b~ugs I gser sku lha khan du rten gco dnul las grub pa'i rdo '~han gi sku ~he legs I rdo rYe ~han I te lo na ro I mar ini dvags gsum I ka rma pa sku 'phren rnams dan I thub dban I rdor sems sogs kyi gser sku dan l i sku rnin ma ~hes man ba I rYe con .

    27r kha ba'i bka' 'bum sogs b~ugs I bo mtho rgya lha khan du thub pa grori 'khyer rna thog chad rna dari I 'khor ne s ras brgyad sogs rten gsum ~; rigs gzim ~hun nu sgrol rna gsun byon I thub dban I 'od dpag med I che dpag med I sems dpa' ~hen po mkhan ghen yon tan lhun grub kyi snan brnan byin rlabs Xan sogs bugs I mgon khaii du kar lugs mgon po ber nag ~an thog chad ma 'khor bXas I rca ri in skyori yab yum I che riri m~hed lna rnams kyi sku brnan I rca ri in skyoii gi gser pa them spans rna sogs b~ugs pas byin rlabs ~he bar yod I ~hu dbar nas ~hu nub phyogs su ~un zad phyin pa'i sar brin chon 'dus es pa 'am spro bde bkra ~is sgan du grags pa der I snon rYe bcun ~hen po

  • 134

    mi la dan I mnam med dvags po rin po ~he thog mar mYal skabs rYe bcun pha bori ig gi steri du b~ugs 'dug pa'i spyan sriar byon nas phyag 'chal ~in gser dan Ya'i phyag rten phul bar rYe bcun gyi ~al nas gser dan mi rgan lo mi mthun I Ya la skol ba'i

    27v thabs spyad med II na zas nor spans nas rin ~ig son II bu s~in nas lha ~hos bya s~ams na II che 'di la rna dga' phyi rna som II

    ~es gsuns dus b~ugs pa'i pha bon dan I de'i zur du dvags po ri n po ~he'i sgrub phug yod I de'i ya chad kyi brag ldebs su rYe bcun ~hen po'i bugs gnas nari gi rjori drug gi gras ~el phug ~hu ~in rjori dan I de dan 'dab 'byar du bo bzan dgon pa ~es dpal ldan 'brug pa'i sgrub gnas ~ig yod de I 'dir siion rYe lha rce ba nag dban bzan po'i slob rna se bya bral ba ~hos grags rgya mcho es pa'i mkhas grub ~hen po des yun riri du

    b~ugs nas sgrub gnas La ~abs rtog legs par mjad pas de phyin sgrub sde rna nams ~in I da Lta 'an gnas de'i 'du khan du rYe bcun mi La'i pur thaL Las grub pa'i rYe bcun ~id kyi sku khru gan pa ~ig dan l mkhas grub ~hos grags rgya mcho'i 'dra sku La sogs pa rten gsum ~i rigs b~ugs I de'i nub kyi brag gseb tu rYe bcun ~hen po'i nan gi rjon drug

    28r I gi gras skyid pa ni rna rjon yod I de dag Las gyen du rgan grags cam bgrod pa'i sar brin sdens rna ~es siion rYe bcun ~hen po'i yon dbag 'bar sen dan I ~a rna mjes se I khu byug I rgyaL mo skyid La sogs pa'i khan khyi m gyi 'dab 'breL du brag ~hen po'i khar rYe bcun gyi gzim sbug gi ~uL da Lta yan brin brag mkhar du 'bod pa dan I de'i rgyab ri 'i Ldebs su snon rYe bcun ~hen pos Yo mo bkra ~is che rin mar sems bskyed gnan ba'i sa da Lta sems bskyed phug tu grags pa dan I brag mkhar dan ne bar kLu gdoL ba nag po gnas pa'i pha bon reg pa dug ~an gyi sten snon rYe bcun ~hen po siian chuL bstm nas b~ugs pa'i sgrub khan gi ~uL dan./ ~ar gyi brag gseb tu dge b~es rcag phu pa'i sgrub khan dan I de'i nub na siion rYe bcun. gyi yon bdag bkra ~is brcegs pa'i khan pa brin Lha bro ~es pha bon gi sten du Lhas gro 'khrabs. pa'i rYes b~as yod I sdins ma nas nub phyogs kyi ri

    28v mthon por 'jegs pa'i La Ldebs su rgyaL ba ko'brag pa'i ~abs rYe dan I rdo da rna ru ~es grags pa'i La ~hen brgaL nas thur du ~un zad bgr~ pa'i sar siion rYe bcun ~hen po La a ne bdud mo stag 'dren gyi b~ags pa 'buL bar yon skabs I L~am mo pe tas b~a' zam 'then pa'i ~uL gyi b~a' La da Lta yan a ne b~a' ~es 'bod pa dan I de nas ~un zad na ras ~hun phug dan I de'i 'og

  • 135

    gi brag gi bya skyibs su r~e ri bcun gyi bMugs gnas yaii r)on gnis kyi ya gyaL skyid phug ni ma rjoii Mes pa brag gi Ldebs La rYe bcun gyi Mabs rYes dan b~as pa yod ~iii I ras ~hun pa'i nan snags kyi dpe ~ha me La bsregs yan 'di kho na yin no II skyid phug nas mda' rgyan gan cam gyi sar snon r~e bcun gyi ras ~hun pa yens byed rkyan ma brgya bu brgyar spruL pa'i than dan I de nas kyaii mda' rgyan gan cam gyis sar brag gi sten than ~hun Mig gi dbus su r~e bcun gyi bMugs gnas yan rjon kyi ya gyaL po mtho nam mkha' rjon du grags pa'i g.yam

    29r I spyiL dan I de'i mdun du sgrub ~hu'i khron pa I g.yam spyiL gyi rgyab nos brag sten du brag dmar nas ras ~hun pa rgya gar 'khor ba bsu ru 'byon par dgons nas nam mkha' La phur MuL Mabs gnis ka'i r~es b~as yod I po mtho'i gzi m spyil dan skyid phug gi bar na span ri 'bur cam nags chaL skyes pa Mig yod pa ni ri nag po 'bigs byed bya ba 'am I min gMan brag rin ~hen spuns pa Mes pa de nid yin par bMed de I mcho lna'i ras ~hun ma'i gLu Lan gyi mgur Las I brag dmar spo mtho skad pa de II rna mthon rgyan nas sgra' ~he ba I brag rin ~hen spuns pa 'dra'o skad I I mthon nas drun du sLebs rca na I span La brag ri 'bur ba g~i g I span La brag ri 'bur ba de II si\on bde gMegs ni n kyi s Lun bstan pa I ri nag po 'bigs byed bya ba yin II yuL dbus 'gyur chaL gyi byan phyogs yin I spyir rgya bod gnis kyi so mchams yin II rgya stag khra po'i 'grim sa yin I de La nags chaL skyes pa de I ca nda na sman gyi snon po yin II bzan

    29v drug sman gyi L~on Min yin II brag rin ~hen spuiis pa 'dra ba de II Lha dran sron rnams kyi pho bran yin II mkha' 'gros Lun bstan dben gnas yin II snar 'das kyi grub thob bMugs sa yin II de mtha' ~hu yis bskor ba de II kun gyi bgrod par bka' ba yin II no mchar de bas ghe ba med II ~es gsuns Min de yan snon r~e bcun ghen po bMugs skabs ri 'di ston pas Lun bstan pa yin I es gsuris pa La 'ga' ig yid ma Mhes pa'i der bLa rna rYe bcun gyis ri khrod rgyaL bas Lun bstan pa yin na snar med pa'i mchan rna khyad par gan Mig 'byun. bar gyur gig I mi nan mi 'byun bar gyur ~ig I ~es bden stobs brYod pas ri de nid 'bur gyis skyes nas ban rim Log me ba Mig byun I de La r~e bcun nid kyis Mi khro rab Jbyams kyi Lha chogs stim nas Mabs skor gnan skad I Mes Lt'la .bu bya btari gis bsgrigs pa'i rnam thar Las 'byun Min I de dan mthun par mjod nag rna Las kyan I yan rYe bcun brag dmar na bugs dus I nin g~ig

    30r I snar med pa'i ri nag po ban rim gsum pa Mig La bskor ba mjad ~iii 'dug pa dan I ras ~hun rnams yid rna ~hes nas 'di gan nas

  • 136

    byun ba yin ~us par I rYe bcun gyi ~al nas I skyob pa Ma kya sen ge yis I ri bo nag po 'bigs byed 'di I bod kyi mi la ras pa la II mghod pa'i rten du gnan ba lags II gnan yan de ~id yin s~am med II ges gsuns so II ~es 'byun ba'i rgyu mchan de

    ~id la brten nas I sna rab pa rnams kyis kyan span ri 'bur mo nags chal gan 'di la skor ba'i srol byun snan ~in skor lam yan yod pas phyin ghad kyan de b~in byed par rigs so ~es gdams so I spo mtho nas byan phyogs kyi Min khrod stug po ~ig nas gun zad 'thur du bab pa'i sar snon rYe bcun ~hen po brag dmar mghon Lun du b~ugs skabs Min 'thu ru byon pa'i che I rlun ghen po ~ig gLo bur du lans nas I ras bzun che Min khyer I Min bzun che ras khyer ba na I der ras dga' na

    30v ras khyer ~in dga' na ~in khyer gsuns ~is ka blos btan ste b~ugs pa'i skabs rlun bser ma'i rnam pas yud cam thugs dran med du thim pa las bens nas rdo pha bon Lug ro cam gyi khar b~ugs nas bLa ma dran drug gi mgur gsuns pa'i ~ul dan I de'i rgyab phyogs kyi brag rear I pe ta I a ne I mjes se sags kyi sgrub khan gi ~uL bgas yod I de nas thur du gun zad bgrod pa na mkha' 'gro'i gsan ghur grags pa'i sgrub ghu dan I rYe bcun pos bgegs rgyaL bi na ya ka dam la btags pa'i gnas I nan gi rjon drug gi ya gyaL mghon lun khyun gi rjon ~es grags pa'i phug pa dan I de nas mda' rgyan cam gyi smyug gseb tu rdo leb ghen po'i khar rYe bcun gyi ~abs rYes 'ga' ~ig dan I ~abs skor gnan ba'i mghod rten bgas yod I khyun rjon gi sten brag gi bya skyibs su ras ~hun pa'i log l ta bas la phyi r nam mkhar by a bin 1phur ba'i mthar brag dmar gyi sked stod na ras ghun ea mi thar ~in sku mthon gsun thos pa'i bya skyibs ~ig na I rJe bcun sku gs.um du sprul nas

    31 r I b~ugs pa'i ~uL du L ta ras ghun phug ges brag la them skas bcugs pa i g yod I brag dmar gyi mda'i ~hu dan I bri n ~hu 'dres mchams ~ig tu siion rYe bcun ghen pos ras ghun pa'i Log L ta bas la phyi r pha bon ~hu l tar 'phyar I gzan L tar b~ad I 'dam ltar brjis rYes I mda' 'phen pa Ltar ghu kLun ghen po'i nan du 'phans gsun pa de yan yod ges grags I de nas ~og khra bryud g.yas bskor du phyin pa na la phyi'i mdor ghu gram ~ig tu b~om ldan 'das dpaL 'khor Lo sdom pa'i snan brag la ran byon du b~ugs pa s~a~ g.~on dpal gyi nags lY9nS ~es snon rYe bcun yab sras dan I gnos chen po I stag rce mi pham phun chogs ~es rab sogs kyi b~ugs gnas sgrub phug 'gan ghe ba dan I ron brgyud kyi lam du sgrub pa du ma'i phyag ~abs kyi re kha gor rna La rnam par bkra ba bgas mthon byar yod La I gan yan brin

  • 137

    du smyug sdins phug I rgyab ri phug I bon ri phug I yan dben phug mo ghe I spo mdons phug I mgur ghu phug I bla ma phun chogs ~es

    31v pa sogs ; sned ~ig yod par gsuns kyan phal ~her da lta no 1phrod min gyis brod ma nus so II da ni la phyi gnas mthil gyi sgrub phug sogs zur cam smos pa ni II yan rjogs pa'i sans rgyas dkon m~hog yan lag gi rnam sprul rgyal dban thams ~ad mkhyen gzigs rdo rYe gar dban ~hos kyi dban phyug gi bka' rcom lam yig las I de'i dgun 'das nas lna pa'i ~har lam du ~ugs te son ba tas bgom tdan 'das khyab bdag rdo rYe .ghan ghen po 'khor Lo sdom pa es rab kyi rig ma dpa' bo rnal 'byor ma'i 'khor dan b~as pa'i gnas rgyal ba rgya mcho'i chogs til gyi gan bu kha phye ba l ta bu'i rab tu gtams pas thar pa ghen po'i g~al yas khan brog La phyi gans ky.i ra ba'i pho bran mnon sum du mthon bar gyur te de'i gnas kyi ghe ba'i yon tan rgyas pa 'phags pa rnams kyi spyod yul te bsdus pa grub pa'i slob dpon rnams kyi rnam par thar pa dan I gnas kyi gtam brod pa'i yi ge dag las gsal ba'i phyi r 'di r ma smos la I phyogs bgu dus gyi sans

    32r rgyas dan byan ~hub sems dpa' thams ~ad kyi ye ~es kyi sku rYe bcun b~ad pa rdo rYe dan I ras ghun rdo rYe grags pa I rgyal pa ko brag pa I La phyi ba nam mkha' rgyal mchan I gcan smyon he ru ka La sogs pa'i bugs gnas bdud 'dul phug mo ghe I ze phug I sbas pa kun gsal I lun bstan chal ~hen phug I sbas phug La sogs pa du rna b~ugs ~in chur dol mthon ba'i snan ba nid du yan I brag ri rnams ni rdo rYe; ri bo 'gyid pa b~in II gans ri'i phren ba mu tig dog pa bkod pa b~in II nags chal mjes pa gos bzan lhab lhub gyon pa b~in II dban po ne dban 'khor b~as mdun sar rol pa b~in II rab snoms sa g~i rcva snon spu sdug gi I bgo ba bgos ~in ~hu rgyaun do ~al 'phyan II ~hu 'bab sgra snan g.yer kha'i skad 'khrol ba II siion med mjes pa'i chogs kyis brgyan pa mthon II 'di ~i mtho ris '~hi med gnas yin nam II sgyu rna byed pa dag gi s sprul pa 'am II gsa l ba rmi Lam nams su myon ba b~in II thog mar mthon ba

    32v dag La so rna nid byed II ~es gsuns pas I da l tar na La phyi 'i gnas kyi l te ba 'khor lo sdom pa'i pho bran dnos ni 'di las gan du med par gsuns te I 'di dag gis kyan ~in tu gsal bstan pa'i phyi r dan I 'di dag gi ghe ba'i yon tan ni 'phags pa rnams kyi rnam yul las so skye'i yul min pa dan I bsdus pa grub pa thob pa'i slob dpon rnams kyi rnam thar las 'byun ~es gsuns pa 'dir yan de kho na ltar 'ghad pa yin pas I de La La

  • 138

    phyi phug ~hen bi'i ya gyaL bdud 'duL phug mo ~he ni snon rYe bcun ~hen pos thog mar La phyi'i gnas sgo 'byed du phebs nas lha 'dre rnams dam La bag I de rYes slar yan 'di r sgrub pa La bugs skabs kha ba ~in mchan b~o brgyad bab nas brin g~a' nan gi lam 'gags te rgyu 'grul ~had pa'i rin ream pa bre gan gis zla ba drug gi rgyas mjad nas bugs pa dan I rYe bcun thugs sras ras ~hun pa dan lhan ~i g phug pa 'di r bugs pa'i skabs mi ma yin gyi ~ho 1phrul drag

