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Agreement Form PSM

by nurshahiraditdit





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example of agreement
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  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering BMCU 4972 Projek Sarjana Muda I AGREEMENT FORM Name: ________________________________ To be filled by Student Matric No: _____________________ Project title: _________________________________________________________________ By signing this agreement, I imply full understanding of the following conditions: 1. I have agreed and will obey all rules and regulations imposed by JK-PSM. 2. I will consistently show good progress in my project to my supervisor and I am fully aware that supervisor has the right to fail me in this subject should I not do so. 3. Plagiarism dan manipulation in my work will have implication for me to be ceased from UTeM. _________________________________________________________________ Signature: ___________________ Date: _________________ Course: ________________ To be filled by Supervisor Name: ________________________________ Staff No: _______________ I fully aware of rules and regulations from JK-PSM and I agree to supervise the above mentioned student on the given title and will continuously monitor the progress of the student. Signature and stamp: ___________________ Date: _________________ Endorsement by JK PSM Date: _________________
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