    33r I po byun nas nas ~hun pa sku rgyab kyi brag gseb tu sbas nas rYe bcun g.yis zad ea ~hu'i tin ne 'jin La m~am par bag pas lha 'dre rnams gyi chu 1khyi l ba ig tu mthon nas I der bud med g~ig na re I da ni La kho ga re zer bas I g~ig gis da ~i

    ~hu 'di'i thad na 'dug zer rde'u ig bsgyur sor'\ I rYe bcun gyi s r'\a 'di na yod ges sku dr'\os su bstan pas kun Y i gs ~ i r'\ gros mthar b~ags pa phul in dam La btags I tin 'jin las bzens skabs pas ~hun pas I lha 'dres ~hu nan du rde'u bsgyur chul us pa La de yin nam ro stod na mi bde ba ig 'dug khyod kyis so.l dan gsuns I slar rYe bcun gyis ~hu'i tin ne 'jin La m~am par bags nas ras ~hun rde'u bsal to II yan sgrub phug 'di r blugs pa'i skabs La phyi'i mdun ri mthon po lig yod pa der skyo sans La 'gro gsuns pas I 'khor rnams kyis da sku na bgres pas mi thar us pa La I al nas I na mi La ri rcer 'gro

    33v 'dod pas II mi La ras pa rgas pa dar'\ II 'byur'\ b i rgud nas 'gro ma nus II bern po'i ri kyod Yam gyis nol II ~es gsuns rna thag ri mgo gug byun ba'i rcer rYe bcun gyi abs bag pa dan ri gyen du lans so II der ri rcer Ya 'od 'khrugs pa'i dbus su re ig bugs nas slar ~od du 'phur nas phebs gsuns ba ni I da l ta nag po 'bum ye ~es grags pa yin La I de l tar bdud 'dul phug mo ~her rYe bcun yab sras I m~os lha nan pa I ko brag pa I g.ya ru dpal grags I nam mkha' rgyal me han I 'dul 'j in ~hos rYe I gcan smyon pa I ~ar kha ras ~hen I abs dkar rYe sogs sria phyir grub thob kho na 'an ~hes man po bugs ~in sgrub pa mjad pas na byin rlabs dpe med du ~he ~in I da lta 'an rYe bcun ~hen po bdud 'dul gyi phyag rgya ~an gyi sku gser zans las grub pa khru do I rgyal ba La phyi ba'i thugs dam gyi rten rYe bcun ras ~hun pa'i gser sku mda' chad I rdo rYe '~han gi gser sku mda' chad I yan rdo rYe '~han gi sku g~i s I m~am med

    34r I dvags po lha rY ~i snan brnan l i ma I rYe bcun po'i snan br~an gnis I slob dpon ~hen po padma'i sku g~is sogs rten gsum byin ~hen ~i rigs pa b~ugs so II de'i sten gi brag rdog ~hen po'i 'og gi phug pa dar'\ I sten gi phug pa ni rY.e bcun ghen

  • 139

    po'i b~ugs gnas sen -khyams gon 'og ~es grags I de'i sten gi brag phug ~hen po Lha khaii dan b~as pa 'di ni snon rre bcun ~hen pos ras ~huii pa rgya gar nas 'khor ba bsu ba'i phyi r bri n brag dniar nas mkha' La 'phur te La phyi r phebs pa'i dus ~abs sa La reg pa'i thog ma sgrub phug ras ~hen du grags pas brag Log La mjad pas brag La abs rres byun I es rre bcun gyi rnam thar du gsaL ba de nid yin La I abs rYes 'di La phyis grub thob gcaii smyon pas gser ~hab phuL dus sa g.yo ba La sogs pa 'di ge mchan byuii es gsuiis I phug pa 'di r rYe bcun ~hen po yun rin du bugs ~iii phyis g.yag ru dpaL grags dan I

    34v grub thob gcaii smyon pa I 'duL 'j in nag dbaii rgyal mchan gsum gyi s lo gsum re sgrub pa gnan pa dan I La phyi ba nam mkha' rgyal mchan lo man por bugs la sogs grub pa thob pa'i gaii zag ~iii tu man pos byin gyis brlabs ~iii I ~hos ra dge 'pheL gl in gi gcug khaii rna btab gon du sgrub sde ba rnams kyis 'khor Lo sdom pa'i sgo nas yar mar gyi ches b~u'i mchod pa gnaii sa yaii 'di kho na yin no II Lha khan 'dir rdor 'jin kun dga' rgya mchos thugs dam gyi rten rYe bcun ~hen po mi La'i gser sku chad ~hun iiu I rgyaL ba rdo rYe '~han gi sku gser zans dan I L i Las grub pa ~he Legs gsum I ha ri ca nda na Las grub pa'i bka' brgyud gser phren gi sku brnan b~i b~u brgal ba I rYe bcun mi La ras Pa'i thugs kyi spruL pa La phyi ba nam mkha' rgyaL mchan gyi gdun daii riii bsreL bugs pa'i gser 'bum rnam rgyaL m~hod rten thog chad dan sgrub phug gi g.yas g.yon du mchan Ldan La phyi ba'i ~hos ra'i ~uL sogs yod I de'i nub phyogs

    35r I su rYe bcun gyi b~ugs gnas ras ~hen nub dan I de'i 'og tu stag chan phug tu grags pa yod I de nas byan phyogs kyi ri rcer gun zad 'phags pa'i sar rYe bcun ~hen po'i b~ugs gnas sbas pa 'og ~es bya ba dan I de'i sten gi brag rear sbas pa kun gsaL tu grags pa 'am I sbas ba goii ~es pa phug ~hen bii ya ba g~ig yod de gnas 'dir snon rYe bcun ~hen por nub g~;g 'khor Lo sdom pa Lha drug ~u rca gnis sogs ~; khro rab 'byams kyi Lha chogs nam mkha' gaii bar gzigs in nid La thim pa dan I chogs 'khor mjad pa'i che ~in skyon mka' 'gros gtor ma diios su Len pa La sogs pa byun ba'i chuL bo don bLa rna nag gi dban phyug gi rnam thar du b~ad La I gan yan sgrub phug 'dir man po bya ston ~es pa i g Ya Lus su gegs pa dan I de'i brgyud pa bLa rna Yam rin pa bya ba sku g~egs dus rin bsrel du ma byun ba dan I abs dkar rdo rYe '~haii gis kyan

    35v gnas 'di r rtogs pa'i yon tan smad du byun ba brnes pa yin no

  • 140

    II sbas pa 'og dan ra bug gi bar gyi sgan brgyud du rYe bcun ~hen po'i b~ugs gnas char leb gon 'og tu grags pa dan I 'di skor du mkhas pa g.yu thog pa'i sgrub phug kyan yod bar grags pa sags byin rlabs ~an gyi phug pa ~hes man no I sbas pa'i sten phyogs nas rgyan grags cam gyi sar 'od gsal ze ba phug ~es snon rYe bcun ~hen po yun rin du b~ugs pas La phyi'i phug ~hen b~i'i ya ba g~ig ya ba g~ig yin La I 'dir La phyi ba nam mkha' rgyal mchan gyi thugs dam gyi rten rYe bcun ~hen po dan I mnam med dvags po'i gser sku mda' chad re I g~an yan rgyal ba rdo rYe '~han dan I 'bri gun ~has rYe Y i g rten gsum mgon po gyi gser sku mda' chad I thub dban g(an 'dul rna dan I bdud 'dul rna khru chad I do mbhi he ru ka'i gser sku sags rten gsum ~i rigs I rYe bcun then po'i sgrub ~hu dan I rYe bcun gnas 'di nas ~hu dbar du 'phur nas gegs dus kyi ~abs rYes sags yod I de'i Mar

    36r I phyogs kyi brag sten du rgyal ba La phyi ba dan ~abs dkar rYe; ~has khri yan yod I ~ol gyi than gnis las bdud 'dul phug nas char leb kyi bar than ni ~hos 'byun ya than dan I bdud 'dul man gyi than ni ~hos 'byun rna than ~es grags te no bo rdo rYe rnaL 'byor ma'i dkyil 'khor gyi rnam par b~ugs pa yin no II den san gnas 'jin pa kha g~ig ras ~hen gyi brag rdog dbu. I sen khyams gyi brag lto ba II bdud 'duL gyi mdun gyi brag spus mo b~as phag mo'i sku yin zer ba ni blun gtam ste yid brtan mi bya'o II ~hos 'byun rna thari gi 1og gi ~hu klun ~hen po'i 'gram du Lun bstan zi L ~hen phug yod de 'di ni snon 'bri gun skyob pa rin po ~he'i rdor 'j in g.yag ru dpal grags La phyi r rjori skabs bu khyod kyi sgrub gnas nub La phyi garis kyi ra ba yin pas der rgyugs ig I de yan thog dmar bsgrub pa'i sa ni La phyi gnas mthil du nug sbrul nag po thur du rgyug pa'i khar mi sniri dmar po gyen du bslan ba lta

    36v bu ri brag phug pa dan b~as pa ~ig yod pas der 'khor Lo sdom pa'i sgrub pa gyis Mig gsuns nas Lun bstan pas na Lun bstan phug dan I phug pa 'di Min tu reub ~in gnan ba'i zil ~hen po yod pas na zil ~hen du grags .Min byin rLabs he ba byed do II La phyi sgrub sde'i lo rgyus ni I de yari snon rYe bcun ~hen po yab sras dag pa ~has dbyins su gMegs nas bzuns 'bri gun skyob pa'i thebs brj ans pa'i bar La gan zag dam pa 'ga' cam b~ugs pa las dge 'dun gyi sder 'bod pa n.i med par mnon La I 'bri guri skyob pa rin po ~he'i ri thebs lan gsum brjans pa'i skabs nas dge 'dun gyi sde dan ~iii I khyad par ri thebs tha rna 'dis rdor 'jin g.ya ru dpal grags kyis La phyi ras .~hen sags bzuns Min

  • 141

    bla bran gi chugs ka' 'an ~un zad mjad pas de phyin la phyi ran du g~g mar gnas pa'i dge 'dun man ~n ~i rigs re da lta'i bar bstar Mhags su byun ~in I de yan rab byun bMu ba'i nan bar sgrub sde ~in tu dar ~in rtogs pa m~hog

    37r I bsnes pa'i rnal 'byor gyi dban phyug man du byon ~in snin po don brgyud kyi bstan kyi bstan pa ~in tu dar bar gyur to ~es grags so II de phyin dus dban gis Ye phra Ye phrar son ~in khyad par rab byun b~u gsum pa'i sgan cam nas sgrub sde yan mkhas bcun grub pa'i rnam thar 'j in pa'i sgru pa po ni ~un zad dan I phal ~her ni ser mo ~han gi yo lans la snin por byed ~in ser khyi m pa'i btul ~ugs la phyogs bar gyur to II de l ta bur lo grans man ~;g son nas rab byun b~u b~i pa'i sa yos lor rYe bcun mi la ras pa'i 'phrin las kyi sprul pa mdo khams a rigs su 'khruns ~in ~abs pad gar bkod du rnam dkar gyis 'phrin las kyi khyab pas na a rigs ~abs dkar ba ~es sam mchan dnos rYe bcun byams pa ~hos dar ram grub dban ~hogs drug ran grol ~es rtogs pa mkha' dan mnams pas phyogs ris ~en 'jin gyi ~hin ba las grol ~in I ston nid rgyu 'bras su ~ar

    37v nas rgyal sras kyi spyod pa rlabs po ~he la dban bsgyur ba'i skyes bu dam b~ag la phyi'i gnas nan du phebs thog sbas pa kun gsal du sgrub pa mjad pas I Yo mo ~he rin ma'i ~al gzigs ~in pa phrin las bsgrub par khas blans I rgya gar rdo rYe gdan du

    g~egs par b~en pa la la phyi'i gnas bdag mkha' 'gro ~a stag gi gdon pa lan ~ig ~al gzigs nas b~ol btab pas bdud 'dul phug tu lo gsum gyi sgrub pa'i 'go ream I de'i dus ~ig rYe 'di'i mnal lam du la phyi gnas nan thams ~ad than yans ~in rgya ~he ba ~ig tu gyur te phyogs phyogs nas bod dan bal po mon pa a ca ra sogs mi skad rigs mi ~ig pa man po ~ig 'ons te la phyi'i than thams Mad gan nas rgyal sa l tar bur gyur te I yar 'gro mar 'gro byed pa ~ig gzigs pas phyi lo 'phrin las ~hen po yon bar mkhyen nas I nin g~ig lhos 'byun ma than gi than ~in rca ba glig la I rce mo gnis ldan lo 'dabs rgyas pa ~ig

    38r I yod pa'i rear gra pa rnams la rdo khri ~ig rcig blug ste I khri 'di'i sten nas rYes su g~an la lhos b~ad dgos gsuns nas ste.n du ~~ugs I ~hos thun glig b~ad nas rten 'brel sgrigs I bdud 'dul phug gi sgrub phug no ma'i sgo mi ma yin gyis bkag par mkhyen nas sgrub phug gi gnas sgo 'an phyed par mjad I de'i phyi lo siiar mnal lam du byun ba b~in phyogs phy~gs nas skal ldan gyi slob ma mtha' yas pa 'dus pa la lhos khri de'i sten nas lhos b~ad pas mthar lo gsum gyi nan du 'khor rab tu byun ba dan I rnal 'byor pho mo sdom lna brgya lhag par 'dus

  • 142

    ~in I yon bdag stan phrag cam b~as La ~has b~ad I de skabs La phyi'i gnas nan du bdud 'dul dan I ras ~hen gyi gco sku gsun thugs rten b~ugs pa'i Lha khan phal ~her ~ig ral La son I gnas 'jin sgrub pa po phal ~her kyan bcun chugs ~ams nas ser khyim du son bas de dag ~ams

    38v gsa mjad b~ed kyi phu'i gans 'dab La mgron khan I mda'i ~hu ~hen La zam pa I bar gyi Lha khan khag La nams gsa mjad I khyad par du ~has ra'i than dkyi L na Lha khan ka b~i rna ~he Legs sra than La gra khan man pas bskor ba chon rei Logs bris gser khru dan b~as pa gsar rgyag mjad I La phyi gnas nan gyi rten gco bla rna rYe bcun gyi snan brnan mchal khrag mas gcos pa'i rten gsum 'gan ~he ba rnams I ras ~hen Lha khan dan bdud 'dul Lha khan nas spyan drans te gcug Lag khan 'di r b~ugs su gsol ~in m~hod rjas rnams kyan snar yod sgrigs g~om dan gsar spel gan dgos rYe nid nas gnan bas I de chun sgrub sde yan ras

    ~hen nas ~has rar spas nas brtan ~hags par byas I 'di 'i phyogs su rYe ~id nas dnul rdo chad bgu gsum gnan ba'i mchon dad Ldan

    g~an gyi 'an mthun rkyen phran chegs dan b~as mthar phyin du grub ~in dgon pa'i mchan La ~has ra dge 'phel gl in ~es gsol I gnas 'jin

    39r I ser khyim du ~or ba rnams gcan dgon du mjad gin I 'bri gun skyabs mgon ~hen po bstan 'j in padma'i me han ~an La yan s~an ~u'i thog 'bri gun nas b~a' khri ms kyi yi ge gsar du ~us nas ghos khrims Legs bar bsdams I bstan pa rin po ~he dri ma dan bral bar mjad I ~in ggig ghos ra'i Lho phyogs kyi ri'i sner

    m~hod rten ~ig b~ens bar dgons nas slob ~a rnams rdo Len du b~ug pas Lan ggig Las 'gro mi dgos par m~hod rten ~in La grub

    ~in rab gnas mjad sags gnas nan 'di La bka' drin bla nam mghis pa yin no II de Ltar dge 'phel glin du rten gsum b~ugs pa'i rim pa La I thog mar rten thams gad kyi gco bo rYe bcun mi La b~ad pa rdo rYe ~id ~al b~ugs skabs slob ma rnams kyis dad rten ~us pa'i nor rYe nid kyis kyan Man mchaL dan sku mchaL ~al ghab sogs Yim pa dan sbyar ba'i rgyu byas nas ras ghun ba'i phyag gzo Las grub pa'i rYe bcun mi La nid gyi sku mchal

    39v khrag mar grags pa rYe bcun rail gis rab gnas gnan ba ste 'di ni rten thams gad kyi nan na 'gran zla med ~in byin rlabs ~he ba yin no II g~an yan rYe bcun lhen po brin du mya nan Las 'das skabs gna' nan dan brin pa'i yon bdag rnams sku pur gyi don du 'thab rcod g.yul 'khrug byas pas rYe bcun gyi rju 'phrul gyis pur gnis byun ba Las I gna' nan pa'i rten skal gyi pur de nid La phyi bdud 'dul phug gi skor pha bon khyun gi sgo

  • 143

    da l ta bu'i sten du ~us pas pur rdo La ran byun du phebs pa'i yi ge drug pa I ~hos rgyal sron bean sgam po bcun mo g~is dan bgas pa phrul snan gi ~0 bo thugs r~e ~hen po'i thugs kar thim nas pl,!r ma byun ba dan I blon po mgar gyis bod kyi blon po rnams gdug pa ghe bas rgyal po yab yum gsum gdus g~ig tu med par byas so ~es pa'i grags pa nan pa 'byun bas bod khams rnams kyi snan nor pur sbyon ba'i chul cam byed g;r; ban so rcig pa legs so zer nas sman ~ i m las ghos rgyal Jyab yum gyi sku

    40r I b~ens pa La rgyal po'i na bzas klubs nas yar + pha rol tu gdan drans nas sbyon pa'i chul byas skabs thugs r~e ghen po

    ~id kyi byin gyis brlabs nas rin bsrel man po dan I khyad par mi rgya las mdun thugs r~ e ~hen po phyag ston spyari ston La rgyab lo ke Mva ra I rca bar mgon po phyag drug pa'i rnam pa 'di byon pa yin pas 'di ni La phyi pa'i snon gyi rten gco yod dgu'i + Min tu 'gad chon du byed par grags pa dan I 'bri gun skyob pa'i sku br~an sman 'jim las grub pa Min tu s~in ma mda' chad ~hun nu cam 'gan ~he ba I r~e chogs drug ran grol gyi sman sku byin rlabs gan g~ig I rgyal ba rdo r~e '~han gi gser sku mda' chad ma g~is kyi gcos pa'i rdo r~e 'ghan gi sku br~an lna I gsar zans kyi thub dban rdo r~e gdan ~hun ma g~ig dan thub pa'i gser sku mda' chad ma ~ig gis gcos pa'i thub dban gi sku bdun I '~am dbyans ghos 'khor ma'i gser sku ~ig gis gcos pa'i Yam dbyans kyi snan brnan

    40v gsum I rgya gar l i ma gsum gyis gcos pa'i byams pa'i sku ghe ghun bdun I rdo rYe sems dpa'i sku L i ma gsum I L i dan gser zans Las grub pa'i thugs rYe ~he ~hen po'i sku Lna I rYe bcun gsan ba'i bdag po'i sku me thub ma g~is I L i dan gser zans Las grub pa'i slob dpon padma'i sku Lna I sgrol ma'i l i sku 'ga1

    ~ig I rYe bcun te lo pa'i L i sku ggig I pan ghen na ro pa'i l i sku ggig I gcan smyon ~hen po'i thugs dam gyi rten rYe bcun mi la ras pa'i gser sku mi chad ma byin rlabs gan rten gcor byed pa g~ig I yan r~e bcun mi La ras pa'i sku gser zans .las grub pa'i bdud 'dul lha khan mes Y;g skabs me brdugs su b~ugs pa g~i mchuns brgyad gu gya bdun I yan Li dan mkhar ba sogs las grub pa'i rYe bcun mi la'i sku lna I rdor 'jin bla ma nag gi dban phyug gi thugs dam rten m~am med dvags po lha rYe; gser sku mi chad ~hun ba g~ig gcos pa'i dvags po Lha rYe; sku br~an b~i I 'gro mgon phag mo gru pa'i li sku g~ig I gl in ras

    41 r I ~hen po'i l i sku g~ig sku ggig I skyob pa '~ig rten gsum gyi mgon po'i sku br~an g~is-' Yam mgon con kha pa ghen po'i snan br~an gnis I 'bri gun pa rgyal dban kun dga' rin ~hen gyi snan

  • 144

    brnan g~ig I sgrub thob dbus smyon gyi sku g~ig I lha bcun rin ~hen rnam rgyal gyi thugs dam rten brag dkar rta so nas gdan drans II pa grub thob gcan smyon pa1i gser sku mi chad g~ig sogs gcan smyon gyi sku brnan lna I man po gter ston byan ~hub gl in pas dpal than lha mcho srin mcho nas zab gter du spyan drans skabs na'i 1gro don la phyi gans rar yod ~es gsuns byon pa la brten nas 'di r spyan drans. pa rdo rYe phag mo'i sku jhe ~1m. las grub pa'i ~in tu 'gan ~hen du byed pa g~ig I yan man po gter ston gyi gnas de gnis nas spyan drans pas slob padma'i phyag mchan gnam l~ags kyi rdo rYe dam ~an rla brnud mar grags pa yod I 'di r gter bdag glin pa'i gter rna yin zer pa ni rna dag par

    41v moon I rdor 'jin la phyi ba g.yag ru dpal grags pa'i slob rna ras pa bsam gtan bzan po bya bas 'khor lo sdom pa'i sgrub pa mjad skabs dag snan du ken rus ~ag gis khyur mid byas nas de'i snin gar phebs skabs 'khor lo sdom pa'i ye ~es kyi sku dnos su Yal ba'i sna~ ba no mchar ba ~;g byun bas y; ltar mYal bade ltar sku rgya gser zaris la bal po'i bzo pes beris iri grub thob ~hen po g.yag ru dpal grags nid kyis rab gnas gnan ba bde

    m~hog mkhai 'gro rgya mcho gsun byon mar grags pa la phyi'i rten gcor byed pa g~ig I de dan sku rgyu bzo spus mchuns pa'i dus 'khor phyag man dan I dgyes rdor thod pa ~an gyi sku I gser zaris las grub pa'i thugs rYe lhen po phyag stori spyan ston gi sku 'gan ~he ba I grub thob lhen po g.yag ru dpal grags kyis brin du brag ldebs la lhibs rgyug gnan ba'i lhib g.yag rgya bre'u pa'i dbu klad las ran byun du byon pa1i mi thod smug ~hun du grags pa II lhib g.yag de nid kyi chem dan

    ~al 'bram gyi dum 42r I bu I rgyal ba la phyi ba nam mkha' rgyal mchan gyi chem dan

    sku lhos kyi dum bu I rgyal ba ko brag pa'i sku rus kyi dum bu I gcan smyon pa'i rus rgyan gyi dum bu I 'br'i gun ~abs drun padma'i mchan lan gyi sku 'gag rnams dnos su b~ugs I te lo I na ro I mar pa gsum gyi ~abs lham yod zer ba ni rjun yin pa 'dra'o II g~an yan yum rgyas 'briri bsdus gsum I mdo bskal bzan I gser 'od I mdo man I bka1 brgyud gser gyi phren ba'i rnam thar gyi rigs I phyag lhen lhos drug gi g~un pod la sogs pa gsun rab dan I gser zans kyi rnam rgyal mlhod rten dan I l i'i mlhod rten sogs rten gsum li rigs pa b~ugs so I lhos 'byun than gi pha ri'i brag gseb tu rgyal ba ko brag pa'i b~ugs ghas dan I la phyi gori du yari rYe bcun lhen po'i sgrub yod les grags par snan ba sogs mjod nag rna sogs su phug pa thos rna

  • 145

    myon ba man po b~ad 'dug na 'an I phal ~her da Lta no rna 'phrod ~in

    42v gnas 'j in rnams La 'an gon gsal cam Las thugs rgyus mi snan bas de cam mo II gnas mthil nas ~un zad gyen du bgrod pa'i sar ra 'ug Mar nub kyi phug pa dan I de ria~ ~un zad bgrod pa'i sar La phyi ~in skyon gi rten khan Lha mtho yod de I ~in skyon 'ai ni Lha ~hen po chogs kyi bdag po yin par gsuns te I de Ltar _na snon sum ~u rca gsum gyi Lha gnas su Lha dban phyug ~hen po La bcun mo yum u rna dan ga nga gnis yon pa Las nam ~ig Lha mo ga riga La sras mchan dan Ldan pa ig 'khruns kyan u rna La rna bstan pas I u rna na re khyod La bu ~i 'dra skyes zer I bu skyes te mgo mi 'dug ~es rjun byas pas I u rna khros te'o na mgo med par gyur ~ig ~es dmod bor bas de b~in du son I der u rna La bzod par gsol te thabs dris pas I Mi rna thag pa'i ro mgo byan du bstan pa g~ig ~hod La sbyor ig zer I der 'chol du phyin pas glan po ~he'i ro ~ig rned de'i mgo sbyar bas chogs bdag glan po'i mgo ~an du byun I de ni Min

    43r I tu gtum ~in 'jam bu'i gl in du dge ba byed pa thams ~ad La mi dga' in gcod pa'i Log 'dren bi na ya ka 'am bgegs kyi rgyal por grags I nam ig kho 'jam bu glin nul du phyin ~ul du 'phags pa spyan ras gzigs kyi kho ran gi gzugs su sprul nas sum ~u rca gsum du byon ~in kho'i gnas phrogs pas kho Min tu skrag ste 'phags pa nid La skyabs us pas sems ~an La gnod 'che mi par bka' bsgos nas btul bar gsuns La I de L ta bu'i chogs bdag de nid b~om Ldan 'das dpal 'khor Lo sdom pas La phyi go da va ri'i in skyon bar bka' bsgos Min gnas pa na I snar smos pa b~in rYe bcun mi La brag dmar m~hon Lun du b~ugs skabs thogs mar L~ags kyi a ca rar sprul nas glags bcal kyan glags rna rned I de nas yan La phyi ~hu bzan du gnam sa gan ba'i Lha 'dre'i drnag bsdus nas glags bcal kylm glags rna rned par bka'i bsrun mar

    43v khas blan ~in ~abs tog byas I rYe bcun gnas mthil du phebs Lam 'di r bsu ba gus 'dud snon du 'gro bas ~hos ~us ~in mthar ~hos khri'i rdo La thim pa'i sar Lha mtho b~os pa yin La kho'i pho bran dnos ni brag dmar mchon Lun danla phyi'i bar du brag ri mthon po ~ig yod ~in I bka' sdod Las kyi blon po ni khyi ra ba mi rna yin du skyes pa ~ig sogs yod chul La phyi ba nam mkha' rgyal mchan gyis gsuns so II de nas stag 'phran gzig phran thon pa'i sar snon rYe bcun ~hen pos La phyir ream pa bre gan gis zla ba drug gi rgyags mjad nas b~ugs pas gna' nan pa rnams kyi rYe bcun gron par thag b~ad nas pur gdan 'dren du yon ba

  • 146

    rYe bcun gyi mnon mkhyen gyis gzigs nas ggan gzan gsa' ru sprul nas pha bon mthon ~ig gi kha nas khon rnams La gzigs pa'i sar gsa'i sku rYes in tu gsal ba yod I de nas guri zad bgrod pa na mi rna yin ~yi gho 'phrul bz Log phyi r gsan rdor brdar ba'i rdo rio mchar che ba dan I ram sdens

    44r I gi ri 'dabs du rYe bcun gyis mkha' 'gro rna rnams dam La btags pa'i phug pa ram sdins gnam phug mar grags pa dan Mhu san du La phyi ~in skyon 'dul dus kyi phug pa dan I ~in bzan mug par yan rYe bcun b~ugs par gsuns pa dan I byams sgan yol mchan La Log 'dren zi L gnon gyi ~abs rYe dan mkha' 'gro sgan Lam gyi stod du dmu rjin srion rYe bcun gnas sgo 'byed skabs Lha '-'dres ri phan chun bsnur nas mcho bskyi L ba rYe bcun gyi phyag mkhar gyis gtol ba'i ~ul rnams yod I gans La'i La rce ni rYe bcun Mhen po'i Las kyi phyag rgya 'brog sman zu Le rna ~es pa'i pho bra~ yin I La rgyab sgo man nas thur du gun zad phyin pa na rYe bcun gyi ~abs rYes gsal ba ~ig dan I de'i mar rgyab tu pha bon dkar Leb bam skyar rjas ~es pa yod de I de ni srion rYe bcun Mhen pos La phyir ream pa bre gan gis zla ba drug gi rgyas mjad nas b~ugs pas g~a' nan rear rna pa rnams

    44v kyi gron par thag bgad nas pur spyan 'dren du phyin pa na rYe bcun snar bas kyan sku gzi mdans Mhe bar b~ugs Min snar yod kyi Mhas ka yan rna zad pas khon rnams ~in tu dad par gyur I der rear ma'i yon bdag rnams kyis mya nam sel phyir Lan ggig

    g~a' nan du g~egs par gsol ba btab pa b~in I dpon slob rnams kyi ~abs La skyar bgins nas byon pas I La thog nas g~en rdor mos snon La son ste I La phyir rYe bcun sku rna nons par de rin 'byon kyin yod do bya ba'i grags pa thos pas ~a rna pho mo rgan byis kun rYe bcun gyi al Lta ru yon nas dpon slob yon mghod kun pha bon dkar Leb kyi rear ~al 'joms pas I phal Mher gyi sku La Yus nas dus I phyag dan bskor pa byas nas snun dris pas I rYe beun gyi spa'i bar ma lgag ggig yod pa der om chugs mjad I gans g~og pa'i skyar de abs La gsol nas pha bon dkar Leb kyi sten nas der chogs pa'i ~a ma rnams La s~un dris pa'i Lan du yens

    45r I su grags pa'i gans mgur ghen mo es bya ba gsuns pas ~a rna rnams dga' grags nas bro 'khrab pas rYe bcun yan thugs ~ams 'ur ba Lta mjad nas abs bro mjad pas pha bon 'dam brjis pa b~in son nas pha bon gi sten thams gad ~abs rYes dan phyag 'khar gyi rYes gyis gan ~iri pha bon skad pa nur bas ban rim log ge ba ~ig byun ba La snar pha dkar bon leb zer yan de phyin skyar rYes su grags pa rio mchar ghe ba yod I de nas thur

  • 147

    du rgyan grags cam bgrod pa'i sar rYe bcun ~hen pas kyan thog g~ig cam b~ugs Min phyis 'dul 'jin rin po ~he nag dban rgyal mchan gyi sgrub phug dbus su ~hud pa'i dgon pa btab La zans phug ~es grags I de'i mar zur bkra Mis sgan du gMen rdor mo dan skyo ston Ma kya gu na'i pha khan I rYe bcun ~hen po'i pur La phyi bdud 'dul 'phug t~ ~us dus kyi gdun thal dan pur khan gi sa rdo La skyo ston Ma kya gu na sags rear rna ba rnams kyi dad rten du b~ens pa'i byan ~hub

    45v m~hod rten thog chad gnis pa byin rlabs Min tu ~he ba La b~ugs yul Lha khan ka b~i rna gsun rab man pos gtams pa I mgon khan dan b~as pa khyad I 'phags Mig yod pa ni rab byun b~u b~i pa'i memo Lug gi Lor gans nil te khyer nas Lha khan dnos g~i stons kyan m~hod rten 'di ~ig gso phran chegs byas Min da Lta 'an b~ugs La I m~hod rten 'di Min tu byin rlabs ~he ba yin chul mchan Ldan La phyi ba yab sras kyi rnam thar Las gsuns so I de nas nub phyogs su rgyan grags cam bgrod pa'i ~hu byan khar rYe bcun ~hen po'i b~ugs gnas gna' nan grod pa phug bya bar rYe bcun kyi sku brnan byin rlabs ~an dan ~abs rYes dan rYe bcun ras ~hun pa'i sgrub sogs yod La I der snon rYe bcun dban phyug mi La yab sras b~ugs pa'i rYes su sgrub pa po dan grub pa thob pa'i skyes bu y; sned g~ig b~ugs mod I dge 'dun gyi sde ni rna byun bar mnon La I phyis rab byun b~u g~ig pa'i nan du skyid

    46r I gron brag dkar rta so'i gdan sa rdog ston ka rma blo bzan gi dgon pa btab ~in m~hod khan 'ga' ~ i 9 kyan b~ens nas mkha' 'gro snan brgyud kyi ~hos rgyun bcugs I de nas Lo man po rna 'gyan par gnam bskos dga' Ldan pho bran pas bod khams La dban sgyur ba'i skabs mi rYe sans rgyas mchos gnas 'jin bka' brgyud pa rnams se mig tu bskrad I grod phug ri bo dge Ldan par bsgyur te mchan dga' Ldan 'phel rgyas gl in ~es btags I dge 'dun gyi sde ~hen po gcugs nas skye 'gro'i m~hod ~in dam par gyur La I grod phug nas rgyan grags cam g~al ba'i ~ar phyogs su a mo rog bya ba ras ~hun dbus b~ud kyi skabs rYe bcun ~hen pos ras ~hun par chod bgam phyi r ras pa bdun du sprul pa'i sar ~abs rYes g~ig kyan yod I gna' nan smad du ~am L~am dral gyi b~ugs gnas 'khon bu dan bal yul gser phug tu rna mo e ka ja ti bla mcho

    46v khyad par ~an dan I g~an yan snon rYe bcun ~hen pos thog g~ig cam b~ugs ~in I de rYes bcun gzi brYid rgyal mchan gyis dgon pa btab nas ~her dar ~in I de rYes La phyi ba nam mkha' rgyal me han I 'brug phu ba bde ~hen dpal 'bar I rdor 'j in rnam rgyal byan ~hub sogs Lun rtogs kyi mna' bdag du ma'i ~ugs gnas phug khrod ~es brag phug no mchar ba man po dan I Lha khan I mgon

  • 148

    po phyag drug pa'i mgon khari sogs da lta 'bri guri pas 'jin pa'i dben gnas dam pa ~ig dan I phyogs gam du rgyal ba rgod chan mgon po rdo rYe dan I o rgyan pa rin dpal gyi b~ugs gnas bde ghen sten ~es pa dan I gna' nan stod du ra rdo rYe grags dan I ye es kyi mkha' 'gro rna sa le 'od kyi 'khruns yul dan I rYe bcun ghen pos bon po lgi ba se rag rna 'bur skyes ba drans ul La ~in du 'bod pa der I bla rna ~an dan mkhan ghen dban phyug ~es rab sogs mkhas grub man po'i bsti gnas kyi dgon par rYe bcun 1phags rna sgrol ma'i sku 'gan ghen b~ugs pa dan I dam pa saris

    47r I rgyas dan mi La ras pa chogs 'khor mjad pa'i gnas gna' nan mthon La dan I din ri glan skor du sgrub ghen dam pa rgya gar gyi b~ugs pa'i gnas gcug lag khan rten dan brten par b~as pa rnams yod pa de dag gis La phyi gans ra'i gnas kyi snon gyi byuri ba phyogs cam brYod zin to II II sa bgad drug pa de La phyag bskor m~hod 'bul bgyis pa'i phan yon ni I de yan 'di r yi ge man gi s dog nas luri 'dren gyi rgyas b~ad mi spro yan I don du saris rgyas kyi rten La bskor ba byas pa'i phan yon ghes man po mghod rten bskor ba'i chigs bgad dan rgyal po gsal rgyal gyis ~us pa'i mdo dan I 'dul ba lun sogs nas gsuris pa dan I mghod pa phul ba'i phan yon ni I sniri r~e pad rna dkar po dan I mdo sde las rnam 'byed sogs nas rgyas par gsuris La I khyad par gsari snags rna rgyud kyi gnas ~hen 'di l ta bu La chogs kyi 'khor los mghod pa ni m~hod pa phul du phyin pa yin te I rnal 'byor rna kun spyod las I

    47v dgun zla 'brin po La sogs pa'i II ches bgu La ni de rab mghod II ~es hor zla b~u gnis pa'i ches b~u ni dgun zla 'brin po yin iri de ni 'khor lo sdom pa'i dkyi l 'khor gyi dpa' bo mkha' 'gro rnams 'du bas dus ghen gyi m~hog yin pas I de dan des mchon pa'i ches bgu g~an La yan ~a ~han La sogs pa'i chogs kyi

    m~hod pas mghod na dpal he ru ka dgyes par 'gyur La I de dgyes na mghog dan thun mori gi dnos grub kyan 'bad med du scol bar 1gyur bas skal ba dan ldan pa dag gis gnas ghen 'di lta bu La phyag dan bskor ba mghod pa rnams gan nus 'bad nas dal 'byor thob par don dan ldan pa ~ig mjad 'chal lo II e rna II rna dag 'gro nor gdos bgas bern chul ltar II snan yan ries don ~; khro rab 'byams kyi I lha chogs til gyi gari bu l tar gtams pas I gnas m~hog 'di ni don gyi 'og min ~iri II chul de rten dari brten pa'i bsnags pa ni II dus gsum rgyal bas zla phren byed ba'i bar II gsuns kyan zad mtha dpog min de l ta na II rna dag so skyes

  • 149

    48r I ~ha cam ~i phyi r spobs II rna zad dgos 'byun nor bu bai 2u rya II gnas lugs es nas brYod nus ded dpon kun II ; dbyins mnal phyi r 'di chul smas na yan II dbul po'i nor bi n nun du cam zad II delta na yan rgyal pa sras b~as kyi II yon tan phra mo brYod dga'i sa bon las II bsod nams lYon pa'i rgyal po na gro nha'i II phun por bskrun 'di mtha' yas 'gro la bsiio II es gsan lam sgrub pa'i gnas ~hen ner bi 'i ya gyal go da va ri 'am 'brog la phyi gans kyi ra ba'i snon byun gi chul las cam pa'i gtam gyi rab tu phyed nun nu rnam gsal es bya ba 'di ni I ran re'i slob 'bans don gner ~an 'ga' ig gis bskul nor 'dri bar 'dun yan I g.yun stan i byed ri pa sags dam pa sna rna rnams kyi s mj ad pa'i gnas yi g snar yod pha ~her dus dban gis nub nas med pa dan I nag rgyun du dkyus rna rnams ni rjun gtam kho na ~es ~he bar brten I rcom bin 'os pa ~her rna + run bka' brgyud gon ma'i gsun rab gi gan ~es cam ig gnas skor bar man po

    48v la 'dad pa'i rj as 'brans 'ga' la phan phyi r 'bot rcom go bde ba'i chul du I gdan sa ~hen po dpal 'bri gun gi gdan .rab so bi pa ~a kya'i dge slon bstan 'jin ~hos kyi blo gros kyis rab byun b~o lna ba'i l~ags glan lor la phyi gans rar bskyed skabs rcom ba'i dbu gcugs nas khad kyi s grub par bgyi s pa'o II de ltar gnas yig 'di nid dpe na dkon stabs sa spre'u lor bra tun dga' ldan kun bzan rcer par du brko skabs rna dpe la phyi ~hos rar bugs pa der yi ge pas bris nor bsub Yug man du 'dug pa rnams 'bri gun ~hen po rYe bcun bstan 'j in ~hos kyi blo gros dpal bzan po de nid kyi abs mthil spyi bor blans te gsun gi bdud rei 'i ~ha as myon ba'i skat bar son pa bcun pa nag dban sbyin pa chul khrims sam I kun bzan ~hos kyi rgya mchor 'bod pas chig don la us dag dan I gsal byed siion pa phran bu bgyis pa 'dis kyan 'gro ba man po la phan par gyUr ~ig I sa rba ma nga lam II II om sra sti I ~hos kun than skyes bde ba ~hen po'i dor II sdom mjad bla ma khyab bdag he ru ka II

    49r II rYe bcun rna sogs drug ~u lha yi chogs II rten dan brten par b~as la mgos phyag 'chat II rna b~os gnug ma'i g~is lugs bsgoms stobs kyis II che g~ig nid la mnon gyur grub pa'i dban II mi la rYe dan Y ig rten mgon po sogs II bka' brgyud grub m~hog rnams la dvan pa'i 'dud II dkon m~hog rgyal bstan snin po don brgyud kyi II lugs 'j in tun rtogs ~hos kyi rgyal srid la II blo gros gser gyi 'khor los dban bsgyur ba'i II 'phrin las rnam par rgyal ba'i sde der 'dud II gan gsun legs b~ad dri med

  • 150

    me lon nos II la phyi gnas kyi snon byun lo rgyus dan II no mchar bkod pas khyad par kun gsal bar II 'di ko dad ldan bsod nams in sa'i dpyid I dge_sems kun slon dag pas lus dan dag II dbaii bsg:rur gton ba'i sgo 'phar yons phye nas II ~hos sbyi n 'jad med par gyi 'phrul 'khor ~he II bskrun ba'i dge mchan gan ig thob pa des II rgyu sbyor ltos b~as che rin nad med bde II phyi nan ner 'che kun i ~hos 'byor 'phel II chogs

    49v gnis yons rjogs sgrib gnis kun byan ste II rnam 'dren bde ba la ~he la reg gyur ~ig I bdag kyan skye kun dam pa'i bMes gnen dan II mi 'bral mdo snags lam gyi bgrod pa kun II mthar phyin 'gro kun don du he ru ka'i II go 'ph an ri n min mnon du byed par Mog I in snags lhan ~ig skyes pa'i mkha' 'gro dan II rdo

    r~e kun tu bzan mo che ri n rna II m~hed bran- rnams kyi s myur lam sgrub pa'i grogs II mj ad ~in 'phrin las rnam bis rtag skyon sog I dri med rgyal bstan spyi dan bde m~hog gi I lun dan rtogs pa'i bstan bMad sgrub kyi I rgyal mchan rcer bkod smin grol mkha' khyab tu II spel ba'i byed po m~hog tu bdag gyur ~ig I ~es grub pa'i gnas m~hog yul ~hen po ner bi'i nan chan I dpal 'khor lo sdom pa'i thugs kyi 'khor lo'i me rcibs la 'god pa go da va ri 'am I brog la phyi gans kyi ra bar grags pa'i gnas kyi rnam par bMad pa 'di nid m~hog dman thams

    ~ad la phan thog ~he bar brten I dpyod ldan dge la 'dun pa Mel ~hos dge slon dag dban sbyin pa nas rgyu yon phul te par du bsgrubs pa'i par byan smon -chig tu I rmons rtul gyi na pa kun bzan ~os kyi rgya mchos la phyi bra lun ri

    50r I khrod dga' ldan kun bzan rcer sbyar ba dge legs 'phel II gnas m~hog dag pa mkha' spyod la phyi gans II bka' brgyud bla rna rnams dan yi dam lha II mkha' 'gro ~hos skyon rnams la gsol ba 'debs II las nan sdig sgrib dag par byin gyis rlobs II rkyen nan bar ~had ~i bar mjad pa dan I m~hog dan thun mon dnos grub seal du gsol II ~es pa 'di ni r~e con kha pa ~hen po ca ri gnas gzigs byon skabs mkha' 'gro rna rnams kyis I gnas dag pa mkha' spyod dpal gyi ca ri tra II bka' brgyud bla rna rnams dan yi dam lha I mkha' 'gro ~hos skyon rnams la gsol ba thog I ~es gsun ba la r~e'i ~al nas I las nan sdig sgrib dag par par byin gyis rlobs I ~es sogs chig rkan gsum po gsun pa ste I dpal gyi ca ri tra ~es pa la phyi gans ~es dan I gsol ba thob ~es pa gsol ba 'debs ~es chig bsgyur byas ba'o II Mu bham II bar 'di la phyi kun rcer b~ugs II

  • 1r 1v-2r






    Title of the work. Introductory eulogy; summary of the contents of the six chapters. Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 give a brief account of the legend1 concerning the liberation from the demons of the twenty-four holy places, particulary of the one named La phyi, carried out by b~om ldan 'das rDo rYe ghen po2 La phyi is the symbolic representation of the left ear of the vajrakaya which settled down in the holy places freed from the demons. For this reason even now La phyi is called also sNan g.yon3 because of a self-grown ear's figure on the rock. After Herukas4 victory over La phyi's demons, Godavari 5 became the land of 'Khor lo sdom pa0 Formerly it was only common rock and earth and a place haunted by Mi rna yin7. Chapter 3 deals with the story of how the consacration8 of La phyi was performed by masters of meditation. A very long time after Heruka's victory, La phyi became again a place haunted by ~a za'i dpa' bo ~a ki 9 After-wards, also many siddhas went to La phyi, following the example of the first among them, Saraha1, who had -visited the thirty-two holy places11 Since the time of king Sro~ bean sgam po13 the ~akis had_been m95e quiet, so t~at many districts as Ma~ yul14 and gNa' nan became access1bile to human beings. Then Padmasambhava12 went to the La phyi region where he managed to placate many ~akis binding them to an oath. Later gYu thog pa16 went there to meditate; but now it is impossible to discover the spot of his meditation cave i9r~b-eh~L As we know from his biography, Milaraspa17 too went to La phyi to meditate. At this point in the Chapter there are some references to well-known events18 of his life like his birth, his vengeance against his rela-tives, his encounter with Marpa19 and so on. Milaraspa left for La stod20 He was ordered by Marpa to meditate in several places21 He went back to his village Ma~ yul tha~22; pained by events which had taken place in his village, he went to meditate at Brag dmar rta so23 where he

  • 152

    remained twelve years24 6v According to Marpa's instructions he finally started on his

    journey to La phyi to open the main places of meditation there. After crossing the sPo ze pass25 he stopped in Brag dmar m~hoii Luii to meditate; there he met Binayaka26 in the appearance of an Acara. Milaraspa sang a song challenging the demons.

    7r After crossing the 'Br! sPo ze pass end the ~~a' nan mThoii pass27 he arrived at gNa' nan bKra sis sgaii , the gateway to La phyi. rear mapa's family29 paid homage to Milaraspa; at that time La phyi was gNa' nan rear ma pa's pasture land.

    7v That region was named 'Dre Luii skyo mo30 because of the in-creasing number of 'Dre gdon gyi gnod pa31 and ~a za'i mkha' 'gro who haunted the place. Milaraspa was requested to bind these demons by an oath. He went to Zul Le'i garis32 of La phyi. To frighten him, the Mi. ma yin made a raging river become a Lake, afterwards called dfllu rjiii33, and made rocks fall down from the two mountains, where the ~akis created a path for Milaraspa himself.

    8r For this reason that path was Later called mKha' 'gro sgan Lam34. MiTaraspa overcame the Mi rna yin's magical tricks. Later Milaraspa arrived at a place now called Byams sgan35 where he stopped to meditate. Then he Left for ~hu bzan36 where Binayaka in the form of a Bha ro from Bal po (Nepal) made the rocks roll towards him from the mountains and a caused a rain of swords to fall upon him.

    8v Milaraspa conquered the demons converting them through his song. Then he stayed for a while under an overhanging rock in Ram sdiris37 where the mKha' 'gro of La phyi came to pay homage to him. When Milaraspa moved again on his way to La phyi the demons tried to shock him again by creating vi-sions of nine female organs, but he succeded in disper-sing even these images; therefore this place is called La dgu luii dgu38

    9r Milaraspa meditated in the cave called bDud 'dul phug mo ~he39 Then he went back to gNa'naii and announced that he had subdued the 'Dre demons of 'Dre Luii skyo mo40.

    9v After spending many years teaching his disciple Khyi ra ras pa41 Milaraspa arrived at La phyi sNan g.yon42. The ~akinis showed themselves to Milaraspa to tempt him. In

  • 153

    the following year they appeared to him again while he was meditating in m~hon lun43

    10r In the Khyun sgon cave, which is situated in the centre of sMan Lun ~hu dbar44, the five terrifying dakin1s45 showed themselves again. These filled the place together with La 'dre who46 begged Milaraspa's pardon and promised to obey him.

    10v Even the five sisters, called Lha sMan rgyal mo bKra ~is che rin ma47, gave him some presents and asked him to teach them the doctrine of ~es don.

    11r At this point the Author deals with the episode concerning the illness of bKra ~is Che rin ma who asked Milaraspa to cure her. Milaraspa healed her and led her on the path of Buddhahood. In that way he mananged to convert the most important of the dakin1s48

    11v Since Milaraspa's victory over all the ~akinTs of La phyi and of the surrounding region human beings have no longer been harmed by the Lha srin. Chapter 4 deals with the arrival of the 'Bri gun pa49 at La phyi. Among them the twenty-five siddhas of La phyi, of whom Milaraspa was the most famous, there was Dvags po Lha rYeso.

    12r One of Dvags po Lha rYe's disciples was Phag mo gru pa51 One of the disciples of Phag mo gru pa was 'Bri gun ~hos rYe skyob pa '~ig rten gsum gyi mgon po52 The story of the origin of 'Bri gun follows. East of Lhasa there was a valley, now called dBur stod g~o; formerly it was called 'Bri gun on account of the name of 'Bri se ru gun ston53, a minister of king Sron bean sgam po, who had conquered it. Later Phag mo appeared in that same place disguised as a goat to show his disciple the cavity (khun) where a monaster~4 was to be founded. That is the reason why there is no contradiction between the two written forms 'Bri gun and 'Bri khun.

    12v ~hos rYe sKyu ra rin po ~he, also called 'Bri gun sKyob pa, founded the monastery of 'Bri gun thel and became the pro-tector of the 2~in E2 don ~B~Q doctrine. He was also cal-Led gnas gsum gyi 'bDag po rgyal ba 'Bri gun pa because he had chosen as his own meditation places Gans ri ~i se, La phyi ~hu dbar and rCa ri rca gon55 which were respectively sku, SYQ, 1hYB2 of 'Khor lo sdom pa.

  • 154

    The Author narrates the story of sKyu ra's life from his birth in mDo khams to the time when he decided to send some hermits to the mountains.

    13r During his childhood he happened to witness many miracu-lous events. When he was twenty-five he went to dBus and became a disciple of Phag mo gru pa's.

    13v The latter endowed him with miraculous powers as he rea-lized that '~ig rten mgon po was the very disciple the prophecy had foretold. After Phag mo's death, sKyu ra remained for seven years in the cave called E ~hun mon to meditate56





    During the period he spent there, some xi dam showed them-selves to him and he finally reached Buddhahood. When he was 37, in the Earth-Hog year (1179) he arrived at 'Bri gun byan ~hub glin and founded the monastery of 'Bri gun thel. In this page the Author relates miraculous events in sKyu ra's life: he met the procession of gNan ~hen than lha 57, repelled an army of Duruka58 in Bodhgaya in India, con-verted thirteen great kings in the world such as the kings of Kha ~he (Kashmir), Hor and Mi nag~9, and appeared at the same time in different places. Many great panditas and kings of India, like Ghaucadeva, the king of Benares, and the pan ~hen Bi~utacanda, went to 'Bri gun. Even many siddhas like.Karma Dus gsum.~khyen pa60 and Nag re se bo61 paid homage to him. During his life he strove to propagate Buddha's doctrine and to increase the number of his disciples. These data are drawn from the biography written by dBon Mes rab 'byun gnas62 At this point begins the story concerning the hermits he sent out to the three holy places. Since the foundation of the monastery of 'Bri gun thel, the number of monks had increased to such an extent that sKyu ra, hoping to avoid such a crowd for a while, retired to the Cha 'ug valley, East of the monastery~ The Author gives some quotations from the g~ ID9~! regarding sKyu ra's wanderings as a hermit in the mountains. He opened new meditation places such as Min rdo rYe glo dkar and Tin 'jin phug. One night, while he was meditating, the lha bean of Ti se and the ~in ~QO of La phyi and rCa ri honoured him and asked him to go to their dwellings63

  • 155

    16r sKyu ra worked a miracle making the image of his body appear in the three places mentioned above. The Mi ma yin asked him to settle there but he answered that it was impossible because he had to take care of the 1Bri gun thel community. However, he asked them to Let his disciples go and meditate to Ti se, La phyi and rCa ri, in order to follow Phag mo's advice; the Mi ma yin agreed to his request. Later on his disciples arrived at Cha 'ug and asked him to go back to 'Bri gun thel. But he reminded them of Phag me's advice about meditating in the mountains.

    16v The disciples promised to go to the mountains in his stead. Two hundred and forty monks, divided into three groups ofeighty, left for Ti se, La phyi and rCa ri. Some of them were great siddhas, Like ~ad phu ba65 and gNos66. The community of 'Bri gun thel increased in number more and more: according to an estimate by dBon ~es rab 'byun there were 55.525 monks at the Bur stan ceremony67 A few years Later two thousand and seven hundred monks, divided into three groups of nine hundred each, Left for Ti se, La phyi and rCa ri.

    17r Here we find a quotation from the biography Ehx29 !9~ ID~ !hQ9 IDs regarding the number of the monks living in the 'Bri gun thel community. According to that text the community was composed of thirty thousand people; accor-ding to the ~~ fhOffi gsal E~, a few years later they were eigthy thousand. On the occasion of the Bur stan of gNos, sKyu ra sent 55.525 ascetics, Led by Ghu ya sgan pa68 to Ti se, the same number of people led by g.Yag dpal grags69 to La phyi, and the same number of people Led by dO! ~iin mGo bo ~he, to rCa ri.

    17v The hermits of La phyi on their way to La stod, following their bla rna's advice, built some meditation huts in the lateral valleys of rGyat2gyi~~ri70, Ron ~ar brin stod sma~71, La phyi gon 'og , gNa' nan, in fhe region of Man yul 3 and in the directi~~ of Cum ku than 4 The 21s IDS rdQ! ~in personally took care of the buildings of many hermitages and rest houses in the surroundings of La phyi and in upper and lower Le lde76 When Yig rten mgon po was seventy-four, in the year Wood-Hog (1215), hundreds of hermits arrived at La phyi.

  • 156

    18r From that time on during 686 years, the hermits and the rdor ~n of the 'Bri gun pa continued to go to La phyi till 1901. Chapter 5 concerns the g~ 2~2277 ofLa phyi and of its surroundings and the description of the region whose centre is La phyi. The Northern border is dPa' mo dpal than78, the Southern Bal po79, the Western Cum ku than and the eastern Din riso. This is what we knowfrom the biography of Milaraspa.

    18v La phyi had the shape of a triangle81 In the centre there was the bDud 'dul phug mo ~he; the mountain behind it, judging by the appearance, seemed to be a commmon mountain but in reality it ~as the seat of 'Khor lo sdom pa. East of it, there was Ri dkar po 'bum ye82, the seat of 'Phags

    m~hog thugs rYe ~hen po's lh2 chQ92 South of the mountain there was Ri nag po'bum ye, the seat of Phyag na rdo rYe's lha chogs, West of it there was Ri ser 'bum ye, the seat o~Khyen-rab Yam dpal dbyans's !ha hOQ283. As this was a holy place, Marpa invited Milaraspa to go to La phyi and meditate. A brief account of some places surrounding La phyi fol-lows.

    19r South of Din ri there was sPo ze La, the pass where, when Milaraspa died, Ras ~hun pa84 arrived after leaving the monastery of Lo ro dol, and where he talked with the gods of the heavens. Going downwards for a mile from the pass, there was Padmasambhava's meditation cave and fountain, called Bra ka lun. They were situated in the upper part of the sloping valley Brin Ra lun85 East and South 9f it, there was a range of snowy mountains considered the seat of ~o mo che rin rna's seven brothers. Going uphill for about three ~20 9!2~86 from thereG there was Milaraspa 1s stone throne called ml!hod rten dkar chun87

    19v Formerly, Che rin rna appeared there to Milaraspa and gave him the miraculous throne as a present. Quotations from the biography of Ras ~hun pa and from the mJod n~ ma con-cerning this episode are given. Going on from ml!hod rten dkar ~hun there was the spot called ~hu dbar. The Author gives the following quotation from the bio-graphy of Milaraspa concerning the ~hu dbar region: "Among snowy mountains at the Tibetan-Nepalese borders, near the

  • 20r





    Din rna brin mart, and near the palace of Klu'i rgyal po Dud sgra, to the East of a rocky mountain that Looks Like a Lion, on the Left side of the mountain ~o mo Lha sman bKra ~is che rin rna, in the midd~e of a place surrounded by mountains, there is the 'b!Q9 (pasture Land) of s~lan Luri, and near the Lo ta han river88 there is the holy place of sMan Luri ~hu dbar." Quoting again from the same text: "East of Di~ rna brin, at the border with Kha bkra Mon89 West of Khum bu90, on the Left slope of Garis Khyuri mgo bkra ~is sprin dkar Ldin91 there are 'brQg sMan Luri, the 'O rna river and the bDud rei drios grub river and between these two rivers there is the hermitage of ~hu dbar." The Author now gives an explanation of these quotations: the village called Din rna brin~ where there are desirable goods, is the sPro bde market~2, Klu dud sgra nags pa's palace is the rocky mountain region of the 'Bri L~e cave93, the bKra ~is '0 rna river is the river of sMan Lun94; the bDud rei grub river95 is the one which flows in the central part of Brin stod. It is easy to understand that the meditation cave between those rivers was the glorious dw~Lling of ~hu dBar. The Author now gives a quotation from the Mel Q~ 9i 9D2 bstod regarding the eulogy of La phyi, ~hu dbar and Mila-;~~p~'s hermitages

  • 158

    monkey and in the lower part of the valley there is a forest which is the palace of Heruka100

    22r Another quotation follows: it is drawn from the biography of ream pa, by a ~i byed hermit101 , and it regards the valley where Heruka's dwellings were; in its centre there was the Khyun sgon cave, one of Milaraspa's hermitages. Here Che rin ma appeared to Milara~pa and that is why it is a blessing-bestowing place. In front of this cave 'Khor lo sdom pa caused two trees to grow miraculously so that Milaraspa could make salutations and circurnambulations. Even now there are two trees el:!g and !!!9 showing 'the ~b~- image of 'Khor lo sdom pa. The Author gives a quotation from the ~gg n29 !!!@ concerning these two trees.

    22v Behind that place there was a mountain; one of its slopes was the left ear of the king of the Klu'i rgyal po Dud sgra; in that place there was the 'Bri lge cave, so cal-led because of a protuberance out of the rock which was shaped like ~he tongue of a yak. There Che rin rna ap-peared to Milaraspa and gave him the stone seat as a pre-sent. The stone seat where his dead body was burnt after he had been poisoned by rCag phu ba102, was still there in the Author's tiw.e. The mountains on the let04were called Bon eo ri13 and Gans mthon mthin rgyal mo ; the latter was lo mo che rin rna's dwelling.

    23r The mountain on the other side of the river was also kno1~n as brag Sen ge 'gyin pa. At the bottom of the mountain there was Milaraspa's sleeping cave rCig pa rkan mthil rjon and half-way up among the rocks the Khu byug dben rjon. On the top, there was Ko brag's cave. West of this place there was the wood called 'O rna ghun dpal105. Later on, following the example of Milaraspa and of Ko brag106, many great ascetics from 'Bri gdan settled there. After-wards the Rin spuns rgyal po Don yod rdo rYe107 gave it to gCan srnyon in order108 to found a meditation school; his disciples spent a long time there.

    23v Among the rocks above 'O rna ghun there was sKed dkar, a wellknown place which became famous as Milaraspa stayed there a while when ~o mo bkra ~is che rin rna was ill. Many inprints of Milaraspa's body could be seen on the rocks above the river flowing through ~hu dbar. In the upper part of sMan lun, in a flat plain, there was

  • 159

    Dam phug109 Close to it there were many renowned medita-tion caves like sGa ru phug, Ras ~hun phug, Dvags po phug, g.Yu thog phug110 Moving on for about three 9~ 9292 West of Dam phug, among clay-slate mount'~2sthere were the El2:mchg111 of Lha mo Tad dkar mgo bzan , of ~al bzan rna, of Blo bzan rna, of ~od pan mgrin bzan rna.

    24r East of Dam phug there were the 212 mho of the ~in skyon. All these places could be hardly reached by men. An account of the building of the ~hu dbar monastery fol-lows.

    24v At the time of 'Bri gun pa hegemony113, Lho pa ~has rgyal114 gave to 'Bri gun pa disciples La phyi gans kyi ra ba and as a consequence the hermits settled in La phyi and ~hu dbar. Sixty or seventy years later the huts and the hermitages of the rdor ~in were still in existance in La phyi and ~hu dbar. The episode related here concerns the quarrel between gDan sa th~l and the 'Bri gun hermits on account of the water in two aqueducts flowing from a common spring and supply-ing the two communities.

    25r Two men were killed. The case was heard in the court of justice of Lho pa ~hos rgyal. The Khri dpon decided that each community should choose its own settlement. The gDan sa thel, being the mother-convent, chose ~hu dbar, which depended on Brin, and the Bri gun community chose La phyi, which depended on gNa' nan. After this decision the 'Bri gun pa lived without quarrelling. Kun dga' ni rna, ~on nu rtn ~hen, Sans rgyas rgyal mchan and other r92r 'jin of gDan sa thel, founded a monastery in ~hu dbar.

    25v Many years later, after the death of the 16th gDan sa thel gdan rab called sPyan sna ~ag gi dban phyug11 5, the 4th ~va dmar ~hos kyi grags pa116 was appointed sPyan sna of Thel. With the exception of the period when for 28 years a me~Br of the rLans family117, sPyan sna Grags19byun gsum pa , was again on the see, once more the 5th1 and the 6th ~va dmar pa120 became sPyan sna. At those times the ~hu dbar monastery became a ~va dmar pa monastery. Afterwards, the 6th ~va dmar Gar dban ~hos kyi dban phyug and the 10th Karma ~has dbyins rdo rYe121 went to ~hu dbar. At that time the ~hu dbar monastery was given by the ~va

  • 160

    dmar pa to the 10th Karma pa who buiLt the upper floors of the m~hod khan ~hen mo and the mGon khan. In the monast-ery the Karma pa school replaced the Thel school. After some years the troops of Gu Mri 122 conquered gCan stod and the dGe Lugs pa became rulers in Tibet.

    26r At the time of the Lna pa ~hen po ~ag dban Blo bzan(1617-1682) and of the ~Q~ !iQ Sans rgyas rgya mcho at ~hu dBar the Karma pa practice was replaced by the dGe Lugs pa school. ~hu dbar monastery was called dGa' Ldan 'gro phan glin. Since then its religious affiliation has remained unchanged. An enumeration of the main images in this monastery follows. In the Bla ma lha khan there is a statue made by Ras ~hun pa as well as the statues of Tela, Naro, Marpa and Karma pa. We can read a description of the remarkable things kept in the !!D ~92ID of the monastery: there were the six self-originated letters which appeared on the rocks of the 'Bri l~e phug, while Milaraspa's body was burning.

    26v There were also Ras ~hun pa's books and a stone model of Brag dmar m~hon lun and Khyi ra skor gsum, erected by the dakinis, Milaraspa's ivory statue sculptured by Ras ~hun

    p~; some r.an !!~such as Karma pa ~hosdbyin rdo rYe's hand prints. In the gCan khan and in the 'Du khan there were the images of bDe m~hog, rDo rYe 'chan, Ti lo, Narc and the incarnates Karma pa.

    27r There were other images in the Bo mtho rgyal lha khan and in the mGon po khan. Going on Westwards from ~hu dbar along the river (Ron ~ar river> there was a place named Brin chon 'dus or sPro bde bkra Mis sgan1 23 There, in ancient times, Dvags po of-fered Milaraspa some gifts, but he refused them1 24

    27v Near that place there was Dvags po 1s meditation cave and in its upper side there was Mel phug ~hu Min rjon, one of Milaraspa's six QsQ rjon125 Close to it there was dPal Ldan 'Brug pa's hermitage, called Bo bzan dgon pa. Formerly the mkh~ g~Q Se bya bral ~has grags rgya mcho, a disciple of Lha rce ~ag dban bzan po126, had Long time resided there. In the Author's time in the 'Du khan of the monastery there still were the statues of Milaraspa and of

    ~hos grags rgya mcho. West of this place, among the rocks, there. was the sKyid pa ni rna rjon, one of Milaraspa's nan

  • 161

    rjori. 28r Going a Little uphiLl from these places1 there was Brin

    sDeris rna, now also called Brin Brag mkhar127 There, in ancient times, there were the houses of Milaraspa's protectors 'Bar .sen, mJes se, Khu byug, rGyal mo skyid128 and of Mi Laraspa's rest places. On one side of the mountain behind it there was a place now called Sems bskyed phug, where Milaraspa taught Yo mo bkra Mis Che riri ma the ~m2 bskyed129. Close to Brag mkhar, upon a poisonous rock, which was the dwelling of the Klu gDol ba nag po130, there was the hermitage where Mi Laraspa Lay iLL. East of it among the rocks there was the hermitage of rCag phu ba and West of it a rock called Brin Lha bro, where was the house of bKra Mis brcegs pa131

    28v On one side of the pass crossing a high mount~in West of the plateau and crossing rOo ~a ma ru pass there was a place where Milaraspa received some explanations by A ne bDud mo stag 'dren. In the Author's time that place was cal Led A ne b~a132 A Little further on, there was the meditation cave called sKyid phug ni ma rjori. Beyond sKyid phugt in the middle of a Little plain, there was Nam mkha' rjoril33.

    29r In that place there was a rock with the foot-prints which Milaraspa Left while flying from Brag dmar to meet Ras

    ~huri pa who was coming back from India. This rock was situated behind the hut of Po mtho Nam mkha' rjo.il. In front of Po mtho there was a meditation-fountain. Between Skyid phug and Po mtho there was a wood on a grassy hiLL: the place was named Ri nag po 'bigs byed or Brag rin ~hen spuils pa134 The Author gives a quotation from Ras ~hun rna's Glu La!J gri, !!!9~!: concerning that miraculous place, which a prophecy had foretold would become one of Mila-raspa's hermitages.

    29v Then follows a quotation from Lha bu's !:!:!~!!! !!!~r , regarding the prophecy about the Ri nag po mountain. This prophecy is the same as the one reported in the !!!1od ~g ~-

    30r In Brag dmar, Milaraspa performed the ceremony of ci rcumam-bulation around the three-step terraces of Ri nag po, which did not exist before. Mi laraspa, asked by his disciples

  • 162

    about the origin of that mountain, answered that it was the Ri nag po mountain, he had been given by sKyob pa ~a kya sen ge to use it as a m~h99 r!0 This is the reason why many believers have continued performing the circumambu-Lation of the mountain as a religious practice. Going downhill for a while from a thick forest North of sPo mtho there was a place where Milaraspa used to gather fire-wood when he was Living at Brag dmar m~hon Lun.

    30v In the place he sang the 12 ID2 9!:2!:! 9!:!:!9 9i J.!9~!: Among the grassy rocks behind Brag dmar mchon Lun there were the hermitages of Peta, A ne, mJes se135, the medi-tation fountain known as the ~aki's 92an ~h~, the place where Milaraspa exorcised Binayaka136 and the cavern named mChon Lun khyun gi rjon which was one of Milaraspa's nan rion.

    31r In an overhanging rock above Khyun rjori there was a place known as Ras ~huri phug 137 At the confluence of the Brag dmar brook138 with the Brin river Milaraspa smashed a rock and threw it as an arrow into the Brin river. In the Lower part of La phyi, along the river, in the woody district called 'Khor Lo sdom pa's glorious Left ear, there were the meditation caves of Milaraspa and those of some of his disciples, such as gNos ~hen po, sTag rce Mi pham phun chogs Mes rab139, and others. On the road crossing Ron there were some marks of hands and feet of many saints, and going towards Brin there were the meditation caves sMyug sdiris phug, rGyab ri phug, Bon ri phug, Van dben phug mo ~he, sPo mdoris phug, mCur phug, blama phun chogs and others.

    31v It was impossible in the Author's time to identify these caves. Thev Author gives a quotation from the Lam ~i9 of Gar dban chos kyi dban phyug140 concerning La phyi as 'Khor Lo sdom pa's dwelling place. The biographies of some masters of meditation and their writings deal with the excellent characteristics of those blessed places141

    32r The Author gives a List of some of the hermits who meditat-ed in the caves of bDud 'dul phug mo ~he, Ze phug, sBas pa kun gsal, Lun bstan chal ~hen phug, sBas phug and so on. They were: b~ad pa rdo rYe, Ras ~hun rDo rYe grags pa, Ko brag pa, La phyi ba Nam mkha rgyal mchan142, gCan smyon Heruka.

  • 163

    Then follows a description of the beauty of this mountain landscape.

    32v All these topics are dealt with in the works of the masters of meditation mentioned above; but in reality those works just show us that La phyi 1s centre was really 1Khor lo sdom pa's palace and that it was an excellent place. The bDud 'dul phug mo ghe, one of the four great caves in La phyi, was the cave where Milaraspa exorcized the Lha 'dre demons when he went to open La phyi, and it was the same cave where Milaraspa remained for a long time because of the heavy snow-fall, which interrupted the road to Brin gNa nan143.

    33r When he was there he absorbed himself in water samadhi144; through this meditation he annulled one of the Lha 'dre's evil miracles. While staying there, Milaraspa wished to go to the mountain in front of La phyi, but he was too old to reach it.

    33v Therefore the top of the mountain bent reverently so that Milaraspa could put his feet on it; then, flying, he reached the foot of the mountain. In the Author's time that mountain was called Nag po 'bum ye145 The Author now gives a list of the siddhas who meditated in the bDud 'dul phug mo ghe: Mi laraspa and his disciples, and others such as mNos Lha nan pa{ Ko brag pa ~ gYag r~ 4qpal grags, Nam mkha r:_qyal mchan 1 6, 'Dul 'j in chos r~~9 , ~ar kha Ras ~hen14~ gCan smyon pa, ~abs dkar rYe Another list follows : it is the list of the statues and the images which were contained in bDud 'dul's cave in the Author's time.

    34r Over the bDud 'dul there was Sen khyams 920 ~150, which was Milaraspa's rest place. A little higher there was Brag phug ghen po Lha khan and over the rocks of the Ras ghen meditation cave151 there were Milaraspa's foot-prints. All these things can be found in the biography of Milaras-pa; other events considered as propitious signs such as a golden rain shower, were related by gCan smyon pa. As Milaraspa remained for a long time in that cavern, many disciples remained there to medjtate as well.

    34v They were : gYag ru dpal grags, gCari smyon pa, 'Dul 'j in Nag dban rgyal mchan, La phyi ba Nam mkha' rgyal mchan. A list of the statues and images inside ~hos ra dge 'phel

  • 164

    glin follows. 35r West of ~hos ra ~ge 1phel glin there was Milaraspa's eu9~

    9n2~ called Ras chen nub and below it there was the sTag chan phug. Climbing the mountain & little northward a from there, there was Milaraspa's 9~~9~ 9Ds~ called sBas pa 1og. Among grassy rocks above it there was the sBas pa kun gsal known also as sBas pa gon, which was one of the four great caves152 Some miraculous events happened there to Milaraspa, such as, for instance, the sight of the sky with the peaceful and wrathful forms of the 'Khor lo sdom pa lha drug cu rca gnis gods; those events are related in the biography of Bo don bla rna Nag gi dban phyug153 In the sBas pa gon cave the body of a man called Mati po bya ston vanished in the rainbow and ~abs dkar acquired infallible knowledge.

    35v Beyond a ridge between sBas pa 'og and Ra bug154 there was a place called Char leb gon 'og, where Milaraspa spent some time and where there are many other holy caves such as that of g. Yu thog pa. Above sBas pa there was 10d gsal ze ba phug155, one of Milaraspa's four great caves in La phyi. Then follows a list of the images which were in that cave.

    36r East of that cave, upon a rock, there were the ~ho~ ~hri of La phyi ba and ~abs dkar. Below it there were two plains : the former, lying between the bDud ~ul phug and Char leb, was called ~hos 'byun ya than and the latter, situated below the bDud 'dul, was called ~hos 'byuti rna than156 There were three rocks believed to be respectively the head, the stomach, and the knees of Phag mo's body; but in the Author's opinion that was nonsense. On the bank of the river flowing below ~hos 'byun rna than there was Lun bstan zil ~hen phug157

    36v A history of the La phyi monasteries follows. From the time of Milaraspa and of his disciples till the arrival of the 1Bri gun pa hermits few people went to La phyi. The rdQ! ~in of the hermits g. Vag ru dPal grags founded some settlements, for instance La phy1 Ras Mhen. That is why some monks settled there and afterwards also the number of the hermits increased.

    37r More or less in the middle of the tenth rab J?xun (1564-

  • 165

    1623) the monasteries and the snin po don brgyud doctrine had a great expansion. During the thirteen s~ ~YQ

  • 166

    bodies of Sron bean sgam po and his wives and he des-cribes the miraculous apparition of the Six Letters on the entrance of the bDud 1dul phug.

    40r-41 r A list of statues and images in the ~hos ra lha khan is given. Five statues of Milaraspa, four images of Dvags po lha rYe, one statue of 'Gro mgon Phag mo gru pa, and many rii'l bsrel, one image of 'Bri gun skyob pa, one sman sku of ry; Chog; drug ran grol, five images of rDo rYe Yh~~,-the image of '~am dbyans, five statues of Thugs rYe ~hen po, one statue of Ti lo, Na ro, one golden statue of Milaraspa, which was the :!;hu~ da!!! 9ti !:!:~ of gCan smyon ~hen, five images of sCaii smyon and many .others.

    41v Among them there was a golden and copper statue made by a Nepalese craftman, consecrated by g.Yag ru dPal grags, representing 'Khor lo sdom pa's apparition to one of his disciples. The Author also describes other statues such as that of 'Dus 'khor phyag maii etc., and narrates the epi-sode concerning the animal g.Yag ru grags rode to go to Brin. Its head, after his death, showed a human skull: its jaws and teeth were kept in the temple mentioned above.

    42r Other relics~ like teeth, parts of human bodies, saints' ornaments were kept there too. People thought that even Ti lo's, Na ro's, and Marpa's footwear were there, but that was not true. Besides there was a series of !D2!!! :!:h2! Also other description of ~1i laraspa's meditation places in La phyi existed, including the descriptions contained in the !!!Jod D29 !!!2, but they were unknown to the Author.

    42v-43v Even in his time the inhabitants of those places could identify only the caves desccribed above. Going beyond the Ra 'ug ~ar nub phug there was La phyi ~in skyon's rten khan lha mtho160.The Author tells the story of La phyi ~i skyon, also called Lha ~hen po chogs kyi bdag po. In the heaven of the 33 gods, Lha dbaii phyug had two wives, Ganga and Uma. When Ganga had a son, Uma asked her whom he looked like. Ganga answered telling a lie and said that he had no head. Therefore Uma pronounced a curse against him and as a consequence he lost his head. Then Ganga repented and asked Uma how to find a head for her son; she advi ced her to look for newly dead body's head. Ganga found an ele-

  • 167

    phartt's head and th~t is why La phyi lin skyoft had an elephant's head 161 Later he became wrathful and for t.hat reason he was known as Bi na ya ka or bGegs gyi rgyal po. Spyan ras gzigs, no longer standing his ferocity, subdued him and ordered him to become the ~iQ sklQQ of La phyi Godavari.

    43v Description of the place where Mi laraspa changed himself into a Leopard where he left his footprints. Farther on there was the place were magical events by the Mi rna yin happened.

    44r Then the Author describes the Ram sdins cave where Mila-raspa exorcized the gakinis; on the way to Byams sgaft there was the dMu rjiri pond, a little below the mKha' 'gro sgari lam. Description of the miracles worked by Nilaraspa and the Lha 'dre in these places (?). The Author mentions other spots like the pho braii called 'Brog sman zu le rna on the top of the Garis La, and Pha bori dkar leb or sKyar rjas.

    44v In this place the rCar rna pa of gNa nari went looking for Mi Laraspa, thinking that he was dead, but they found him in good health and invited him to go back with them; the place, which is above Pha bon dkar leb, was called Gafts mgur ~hen mo.

    45r Beyond162 Pha boii skarleb there was the Zaris phug cave, where a monastery was founded, having in its centre the meditation cave of 'Dul 'jin rin po ~he !'lag dbaft rgyal mchan. In bKra Mis sgari163 there were the houses of g~en rdor mo and sKye stan ~a kya gu na and the Byan ~hub m~hod rten with the relics of Milaraspa's body, burnt in bDud 'dul.

    4Sv There was a four pilLar Lha khan. In the fire-sheep year of the 14th !~E E~D (1847) the foundations ofv the lha khan were discovered and it was rebuilt; the mchod rten stiLl existing in the Author's time was a holy place. Also the La phy ba yab sras !DsiD Sb~! says the same thing. A few miles West of it, there was the gNag nan Grod pa phug164, a meditation cave of Milaraspa, Ras ghun and many others. As a result of Milaraspa's presence in these places there was a significant growth of siddhas, but there were no monks.

  • 168

    46r In the 11th rab 2~


    This Legend is reported also in Ti se fols.4v-9v in broader outlines.

    2 Buddha Vajradhara is, according to the bKa' brgyud pa sect, the Adibuddha or Adiguru of the doctrine which he transmitted to Tilo and successively to Narc, Marpa, Milaraspa etc. on a spiritual Lineage. About the bKa' brgyud pa sect see.LI AN ChE pp.53-59, HOFF-~lANN pp.149-157, TUCCI-HEISSIG pp.105-106.

    3 See note 42 below. 4 On the connection between Vajradhara and Heruka see SNELL-

    GROVE 1957 p.205. 5 The Tibetans identify La phyi with Godavari of the Indian

    scriptures; for this reason it bears the double name La phyi Godavari.

    6 Tilopa was initiated in the ma~ala of 'Khor Lo sdom pa; as a consequence, this god became the highly venerated protecting deity of the bKa brgyud sect, HOFFMANN p.142.

    7 On the Lha min or Mi rna yin see NEBESKY p.311; these spirits are often mentioned in NT and~ as the tempters of Mila-raspa's spiritual endurance.

    8 Lit. "to open the places". 9 On this order of Dakis as meat-eaters, see SUZUKI p.221.

    Following another"transcendental order, the ~akis and ~akinis are here often mentioned as mKha' 'gro and mKha' gro rna and are referred to as protectors of Milarasp~; see e.g. La phyi fol.Sv. For a description of these two kinds of beings see DAGYAB p.18.

    10 For the identification of Saraha the author of the Doha, (second century A.D.), see SHAHIDULLAH p.129; on the tradition of the Doha, in Tibet, see GUENTHER 1969 pp.15-20.

    11 The 24 tirthas, among which La phyi is one of the most well-known ones, are often connected with the eight great places of Cremation in India, forming together the 32 places of pilgri-mage, EVANS-wENTZ p.36 note 2.

    12 On Padmasambhava's visit to Nepal and Western Tibet, see BLONDEAU p.31. In the ~~ tha~ li9 La phyi is mentioned only once, see TOUSSAINT p.399. The identification of Padmasam-bhava's cave is in La phyi fol.19r see note 85 below.

  • 170

    13 According to the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism king Sron bean sgam po (62D-649) was an incarnation of Avilokite~vara.

    14 Man yul is the upper valley of the Trisuli river, on the Tib-etan-Nepalese border; FERRARI p.154 note 549.

    15 gNa' nan is the chief town (Nya lam of the maps, Kuti for the Nepalese) in the region called sTod by the Tibetans; this name, in its broader meaning, designates the whole of Western Tibet. On gNa' nan see WYLIE p.129 note 134.

    16 According to a tradition there were two g.Yu thog masters of medicine, who lived respectively in the 8th and 11th century; see Yuthok's treatise on Tibetan medicine, edited by CHANDRA 1968(a). The first g.Yu thog Yon tan mgon po was the court physician of king Khri sron lde brcan (755-797), FERRARI p.141 note 407. On his journey to La phyi, where he spent some time in the Mon mo cave, see RECHUNG pp.261-263.

    17 Milaraspa (104D-1123) was the most famous of the mystics of Tibet and the fourth ma~ter of the bKa' brgyud pa sect.

    18 These events of Milaraspa's life, which are briefly described by the Author, are related in the first four chapters of ~I; see EVANS-I-JENTZ pp.41-92 and BACOT pp.33-175.

    19 Marpa (1012-1097) the founder of the bKa' brgyud pa sect and the master of Milaraspa; on him see BACOT 1937.

    20 La stod is the region situated between Tingri(Din ri) and Shekar dzong

  • 171

    25 It is the Pu se or Pu tse pass of NH.45-14, not marked on the Survey maps; this pass is South of Kyetrak, on the road from Din ri to the Nan pa La, towards the Nepales district of Khumbu; it is on the way to Ron ~ar, the present name of Brin; AUFSCHNAITER p.188.

    26 This episode is related in , see CHANG p.7 and LAUFER p.67. Also in ~!; see EVANS-WENTZ p.238 and BACOT p.252; about Bina-yaka see La phyi fols.42v-43r and note below.

    27 It is the Tong La or Thong La of the maps, South-West of Langkor (Din ri glan 'khor>.

    28 It is Tashigang, North-East of Phenkyeling gompa ('Phel rgyas glin dgon pa) on NH.45-14.

    29 The family name of the protectors of Milaraspa in gNa' nan, is that of a village in that region, cf. LAUFER p.68. As a placename, it still existed in the times of gCan smyon (1452-1507) who, after a period of meditation in the bDud 'dul cave of La phyi, as we know from his biography, went to mNa' nan rear rna

  • 172

    40 41







    48 49



    raspa's stay in the bDud 'dul cave see also CHANG p.24, p.570. See note 30 above. He is one of the eight foremost disciples of Milaraspa ~ p.435. La phyi snan_g.yon is a cave situated below La phyi gompa, AUFSCHNAITER p.184. This place is mentioned in~, see CHANG pp.1-7 and also in ~!, see BACOT p.255, EVANS-wENTZ p.241. Close to it were three spots, where Milaraspa spent some time, called sPa mtho, m~hon lun and Ni rna rjon, according to La phyi fol.21r. ~hu dbar is on the left bank of the Ron ~ar river, near the junktion with the Manlung river; it is Chupar gompa in NH.45-14. ~hu dbar is also called sMan lun ~hu dbar, since the ~hu dbar region and Ron Mar district was anciently named Brin and the lower part of Brin (Brin 1brog smad Mod> was known as sMan lun, AUFSCHNAITER p.185. In the Survey maps that region is marked as Phalak(R.I.S.III); see also BURRARD p.385. On the geography of the region see DYHRENFURTH p.72 seq. On the episodes concerning Milaraspa and the five dakin1s, whose leader was bKra ~is che rin rna, see Chapters 2B-30 in ~, CHANG pp.269-333, 357-361. There also exist other incomp-plete translations of these and other chapters of~, a list of them is found in DE JONG 1967 and SNELLGROVE 1963. On .the story of Milaraspa and the five ~kin1s see also VAN TUYL 1975 pp.23-36, and METTE p.256. About the Lha 'dre see the short discussion in 8LONDEAU p.29 note 1, according to which the name refers to two different classes of spirits. On the Lha srin see NEBESKY pp.260, 515. It is the name of one of the 2akin1s and of a mountain mentioned in~, see CHANG p.357. This episode is also related in CHANG pp.334-335. On the spreading of the 'Bri gun pa in Western Tibet, see PETECH 1978 p.314; on the historical development of this sect see TUCCI 1949 pp.16-17, 253. One of themo~t important of the twenty-five grub th22 was Dvags po Lha rJe

  • 173

    known as Phag mo bKa' brgyud; LI AN CHE p.50. His Lineage gave origin to a ruling dynasty and eight subsects. On the dynasty, which Lasted from 1349 till 1618, see TUCCI 1949 pp.7, 17, 81. The biography of Phag mo gru pa is in 8 pp.552-569.

    52 He was considered the real founder of the 'Sri gun pa sect, since Mi ~ag sGom rins, a disciple of Phag mo's and the founder of a chapel in 'Sri gun, was an illiterate ascetic and had no importance in the organization of this sect; FERRARI pp.111-112. The biography of '~ig rten gyi gsum mgon po (1143-1217) by dBon ~~s rabv'byun gnas is in The Q~~ ~iti!J92 2f 'Sri gun chf?2 !.1~ 1ig J:~ !!!92!:! 122 rin chen dpal, New Dehli 1969, vol.I. A short sketch is found in ~8 pp.604-605. His sect .is cosidered as a subsect of the Phag mo bka' brgyud LI AN CHE p.56. In particular his teaching was called sNin po don brgyud; on this teaching see CHANDRA 1963 p.30.

    53 He was a minister of Sron bean sgampo together with Thon mi sambhota, mGar and Nan khun bzan; TUCCI 1971 p.145.

    54 It was the first monastery founded in 'Sri gun, Dikung of the maps in the upper side of g~o, East of Lhasa, FERRARI p.111. The disciple referred to is Mi nag sGom rins.

    55 These are reckoned as the three holy places of the bKa' brgyud pa; on rCa ri, Tsari on the maps, see FERRARI p.127 note.262. In particular La phyi gans kyi ra ba and rCa ri gans kyi ra ba are referred to as two of the four great secret places in a list of eight 2~2~ ~l in MACDONALD 1973 p.232 note 28.

    56 On this episode see ~8 p.597. 57 See NESESKY p.94. 58 Turks i.e. Muslims. 59 See STEIN 1961 pp.32-33. 60 Dus gsum mkhyen pa (111D-1193) was a well-known disciple of

    Dvags po Lha rYe and the founder of mChur phu monastery. He was the first rebirth of the ~va nag Karma pa, see RICHARDSON 1958 p.141.

    61 He was one of Phag mo gru pa's disciples, see SA pp.563-565. 62 ~es rab 'byun gnas (1187-1251> was one of '~ig rten mgon po's

    nephews; his biography is in SA pp.604-607. 63 See NEBESKY pp.172, 288. 64 See NEBESKY pp.31, 39, 115 et seq.

    ~5 On ~ad phu ba (d.1206) the master of ~es rab 'byun gnas, see ~8 p.604. He was the Leader of the first expedition sent by

  • 174

    ~ig rten mgon po to the Kailasa caves; see also PETECH 1978 p.315.

    66 On g~os chen po (1164-1224) see BA pp.601-608. 67 On this episode see also ~ p.598. 68 d~os ~hos rYe Phun chogs rgya mcho, usually called Ghu ya sgan

    pa after the name of his hermitage, was the leader of the great expedition to the Kailasa caves; this expedition took place in 1215; PETECH 1978 p,316.

    69 He was one of 'Bri gun ~hos rYe's disciples, BA p,601. 70 rGyal gyi ~ri, also spelt rCib ri, is in rGyal, a tract close

    near to ~el dkar, Shekar of the maps, in Southern La stod; AUFSCHNAITER p.188.

    71 See note 44 above. 72 It is the region around La phyi gompa, nowadays in Nepalese

    territory, (2800 Lat. North 8610 long East>. The holy mountain of La phyi, Jo bo Bamare of the maps, or Kukuraya in the Nepalese version, lies South of La phyi gompa, AUF-SCHNAITER pp,183-184, 186.

    73 See note 20 above. 74 Cum kun than is Tsum in northern Nepal, Shiar khola on the

    Survey maps; a detailed map of this region, which is the eastern branch of the Buri gandaki valley, is in SNELLGROVE 1961 p.300.

    75 This title was applied to the men appointed by the 'Bri gun abbot as the leaders of the hermits; PETECH 1978 p.317.

    76 Le lde is mentioned in a little guide to the holy places of Nepal as the birth-place of Karma pa Ran byun rdo rYe, the 3rd

    ~va nag incarnate (1284-1339>; see MACDONALD 1975 p.120. 77 On this literary genre, see WYLIE 1965 pp.117-122. 78 This plain is situated South of the lake called Pelgu tsho on

    the maps, East of rJon kha, AUFSCHAITER p.181. 79 The Nepalese region here referred to is that of the Gauri-

    sankar group, Lat.2~57'52", Long. S0020'16". The whole area, which in Tibetan texts is designated La phyi gans kyi ra ba, is delimited to the North by the Thongla, Thung pass of R.I.S.III, and to the South by the Tibetan slopes of the Gaurisankar group which about 40 miles to the West by South of Mount Everest. At one time Mount Gaurisankar was mistaken for

    "Mount Everest; on the history of this geographical issue see BURRARD 1933 p,26. La phyi too was for a long time erroneously identified with

  • 175

    Mount Everest; see WADDELL 1898 p.568, where a map of the La phyi area is referred to as a Tibetan picture map of Mount Everest. On this point see also AUFSCHNAITER p.185. The geographical and cartographic data regarding La phyi are mar-ginally dealt with in the articles and maps concerning Mount Everest, see e.g. DYHRENFURTH p.73, HERON p.418-422, Wager pp. 238-250, HOWARD BURY (map 1). On the Tibetan name of Mount Everest, ~o bo glan rna, see MAC-DONALD 1973 p.227 note B.

    80 Tingri on the maps. FERRARI p.154 note 544; on the district of Din ri see also AZIZ 1978.

    81 ~hos 'byun is a synonym of ~!::!! 92!::!!!! 1 meaning triangle, as stated in ~hos kyi grags pa's Dictionary p.274. On the explanation of t~is term see also TUCCI, Trs~~l2 p.43 note 12.

    82 This snowy peak can be identified with Parro Pumri of NH.45-14, to the South-East of La phyi gompa; on this peak and the three other peaks around La phyi cf .WADDELL 1898 p.569, and also AUFSCHNAITER p.185.

    83 These divinities are known also as triad called Rigs gsum mgon po, said to inhabit the sacred range which Lies North-West of the kingdom of Muli, NEBESKY pp.221-222. These mountains surrounding La phyi .are the dwellings of their lbs bQ92

  • 176

    and the plains of Northern India. 90 It is Khumbu district in Nepal, Khumbu jong in R.I.S.III; on

    this region see DYHRENFURTH p.125. 91 This name perhaps refers to the Tibetan slopes of the Gauri-

    sankar. 92 Diri ma brin is here identifi~d with sPro bde market, Tropde in

    NH.45-14,on the right bank of the Rori Mar river; this place is mentioned in see CHANG p.301, and in ~! see De Jong 1959 p.125.

    93 It is Briltche in BACOT p.186 and Brilche in EVANS-WENTZ p.268; it is one of the most important meditation caves in ~hu dbar, the place where Milaraspa died.

    94 See note 88 above. 95 This is the Rori Mar river. After its junction with the Kan

    ~hu, the river of La phyi,it forms the Bhote kosi; its area delimits on the West side the Everest group; DYHRENFURTH p.72.

    96 The list of Milaraspa's retreats in NT is not complete, cf. DE JONG pp.156-157.

    97 This explanation has been kindly given to me by dGe b~es AT!. 98 See notes 88 and 95 above. 99 This is the most important cave in ~hu dbar, see AUFSCHNAITER

    p.185; cf. also its topographical position in WADDELL 1898. 100 See AUFSCHNAITER p.185. 101 On the ~i byed school see TUCCI-HEISSIG p.67. 102 On the episode of the death of Milaraspa, who was poisoned by

    rCag phu ba, see BACOT p.259, EVANS-WENTZ p.244. 103 This mountain is mentioned in CHANG p.244. 104 This is the Gaurisankar, whose Tibetan slopes are called Jo mo

    Tsering; AUFSCHNAITER. p.185; and e.g. the map in GJ vol.59, 1922 p.118, where it is marked with two names: Gaurisankar and Chomo Tsering.

    105 These hermitage places are in ~hu dbar region; some of these places are mentioned in~! and; see DE JONG p.157 and CHANG p.523-525.

    106 Ko brag

  • 177

    see CHANDRA 1969 p.12. 108 On this famous "saint" (1452-1507) who visited the places of

    La phyi and ~hu dbar see CHANDRA 1969. 109 On this well-known cave see AUFSCHNAITER p.186. 110 These caves take their name from the ascetics who meditated

    there, except for the rGa ru cave which is called after the mountain where it is situated; see AUFSCHNAITER p.186.

    111 This term refers to the belief according to which every individual deity, family, has a bl2 (life power) and this bla is embodied in certain places , who had his seat in gDan sa thel, and the temporal one (Lha bcun, later called Go~ ma>, residing in Sneu gdol'l; STEIN 1972 p.21.

    118 And indeed in TUCCI 1949

  • 178

    RICHARDSON 1958 p.155. On him as an artist see DAGYAB p.37. 122 In 1642 Guri khan, the chief of the Koshot Mongols, after

    conquering the king of Be ri in eastern Tibet and the king of gCan gave the Dalai-Lama the temporal sovereignity over Tibet. For a study of this period see TUCCI 1949 pp.39-66.

    123 Tropde- on the maps. 124 The encounter between Milaraspa and sGam po ga is related in

    , see CHANG .PP-469-496, and in NT, see Bacot p.255. 125 This famous cave of Milaraspa is situated West of ~hu dbar;

    AUFSCHNAITER p.186. 126 Lha rce !'!lag dban bzan po (1546-1615) was the first yoris 'jin

    incarnate of the bDe ~hen ~hos 'khor monastery near Gon dkar rjon in Central Tibet. His successor became hereditary pre-ceptors of the Ladhaki kings;PETECH 1977 p.35.

    127 This place can be identified with Trintang on the maps, near Tropde, NH.45-14.

    128 Names of the protectors and disciples of Milaraspa, mentioned in ~ and too.

    129 Thisrefers to the episode of the illness and conversion of Che rin ma; see CHANG p.334. The Sems bskyed cave is mentioned in ; see CHANG p.362.

    130 One of the several classes of Klu is called 9921 ba'i. d.g~; see NEBESKY p.290.

    131 ''Trchachis tseg de lhabro du tchrin", BACOT p.227; ''Tashitsheg of Din lhado", EVANS-WENTZ p.243; it is the name of one of Milaraspa's protectors.

    132 Unidentified. 133 On the topographical position of these rjon, West of ~hu dbar,

    see WADDELL 1898. 134 The name of this mountain is mentioned in , see CHANG p.263. 135 Peta and mJes se were respectively the sister and the fiance

    of Mi laraspa. 136 See note 26 above. 137 This cave is called after the name of Ras ~hun pa. In the Ras

    ~huli cave there was a printing house where in the 16th century the biography of gCan smyon was printed; see CHANDRA 1969(b) p.5.

    138 It is one of the affluents of the Roli ~ar river in the region of ~hu dbar.

    139 Unidentified. 140 On his literary works see.CHANDRA 1969 p.2.

  • 179

    141 No specific texts are mentioned. 142 They are Milaraspa; Ras ~hun; rdo r~e grags (1083-1161>; BA

    pp.436-439; Ko brag pa (1182-1261>; ~ pp.726, 772; Gra fc;s Nam mkha', the ascetic from La phyi, CHANDRA 1969 p.10.

    143 On this episode see CHANG p.24. 144 On this episode see CHANG p.571. 145 See note 82 above. 146 For them see notes 66, 69, 142 above. 147 Unidentified. 148 ~ar kha is perhaps ~ar rin po ~he (1354-1427); BA pp.595-596. 149 See note 158 below. 150 For the topographical position of this cave, located over La

    phyi bDud 'dul, see WADDELL 1898. 151 It is now a little gompa called Rechhen gompa, near bDud 'dul;

    AUFSCHNAITER p.184. Ras ~hen phug is mentioned in CHANG p.416. 152 The four great caves are bDud 'dul phug, Ras ~hen phug, 'Od

    gsal ze phug, sBas pa kun gsal. 153 According to a suggestion of dge bMes ATI, this is Bo don bla

    rna Phyogs las rnam rgyal (1306-1386); see TUCCI 1949 p.704, ~ p.m.

    154 It is the Rapu village, marked on the map in WADDELL 1898, West of La phyi bDud 'dul, on the road to Ramdi ng; but it is not marked on the modern maps available to me.

    155 It is Sebug near Rechhen gompa; AUFSCHNAITER p.184. 156 These two plains are not marked on the maps. 157 This is the Lung ton cave on the banks of the Kan ~hu; WADDELL

    1898. 158 The birth date of this bla rna given by the Author does not

    correspond to the birth date in the biography of ~abs dkar see Gro ea'i !!!9Qn 12Q _kyabs ~ae. gkar gri !!!2!!! thar, printed in 486 fols. at Tashikhyil. Chapter 13 ofhis biography deals with the stay in Laphyi, fols.342r-389v.

    159 It is the name of La phyi gompa; see also AUFSCHNAI)ER p.183. These events are related also in the ~abs dkar rnam thar fol.349r.

    160 The ~ !!!!h9 are heaps of stones piled up on mountain-passes to honour the deities of the place; TUCCI-HEISSIG p.312.

    161 On this legend see DOWSON 1973 pp.106-108. 162 The places mentioned in 43v-45r, are on the way from La phyi

    gans to Tashigang. 163 Tashigang of the map, NH.45-14.

  • 180



    166 167



    170 171


    173 174 175 176 177


    This is one of the most famous Milaraspa caves, Nyanan Tropa phug in EVANS-WENTZ p.237, and la Grotte estomac de Nyanang in BACOT p.250. It is Phugdro or Phuto.gompa on the map NH.45-14. Nowdays therP is a little monastery near the cave; AUF-SCHAITER p,182. On A bar Sans rgyas rgyo mcho, the regent of Tibet from 1679 to 1705, see AHMAD pp.41-52. Unidentified. This place is situated .on the way from gNa' nan to Phel rgya glin, Phelgyeling, which is the most important dGe lugs pa monastery in gNa' nan; AUFSCHNAITER p.183. On Ma mo Ekajati see NEBESKY p.94, TUCCI, Indo Tibetica IV/1 pp.126, 196. This fact seems to confirm that South of gNa' nan there were some places connected with Milaraspa; AUFSCHNAITER p.182. He was a disciple of gNos Lha nan pa's; BA p.608.

    v -On rGod chan pa mGon po rdo r)e

  • Adibuddha Adiguru

    Avalokite~vara Buddha Vajradhara Buri Gandaki Duruka Gaurisankar

    Gu~ri khan Jo bo Bamare Jomo Tsering Kailasa Kukuraja Kyetrak Langkor Labchi (La phyi gompa) Lashing Lohida (river) Lung Ton (cave> Manlung, Menlung (river) Mount Everest Muli Nashing Nya lam Parro Pumri Pelgu tsho (lake) Phalak Phu Tse CPu se pass> Phung chu (Arun river) Phug dro Ramding Rapu (village) Rechhen gompa Shekar dzong Shiar khola Tashigang Tchrachis tseg Tritang Trisuli (Bhote kosi)


    N.2 N.2 N.13 N.4 N.74 N.58 N.79, 91, 104 N.122 N.72 N.104 N.68 N.72 N.25 N.27 N.72 N.172 N.88 N.157 N.88 N.79 N.83 N.172 N.15 N.82 N.78 N.44 N.25 N.85 N.164 N.32, 37 N.154 N.155 N.;20 N.74 N.28 N.131 N.127 N.14, 22, 23

  • 182

    Tsalung N.22


    Ka Kari ~hu Karma Dus gsum mkhyen pa Karma pa Karma pa ~an byun rdo rYe Kun dga' ni ma Ko brag

    bKa' brgyud pa Klu'i rGyal po D~d sgra Klu gdol ba nag po bKra ~is sgai'l bKra ~is brcegs pa bKra ~is the riri ma bKra Mis 'o ma (river) rKan mthil rjoi'l sKed dkar sKya rna rca CKyagnatsa> sKyar rjas sKyid grori sKyid pa ~; ma rjon sKyu ra

    Kha Kha ~he Khu byug dben rjon Khum bu Khyi ra ras pa Khyun gi sgon Khri sron lde brcan mKha' 'gro sgan lam mKha' 'gro ma stag gi gdon pa ~an mKhyen rab Yam dpal dbyans 1Khor lo sdom pa

    N.95 T.14v, N.60 T.26r N.76 T.25r T.23r, 28v, 32v, 33v, N.106, 142 N.2 T.22v T .28r, N.130 T.45r T.28r T.10v, 19r-v, 22r-v, 23v, 28r, N.45, T.20r T.21r T.23v N.22 T.44r T.46r, N.22 T.27v, 28v T.12v, 13v, 14r, 15r,

    16r, 17r

    T.14r T.23r, 28r T.20r, 46r, N.90 T.9v T.10r, 21v, 22r N.16 T.Br, 44r T.37v T.18v T.4v, 12v, 18v, 22r,

  • 184

    Ga Gafl ga Gafls khyun mgo bkra Mis sprin dkar ldifl Gafls mgur ~hen mo Gans mthon mthin rgyal mo Gaiis ri Ti se Gafls La Gar dbafl ~hos kyi dban phyug Guii thaii Gu ya sgafl pa Goii dkar rjofl Go da va ri Glo mda' dGa' Ldan 'gro phan gliii dGe 'phel gl ifl dGe lugs pa mGur ~hu phug mGo bo ~he mGon po phyag drug sGa ru phug Gra Mos nam mkha' rgyal mchan rGod chan pa rGya gar rGyab ri phug rGyal gyi ~ri rGyal mo skyid Ghaucadeva

    I'll a 1'\lad phu ba dl'\los ~hos rYe phun chogs rgya mcho ll'lla pa ~hen po 1'\lag dban blo bzan

    31r-v, 32v, 35r, N.6

    T.43v T.20r T.44v T.22v T.12v T.44r, N.32 T.31v N.22 T.17r N.22 T.4v, N.5 N.23 T.26r T.39r T.26r T.31 r T.17r T.46v T.23v, N.110 N.142 T.46v, N.171 T.14r T .31r T.17v, N.70 T.28r T.14v

    T.16v, N.65 N.68 T.26r

  • ~a ~od pan mgrin bzan rna b~om ldan 'das rdo rYe ~hen po

    ~a ~hu dbar

    ~hu bza~ (Tchu.zan) ~hos kyi don grub dkon m~hog ~hos kyi dban phyug ~hos grags ye ~es ~hos dbyins rdo rYe

    ~hos 'byun rna than ~hos 'byun ya than

    ~hos ra dge 'phel glin m~hon lui't m~hod rten dkar ~hun

    ~a ~o bo glan

    r~on kha rjon '~am dbyans '~ig rten gsum gyi mgon po

    Na Nag re se bo Ni rna rjon Ni rna gcafl gNan ~hen than lha gNa' nan

    T.23v T.2v


    T.19v, 20r-v, 23v, 24v, 25r, 26r, 27r, N.44, 93, 99

    T.Br, N.36 N.119 N.120 N.116 N.121 T.36r, 38r T.36r T.34v, 35r, 38v 39r,

    40r T.9v T.19r

    .N.79 N.78 T.40v T.13v, 17v, N~52,

    T.14v T.21r, N.43 T.21v T.14r T.Sr, 9r, 17v, 25r,

    39v, N.15

  • 186

    g~a' nan bkra ~is sgan gNa' nan grod pa ~ainan mthon La gNos

    rrHa'nan rear rna sNan g.yon La phyi gans

    Ta Tad dkar mgo bzan rna Ti se Tin 'jin cave Te Lo sTag rce Mi pham phun chogs ~es rab sTag chan cave sTod

    Tha mThon La

    Da Dam pa Sans rgyas ~a ki gsan ~hu Dvags po phug Dvags po Lha rYe

    Din rna brin Din ri Din ri gLan skor Don yod rdo rYe Dom phug gDan sa thel bDud 'duL phug mo ~he

    T.7r T.4Sv, 46r, N.164 T.7r, 47r T.16v, 17r, 31r, 33v, N.66 N.29 T.21 r

    T.23v T.1Sv, 16r, 17r T.1Sr T.26r, 40v, 42r, N.2 T.31 r T.3Sr N.15

    T.7r, N.27

    T.47r T.30v T.23v T.11v, 12r, 27r, 40v, N.SO T.19v, 2Dr, N.92

    T~18r, 19r, N.20 T.47r, N.27 T.23r, N.107 T.23v T .25r ,N.117 T.9r, 18v, 32r-v, 33v,

    34r, 36r, 37v, 38r-v, 45r, N.39

  • bOud rei dnos grub
  • 188

    Phyag na rdo r~e 'Phags rn~hog thugs r~e ~hen po 'Phel rgyas glin CPhelgyeling>

    Ba Bal po Bal yul gser phug Bha ro Bi na ya ka

    Bi~utakancawa Bod Bo doii bla rna Bo bzan Bon po ri Bon ri Cphug) Byan ~hub rgyal rnchan Byan ~hub rn~hod rten Byarns sgan Bra la lun Brag dkar rta so Brag rnkhar Brag phug ~hen po lha khan Brag drnar Brag drnar rn~hon lun Brag rin ~hen spuns Brin Brin (river) Brin gNa' nan Brin sdins rna Brin sPo ze (pass) Brinbrag rnkhar Brin chon 'dus Brin lha bro Blo bzanrna dBan phyug ~es rab dBur stod g~o Byarns pa chos dkar dBus

    T.18v T.18v T.46r, N.167

    T.Br, 18r, 37v T.46r T.Br T.6v, 8r, 30v, 43r, N.26 T.14v T.37v T.35r T.27v T.21r, 22v T.31 r N.117 T.45r T.44r T.19r T.6r, 46r, N.23 T.28r T.34r T.29r, 30r, 31r T.6v, 30r-v T.29r T.21v, 25r, 41v, N.85 T.31 r T.32v T.28r T.7r T.28r T.27r T.28r T.24r T.46v T.12r T.37r T.13r

  • dBon ~es rab 'byu~ gnas 'Bar sen 'Bri l~e (cave) 'Bri gdan 'Bri gun thel

    'Bri gun pa

    'Bri gun byan ~hub glin 'Bri se ru gun stan 'Brug pa 'Brug phu ba bDe ghen dpal 'bar 'Brag rna Mod sMan Lun ~hu dbar 'Brag sMan Zul Le rna sBas pa kun gsal sBas pa gan 'ag

    Ma Man yul Man yul gun than Man pa bya stan Marpa

    Mi nag Mi ~ag sgorn rins Mi rna yin



    T.14v, 16v, N.62 T.28r T.20r, 26r, N.93 T.23r


    T.12v, 13v, 15r, 16r-v 17r, N.113

    T.11v, ~2r, 14v, 18r, 24v, 25r, 36v, 39r, 40v, 46v, N.49

    T.13v T.12r T.27v T.46v T.21v T.44r T.32r, 35r, 37v, N.152 T.35r-v

    T.5r, 17v, N.14, 22, 44 T.6r T.35r T.5v, 6r-v, 18v, 21r,

    26r, 42r, N.19 T.14r N.52 T.4v, 7r-v~ 16r, 38r

    43r-v, N.7 T.5v, 6r-v, 7r-v, 8r-v

    9r-v, 10r, 11r-v, 18r-v, 19r-v, 22r-v, 23r, 26r, 27r-v, 28r-v, 29r, 30r, 31 r, 33r-v, 34r, 35r-v, 39v, 40v, 44r, 45r, N.17, 18, 22, 29, 37, 43, 45, 96, 125, 169

    T.20r, 37r, N:B9

  • 190

    Mon mo cave dMu rjin sMan lun

  • g.Yu thog

    Ra Ra river Ra rdo rYe grags Ra bug Ra 'ug Ram sdins Ras ghun pa

    Ras ghun phug Ras ghun ma Ras ghen Ras ghen nub

    Cha Cha 'ug Char leb gon 'og Chogs drug ran grol mChur phu

    Ja mJes se

    Wa Wa ra na si

    ~a ~va nag kar ma pa

    ~ali bla ma

    41v T.Sv, 23v, 35v, N.16

    N.85 T.46v T.35v T.42v T.8v, 44r


    T.19r, 26r, 29r, 32r, 39r, N.84

    T.23v, 31r, 45v, N.137 T.29r T .34r, 38r-v T.35r

    T.15r, 16r T.35v, 36r T.40v N.120

    T.28r, 30v, N.135


    N.121 T.46v

  • 192

    ~abs dkar ~al bzan ma ~i byed

    g~o g~on nu rin ~hen

    Ra Ra (river) Ri dkar po 'bum ye Ri nag po 'bum ye Rig nag po 'bigs byed Ri ser 'bum ye Rigs gsum mgon po Rin spuns rgyal Don yod rdo rYe Ron Ron Mar brin Ron ~ar (river)

    La La dgu Lufl dgu La stod La phyi La phyi La phyi La phyi La phyi La phyi

    La in

    gans kyi ra ba gon 'og

    ~hu dbar ~

    snan g.yon ba Nam mkha' rgyal mchan

    Lun bstan chal ~hen phug Lun bstan Zil ~hen Le Lde Lo ro dol rLans

    T.33v, 35r, 36r, 37v, 38r-v, N.158

    T.23v T.22r, N.101 N.54 T.25r

    T.21v T.18v T.18v T.29r-v T.18v N.83 T.23r, N.107 T.31 r T.17v, 27v N.44

    T.8v T.6r, N.20 N.S, 11, 36, 72 T.24v, N.SS, 79 T.17v T.12v T.4v, 9v, N.42 T.32r, 43v, 36r, 45r,

    46v T.46v T.32r T.36r T.17v T.19r N.117

  • Ma Ma kya gu na Ma kya seii ge Ma za'i mkha 1 'gro Mar ka Ras Mhen Mel phug Mhu ~iii gMen rdo mo

    Sa Sa skya pa Salis rgyas rgya mcho Salis rgyas rgyal mchan Saraha Se mig Se bya bral chogs grags rgya mcho Sen kyams goii 'og Sen ge 'gyin pa ri Sems bskyed phug Sroii bean sgam po bSam grub rce bSil ba chal

    Ha Heruka Hor lHa Mhen pa chogs bdag lHa 1dre

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